This Tunnel South Full Movie 2016 Independent Drama

(gentle guitar music) (panting) (indistinct PA announcement) (panting) (gentle guitar music) (gunshot/woman shouting) (gentle guitar music) (train bell ringing) (gentle music) – This shit all hasn’t
been the same without you. – Yeah, how’s everyone? So how is everyone? – As good as can be expected. – Yeah? How’s Meredith? – She’s good. – Yeah, is she still… – Come on, man. You broke her heart. – That’s no excuse, Jon. – She even turns tricks when
she’s really itching for a fix. – And I’m back. – Right, just like
a time machine. – Nothing’s changed. – She still loves you, man. – Right. – What are you talking about? Of course she does. – Being bored and naive doesn’t equal love, Jon. – That’s fuckin’ bullshit. We all loved you. So why’d you leave
us, Danny Boy? – This place was sucking
up my fucking soul. – That’s fuckin’ bullshit. You left when we
needed you most, when Jake needed you most. – Get your fuckin’
finger out of my face! You listen to me, Jon. You never mention his
name in my presence again. Do you understand me? Jake was nothing like you. Nothing. – Jesus, man, I’m sorry. (heavy metal music) – [Jon] That’s right, he wasn’t. That’s why you’re here, right? Sorry, man. I just never understood
why you’d just leave us. Your family, man, your fuckin’ boys. You didn’t say goodbye. – No, and I need you
to get that I couldn’t. – Yeah, you wouldn’t
have ever left. I guess it’s for
the best, right? So what’s crackin’
in the big city? – Same bullshit as out here, just on a bigger scale. – More dollars, yo? – I do all right. – Are you happy? – Almost. – Almost? – There’s a few things I’ve
still gotta take care of. – I always thought you’d
make it in that shit. Thought Jake would too. – Yeah, that’s
done and over now. (slow music) – Goddamn it’s been a long time. – So we’re having a get
together in honor of, well, you know. -Yeah. – Everyone will be there. You should be there too. – I don’t know, man. I just got back. I think I wanna spend as much
time with family as possible. – All right. – But I’ll try. – Yeah, man. – All right, man. Later. – [Jon] Later. (knocking) (knocking) – Ma. – My dear, sweet boy. So good to see my baby’s home. – Wish we could be together
under better circumstances. – Yeah, I know. It’s good to be home. Where’s Jay at? – He’s out. – So you told him I was comin’? – He saw your letter. There was nothing I could do. – Damn. He needs to give
me a fuckin’ break. – Ah, he’ll get over it. – What was I supposed to do, ma? Stay here? Get a job as a security guard, so I’d have just enough
to score and pay rent? – Watch your tone, boy. I’ve never given you
anything but respect. I expect the same. I’ve tried talking to the boy. (water pouring) But he’s 18. You know what that’s like? If he doesn’t like
what I’m sayin’, he walks out or
he shuts the door. And you know what? I’m too old for it. It’s between you and him. You have to make
it right, Danny. Yeah, I’ll take care of it. – That’s my boy. All right, enough of this. Who needs a drink? – (chuckles) right ma. – Right, you’re buyin’. – All right. (heavy metal music) (indistinct heavy metal lyrics) – Yo, we goin’ to this
thing tonight or what? – Yeah, all the DFICs
are gonna be there. We should be there too. – Jay. – Yo, Jason, what the fuck? – Guys. – So, we goin’ tonight or what? – You all right, Buba? – Looks like we got
something goin’ on over here. – So where is it, huh? Where’s my fuckin’ money? – I can make it up to you. – What the fuck? (slap) (punching) (kicking) Now look, me and you go back a
long way, all right? You know how we do, baby. Pretty girls like you end
up bloody in the street. Now I’m gonna ask
you one more time, and you better have
the correct answer. Where is my fuckin’ money? – Don’t have it! Sorry. – Sorry just ain’t
gonna fuckin’ cut it. (kicking) – Am I interrupting something? (punch) – [Meredith] Jason,
get out of here. – Hey, just do what
the bitch says. This ain’t any of
your business, kid. – Come now, I don’t think
you’re in any position to be giving me orders you piece of shit. – [Meredith] Stop! Jason stop! Please! – [Jason] Now if I ever
see you here again, I will fucking kill you. – [Meredith] Jason, baby,
just go home, please. You don’t know Rick, please! – What’d you get
yourself into now? – [Meredith] Stop, please! I don’t want you here. (thud) Stop! Stop, he’s just a kid! Stop! – [Rick] Get against
the fucking wall! – [Meredith] Do what he says! Please! – What are you
high or something? Copy off of some my shit. It’s about to get intense. – [Meredith] Do what he says! Don’t be stupid, please, baby! – [Rick] Yeah, don’t
do anything stupid, just like your
pussy-assed brother. (punching) – [Meredith] Stop! Please! – Fuck! – Hold it!
– Fuck you! – Hold it! Chill, my killer gorilla. You’re off the fuckin’
reservation, yo? – [Meredith] Jesus
Christ, is he… – Nah. – [Man] What the fuck happened? – Conflict resolution? – What does that mean? – We had a conflict. I resolved it. – Yo, this bitch is
not your problem. – Don’t you have
better shit to do than bring him into
your bullshit drama? – Hey, hey! Don’t talk to her like that. – No, he’s right. I didn’t want you here. – Well, we’re all
here fuckin’ now. – Yeah, fuckin’ let
it go, let’s go. Let’s go eat. – I think you just
fucked his face. – So is that what
it’s gonna be, huh? Just gonna keep goin’
on, owing money, and doin’ whatever
you gotta do just keep in that costa block? I heard you even turn tricks. – I would never. Remember who you’re talking to. – Nah, that girl’s long gone. All I see is this fuckin’ mess. All ’cause of this shit. – It’s my life. – Whatever. I remember a girl who
would’ve never done this. She used to walk me to school. She would read me
stories at night. She taught me how
to talk to girls. Where did she go? – She died. – Just ’cause he fuckin’ left? – Yeah. – Fuck this. – Jason. Jason! (upbeat music) – Hey, lend me a smoke. – Yo, nigga, where you from? – Fuck you, nigger. (pounding) (indistinct heavy-metal lyrics) (smacking and punching) – You must be new around here. – Same shit, different town. – Yeah, well listen, I run shit around here. My name is Jake. – Danny. – I run the Death
Fast Youth Group. You’re not one of them, so obviously, you’re one of us. You hungry? – Yeah. – Cool, you get to have
us over for dinner. – (chuckles) Son of a bitch. – What honey? – Oh, nothing, ma. So? – So… – How you holding up, ma? – I should be asking
you the same thing. – Aw, you know me. – Cheers. (glasses clink) I know you, always the stoic. – How about you ma? – I’m doin’ fine. Jason’s doing real
good in school. Taking after you with
the ladies and all. You know, since he’s
come into his own, he and Meredith have
gotten real close. – Oh. – You’re gonna have to deal
with that someday, you know? – That was a long time ago, ma. He can have it. – Just like your father, you can lie to everyone, even
yourself if you want, darling, but you can’t hide it from me. – How you doin’ since Jake, ma? – I miss him. – Yeah, me too. – He said he’d be waitin’
for you when you came back, so y’all could work on that car. – Yeah. – He was so young. – I know. – It could’ve been you. – Hey, but it wasn’t. – That’s right, it wasn’t. – Well, what do you
think about New York, ma? – Ah, New York’s a great place. We took you there when was a
boy to see a couple of shows back when we could afford it. – What do you think
about living there? – What? – This place is no
good for nobody, and you know it. – No, no, no… – [Danny] We could
leave, ma.- No. – Why not? – I’m too old. I like it here. I grew up here. I raised you here. Take Jason, take Meredith. – Aw, ma, not this again. – She’s such a good kid. She’s going down
because of this place. – What do you mean? – It’s the drugs, honey. It’s always the drugs. – What, she’s done
them in front of you? – No, of course not but… I can tell these things. – Well, how? – She doesn’t sleep. She doesn’t eat. I overheard her and
Jason fightin’ about it. Don’t get me wrong, boy, I love Meredith
like she was my own, but I’ll be damned
if I’ll stand by and watch Jason go
down the way you did. (upbeat techno music) – That bitch is fine. – No shot. – Fuck you. – Go get it then. – I’m not feeling it,
you know, don’t rush me. – Watch this. – Oh, no. – What a fucking prick. (metal music) – Are you mad at me? – No. – Are you gonna talk? – I’m watching this. – That chick you’re
checking out is a tranny. – What? – And I’m not gonna
do a thing to stop it. – How do you know? – She has an Adam’s apple
bigger than my tits. – (chuckles) – Are you gonna tell him? – Not so fast. – Nope. – Terrible. – What the fuck? – What’s wrong, baby? – You knew. Fuckin’ dick. – Come on, she’s hot. – But she has a fucking cock. – Yep, it’s probably
bigger than yours too. – Oh, funny guy. – Can I get another Jameson
and Heineken, please? (chuckles) What? What? – You really can’t
tell after this long? – Oh, oh, that she
has an Adam’s apple the size of my dick? – I mean, fuckin’ look at
her, she’s fuckin’ hot. – She is a he. – Not according to him. – I think I’m gonna
fucking throw up. – I’m gonna take that
pretty lady home. I’m gonna fuckin’ suck her dick, and I’m gonna cum on his tits, and it’s gonna fuckin’
rock my socks off. – You’re gross. – Look, comes a time
in every man’s life where his perception of himself and the world around
him comes into question, and when that moment comes, you’ve crossed that borderline, sometimes you just
gotta say fuck it. All right? Hey, don’t wait up. (kiss) – I wanna go home. – Okay. (footsteps) – [Meredith] And I love you you. I’m just saying I love you. – [Jason] Okay,
kid, you’re a goner. – No, I’m serious. – Okay. – See, you’re so good to me. – Yep. – You’re always there. – Always. – No-no-no. You’re not going anywhere. Stay here with me. No matter what I do
you’re always there. Why? – Because I love you. – I love you too. – And I’ve gotta go. – Why? – You know why. – Why, because of Danny? – [Jason] No. – ‘Cause I hate seeing you
like this, and you know that. – [Meredith] Then
why are you here? – Because I’m not gonna let
anything happen to you, okay? That doesn’t mean
I wanna sit here and have you pretend I’m him
when you’re fuckin’ trashed. – Well, that’s not it at all. – [Jason] Whatever. Sleep it off. – Jason wait!
– See you in the morning. – Fuck. (door opening) – So you’re fuckin’ my girl now? – What the hell
are you doing here? – I came to say hi
to my baby brother. – Yeah? Well, he ain’t in, so fuck off. – Why are you being like this? – [Jason] Being like what? – I called. I’ve written letters. You don’t respond to anything. What did I do? – I’ve got nothin’
to say to you. – [Dan] You’ve got
plenty to say to me. – Get out of my fuckin’
room, or I’m telling mom. – No way, you’re just trashed. – Mom! – I’ve had it, boys. Settle it amongst yourselves. (slap) – That’s not at
all what I meant. That’s enough! (alarm beeping) (sighs) – Jesus Christ. (sighs) (water running) (pan sizzling) (panting) – Morning ma. – Morning, darling. – Smells good. – Morning, squirt. He always like this? – Nah, he’s not very
spry ’til about noon. You’re up early this morning. – Yeah, got some things to take
care of before the funeral. Pass the coffee? Thanks. (silverware clinking) (spoon clinking) – What? – Nothin’. So what’s on the
itinerary for today? – Work. You know that thing us trailer
trash do to keep our shit. – Excellent, day at the shop. Sounds great. – Whoa, whoa, what
are you talking about. – [Danny] Well, I said
I have some things to do before the funeral, right? – Right. – [Danny] Well, when
I planned out my stay, I kept one day
completely wide open. – Uh-huh. – And I kept it wide open so
I can spend some quality time with my beloved kid brother who I haven’t seen
in five years. Now how about that? – You’re out of
your fuckin’ mind. I gotta pick up Meredith. – [Danny] Oh, she’ll
be joining us? – Us? You can’t be serious. You’re gonna come
with me to work. – Now, Jason, don’t be rude. Your brother’s trying
to make things right. – Whatever, let’s go. (upbeat rock music) (car door slams) – Whoa-whoa-whoa there, captain. – Your ass is in the back. – What? Why? – Because Meredith
sits in the front. – Oh, so it’s like that, huh? (car door slams) – Yeah, well, you
can just relax, kid. All right, I just
needed a ride into town. I ain’t forcing
you into anything. I just wanted ma
to see us together. – [Jason] Well, good. Now shut the fuck up. – You know this used
to be my fuckin’ car. – [Jason] Yeah, well
things change, bitch. – Apparently. You used to be my best friend. – [Jason] Ah, boy,
I’m your brother. – [Danny] Yeah, well, there
should be no difference. – [Jason] (chuckles)
A best friend chooses to put up with your shit. I had no say in the matter. – So, how was she? In the sack I mean. ‘Cause I remember, she was
quite the … – The fuck up. Shut the fuck up! – Watch the fuckin’ road, man. Jesus. I didn’t know. Why not? – I never. – Really? – Ever! All right, I’m not getting
into this with you. Okay, if you want a ride, keep your fuckin’ mouth shut. – All right. All right, boss. – [Jason] We’re here. – Hi, handsome. – [Jason] How you feeling? – [Meredith] Like shit. – Nice to see you again. – Danny, what are
you doing here? – I came to bury my best friend. – Sorry. – You look good, kid. You both do. – No way. Strung out. – [Danny] Yeah, I noticed. – [Jason] Yeah? – Don’t get started. – [Jason] I’m not. – I thought you hated that shit. – Yeah, well, things change. – Yeah, and you left. – Jason, shut up. – Whatever. She’s been a wreck ever
since you were gone. Five years I’ve been
cleaning up your mess. You’d think… – Are you fucking kidding me? After all the bullshit
you put me through? – Let’s not spoil this
reunion with fighting, okay? Shit, we’re here. You coming to the
thing tonight, or what? – I don’t know yet. I haven’t thought about it. Maybe. This is where I get off. – What? – Yeah, Jason. I told you I had some
things to take care in town. – Right. Well, I’ll be here at 4 p.m. If y’all ain’t here,
y’all are walking. – Okay, love ya. – [Jason] Yeah. Fuck! (heavy-metal music playing) (heavy-metal music playing) – What are we doing here, man? – These guys are weak. – We ain’t here for them, so shut your fuckin’ pie hole. – You’re here for my
band, you stupid fuck.. If you don’t wanna be
here, get the fuck out. (group agreeing) – I ain’t leaving, I
already fuckin’ paid. -Shut the fuck up. – What a little bitch, man. Nah, bro, we’re here for you. – Thanks, man. – You and me, we gotta
do this thing, all right? – Man, I miss this shit. You know, it ain’t like back
home it’s the closest thing. – All right, you ready? Here we go.
– All right. – Come on, bitch. Let’s get a move on. (heavy-metal music playing) (crowd chattering) – (laughing) Oh, dad,
you got clocked, bitch. – What? – I’ll repeat myself for you. You got clocked, bitch. – Yeah, who? – By that hipster over there. – No fuckin’ way. – Yeah, yeah, but don’t worry. I believe all the
answers to your questions can be pointed at from
that general direction. – Nah, kid. You don’t want
none of that shit. He’s got his boys
all this place. And they’ll come down,
I’m talking biblical. – What? – Chill out, bro. Fuckin’ bull in a
china shop, damn. – So what should
I do then, dick? – Dick? First of all, don’t
talk to me like that ’cause I’ll yank your
jaw right off your face. Second, you already
made your move, stud. I mean, she’ll come to you. I’m gonna tell you something. I know women. Believe me, I know women. You ain’t gonna
get her with these. Look at Ike Turner over there. He’s got these. And you might just
get her with this. All right? – All right. – Now let’s go kick the
shit out of that skinhead. (heavy-metal music) (indistinct chatter) – [Man] What’s up, faggot? – Oh, I see you brought your
fuckin’ friends with you. Why do you assholes always
take everything so personal? The war’s over. You’re fuckin’ booked. – You were hanging for
me, asshole. – Fuck you. – [Man] What is this, Hebrew? A fuckin’ kike with a tattoo. – [Man] Hey, boys,
get over here. This is gonna be fun. (indistinct heavy-metal lyrics) (smacking and punching) (metal guitar playing) – So you just had to
let them crack me? – Somebody had to do it. What up? – So, you all right there? – Yeah, I lived. Yeah, but don’t underestimate
that small fellow over there. All right, he’s a
bad motherfucker. – So, you rescued me, huh? – I guess you can call it that. – Risked life and limb to
make sure no harm came to me? – Got cracked in
the jaw for you. – My knight in shining armor. How can I ever repay you. – You could let me
take you out to dinner. – (chuckles) Mike
would love that. – So, do you like
this kind of music? – No, no, normally. – Oh. – I’m just here to support Mike. He’s in the band that
played before this one, Art of Death. – Oh, yeah. Yeah, they were great. – Yeah, no, they weren’t. – Yeah, they’re pretty
bad, I guess, huh? – Yeah, so, what
brings you here? – Oh, my friend’s
band played earlier. I came to support. – I saw you out there. Don’t act all cool. You love this stuff. – Yeah, I do. – Yeah, I don’t really it. It’s just, like guys screaming and kicking
the shit out of each other. It’s testosterone overload. – Nah, there’s more
to it than that. – Really, like the fact
that you wander around in little packs and gangs and have disputes
amongst each other? – Aw, that’s just a
byproduct of ignorance. Really, it’s about unity. – Okay, so violence is
really a symbol of unity? – No, see, the beauty of it is, this is a home for
the unaccepted. All right, this isn’t a frat, though sometimes assholes
make it seem like one. – [Meredith] Right. – You know, there are
better things to talk about. – Yeah? – Yeah. Like you, for example. – [Danny] Where’d you come from? Where you been? ‘Cause I’ve been waiting
for you, you know? – You just don’t
give up, do you? – Nope. – [Man] Meredith! Let’s go. – I gotta take off. – Yeah? Stick around. – I think you’ve
gotten roughed up enough tonight, tough guy. – Oh, is that so? – Yep. Saturday, pick me up at three. Don’t be late, tiger. – Got it. (indistinct heavy-metal lyrics) – [Danny] You know,
for some of us, this is the only thing we have. We come from broken homes torn by poverty,
drugs, abuse, whatever. We’re not smart. We’re not rich. We’re not pretty or popular. We are God’s fuckin’
rejected children. We spend our lives
working minimum-wage jobs, maybe two or three, working overtime just
to make ends meet. You gotta worry about
work, bills, family, and what everybody thinks
about you fuckin’ up. – Yeah, so then why are
you here, smart guy? – Huh? What do you mean? – [Meredith] You
aren’t like them. This isn’t just music
or a show to you, Danny. Your intellect has
spun it into some type of ideal and philosophy. This isn’t just music
or a show to you, Danny. You think everyone gets
it the way that you do? Gimme a break. – Hey, nobody has to
understand it the way I do. All right, it is
what it is for me. You can go to a show, everyone understands. Nobody gives a shit how
much money you make, how many friends you
have, or who they are. All that matters
is the band playing and getting it all out and
leaving it there on the floor. For that moment, you’re free. And the kids you bond with become your friends
and your family. The only ones you
can really count on. Just like any family, you know, there’s drama every
now and again, but when it gets down to it,
we’re there for each other. – And you buy that? – I know it. I’ve seen it. – Danny? – [Danny] What’s up? – The way you talk about it… – [Danny] Yeah? – I’ve never heard anyone
talk about it that way before. – Hey, you should come
to the city some time, you know, and see things
in a different way. – We’re in the city. – Nah, nah, this ain’t the city. This here, this here’s
a fuckin’ trailer park. – [Meredith] Gee, thanks. – Oh, don’t get
me wrong, I mean, this place is great but it ain’t the city. You gotta see it for
yourself to believe it. – I hope I see it one day. – You will. I’ll take you there. Come here, kid. – Hey. – Hey. – So, did you miss me? – Fuck you, Danny. – What? – It’s not funny! – Well, I… I know! So what’s this I hear… – Save it, I don’t
wanna hear it, okay? – What? – We aren’t together anymore. It’s none of your business! – It’s always my business. I love you. – Shut up! – Listen to me. I love you. – Five years! Five years, you disappear to get this town
out of your system! You’re just a little boy! Same little boy who left
everyone who loves him behind! You know why I left! I had obligations! You had obligations to
me, you son-of-a-bitch, and you threw ’em all away! – Oh, like you’re throwing
your life down the shitter! – Get off me, Danny, stop! Hey, look, this is where I work. I’m gonna be late. You coming to the
thing tonight, or what? – I don’t know yet. I haven’t thought about it. There’s a lot of faces
I’m not ready to see yet. – He would’ve wanted
you to be there. – Actually, I was wondering if maybe we could grab dinner
first and we’d go together? There’s some things I
wanna talk to you about. – Yeah, sure. I’ll just tell Jason we’ll
meet him at the party. – All right, sounds good. – Danny? – Yeah? – It’s good to see you again. – It’s good to see you, kid. It’s good to see you too. – (breathing heavily) (panting) – Baby? – What’s up, doll? – What are you thinking about? – Nothing, why? – You’re just not here. – Of course I’m here. I’ll always be here. – I know, I mean, you’re here,
but you’re aren’t really. What’s wrong? – Nothing.
– Okay. – Did you ever think
about the future? – Of course, who doesn’t? – I fuckin’ hate the future. – Why? – Do you ever get
this feeling like, wow, this is as good
as it’s gonna get, and after this, shit’s
just gonna get bad. Everything’s just gonna go down, and nothing will
ever be the same? – No, I don’t. – Yeah, well I do. – Well, I think
you’re fucking nuts. – Maybe. I always see when
the rain comes. – Wow, you sure know how to
turn on that charm there, stud. – What do you mean? – I give you one of my
all-time best performances, and this is what comes
out of your mouth? Some post-coital pessimism? Must say, Danny, not quite the sentiment
I was expecting. Why do you always have to
be such a downer, baby? – I didn’t mean it like that. – You know what your problem is? You over-analyze, and while you’re busy
thinking about your past or the next move
you’re gonna make, the world’s gonna pass you by. I’m gonna pass you by. Is that what you want? – Of course not. – Danny, the world’s
a beautiful place. There’s so much to
look forward to. – Not here. – I mean, what about love
and maybe starting a family? I know it’s too soon
to think about but… – We need money
to start a family. There’s no money here. Look, I’m gonna get us
out of here, all right? I’ll go up to the city
and stay with my uncle. I’ll work with him until
I got something on my own, and when I got it set up,
I’ll come back for ya. – I don’t want to
be away from you. – Look, I don’t either but things are gonna get bad. I’ve gotta do this if we’re
gonna get out of this shit. Look, it’d be for us. Look at me. I’d never leave you. I love you. (guitar strumming) – Stop, stop, stop! – You asshole,
you almost hit me. – Danny, Danny, come on, man, what the fuck was that? – What the fuck do you care? – What do I care? – Where’s this comin’ from, man? – Yeah, when was the
last time you made it through a whole practice? – Hey… – No, forget that. When’s the last time you were
able to stand up straight for more than a half an hour? – Fuck you, man. – Look at you, man. You fuckin’ fell off. This was all you
ever cared about. This was all you needed. – What the fuck are
you talkin’ about? This is all I have! I fuckin’ live for this shit. – Yeah, ever since that
bitch came into the picture all you’ve given a shit
about is the needle. – Don’t fuckin’ talk
about her like that, bro. – Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do,
tough guy, pass out on me? Can somebody get this
guy the fuck out of here before I fuckin’
kill him? (spits) – Yeah, motherfucker? – Yeah! (punching) (giggling) (choking) It’s for his own fucking good. Never mind, get the fuck off me. – Is that how you
fuckin’ want it? (spits) You gonna fuckin’ run away? It’s your fuckin’ decision. Get the fuck off me! ♪ (lyrics) You’ll
get back here with me ♪ Normal days of waking up with ♪ You crashed out asleep ♪ Took the time
to take a look at ♪ What I have next to me ♪ Normal days of breaking up and ♪ Goin’ to your house with me ♪ – What’s going on, mom? – It’s Daniel, honey. He’s on the phone. He doesn’t sound too good. – Hey, baby. What? Slow down, I can’t understand
what you’re saying. Danny? – Everything’s gonna
be different, Mer. Nothing’s ever
gonna be the same. – Whatever it is, we’ll
deal with it, okay? I love you too. – It’s all gonna —
it’s all gonna change. – Honey, what are
you talking about? – My dad died. (slow music) ♪ [Lyrics] Normal
days of waking up with ♪ You crashed out asleep ♪ Took the time
to take a look at ♪ What I had next to me ♪ Normal days of breaking up and ♪ Goin’ to your house at three ♪ In the morning
beggin’ you’ll get ♪ Back here with me ♪ Normal days of waking up with ♪ You crashed out asleep ♪ Took the time
to take a look at ♪ What I had next to me ♪ Normal days of breakin’ up and ♪ Going to your house at three – Danny, wait! Danny wait up for me. – Just go home, Mer. – Why? – Just let me go. – What about everything
you said to me, huh? What about your music? What about your loyalty to me? – I don’t want you to see
me like this. (sniffles) I love you. ♪ [Lyrics] Still
smile when I kiss ♪ And saying goodbyes is
the only way I’ll miss you ♪ I don’t know where to start – [Hannah] Hello. Oh, hey, darlin’. How are you? ♪ (lyrics) In the end
that won’t be enough ♪ I’m doin’ all right,
considering the circumstances. ♪ (lyrics) When it
comes to all the rest ♪ you know I like a lot ♪ Thank you, baby, thank you. ♪ (lyrics) You know I rap a lot ♪ but it’s hard to dismiss ♪ all the fuckin’
years that I’ve ♪ Come by any time to visit. I’ve been keeping busy with all the arrangements
to be done and that. It’s a lot quieter
around the house. No, I haven’t seen him, hon. I’ll tell him that
you called, okay? ♪ (lyrics) Bullets
in a bathroom wall ♪ Are more a sign of putting up ♪ Than giving into anything ♪ You’d think of giving into ♪ Say you saw it coming on ♪ And show us how it comes to ♪ A blaming hand ♪ A solemn end ♪ A sort of sense ♪ An empty chamber ♪ Oh, ah ♪ Oh, he will provide ♪ Ooooh ♪ Oh, he will provide ♪ Oooh ♪ Oh, he will provide ♪ ♪ Bullets in a bathroom wall ♪ Are more a sign of putting up ♪ Giving into anything ♪ You think of giving into ♪ Say you saw it coming on ♪ And show us how it comes to ♪ A blaming hand ♪ A solemn man ♪ A sort of sense ♪ An empty chamber ♪ Oooh ♪ Oh, he will provide ♪ Ooooh ♪ Oh, he will provide ♪ Oooh ♪ Oh, he will provide (heavy metal guitar solo) ♪ Bullets in a bathroom wall ♪ Are more a sign of putting up ♪ Giving into anything ♪ You think of giving into ♪ Say you saw it coming on ♪ Well, show us how it comes to ♪ A blaming hand ♪ A solemn man ♪ A sort of sense ♪ An empty chamber ♪ Oooh ♪ Oh, he will provide ♪ Ooooh ♪ Oh, he will provide ♪ Oooh ♪ Oh, he will provide ♪ Oooh ♪ Oh, he will provide (metal guitar solo) ♪ Greater men ♪ have fallen victim,
have fallen victim ♪ A fallen victim ♪ There lies ♪ A fallen victim ♪ A fallen victim ♪ A fallen victim ♪ Mirrors in a pool of sanguine (tattoo needle buzzing) (heavy metal music) ♪ (lyrics) This was the time ♪ The only time I thought that ♪ – Come on, man. You haven’t said shit all day. What’s up? You bummed about the
funeral tomorrow? – [Jason] Nope. – The hurt got you down? He’s got the (inaudible) – Will you shut up. Get back to work. – All right, chill out. – So, uh, big
bro’s back in town. How’s that goin’? – [Jason] Nothing to
talk about really. – Are you scared he’s come
back for your lady, yo? – Nope. – I sure as shit would be. That’s some weird shit, man. Falling for your brother’s girl. What the fuck is wrong with you? All right, I’m just playin’. Chill out. How long you known me? – [Jason] Too long. – I believe it was
one fateful morning early in the 7th
grade. (chuckles) Still a bitch. – As I recall, I chased your
punk-ass home right after. – My point being, this is me, all right? You can drop the tough-guy thing and talk to me for a second. – [Jason] There’s
nothing to say, Eric. – You know what your problem is? You got that itch, kid. That itch for a bad bitch. But you’re a good guy, and we all know good
guys have a hard time getting a good girl,
let alone a bad girl. I don’t get it. Why don’t you just
go for a nice girl? A nice, good girl
from a good family. You know what you need, boy,
check, is a nice Jewish girl. Someone you can
bake your challa in. Not some white-trash
bitch from Queens who wants you to pull her
hair and give her a toker. Some filthy, disgusting slut whose only desire in life it
to be violated and defiled. – [Jason] Okay,
okay, enough, guy. – Sorry. Listen, you’ve got this
whole misunderstood, tortured, stoic thing going on when you need to be playing
it like a thug, son. No offense, but your brother what time it was, and that’s why he had
no problem hitting it. You haven’t even
gotten to first base. – [Jason] Is there anything
that comes out of your mouth not complete horseshit? – I don’t know. I haven’t really stopped
to think about it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Ah, there it is. That million-dollar smile. Such a handsome boy. – I’m Irish, you stupid fuck. – Aye, nobody’s perfect. But seriously, man,
if you want the girl, you gotta quit playing
the nice-guy card. – [Eric] Have you talked
to Danny about it? I’m sure he’d understand. – Why are you still on this? That’s my brother’s
girl, all right? End of conversation. – Fine, play the martyr, dude. But let me tell you something, I’ve seen what’s in her
eyes, and it ain’t him. – Right. Well, they’re going
tonight together. She called me and told
me not to pick her up. – Right. So, uh, new topic. Are we going to this
thing tonight or what? Or are things gonna get rowdy? All the boys wanna know. I think I like the
last option better, but I’m down either way. You guys can go without me. I don’t wanna be in
the same room as him. – So who exactly are you? – What do you mean? – You just show up at that
show and then on my doorstep? – [Danny] Yeah. – I haven’t seen you before. You aren’t from
around here, are you? – My old man, he
was in the military. I had to move around a lot but he retired last year and we decided to set
up shop down here. – [Meredith] So what
about your friends? – I don’t really get
along with people. – Couldn’t possibly
see why. (chuckles) – Things just seem
to happen to me. – Is that what got
you into this whole… – I don’t know. Maybe. We don’t have to
talk about that. – No, I find it interesting. – [Danny] It’s really not. – You have passion. Passion of anything these
days is something special. I like when you talk about it. (slow guitar strumming) ♪ (lyrics) Normal
days of waking up with ♪ you crashed out asleep ♪ Took the time
to take a look at ♪ what I had next to me ♪ Normal days of breaking up and ♪ goin’ to your house at three ♪ In the morning
begging you’ll get ♪ – Mom, I’m home. ♪ (lyrics) Normal
days of waking up with ♪ you crashed out asleep ♪ Mom? – In here, boy. – Ma, what are you doin’ in
here with the lights off? – Contemplating. – Oh, yeah? And I see we’ve
been celebrating. What’s the occasion this time? – You watch your tongue, boy. I’m still your mother. I did my good time sober while
I was taking care of you. Now I’m old. You’ve led me to my ways. – You’re right, ma. I’m sorry. – It’s quite all right,
my beautiful boy. Look at this face. Let me look at it. My how you’ve grown up. Such a man. – So what are we contemplating? – Well, truthfully, for one, what did I
do that was so wrong? – Oh, ma, don’t start
with that again. – No, I’m serious. One boy had to leave
home to find himself. The other has nothing to lose because he doesn’t
know who he is. Both at war, and why? – He made his choices, ma. It had nothing to
do you with you. You did the best you could. He knows that, and I know that. – This isn’t about Danny, Jason. This is about you. – What, he’s the one who left. – Yes, he did. That he did. But you have to
forgive, you see? – No. – (exasperated sigh) I thought
I raised a man, not a boy. – You did! I take care of this house. I take care of you! I work every day. I’m clean, I’m sober. What more do you want from me? – I don’t want
anything from you. I want you to be happy. I want to die
knowing you’re a man and you’ll be all
right on your own. – I’ll be fine, ma. And you’re not goin’
anywhere for a while. – No, you see, you’ve
got half of it down. When it comes to doing
what’s needed of you, you’ve got it covered. But when it comes to doin’
what’s right for you, boy, we’re all in
big, fuckin’ trouble. – Come on, ma, let’s
get you to bed. You’re drunk. – I’m Irish. We don’t get drunk. We get angry. Do I look angry to you, boy? It takes a man to have the balls to follow his heart, no
matter what the consequences. And an even bigger man to have the goddamn sense
to forgive and let go. What are you talkin’ about? I may be drunk, I’m not blind. Now listen, when I first
came to this country, I was just 16 years old, pregnant with your father
and scared shitless. Your granddad,
God rest his soul, was so dead set on
gettin’ out of Ireland and starting a new life here. Back then, they wanted
as many immigrant workers as they could get because
we’d work for nothing. Your grandad worked
every of life, so that one day the
Mannigans might be more than immigrant trash. He was so concerned
with taking care of everyone who meant
something to him, he never once
thought of himself. And in the end, it
killed him early. With your father, there
were higher hopes. He didn’t have it
quite as hard as us. At one point, it seemed
he might be the first to go to college and make
something of himself, but then when your ma
died, his only concern was to provide
for you and Danny. He followed in your
granddad’s footsteps and it cost him. But Jason, at least
he knew true love. He loved your mother very much, and she loved him. She was a good woman. I wished you could’ve known her. You wanna know somthing? – What? – I helped Danny
leave this place. We talked the entire
time he was gone. What, you let him abandon us? – No, I let him do
what he needed to do. He needed to see something
different outside The Mile. This place can
swallow you whole. It did your grandfather
and your father. In New York, he’s
doing what your father wanted so much for our family. He’s doing something
for himself, for himself alone. He’s following his heart, Jason. – Yeah, well, my heart is
here with you and my family. -That’s right. You have other dreams. So tell me something. – Anything. How long are you
gonna on lettin’ that
girl destroy herself? That girl loves you, Jason. – Ma (exasperated sigh)… – Go to her. Tell her how you feel. Everything will work itself out. You’ll see. My boy, I’ve lived a
life filled with mistakes but no regrets. Don’t let your worst
regret be the one thing you should’ve done,
that you didn’t. – Listen, I’m gonna get you out of here. I’ll make an honest
woman out of you. – Oh, yeah? Heard this before. – I’m serious. Move to New York with me. (keys clinking) – Danny… – Marry me. Look, I said when I was leaving, that I was doin’ it for us
and I’d be back for you. – Danny, it’s not
that simple anymore. Things have changed. I’ve changed. – Nothing’s changed. I love you. Do you love me? – You were everything to me. I will never stop loving you. – Well, listen,
what’s the answer? (groaning) – I can’t do this. I’m in love with your brother. I’m in love with Jason. – What? ♪ (lyrics) I’ve never doubted ♪ That I was good for you ♪ I’m no builder ♪ And you’re not stone ♪ They made the sky so ♪ That we can own ♪ Still you make
the world so sweet ♪ When you’re
walking through love ♪ When there’s so much trouble ♪ Every leaden sign ♪ So much trouble ♪ There’s no better high ♪ – So when exactly
did this happen? – While you were gone. He just grew up, you know. – Yeah. – I always saw him as
this really special kid. We always got along
and had, like, this weird understanding
of each other. And then one day he was there. He was a man. – Yeah, he told me you
handn’t done anything. – We haven’t. I mean, I don’t think
he feels the same way. But I have to tell him, and now that you know, I can. – So why’d you start using? – It’s none of your business. – Yeah, I don’t think
that’s the case. – You don’t think
what’s the case? – That he doesn’t feel the same. – Well, I guess
we’ll see tonight. – I’m not goin’. – Why not? – I can’t go through
all that shit now, after all that’s happened. – Danny, you gotta man up. You just walked out on them. It’s time to say goodbye. Jason will be there. – Yeah, and he’s probably
gonna try and kick my ass. He knows we’re together tonight, and he probably
thinks that we’re… – You’re going and you’re gonna make
peace with your brother. – All right. – But you gotta do
something for me first. (heavy metal music) ♪ (lyrics) From the
moment I wake I am haunted ♪ By the decisions I made ♪ Every step that I take ♪ Every truce that I make ♪ Is just another mistake ♪ Bullshit accusations ♪ All your friends
in your hands ♪ – So, you decided to show. My man. So I see things are goin’
pretty well with you back. – Yeah, is she here? – Of course. – I see. – Whoa, whoa, whoa,
slow your roll, homie. What’s up? You’re not gonna say
anything, are ya? – Her fuckin’ fiancee
just died, man. Yeah, I’m gonna say something. – All right. – You didn’t tell him? – Of course not. I didn’t have the heart. Besides, you two
are gonna tell him. – What? – [Meredith] Yeah. – Fuck. – Hey, gorgeous. – Danny. You’re here. – Yeah, babe, I’m here. – You don’t —
you don’t hate me? – Why would I hate you? – [Eric] He doesn’t know, Chris. – Know what? – How he died. – He killed himself. – There’s more. – Yeah. – What? – It’s my fault, Danny. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. – [Meredith] Chris… – Chris, what are you —
what are you talking about? Chris, it wasn’t your fault. Look, we all knew Jake. He was fucked up. All right, there was nothing
that you could’ve done to have caused this. This shit he did, this. That’s what killed him. Not you. Do you understand? – That’s right, babe. – What the fuck? – [Meredith] Come on,
let’s go get a drink. – [Danny] Yeah. – I better explain
what’s going on. – What the fuck happened? – It was the day
before you got here. Jake had been clean
for about two weeks. It’s because of you, baby. You inspired him. But his mind was
playing tricks on him. Christa got tired of waiting. You know how she is. Well, it was three
in the morning and… (heavy-metal music) (panting) (indistinct heavy metal singing) (crying) – Fuck you! (glass crashing) (indistinct heavy metal singing) – What the fuck? Stop. (panting) (frustrated whine) (panting) (indistinct heavy metal singing) (razor buzzing) (indistinct heavy-metal singing) (knocking) – [Chris] Goddammit. We’re fucking busy. (pounding on door) – You better fucking check. – [Chris] Okay. Jake. You’re looking better. – I love you. – I love you too. Are you okay? – I’m fine. – [Chris] (screaming) No! – What the fuck just happened? – [Chris] (crying) No,
what did you do, baby? We’re gonna get you help. Call the ambulance! Call the fucking ambulance now! – They blame themselves
for his death. – Yeah, well they
fuckin’ well should. – Shh, shh, shh. No. They didn’t wanna hurt anyone. You know that. – We aren’t fucking
kids anymore, Mer. – Exactly, we aren’t
fucking kids anymore. Jake was an adult. He’s responsible
for his own choices. Nobody’s fault. – Fuck this. (indistinct heavy metal singing) – Hey, Jon. (punch) (punching) – Danny stop! Stop, stop, stop! – Get the fuck off me. You fucking bitch! He loved you! He gave you a place to stay. He fuckin’ took you in
when no one else would. This is what you
give him in return? Should’ve been both of
you tomorrow being buried, not fuckin’ Jake. Fuckin’ Jake. – Let him go. He needs to grieve on his own. Besides, he’s my brother. I will go talk to him. – You gonna look at me or what? – I’ve got stuff I
gotta take care of. It’s nothing about you though. – Yeah, bullshit. – No bullshit, Meredith. Let me go. – Jason, we need to talk. – There’s nothing to talk about. What? What do you want me to do? You want me to make
a scene like you two? No, okay? I’m not Danny! Is this what you
fuckin’ wanted to see? Huh? That it fuckin’ bothers me
seeing you two together? That I fuckin’ went to
your house with roses and all I saw was
you all over him. Are you fuckin’ happy now? – [Meredith] Jason… – Are we done here? Excuse me, I have to go
deal with my family now. – [Jason] You know,
what is it with you and always breakin’
my fuckin’ heart? – [Danny] What are
you doin’, kid? – You were everything to me. – I know, and I love you. – Oh, shut the fuck up. No, you don’t. – [Danny] Yes, I do, brother. We’ll always be family. – When you left, you ripped
my fuckin’ heart out. And now you come back, and just when things were
starting to get good, you fuck everything up again. – Well, what are you
doin’ here, Jason? She loves you. – What? – Look, I’m sorry
I let you down. But I was dying here. All right, if I’d have stayed, you would’ve buried
Jake right next to me. – [Danny] And as
for your accusations of breaking your
heart a second time, they’re completely unwarranted. She wants you. Not me. (metal music playing) ♪ (lyrics) You’re the enemy ♪ Bitch raider, defender ♪ You’re the enemy ♪ Your destruction divine ♪ I’m too messed up ♪ You’re too bizarre ♪ You’ll always be ♪ The enemy ♪ – You all right? – Don’t say anything. – Hey. – Hey. I’m sorry about before. – It’s okay. – This is his old guitar. Remember when I bought
this thing for him? – Yeah, the thing’s ancient. – This was our
ticket out of here. – I remember. You guys were both
obsessed with it. I got no attention for an
entire over that thing. – That’s not true. – I know. – Remember that song we wrote? – Which one? – Let’s see… It went… – Play it. – Yeah, I can’t remember it. – Try. (guitar strumming) – Cook us up a shot, Chris. – I think I can do that. – Danny. – Hey, buddy. – What the fuck are you doin’? – [Danny] What are
you talkin’ about? – I thought you were
done with this shit. Well, when’s it gonna stop? – It’s too hard, man. I can’t deal. – Too hard? Too fuckin’ hard? Look at us. Life is pain. Life is fuckin’ hard, all right? And this bullshit ain’t
gonna change shit. All right, it’s only
gonna make it worse. You wanna go out like Jake did? Fuck you then. You’re on your own. You know, all those years you
left me alone here to rot, I never hated you. You know why? Because I knew things were
gonna get better for you. But now you’re back to this. When’s it gonna stop? – You know what, man? I’m done. – Our father who art in heaven hallowed by thy name. They kingdom come they will be done on Earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those
who’ve sinned against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory forever and ever. Amen. (gentle music) (upbeat music) ♪ (lyrics) They wanted
nets, I gave ’em seizures ♪ Look to the heavens
for the reason ♪ Underlying of the
liars and heathens ♪ The jungle cryin’ ’cause
they tired of the trees and ♪ Devil’s where I lurk ♪ Spot sinners from a mile ♪ You can smell their wicked sin ♪ See deceit up in their smile ♪ All from days of being bent ♪ The nights that I spent ♪ Wild from the
treasures of this flesh ♪ Into death you lay the ground ♪ The thunder and clouds ♪ Everyday is judgment ♪ Pain is unbearable ♪ I wake up, like, fuck it ♪ Not a day don’t pray ♪ a day I don’t puff it ♪ So my stress on my brain
can’t engage in no discussion ♪ Life pushing me the limits ♪ Bruising my emotions ♪ To the actions
of these bitches ♪ Snakes I used to fuck with ♪ All these so-called friends ♪ Dappin’ me in public ♪ Painting pictures
for their friends ♪ Like I lost my fuckin’ mind ♪ When in time ♪ You’ll see I’m just
a shelter for the blind ♪ The pain over the anguish ♪ You can’t bring my demise ♪ The truth is like the moral ♪ A sight for sore eyes ♪ A life of hard times ♪ My life is hard time ♪ ♪ Life is pushing me the limits ♪ Bruising my emotions ♪ To the actions
of these bitches ♪ Snakes I used to fuck with ♪ All these so-called friends ♪ Dappin’ me public ♪ Paintin’ pictures
for their friends ♪ Like I lost my fuckin’ mind ♪ But in time ♪ You’ll see I’m just
a shelter for the blind ♪ ‘The pain over the anguish ♪ You can’t bring my demise ♪ The truth is like a moral ♪

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