Three Tips for a Successful MA Social Work Interview

my name is Liam Foster and I'm the admissions tutor for the MA in social work at the University of Sheffield one of the most important things is making sure you do the preparation so if you're invited to interview the first thing to do is have a close close look to see if there are any particular instructions so other any hints or clues in that invite as to what the potential questions might be can you guess anyway the kind of questions you might be asked what kind of research can you do you know have a look in the library be clear that you understand what the discipline is all about be clear that you are aware of your own experiences and your own skills and how they relate to social work so there are there are things you can do to prepare for an interview another thing you need to be aware of is the depth of the answers when you're in a an interview situation I appreciate that interviews can be really really stressful but at the same time you want to do yourself justice you've gone to the effort of doing a put a new cast application being invited to interview there's a written test as well you really do want to do yourself just this so take a deep breath become if you are challenged by a particular question you don't understand something you need it repeating you know ask ask for that of that to be the case and make sure you providing sufficient depth okay – two answers the other thing I would suggest is make sure you have suitable examples so back things up with evidence and examples okay so again that might be the kind of thing that you can prepare for in advance so are there particular experiences you've had in paid or voluntary work or even in your personal life that you may be able to use in relation to the questions you might get I appreciate that those questions might not come up but there may be things that you can kind of prepare yourself as possibilities so yeah again it's about our preparation that depth and that detail

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