Things Veterans Want You To Know // Presented By BuzzFeed & Wounded Warrior Project

– I had somebody ask me
if I caught the PTSD like the flu, did I what,
did I catch the PTSD? – There’s no way that the military has females on the front
line, there’s no way that you as small as you are
were able to shoot a 50 cal. No, I did every day all day
and was pretty good at it too. – When I’m wearing my
little pink USMC veteran hat and someone says so how did you serve. I was like well I was a marine, oh wow, you don’t look like a Marine. – A veteran is someone who
served, a veteran looks like me. – Humor is one way of just coping with stress, it’s a release. – I got this backpack
and inside this backpack a couple pairs of T-shirts, a couple pair of shorts, couple pairs
of underwear some socks. Which luckily now last me
twice as long as you folks. It’s okay to laugh if the one-legged dude is telling the one-legged jokes. – Shaving one eyebrow off while the other soldiers asleep and he wakes up only have one eyebrow, that was humor. – If you can laugh about
things, then you can take away some of the seriousness that’s there. – There’s a such thing
as invisible wounds. They don’t see me as a disabled veteran because I have all my limbs. – Traumatic brain injury,
post traumatic stress, whatever that might be,
and you can’t see them. They look fully functioning
but they’re severely injured. – Post traumatic stress is an isolator. – Post traumatic stress
it’s kinda stigmatized. It isn’t something
that just happens in war. It’s something that happens when you get put in an extreme circumstance,
it’s a human experience. – The biggest thing that people think is that we’re all angry, that we’re always mad about something or that you can’t ask us a question because we’ll freak out. – You end up living with that for a long time, that survivor’s guilt. – What if, what if I’d just been paying a little bit closer attention,
could I have seen something. They come up to you and
they shake your hand and they thank you for your
service and they call you a hero and you’re like
heroes don’t get people killed. – When I started talking to
the Wounded Warrior Project, it I say my life fell
apart, they kind of like gave me like the plans to figure out so I could put it back together. – 21, 22 veterans a day committing suicide is just a little too much for me. And nobody should have to lose their life from war after they’ve come home from war. There’s a lot of people that feel alone. I need to step up and make
other people not feel alone.

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