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hey everybody the true Arceus here and welcome back to some more the true RCS reacts to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood this time I'm going to be checking out episode 15 last time was episode 14 and you meant what happened last time the Fuhrer president King Bradley decided to show up to take out greed and his merry crew of chimeras and yeah he made very quick work of all greed slashed him apart before he could even have the chance to regenerate and then he killed all the chimeras including you know one who was defenseless just chillin inside of Alphonsus armor body in a very gruesome way you know just stabbed and there was a huge explosion of blood which seemed to rekindle fond memories of the truth that he had seen you know when he got his body taken away mm-hmm and more shockingly than anything I guess he could say was that ol King Bradley turned out to be with the other sins he's got to the Ouroboros tattoo on his eye and they said that he was also a human kilis only one that can age hmm now I'm not entirely I'm not entirely certain if he is truly loyal to to them or not what's exactly going on with that I don't know but it's tricky tricky situation complicated and then gotten and greed got melted down into a pile of goo and then his dad drank him mm-hmm and in hindsight the goo resembled a liquid Philosopher's Stone which would make sense you know given the whole human sacrifice thing they said had to be done so that is also very intriguing things have gotten most interesting indeed they have but anywho that's not way even one second further well I already getting into the action are we oh hey it's them monopoly guy looks like silver got all that stuff tattooed on your hands nice we've got a peg leg I'm digging this guy's design what oh that's awesome okay getting Hunter hunter flashbacks but definitely a very skilled combatant up and down goes the leg hope you can swim monopoly guy oh wow speed no top hats just floating there well now I'm sad yeah what the heck are you doing you got a little panda messenger his master what have you been saying will you ever stop being an idiot it's not an actual pander or is it like stuffed that's a real panda I'm gonna die of cuteness Oh oh that's a real panda why do you got to use like chickens wow that's neat healing alchemy surprised me with alchemy like that oh so she's a tiny panda yeah the Panda are you doing with the hand thinking just know who king q stator cone we do a little kink you know sir cutter oh my even the pandas clapping I think you're the only one who doesn't understand anything immortal want to get that thing angry dip see what I mean don't want to mess the Panda man pandas are dangerous I don't know who it is but I don't know if you want to meet him oh oh oh yeah totally meet him great guy don't worry I'm sure he will live up to all your wildest expectations but immortality is probably something you can't help with what is it Oh No still out on the Prowler yes I'll get a skeleton man what do you mean what was it for did you not hear what you just said you don't jump someone expect not to get shot yeah that's what yeah I messed with his head it was real funny back in Geneva can case to kind of see the possibility yes put it in there they still around oh how ironic what they volunteer for that with it's done against their will done against their well got it it's my day no benefit did that one cuz it might have been me sometimes I don't remember yes how are you oh well mind getting back to work this seems to happen every other episode geez the skin with that one I guess you could say that but so nada IVA the whole only on that well I'm sure there's like food yeah yeah we just call ours alchemy yeah how curious speaking of curious that's right how much how good is this healing you speak of give us a crash course what if you're not an alchemist and you're coming into research alchemy everyone's after that lately nope nothing at all never heard of it oh hey don't send in your ninjas he didn't those jelly doughnuts you've heard enough of that yeah you don't need to have some guys coming in here for this who skilled but yeah try me ain't nothing you can do can smack him around a bit but no ninjas yeah nothing to be concerned about oh yes sure why not hmm the music is so calm and yet intense at the same time whoa using the strings who lets things have some knuckles on them hey give up kinjal stop how rude who mentioned eyes he's gonna go for the eyes you can't miss every shot right don't let it get to your head otherwise they'll get another shot on you yeah it's kind of insulting oh yeah we're fighting ninjas no big deal his ninja incorrect there's something else I should be calling them and I've got you a two-on-one yes even without allies still be fine starting to keep up right and he yeah the tax becomes simple let's see it oh no it's a girl who could have seen that coming honestly I kind of saw that coming a mile off but simultaneous you thought you could take the country lightly immediately gonna set you up for failure in that regard when you underestimate an entire country yep truth just a tad yeah you're gonna get fixed anyway yep bringing those skills back good work yeah rule the country no thanks self-defense bro arm they were just trying to defend themselves you can't pull that stuff kind of without an arm at the moment yeah he saw the truth they can do it now makes things easier no don't worry you still have a body what made you think that the part where you tried to kill him curry royalty sure why not they're astonished but in a different way he's got a lot to go around oh you know it well yeah but if you give him immortality then he'll just be Emperor forever this is assassinated depends on how good your motility is just different kinds it's not dying of old age and it's just not being able to die at all yeah speaking of that come on tools everywhere well I respect that at least willing to swallow the pride why do you want to keep following him around oh yeah yeah thank you central is don't get your hopes too high when I sent up an entourage okay well honor then speak up therefore since it's a gift from God that we hold with honor I decided to throw it out to people turn in from God today today I mean throughout the course of this if you want to give up everything God gave you and you believe that there is a God then that would include your life but you'll make sure to do that one last comrade in arms is footsteps okay Wow going a little longer after the title okay comrade-in-arms his footsteps he Oh neat but okay cool nice not too bad so I girl with a little panda that's always good here's thing in the whole wide universe but I guess that's it for this episode thank you for watching leave a like or comment if you enjoyed or you could always subscribe to be updated on more that would be fantabulous thank you but next time episode 16 comrade-in-arms his footsteps eh hmm hmm sounds like involves he was in some regard his footsteps maybe I don't know that's just my line of thought could be anybody but very well then I guess him to give up his name we're just gonna call him scar forever then until it potentially as it inevitably revealed but you know for now he's scar and that's it it's always got it got to call him something then we got princes going around looking for immortality and is it even attainable for a regular human being that is the question you know what probably I'm gonna say yes it probably is but through means that you would not want a price that would not be good to be paid you know what I mean because there seems to be some steep prices for getting things done even just to bring another person back to life the price can be immeasurable and then you don't even get to do it so there's that to gain immortality I imagine it might even be more difficult other than creating a human being from scratch who is then immortal giving it to a already normal human being be something else entirely but yeah cool cool cool things are definitely picking up a bit I think so I've got no clue as to what exactly is going to happen next time but that is of no consequence so that's it for now though thank you good episode but till next time I will see you guys Oh later

7 thoughts on “TheTrueArceus Reacts! | Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | Episode 15

  • My fave of FMAB appears here: Ling. He is amazing. I am searching for the ninja thing. Xing is based on China and ninjas are Japanese. So I guess that it is a sort of Chinese assassin. The thing is that I yet have to find the name. Also, it is a true panda. And it is the cutest thing ever.

  • It isn’t stated out right, but scar actually loves small, cute things. He was actually trying to pet the panda.

  • I am a huge fan of the way they begin expanding on their world in this episode. Characters from far away with different customs, alchemy, and politics. Ling is…. Something else. We could use the comic relief since things have been a little dark recently.

    Also, Hawkeye is just an absolute badass. Alphonse had a mental breakdown after fighting Barry, but Hawkeye gets him tied up in a warehouse like it's nothing. Really though, this anime is just full of badass women and we've barely scraped the surface.

    Thanks again, keep up the great work!

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