This What We Need !!! Yungeen Ace – Society | React !!

I gotta count money nigga I'm talking like Deborah deep and wherever I know you know that song before you stand we come would you say butter stand my own which I gotta give me a watch on hey man right [Applause] I'm just fuckin with you man bust my monster time to that shit we've been known I bust cows watch hey Bros good no no wait what was good buddy oh boy but at the end of the day man we come back stronger I have no excuses on why ain't I floating away two months me so fuckin news ladies needed that break okay – mines bro wheels gone so fun that's unacceptable yes so we were there to work this Tommy is 90 days Oh mom 60 days actually is 62 right this time but we're gonna do a younger ace society this job suicide no man is jump right into the dressing man we got a milk it it's a medicine baby Reverend open ahead you know me oh you okay stop he definitely definitely need a feature off block who do you think would be a best fit to write a song say to you he wouldn't Hilda how you our planet kappa him a minnow listen cut we slang educator we you who is that what I'm not sure I'm not your average like I'm not your gang member not your average blood I wanna be Smosh much an average flood reaction video man we hope y'all enjoy minutes our first video we gonna bring y'all some other live videos man we just really trying to you see them try to build I gotta borrow we trying to do we try to put our foot on these niggas mix man we go come stronger harder and better no homo yeah we hospital a week for you

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