These People Are Mortgage-Free!

– All right! Best part of the show, where we celebrate you guys! That’s right. #sheworkshardsavingmoney And it’s a Baby Step 6 edition. That’s right! These are all people who are currently paying
off their mortgage. Tami said, “Baby Step
6: Took my coin jar “and a bit of money from selling “a couple of items from our home “for a $55 principal-only mortgage payment. “A little at a time is better than none. “I now owe less on the
mortgage than my annual salary. “Feels so great.” Oh! Great job, Tami! Kevin said, “What a year! “We finish out the year with our “biggest mortgage payment ever! “Over $10,000! “$75,000 of
debt paid off in a year “and one year closer to freedom. “Don’t let anyone tell you
you can’t do something! “You can do this! Crush 2019!” I love that, Kevin. That’s right. Anyone—
you can do this you guys. Melissa said, “We are celebrating “a major victory over here today. “Last week, we brought in
our final mortgage payment “to Veridian Credit Union and walked out “with a weight off our shoulders.” You can do it, too, and we are here to support you along the way. Listen, you guys paid off your house! Look, guys. It’s possible.
They’re doing it. Ugh! I love it so much.

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