This Is What Winning Looks Like (Part 1/3)

Eddy Moretti. Today I’m with Ben Anderson,
who is an independent filmmaker of documentaries
and a writer. You have a book out right now
called “No Worse Enemy.” Ben has been working with us at
Vice for a number of years. He’s also been reporting
from Afghanistan for a number of years. He was first embedded with
British forces around 2007. [EXPLOSIONS AND GUNFIRE] -Hello? Is anybody hit? -Anyone hit? EDDY MORETTI: But he recently
made a trip to Afghanistan in December of 2012. So we’re going to watch Ben’s
new documentary, which is called “This Is What Winning
Looks Like.” It’s a shocking and an eye-opening look at the
state of Afghanistan today. [GUNFIRE] BARAK OBAMA: Tonight I can
announce that, over the next year, another 34,000 American
troops will come home from Afghanistan. This drawdown will continue. And by the end of next
year, our war in Afghanistan will be over. [APPLAUSE] BENERAL ALLEN: Afghan forces
defending Afghan people and enabling the government
of this country to serve it’s citizens. This is victory. This is what winning looks like,
and we should not shrink from using these words. -Over here, you’ve got a PB
commander who we know is kidnapping boys and sexually
molesting them. -So try doing that day
in and day out, working with child molesters. It wears on you after a while. BARAK OBAMA: International
troops will continue to train, advise, and assist the
Afghans and fight alongside them when needed. But we will shift into
a support role as Afghans step forward. But we must finish the job we
started in Afghanistan, and end this war responsibly. EDDY MORETTI: This is what the
American military is saying, and the American government. But you don’t believe
it because you’ve seen to the contrary. BEN ANDERSON: Yeah. And the British and American
Marines on the ground don’t believe it either. I mean, all it is now is about
getting out and saving face. And we’re not leaving because
we’ve achieved our goals. We’re leaving because
we’ve given up on achieving those goals. That’s the only goal now,
is to somehow look good as we pull out. It could even be worse than
that, because all the fighting has been to introduce a corrupt,
hated, and feared government who in some areas
make the Taliban look like the good guys. And when you remember that the
Taliban were welcomed into power in the mid-’90s, because
they looked like the good, just Muslims in comparison to
the warlords, it feels eerily similar today. -Go ahead and give you guys a
quick class on hygiene and cleanliness of the PB. The big thing is separating
where you shower, eat, use the restroom. You want to keep it separate. So if you’re eating, or you’re
just showering, or you’re using the restroom, you pretty
much just put all that bacteria you just got rid
of, you put it right back on your skin. Using your hands to eat, it’s
just going right back into your system. And it’s going to cause
sickness, diseases. -Let me explain one more
thing, all right? We’re taking time out of our
lives, the Marines are, OK? Everybody here is taking times
out of our lives to come down here away from our families,
to help you guys. -We’re not here to
offend anybody. If we say something that
may offend you, we apologize ahead of time. Let us know. And we’ll fix it. BEN ANDERSON: Everyone believes
the training is being accelerated now as we leave. The training is almost
non-existent now. Most of the forces have pulled
back to the main bases, which they never leave. Because as I say, the people on
the ground, I think, have given up on there being
any chance of success. BEN ANDERSON: So they’ve got
four secret prisons who they’ve stuffed in the furthest
room and filled the door with sand bags. They were trying to hide
from the Marines. -So they’re hungry. How long have they
been in there? -Oh, there’s four guys. -Four? -Yeah. -Tell him I was going to the
bathroom back there. And I heard voices back
in the corner windows. -Can we see if they’re in our
system with the eye scan? Can we do the eye
scan on them? -These guys? -Yeah. Can we take them out and see
if they’re in our system? See if they’re– -Who? Who dropped them off, Hitab? -Can we give them water? -No. EDDY MORETTI: Doesn’t the US
military have more capable resources to do this? This is literally
nation-building from the psyche up. BEN ANDERSON: The idea has
always been fight your way into a town, clear the Taliban
out, then all these other people come in to train the
Afghans in governance and build infrastructure
and so on. That other bit rarely
ever happens. And certainly, it doesn’t happen
anywhere near as much as it should be happening. So it’s left to guys like him,
who, as you say, are trained to fight, not to do
all these very complicated, difficult jobs. And later that day, a local
politician arrives. He was the man behind the
taking of the prisoners. -Was the purpose of the whole
mission, the operation last night, just to go get
his brother back and get those Taliban? Or was there another mission,
and they just happened to get these guys? -He can only arrest Taliban. That’s what that warrant was
for, was for the Taliban that kidnapped his brother. Kidnapping their brothers is
just the same as kidnapping any random person. It’s kidnapping. It’s a crime. It’s not legal to kidnap just
any person, only if they’re Taliban and they catch them. -Other than being the brothers
of the Taliban who kidnapped his brother, they haven’t
done anything wrong. They haven’t committed
a crime. They cannot be arrested if they
haven’t done anything wrong themselves. Just because they’re the
brothers of the Taliban does not mean that they are
Taliban themselves. BEN ANDERSON: This shows
how powerless they are. They don’t really know. All they know is four guys have
been illegally taken, are being illegally detained, not
fair, not given water. And it’s being hidden
from them. They’re playing catch
up all the time. That’s all they can do. The Marines I was with turned up
to spend the night at this patrol base. But the Afghan police had pulled
the security barrier down and was selling
it as scrap metal at the local bazaar. So they had no security
whatsoever in their base. So the Marines couldn’t stay. -So they just took
them out of here. So they were still here. I don’t know where they
are right now. -You got to find out where to
draw the line as far as where you want to try to make them. And we don’t make them
into American police. That’s not the intent
of being over here. But we also want to teach them
just the human rights piece of it, that if you have a detainee
or a prisoner, that you still have to
give them water. BEN ANDERSON: So while the
Marines were somewhere else, they snuck them into the back
of the truck and snuck them out the gate. BEN ANDERSON: It’s sort of a
slightly half-hearted effort to make them stop because they
haven ‘t got the power to make them stop. -I got a good look
at two of them. Two of them had their
face covered up. Somebody can still look
at the pictures, see who they might be. -Hey, if you don’t have your
gear on, get it on. BEN ANDERSON: So after the truck
went out with the four detainees in the back, three
surrounding police patrol bases came under attack
from the Taliban. [GUNFIRE] -South to southeast! -How far? -At least 300 meters. BEN ANDERSON: As soon as the
Taliban see the US Marine’s trucks somewhere, they
don’t attack it. They only attack
the weak spots. Although some bullets eventually
came towards the watch tower that we were in. [GUNFIRE] -Hey, what are they
shooting at? -There’s a truck coming in. -Don’t shoot until
you can see him. -He says they’re outside the
camp, how can I see? And if I do shoot, they
will stop shooting. -Wait ’till they come out. -If you don’t see them,
then you can’t hit them with the bullets. You’re going to waste ammo. -You got any eyes over
there to the left? -Negative. -You got nothing? -What’d he say? BEN ANDERSON: He was so angry,
he couldn’t shoot. He just grabbed the big machine
gun, ran out the gate, and then just fired wildly. [GUNFIRE] -He’s just walking
and shooting. He’s not aiming at anything. -Has he rounded the corner? -Yeah, they’re just walking
down the ally shooting at nothing. -What’s that? -They’re just walking down the
alley like this, shooting. [GUNFIRE] -Not if we don’t have it. -He says if we run out of
ammunition, we’ll use this these rocks to fight
the Taliban. -All right. Good to go. BEN ANDERSON: This is another
patrol base where they’re advising the police. And on the police base, there’s
this huge weed plant, like right next to the little
area where they have their meetings, inside the
police base. EDDY MORETTI: Did you
see weed everywhere? BEN ANDERSON: Everywhere. Every police base has
got a little garden. -Well, you have two options. You can go to PHQ, and you can
tell them your situation. Or you’re going to have
to learn to work with what you have. But I recommend you go to PHQ,
and you tell them your situation and show them that
weapon, and demand that they give you more weapons
to replace that. EDDY MORETTI: They don’t
understand that, yeah, actually there has been
a transformation. And we are supposed
to take the lead. They’re still expecting the US
forces to take the lead. BEN ANDERSON: And that’s what
amazed me, is how it hasn’t got through to the
Afghans yet. One Afghan soldier said to me,
it’ll be great when the Americans leave, because all the
money they had for weapons and equipment, we’ll
get that money. And I was saying, you won’t. EDDY MORETTI: It doesn’t
really work like that. BEN ANDERSON: No, no. And also, someone, somewhere,
I’m sure has said, remember when we supported the Mujahideen against the Russians? And remember we left all
those weapons there? And we had to spend years and
millions of dollars getting those weapons, particularly the
Stinger missiles, back. We’re not making that
same mistake again. So these guys have got AK-47s,
a few RPGs, unarmored pickup trucks, a few Humvees which are
not save enough for the Americans or British
to drive anywhere. And that’s all they’ve got. -Well, here’s the thing. We’re trying to get you to the
point where you can operate without heavily depending
on American help. But nothing is going to happen
until you sit down, and you show us a plan. -I hear great things
about you. You’re a good PB commander. So you have a lot of men here. And I think you’re going
to do great things. BEN ANDERSON: He eventually gets
through to him that you have to come up with
a plan yourself. Then you can do it. And we’ll support
you if need be. So they leave with the police
commander saying, OK, I’ll come up with a plan
within a few days. And we’ll do it. And a few days later, he
just vanished on leave. And no one’s heard
from him since. No plan. -Put your helmet on, Said. BEN ANDERSON: At another patrol
base, as usual, they didn’t seem to want the Marine’s
help or advice. -You can just have your guys
gather around right here. -Basically, the sandbags that
we have, that’s all that’s all we got. So let’s go ahead and
fill those up. Once we have filled those up,
like I said, five of you guys will fill up the sandbags. The other five is going
to help out, get the other one fixed. And then we’ll switch. -Hey, if you guys don’t want
to do it right now, I completely understand that. But we’re here to help
you guys out. If you guys don’t
want our help, we’ll leave the sandbags. You guys figure it out. We’re taking our gear with us. We’re her to help you guys out,
to make your tower safer. That way you guys don’t get
shot from all directions. All right? -Anywhere here? Huh? You gonna check? Yes or no? BEN ANDERSON: The policeman at
the checkpoint was smoking weed, which is kind of normal. But two of the policemen filling
sandbags now are out of their brains on something
else, and something stronger, opium or heroin, literally
nodding off as they stand up or sit down, filling
the sandbags. So while all that was happening,
someone fired a few shots at the watch tower
that they were filling sandbags for. [GUNFIRE] -Is that him? What’s he shooting at? [GUNFIRE] -What are you shooting at? [GUNFIRE] -What the fuck is that? -Shooting back to the west. They don’t have positive IDs. -What are you shooting at? What are you shooing
at, brother? -The PB commander wants to shoot
to do a show of force. Copy. -Huh? You see Taliban? Where’d you see Taliban? Yeah, where? -The Taliban stay
in the garden. And sometimes you
go and shoot us. -They’re in the garden and
they’re going to shoot at us? -Yeah. BEN ANDERSON: They haven’t seen
who just shot at them. They just want to get some shots
fired back as a sort of show of force. -What’s that? They’re in the garden? -In the garden. -You got to make sure
you see them. You got to make sure you see
them, because he was firing rounds down there. And you don’t know what
you’re firing at. You got to see them
before you fire. -But just like I’m saying, just
make sure you actually see somebody before you fire,
because you don’t know what lies on beyond. -Professionals don’t
do that, you know? Professionals make sure they
know their target and what lies beyond their target. Professionals don’t just
shoot out in the crowd. They’re supposed to
be professionals. You guys are professionals. That’s why you don’t do that. BEN ANDERSON: And then three
weeks later, the Deputy Commander got shot right
through his body. It scraped his lungs. And the Marine medic
saved him. And they found a bag of
heroin in his pocket. So I’m sure these guys
were on heroin. -Are you putting your men
back on the sandbags? You’re going to have them
carry them out here? BEN ANDERSON: The lesson of the
day was filling sandbags. The police got bored of that
very quickly, pulled over a car at their checkpoint, and
just got some civilians, and then some kids, to fill and
carry the sandbags for them. BEN ANDERSON: This is
Major Bill Steuber. He’s in charge of the police
advisory team, 18 Marines who go out to all these bases. He spends most of his time at
the police headquarters trying to advise the leadership. But the actual police chief
vanished eight days into his job, went on Hajj, hadn’t been
seen at this point for two and a half months. The acting police chief has
also just vanished. And he’s got no idea where he’s
gone or what’s happening. BEN ANDERSON: And basically,
when these guys vanish, they often take all of their
commanders with them. So the last time this happened,
half of the police force in Sangin just vanished. So every time the US Marines
are alone with the Afghans, they have to have a
guardian angel. So one of them has got his rifle
cocked and his finger on the trigger, ready in case
there’s an insider attack. -You ever see the TV show “The
Sopranos?” It’s fast. Everything from skimming
ammunition off of their supplies to skimming fuel
off of their shipments. There’s false imprisonment. They’ll take people during
an engagement. They’ll just wrap everybody up
that was around it, and then they’ll wait for the families to
come in and pay them money to be able to release them. -All of these vehicles are
claimed on their monthly expenditures, so they are
getting fuel and oil money for every single vehicle that you
see, even though obviously they can’t run, they
can’t operate. They only got a handful of
vehicles that operate. So in the district, I think
they have 25 vehicles, and maybe only 10 or 11 of them
actually work, but they’re collecting the fuel money and
oil money for all the other vehicles, even though they can’t
actually operate them. -Ammunition’s the same thing. We count their rounds when they
come off the vehicles here, and it’s usually the
rounds, the RPGs, that are getting sold in the bazaar. That’ll happen in transit,
because they know once they get it here, and we take
inventory of it, we’re very watchful as to what’s going
on with that ammunition. -This was taken off
of a dead Taliban. What’s interesting is the guy
that was wearing this vest, when he came in, he was
in the back of one of these trucks like this. And we went up to bring him a
white sheet, and they wouldn’t let us cover him. That was kind of disturbing. It was just a kid sitting back
there, and he pissed and shit himself, and fucking bleeding
all over, and– yeah. It sucks. Sucks to kids get
fucking shot. BEN ANDERSON: Did they say why
they wouldn’t give him a proper burial? -Said he didn’t deserve it. And we brought the sheet for him
anyway, just because he’s still a warrior, you know? And he deserves to be treated
like one, even in death. But they didn’t seem to think
that way, so that was the first time I’d seen that. EDDY MORETTI: What’s amazing
is he’s really candid about this, this soldiers. BEN ANDERSON: He was more
emotionally invested in this than anybody else, and he’s the
one who I said sometimes almost looked traumatized
by what he couldn’t do. I was kind of foist upon him,
and he had no choice but to let me go out filming
with him. But he’s one of those guys
who just couldn’t lie. I could ask him questions, and
you saw him really wrestling with a good way of saying
it, but he just couldn’t tell lies. I really admired him for that. -As an adviser, you’re a dog
with a lot of bark and not a lot of bite. So there’s some things that,
in order to get the mission accomplished, we don’t turn
a blind eye to anything. We report everything. But there’s certain things that
normally where you would just be like, hey, this is just
a no go, we’re not going to do this, that in order to get
the mission accomplished, in order for them to actually go
out and still hold security and hold PBs, you kind
of got to let it go. -Things like if we were to go in
and shut down all of their schemes, all their corruption
schemes, you would render them completely ineffective. I mean, you take
a look around– BEN ANDERSON: We were really
disheartened, I think, by the end of this, because even when
guys were abducting and raping young boys and murdering them,
nothing happened as a result of his reports. He was reporting everything he
saw up to over 200 people in the chain of command. Nothing was ever done. -You’ve got guys like
this right here. That’s one officer, the
administrative office and investigating officer who
are here from Kabul. They’re academy-trained
policemen, professional. They can read, they can write. They believe in the
rule of law. They believe in securing the
population and the people, and treating them right. I mean, these are the guys that
are easy to work with. -But then you have over here a
PB commander who we know is kidnapping boys and sexually
molesting them, and robbing the people. He treats the people in Sangin
like a piggy bank that he can just shake and rob. That’s really difficult. How do you work with
a guy like that? -The natural part of an advisor
is you want to have the most effect on things, so
it’s easy to go work with a professional AEP like this. But really where we need
to be is working with guys like that. So try doing that day in and
day out, working with child molesters, working with people
who are robbing people, murdering them. It wears on you after a while.

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  • It’s not up to us to give you free shit!!!! You FUCKING ASS HOLE! We don’t owe you a fucking thing!!! Too bad!

  • third world low IQ people living with their neanderthal culture. what else did we expect? we Americans are the stupid ones, not the uneducated, piss poor indigents who are catastrophically doomed to living with war and squalor forever.

  • These assholes are so arrogant about abilities they don’t really have. Pull out and let the Taliban have that shit hole! They are useless!

  • They are trying to get a bunch of junkies to act as a police force. These ppl dont care to have a civilized nation they would just rather get high and fire their guns blindly

  • Lmao, I can imagine the Soviets went through the exact same shit back in the days!
    They were probably not having it the same way the Marines have though!

  • Vice TV is promoting WAR! Sure they draw in the young people with what they think is "cool" with overweight bearded guys smoking cannabis, which is a better choice for a headache than Tylenol as the active ingredient (which I opt not to try to spell at the moment) contributes to dementia. The point however is that the USA needs to get out of starting wars so the wealthy, including oligarchic plutocrats, can become even more wealthy while your young man or woman comes home in a box, or suffering PTSD from the guilt of murdering innocents.

  • Quite a bit late but the first thing i notice is how being gay is basically a crime punishable by death in most of these middle eastern countries but a high ranking commander in what i would assume is the (Afghanistan military?) Is literally molesting young boys… wut da faq.

  • It’s like looking at monkeys to do the job of soldiers !? Frustrating as all get out ! They’re screwed over there !

  • Animals. The fact that anyone can look at these people and still think humans are all the same is ignorant and childish.

  • Afghanistan is an utterly corrupt shithole country with no law and no resources other than heroin. America has no business being there. The USA has been suckered into fighting endless wars to rearrange the Middle East for the benefit of Israel. You've been totally zogged.

  • The USA is draining its blood and treasure fighting a people that have never surrendered to an invader in 5000 years, meanwhile the Chinese are mining rare earth minerals in the country & profiting handsomely. America has been tricked by the neocons & their endless war agenda.

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