The Worst Crash In Our Lifetime Is Coming

CLAYTON MORRIS: The worst crash
in our lifetime is coming, but what does that have to do
with the real estate market? That’s today’s show,
let’s dive into it. Hey everyone, I’m
Clayton Morris. I’m the founder of Morris,
advanced longtime real estate investor, and this
show is devoted to helping you build passive
income, and the way that we do that, is with buy
and hold real estate. So, we buy real
estate, we get it cash flow and with
great tenants, and we hold it for
the rest of our lives. That’s the whole point of what
we do here, it’s not sexy, it’s not terribly dramatic,
it’s actually slow and boring, and that’s how you truly
build fantastic net worth. Hey, a story this week caught
my eye from Jim Rogers. Now Jim Rogers, for those
of you who don’t know, is a legendary investor. He is, of course, a
man, he is wealthy beyond our wildest
dreams, he has been a sage in the stock
market, he can figure out what’s happening in
the stock market, and he’s done it
effectively for decades. So, any time people get a chance
to sit down with Jim Rogers and pick his brain,
we definitely want to know what’s
coming, and he has a tendency to always
be right, or more often than not he’s right. He’s watching the market and
he’s knowing what’s happening. Well, he made a pretty
bold claim this week when he said that the
worst crash in our lifetime is about to arrive. Now, this is Jim Rogers,
this is not me saying that, but we’ve had a couple of
experts here on the show who also said similar things,
Harry Dent and others, so Jim Rogers,
legendary investor sat down with the folks
over at Business Insider. I wanted to play some of that
audio for you and video here. So, you can listen to it,
make your own assessment, but I really want you to
pay attention to something. As you’re listening to him,
notice what he doesn’t mention, see if you can figure out
what he doesn’t mention, it’s a little pop quiz. And, when we come back after
the Jim Rogers interview, we’ll talk about it
and we’ll analyze it, plus I’m also going to get some
analysis with Warren Buffett and some moves that he’s making
in the real estate world. So, here it is. Here’s Jim Rogers sitting
down with Henry Blodget from Business Insider,
take a listen. I’ve always admired
about you as an investor, is that you don’t talk
about what should be, you figure out what is going
to be and then you do that. So, what is going to be with
respect to the stock market? What’s going to happen? JIM ROGERS: I learned very
early in my investing career is, I better not invest
in what I want I better invest in what’s
happening in the world, otherwise I would be
broke, dead broke. Well, what’s going to happen
is, this is going to continue, some stocks in America
are turning into a bubble. The bubble is going to come,
then it’s going to collapse, and you should be very worried. But, Henry this is good for you,
because somebody has to report, so you have job
security, you’re lucky. So well, in your TV ratings do
seem to go up during crashes, but then they
completely disappear when everyone has
been obliterated, so nobody is hoping
for that, but– HENRY BLODGET: So, when
is this going to happen? JIM ROGERS: Later
this year or next. HENRY BLODGET: Later
this year or next. JIM ROGERS: And write it down. HENRY BLODGET: And
what will trigger it? JIM ROGERS: Well,
it’s interesting, because these things always
start when we’re not looking. In 2007, Iceland went broke,
and people said Iceland, is not a country, they have a market? And then Ireland went broke and
then Bear Stearns went broke and then Lehman
Brothers went broke, they spiral like that, always
happens when we’re not looking. I don’t know, it could be an
American pension plan that goes broke, and many of
them are broke as you know, it could be some country
we’re not watching, it could be all sorts of things. It could be war,
unlikely would be war, but it’s going to be something. When you’re watching
Business Insider, and you see, that’s
something interesting, I didn’t know that company
can go broke, it goes broke. Send me an email OK, and
then I’ll start watching. HENRY BLODGET: And how big a
crash could we be looking at? JIM ROGERS: It’d be the
worst in your lifetime. HENRY BLODGET: I’ve had some
pretty big ones in my lifetime, it’s long. JIM ROGERS: This could be
the biggest in my lifetime and I’m older than you. It’s going to be serious
stuff, it’s going to be. We’ve had financial
problems in America every four to seven years since
the beginning of the republic. Well, it’s been over
eight since the last one, this is the longest,
or the second longest in recorded history. So, it’s coming. And the next time
it comes, in 2008 we had a problem
because of debt. Henry the debt now that
debt was nothing compared to what’s happening now. In 2008, the Chinese had a lot
of money saved for a rainy day, it started raining, they
started spending the money. Now, even the Chinese have debt,
and the debt is so much higher. The Federal Reserve, the central
bank of America’s balance sheet is up over five
times since 2008. It’s going to be the worst in
my lifetime too, be worried. HENRY BLODGET: I am worried. Can the Fed rescue us,
can anybody rescue us? JIM ROGERS: They will
try and they will– what’s going to
happen is they’re going to raise interest
rates some more, then when things started
going really bad, people are going to call
and say, you must save me. It’s Western civilization,
it’s going to collapse. And, the Fed whose made up of
bureaucrats and politicians that or do something. And so they will try,
but it won’t work. It will cause some rallies,
but it won’t work this time. HENRY BLODGET: And we
are in a situation where Western civilization
already seems to be possibly collapsing,
even with the market going up all the time, often when you
do have a financial calamity, you get huge turmoil in
the political system. What happens politically
if that happens? JIM ROGERS: Well, and
that’s why I moved to Asia. My children to speak Mandarin,
because of what’s coming. You’re going to see
governments fail, you’re going to see countries
fail, this time around, Iceland failed last time, you’re
going to see more of that, You’re going to see
parties disappear, you’re going to see
institutions have been around for a long time– Lehman Brothers had been around
over 150 years, gone, not even a memory for most people. So, you’re going to see a lot
more of that next time around. Whether it’s museums or
hospitals, universities or financial firms. CLAYTON MORRIS: So, there you
go, Jim Rogers sitting down with Henry Blodget to talk
about the impending crash and where he’s
repositioning his money. He sees a lot of
similarities to things we’ve gone through
before, and he sees a lot of volatility, which
is nerve racking, especially for those of you who are a stock
market investors, I am not. As you know as you know, here
I’ve talked about before, we’ve moved our money out of the
stock market into real estate investing, because
to me, that’s one of the least risky investments
that you can possibly make, if you’re doing it correctly. We teach you here how to do, but
I thought it was interesting, he does not mention
that in that interview at all anything to do with
real estate, anything. And then in the same week
that Jim Rogers says that, we have another billionaire
one of the smartest stock investors in the world putting
his money into real estate. So, this week, Warren Buffett,
also buying a huge percentage of real estate investment firm. He bought nearly 10%, so
that’s incredible, nearly 10% of a real estate
investment firm. What was Warren Buffett’s
reasoning behind this? Well, I dove into his interviews
and why he decided to do this, and what he said was, that
he wasn’t invested enough in real estate and
he knew how important real estate is to
his company’s future and to his company’s
portfolio of assets. So, he went from I think
like 2% or so in real estate up to 10% of his overall
investing strategy. He just bought a whole
ton of stock in Apple, he had hesitated to
do that for years for some reason in
the technology space, he just admitted that he didn’t
know much about technology. He’d made a lot
of money investing in railroads and other
places of course. So, he realizes that real estate
and the value of real estate are incredibly
important to Berkshire Hathaway, his company. So, investing nearly 10%
into real estate investing firm for him, that’s a huge,
huge leap for Warren Buffett into the real estate space. So, a couple of
other things, as we analyze the market
right now in 2017 heading into 2018 about
the real estate market, and the reason why Jim
Rogers didn’t bring it up, and the reason that Warren
Buffett is extremely excited about real
estate investing, is because the fundamentals
right now, people have been saying, oh is
there another bubble coming? And, I’m not an expert
in bubble economics, but when you analyze the
data, a lot of experts seem to be saying, no,
the bubble temperature is completely different
than it was in 2007, 2008. What happened then, you had
people that couldn’t afford mortgages, so they
were getting mortgages with no income and no job,
those were called ninja loans that banks were just writing,
and people were getting these $300,000 homes, they
were moving out of apartments, leaving a lot of landlords
in the lurch, that is not happening right now. There is an incredible
demand for rental properties, you know why? Because, it’s difficult
to get mortgages, OK. So, it’s still difficult
to get mortgages, you have to show
income, you have to show a job you have to show a
good credit score, your ability to pay it back, you can’t
have any weird anomalies on your credit report, like you
just went out and bought a boat or these types of things. So, banks have really
tightened their belts, so it’s incredibly difficult
right now to still get loans. Foreclosures are way down, we
don’t have any foreclosures anymore. As I’ve mentioned
here on the show before, I could count on
one hand in the past year how many foreclosures I’ve
bought usually we could we used to be able
to buy a lot of them in fact my first two
properties that I ever bought were foreclosures and sorry,
it’s almost impossible to find them, which is great. Especially in the
rental markets where we’re located where we
buy a lot of properties. So, Indianapolis and in parts
of Michigan, and Florida, and Pennsylvania
foreclosures have all but dried up, which is
good news right that means that the fundamentals
have returned we’re also seeing appreciation coming back
we’re seeing a demand for rent rentals and we’re
seeing overall, the excitement from the foreign
market coming into the United States. China is slowing they’re being
saddled with debt in a way that they weren’t
used to before, Europe is really slowed
down, Japan has slowed down, United States
burning and churning. However, watch out
for that stock market. Listen to what Jim Rogers
has to say, and others. I would love to hear
your feedback about this and please tell me where are you
putting your money right now. Are you repositioning
things in the stock market if you pulled money
out of it perhaps into other areas and
other zones, gold perhaps? I’m just curious where you’re
putting your money right now, let us know and we would
love to help you out. So, If you are
ready to take action get started in real
estate investing. And you want to find out
what your financial freedom number looks like, come
on over to our web site go to and
download the free Freedom Number Cheat Sheet,
it’ll help you figure out your monthly
expenses, plus it’ll help you also take
action to start wrapping your brain
around investing in real estate for
the first time. So, there you go two
experts Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers kind of excited on
real, estate not so happy right now with the volatility
in the stock market. I would love to hear
your thoughts about it. We’ll see you next
time everyone. Thank you so much
for subscribing, now go out there, take action,
become a real estate investor. We’ll see you next
time right here on the show, much
love to you all.

100 thoughts on “The Worst Crash In Our Lifetime Is Coming

  • The stock market is constantly growing. It is NOT a reflection of the economy. It shows the rich getting richer, taking all the money from the 99% ( the few who have extra money ) who are hoping to grow their money and giving it to the 1%. Everything is rigged. We just don't want to open our eyes to see it because the truth is too frightening.

  • Hi just curious if the market slows to a near stop – will that mean that the renter in your investment be able to make their payments? If they have been laid off or affected. Thanks love your show it's great listing!

  • Jim Rogers is a commodities investor primarily. Harry Dent is a hack that has been completely wrong in his past books regarding demographics.

  • While I am currently researching my path into real estate investing, I am first and foremost a paper derivatives trader. The financial markets have been on borrowed time for years in the longest, most painful bull market ever seen. A correction is inevitable and will be welcomed by me with open arms. If you are a dinosaur buy-and-hold stock or passive 401k investor, you should already be in cash. The next transfer of wealth is almost here. My biggest hesitation with real estate is that it is so completely illiquid and from a rental point of view, tenants will be struggling to maintain cashflow for investors. If you suddenly have a 20-30-40% vacancy rate or half of your tenants are in default, then what? You have no way to hedge against that. If your cashflow dries up and your property values fall, how do you exit without losing everything? Berkshire Hathaway snapped up billions in real estate since 2009 and have been selling it off ever since. They are sitting on the sidelines waiting for another blue light special. They and others have the time and liquid capital reserves to wait you out. If you'd like to profit from the correction rather than be a victim, learn creative derivative trading techniques which thrive in falling markets. There is more to be made to the downside than there is to the up, and institutional investors will be ready to seize that potential as soon as they liquidate their long stock positions and rape the 401ks. Stocks are dead. My derivative positions are crafted to perform well enough in up markets and flourish in down markets. Corrections, flash crashes, geo-political events, anything causing volatility is good for me. As to the timing of those events, who knows. All that really matters is that you devise an investment plan which includes provisions for them. It's never a matter of if, but when. Having the recipe for lemonade when lemons rain down is the key! Cheers! 😉

  • Warren buffet spent 12 billion dollars when Donald Trump got elected….When Warren predicts the world ending I'll shit my pants

  • I don't know if I'm doing the right thing… I'm saving my money in precious metals so when the economy crashes, the value of the precious metals would go up and then I will start buying properties. The reason why I doing it this way is because I don't make that much money at the moment, and this is the only I know how to save money without losing its value in a long term. If you have a better way please let me know. Thank you.

  • I recently read that Dr. Michael Burry also predicted a crash. I just wanted to know what you think about it and whether it affects your opinion on the prediction.

  • To understand commodities (real estate) you need to understand how money works. there are two types of Economics, Keynesian vs. Austrian. by understanding how money works you can see in to the future of the economy. Deflation is coming for Real Estate, But if you buy it correctly and using a hedge. You will come out on top. I follow Austrian economics. I really like what you are teaching on your channel, it is very informative.

  • I don't remember who my original Mentor was but back in the 80s I always learned that real estate was the better investment. Unfortunately I did not do much with that knowledge back then. Right now I have 5 properties I'm sitting on doing nothing with. I have family asked me why I do that but I told him that's my retirement fund all I need to do is worry about paying the taxes and maintaining. I also have a 401k but my knowledge of the stock market is very limited so I don't have a lot there. My beliefs are to diversify not to put everything in one basket

  • Hi Clayton, I currently own a single family home in the Boston area and want to invest in a 2 or 3 family rental property. I currently have 60 grand in my 401k account but am only allowed to borrow 30k from that. What do you recommend for me to do with the money in my 401k account here going forward considering the prediction of an impending crash?

  • Meanwhile Robert smiles the entire time he is talking about the oncoming crash. The average person has no idea what will happen, but people like Robert could care less as long as his family is safe in Asia….speaking Mandarin and sipping tea.

  • I just found you and love your videos. We have decided to sell our big home and invest. thank you for your videos. God bless you.

  • Anyone who wants to understand what is the real cause of the boom and bust business cycle should google The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle. The Austrian school is well understood by Jim Rogers.

  • A local RE investor told me he was transitioning to class C multifamily property exclusively. He think that when the market crashes those will be the only properties with low vacancy. I have to agree.

  • Im wondering about undeveloped land. I have a construction background and its feasible that with a relatively low investment I could improve upon the land whenever I have extra funds to put into it. Has anyone else gone this route with success?

  • Real estate will tank too. People can get 1% loans and even 0% down in certain cases. In California, everyone is able to list a house and get 3 offers above list…crazy. Diversify, diversify, diversify. Goldman confirmed last week the 7% of wealth in cash (Sep 2016) on the sidelines is now at 3% levels. It's coming soon. Go look at an economics book and tell me there is no mention of recessions in the typical cycle.

  • "It's wherever we're not looking. It could be another country. It could be war, it could be a pension fund, it could be stocks of a company we thought was safe, but it's coming, and it will be (calmly) the worst of your lifetime."
    Wow, what a prediction! So Specific! Does this guy have a time machine or what?! SMH…

  • Clayton, what's your point? That Rogers predicts a crash but that won't have an impact real estate? Are you sure? Rogers talks debt! There is more debt than Mount Everest in Real Estate. That's the highest leveraged asset class. So by his theory real estate should crash and burn and churn! As for banks, nope they are not as tight anymore. Foreclosures are down because people have jobs. When jobs go away, foreclosures will rise. As for Buffet 12 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to his overall investment holdings.

  • I've enjoyed some of Jim Roger's books and he is right on what concerns fundamentals, however, he's been predicting a crash of horrendous proportions every year, for the last 7 years.

  • They crash may come when all the oligarchs in Asia stop buying properties here to park and launder their money….look at Vancouver Canada, where not even a an extra tax on foreign investors has slowed down the crazy prices…. locals have been priced out of the market. New Zealand froze anyone who is not a legal resident from buying any more property. When it crashes, it is going to be big, but the financial elites will figure out a way to keep concentrating all the wealth in their direction.

  • I have also listened to all those you've mentioned and most of them are no more than blowhards who spew numbers and assumptions with no regard that they may be held accountable for their bull shit down the road. It is now January 15th 2018 and nothing of the sort has happened yet. Yes, everyone knows that our debt based economy cannot continue for much longer, but anyone can project our downfall if they go out into the future far enough.

    Yes it is always wise to have some real and tangible assets at your disposal whether in real-property or other physical assets such as gold and silver in your possession.

  • If interest rates go up as predicted, mortgage repayments will get much higher and could possibly cause a new wave of foreclosures. This would increase the supply of houses coming back on the market, and would result in house prices falling again.

  • If the stock market plunges, so will realestate. Maybe RE won't plunge as much as it did in 2007/2008, but it'll still dip. These factors are all very closely linked/tied to each other.

  • Clayton, I have a mortgage with a 10% interest rate. I have been paying on time for two years I have paid my monthly payment of $1,473 on time so my question is, Can I transfer my current mortgage into a heloc. Instead of refinancing and then convert into a heloc?

  • Clayton I really like your videos but I wish you would take the following words out of your videos: stock market, IRA, 401k, Roth IRAs and mutual fund. Your negative attitude towards stocks is ridiculous and could be harming your viewers' financial future. Downturns are always followed by upturns. Upturns always last longer than downturns. Every stock market crash has recovered. If it didn't it would be the first time ever in our country. You act like no one has ever gone broke or lost money in real estate. There is just as much risk in owning real estate as there is in any diversified stock investment. I like what you are doing but I just wish you would stop scaring people out of their 401k's to buy rental properties.

  • Hello. If its difficult for retail buyers to get mortgages from banks, how will it be for investors to get money from banks if their doing the BRRRR method?

  • Jim is a legendary idiot. He has zero tact and zero ability to answer questions cogently. The fact that someone has money doesn't mean they're intelligent or savvy. Jim has been perpetually wrong for at least 10 years about everything having to do with the economy.

  • 25 trillion in debt…..hmmm paper is paper. Dont forget that. Real Estate is real. Cash flow is King.

  • Would you be able to give an updated version of this video? With the deregulation of Dodd Frank how will it effect mortgages/RE market?

  • IT Has been a year since the "prediction". Plus Mr Trump is in charge, do you think he wants something like that to happen under his watch? I don't think so.

  • Jim Rogers is talking specifically about the stock market, and although I think he is quite brilliant, I also think capital inflows from the rest of the world, into the world's core (the USA) will trump his prediction. Nonetheless, I have sold all my stocks and I love rental real estate, but I am not going to take on large percentages of debt at this point. Yes, a crash is coming, in probably everything, including real estate, and I suspect it will be world wide and severe enough to restructure the world's financial system, but I wouldn't guess the timing. So do your best in investing, and keep something in reserve. Put away some non perishable food items, and start a garden. You will just feel better. Best of luck to everyone.

  • By the way, it is nearly 1 year since Mr. Rogers made that prediction….It's now June 2018, The crash better hurry up..

  • My strategy is a bit different as I view diversification as most important. The stock market is buying bits and pieces of companies and sharing in their profits and or losses if it comes to that. I've invested in IRA's (mutual and index funds) low loads since about 1991. Time is your friend in stock market. I view these funds as untouchable, leave them alone and they'll eventually come home. The market goes up, the market goes down. I saw them go way up prior to dot com burst and then come crashing down. Did I sell? No bought more. Then financial crisis 2008. Did I sell? No, bought more. During Obama years averaged around 8-9%. During Trump so far averaging around 12%. I still have many years before I retire. I have a rental that was a prior home I lived in. It never floods ( 2 historic floods in my area Tax day flood 2016 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017) Diversification: keep a portion in stocks and or bonds if you prefer. I choose higher risk funds because I am in stocks for performance not security. Long term is how you win with stocks. My most recent home run in mutual funds took nearly a decade to come to fruition. You need anti freeze in your veins sometimes to weather the storm. Diversify further, so I turned a prior home into a rental. This brings cash flow and pays the taxes and insurance of the first home plus the mortgage payment of the second home (fixer upper). Keep a portion in cash, use this cash to weather storms and or look for new opportunities. Diversification is simply this: Do not put all your eggs in one basket. The crash, what ever or however will probably take most by surprise. That's why it's a crash (accident), diversification will most likely hit you in one area, but not all. Where it hits you can be looked upon as an opportunity. Plan your work and work your plan. Simple as that.

  • We are definitely in a bubble with stock market for all 12,700 stocks of the public companies that trade in US, the twelve trailing months Price per Earning (P/E) ratio is approaching 37 as of early. July 2018. This is three times normal historical evaluation of companies. It is funny how the gurus justify these real high evaluations and how they claim that this time is different and the evaluations are reasonable. Definitely, ominous dark clouds are gathering in the equity markets and a crash is coming.

  • Selling my real estate properties for 300 percent more than I paid in 2012. Looks like a bubble to me! Real estate values normally appreciate by 6 % per year. The 300 % appreciation is unsustainable considering wages are stagnant. REITs (real estate investment Trust) companies are buying up the houses in N Ga. They rent to individuals who cannot afford to buy with housing prices so over valued? We are in Bubble territory.

  • Get OUT of the STOCK MARKET. It is a casino for insiders. There is no true price discovery and the markets are going to CRASH in an explosive way. The debt is too high and can't be repaid. Buy the most undervalued and useful asset on the planet after oil. Buy SILVER.

  • Prices are ridiculous. RE will collapse infact I see a bubble 2.0. Ive been following Jim Rogers for years all he knows about is Gold.

  • Gibson went broke! Uh oh, and they’ve been around for a very long time. So what does this mean to the average home owner mid stream trying to pay off his mortgage?

  • "About to arrive." When does "about to" start? It's a year later, and it hasn't happened. How much longer until they're wrong? A year? Five years? Ten? I guess "later this year or next" (what he said) still leaves five months. After that, he's wrong.

  • Looks like this video was posted a little over a year ago. I wonder if Jim Rogers is still predicting this?

  • I just brought a dual income rental property,🤪 you can make money all stages of the cycle, im holding for a very long time👌

  • It's over a year later. Where's the crash, Jim? Oh, I know already what you'll say – "it's coming! It's coming!" Yes, it's always coming, and every few decades you turn out to be right.

  • A certain cult group the only ones offended.yeah so the man was wrong on timing.your false phrophet one of the reasons we will have a recession.

  • "Worst crash in MY lifetime" or did "they" mean "worst crash in modern economic history"? They wouldn't necessarily be the same thing. The crash of 2008 is the worst crash SO FAR in MY lifetime, the Great Depression was the worst crash in modern economic history – both were survivable.
    If R.E. drop, it will help us investors since well get some great deals!😉

  • Love your channel, but perpetuating Jim Rogers scare mongering isn’t a good idea. Jim has (incorrectly) been predicting the demise of western civilization every single year since 2011, during the largest market Boom in recorded history. Ladies and gentleman; I IMPLORE you: Do NOT listen to the predictions of any of these gurus/con artists/charlatans listening to their “advice” isn’t going to get you anywhere but in a worse financial position. Learn how to read stock charts in your own. The SPX is a leading indicator to a recession. The charts are very healthy right now. Do your own research and don’t listen to the media talking heads!

  • Someone from South Korea real estate told me they never invested in Korea but in low income countries where houses are cheaper and overall return is higher. Profits were all rentals and someone rich guy I met from Greece also told me same thing.

  • Many experts predict a crash, saying the stock market is in a bubble and just that it is time for a crash. The good thing is that real estate investment (for income) is largely protected from economic upturns and downturns because you don’t care about appreciation or depreciation. Interest rates, however, might cause some problems so that can impact financing.

  • I pulled a chunk of money out of my stock account and added another home to my rental portfolio. However I still contribute a fair amount to it monthly as stocks are on the decline so I figure I would buy them as they decline and pull them years later to add additional real estate once the market starts to correct above my selling point.

  • The stock market is taking a big dip right now, so he might be right. It would be the best thing that ever happened if you are not planning on retirement soon or you are young.

  • Ninja loans are coming back. Bad economy also means foreclosure will skyrocket. Yes stack your cash and be ready to capitalize. This crash wont spare real estate but who cares about equity if there is cashflow!!

  • too many folks learned about the crash and buy trick and now there a millions of joe'schmoes waiting with cash in hand. If the next crash comes most of the "deals" will be gone before we can blink.

  • I think he’s wrong on one point. We have been having more consecutive problems sense 1913 when the federal reserve was instated

  • In Ireland when it crashed, I lost everything, but…i learned a lesson. During the crash/recession, someone I know bought a home for 60k euro cash, which before the crash was selling for 340k euro – They approached the contractor, and offered him the fixed cash amount…he needed cashflow because NOTHING was selling. That's how how much property dropped by. If I had the means, I'd sit on some cash and if the economy crashes again I'd scoop up some real cheap properties…Then again, I'm no expert…maybe I'm wrong…

  • During a crash/recession, do property values not tank? Also do rents not tend to drop also? People lose their jobs/income many are forced to take paycuts, etc. Saw a lot of these things happening in Ireland in 2008 – The country is only just recovering now

  • Well. I'm still bullish in the market. It's the only one we have. It's coming back. Americans are go getters and adaptable. I like your ideas a lot. Thanks for the consistent info. In the last crash someone I know bought an old house; painted it put in a couple of windows made a five hundred thousand dollar profit.

  • The next crash could be global in nature which would make it the worst of all crashes. You had better be out of debt and have money saved, extra food and water and a side business. Don't depend on the gov't to bail you out. Take responsibility. The Federal Reserve creates these booms and busts to destroy the middle class and to enrich the friends of the Federal Reserve Banks. Very wicked and self serving.

  • I hope you people keep God 1st and the pursuit of money 2nd. In the end you can own 10,000 homes you can't take with you, but spiritual judgment is forever. Do not get rich off of taking advantage or cheating/stealing from people because I promise it will come back around👍

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