This is how Google is spying on everything you do

Predicting your behavior with an absolute
accuracy has been Google’s quest for two decades. If they can do that, they can generate endless
stream of money from advertisers and anyone else who is willing to pay for exploiting
such power. How much are they able to follow you across
the Internet? Well, the reality is that Google’s surveillance
has no limits. They track literally everything you do and
everywhere you go. And not just on the Internet, but even in
real life. This how Google manages to follow your every
step. In China, Google has been secretly developing
a covert version of Google search in order to enter the vast Chinese market. At the request of the Chinese government,
Google will link users’ mobile phone numbers to the search terms they’ve used. This is to help the government to crackdown
on dissidents and activists, and become more efficient overall at censoring the Internet. This was revealed just last month and it may
come as a shock to Western audience, that Google would rather choose to be implicit
in human rights abuse with the Chinese government, than be principled and lose profit. But Google has been doing this in Western
democracies for ages. Whenever you search for something, Google
will create a server log that will remember your browser and OS configuration, IP address
and a unique cookie planted on your device by Google. The link you click on from the results is
logged and Google will keep a record of the websites you visit from there. If you don’t delete this cookie, it will
expire after 30 years, essentially logging your entire digital presence. From there, it’s trivially easy for Google
to link your search history to your phone number. They either have your number from your phone,
or any other Google service you signed up for, like Gmail, YouTube, or Google Play. If they can’t get your number from their
services, Google partnered with Facebook, Twitter and other tech platforms to exchange
that information with them. If that doesn’t work, Google turns to its
100,000s of third-party partners and data brokers like Acxiom to buy your phone number
from offline databases. Thanks to Ed Snowden, we know that all Google
servers are tapped by intelligence agencies in the US and other Five eyes countries, which
include UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The US National Security Agency then keeps
a copy of your search history tied back to your phone number forever in their data centers. Google also worked with Pentagon to develop
artificial intelligence technology for US military drones. The United States is currently engaged in
military interventions in eight countries without approval from the United Nations,
and often times causes massive civilian casualties from drone strikes. Many Google employees resigned in protest, claiming Google shouldn’t engage in the business of war. Google surveillance has dramatic real life
implications on human rights whether it’s in China or the US. It’s a political power that no politician
can resist. If you signed up for Gmail, you didn’t just
give up your phone number, but some precious information that are unique to your biology. Ever since Gmail came to existence, Google
has been actively scanning your emails for keywords to expose you to more ads in your
inbox. But Google also used your private emails to
study your writing style and the way you type. Similar to how you walk is unique to your
person, the way you hit keys on your keyboard and your writing style also belong to you
only. This allows Google to identify you across
your whole Internet presence, even if you create pseudonymous accounts on public forums
like Reddit. In 2017, Google promised to stop active scanning
of Gmail messages, but it was revealed that Google continues to let third-party app developers
that use Gmail to scan users private emails. It would often be the case that employees
of Google and its partners ended up manually reading your emails for further unspecified
purposes, but mostly for security, app development, and advertising. These third parties are even allowed to further
share your emails to their partners, and thus multiplying the amount of copies. If you ever deleted your email or even your
entire Gmail account, Google visually fulfills your request, but residual copies are kept
in their offline backup systems indefinitely. Google doesn’t go after the third-party
developers to delete their copies of your emails. Your private emails thus remain copied and
stored in data centers across the globe with unknown security and no oversight. Google uses your browsing history not only
to target you with ads, but to identify you as well. Google only needs snippets of your browsing
record to be able to determine identities of users on the web. Google tracks your browsing history through
AdSense, DoubleClick and various other advertising and tracking scripts that belong to the company. Even Google+ share plugins on websites are
used to track users even if they logged off or never used Google+, similar to how Facebook
tracks browsing history through like and share plugins. Where cookies don’t work, Google uses your
unique ID number that is assigned to every android device by default. This ID is continuously followed and cross-referenced
with the rest of your record to constantly keep it up to date across all platforms and
devices. If these policies aren’t aggressive enough,
Google purchases the remaining browsing records from data brokers, internet service providers,
internet exchange points or content delivery networks. Google really wants to know where you go. So much so that it keeps tracking your location
even if you tell it not to. First time Google was caught tracking users
location on their Android phones and tablets was through triangulation of nearby cell towers
servicing users’ devices. This information was collected even when users
turned off location services, never inserted a SIM card in their phone, or even after factory
reset. There was no way for users to opt out. Google said this collection was put in place
to improve message delivery, which wasn’t really clear how that could work. Nonetheless, Google promised to turn this
feature off and stop collecting location data for users who turn off location services. That was a lie. Even with location history turned off, Google
can use any app activity to keep a minute-by-minute record of your location but you wouldn’t
have any visual way to find out about it. To confuse users Google hid the option to
turn off this collection under “Web and App Activity” settings, where this kind
of collection would not be expected by an average user. This year is a big milestone for Google. 40% of global ad spending is expected to take
place online, outspending TV advertising by $40 billion. Google achieved dominance in digital advertising
thanks to their focus, commitment and sheer will. The will to know about every single step you
make. Google is able to attract advertisers thanks
to their ability to profile records of your entire activity on the web. But this time, the corporate behemoth is able
to track what you buy even in physical stores. Google partnered with MasterCard and presumably
other credit card companies to gain access to roughly 70% of credit and debit card transactions
in the US. These data exchange hands aggregated and in
encrypted form. But that’s just a public relation talking
point. Google can verifiably deanonymize this data
with its massive pool of personal information it holds on their users. By constantly tracking users location, Google
can correlate when users saw an online ad and walked into a store to buy it, almost
entirely irrespective of how much time has passed between the two events. Digital profiles in Google’s databases contain
very detailed information about users likes, preferences, interests and private thoughts. The search giant is able to retrospectively
compare these profiles with the aggregated databases of offline purchases to identify
individual purchasing histories. Google tracks offline purchases in order to
prove advertisers when online ads make impressions that translate into physical transactions. Digital advertising is still a relatively
new platform compared to television. By tracking users offline purchases, Google
can persuade the advertising industry that they can pinpoint marketing campaigns with
surgical accuracy. I only mentioned tracking that we know of. There might be numerous trade secrets, undisclosed
agreements, and technologies developed by Google to win the race to get inside people’s
minds. Google’s presence is literally everywhere
and it wants to play god without permission. But it’s possible to protect yourself. By avoiding Google services and replacing
them with alternatives whenever possible, you can significantly reduce Google’s power
in your life. Switch to ProtonMail, start using Firefox,
search with DuckDuckGo and install uBlock origin to block much of Google’s tracking
machinery. If you want to become more advanced at protecting
yourself from Google, you can watch my tutorials on some essential tools that will help you
regain control of your digital self. Share this video so that more people can learn
about Google’s powers and subscribe if you are new to this channel. And remember to stay vigilant.

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    It's not only Google and Company that is spying. Anybody with a creepy heart, mind and access to a given database can investigate people at will. Sometimes they're caught and often times they are off the radar because they control the safeguards to that degree. The whole world is one great big liar. A liar that knows how to smile and look cool, too.

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