Thrift With Me! | What's At Goodwill This Week? Let's Look For Some Vintage Decor and Kitchenware!

hey there it's nichole nesting Haven today I filmed for you a shop Amin video and goodwill he throats with me rather and I thought it would be fun to show you guys these items that I picked up as I discovered them myself I unfortunately couldn't talk to you guys during the filming of this because they play music at my goodwill that I would get a copyright strike for and you know we can't do that in YouTube so I'm gonna try – voiceover the best I can and play some music that is copyright friendly and hopefully you guys enjoy it so this is the aisle I usually check out first when I go into my local Goodwill this is where they're going to keep most of the vintage glassware this here is like just a glass baked dish a lot of people might confuse it for Pyrex but that's just glass bake doesn't really sell that well not very collectible and so you know this sections hit-or-miss usually way overpriced often these are fire king Bonnie blue saucers here and you know they're in fairly good condition not to overprice at a dollar piece so not a bad deal at all now these I think are really beautiful I love florals so I was tempted to get these for sure there this German vintage tea set I guess and I don't really know much about him but I thought they were really highly priced they got the cups were 10 bucks for the set and then you got this sugar and creamer I guess that's not too bad 3 bucks maybe I could have done that but no no I just didn't feel like it and you know if it's still there may be on dollar day or something that goes great tag goes a dollar I might pick it up after that I'll usually look at the little figurines around the corner saw this little dog here it's not porcelain or anything it does appear to be older but I don't really know much about it so I decided to pass on that and then I follow this really cool double-sided owl head pencil holder so I thought this was pretty neat so still looking at the figurines I spied these two little clowns here I kind of like this one here that has the glaze on it and they both seem vintage but the one that's just kind of a matte finish I just didn't think it looked as nice even though it was kind of maybe a little bit cuter not as creepy well I don't know you be the judge which one's creepier so the next aisles where they keep most of the kind of just common basic dishes that they don't think is anything special really sometimes I find some gems in here though so I kind of dig through whether if someone has picked it up on the other side and set it down or if they just didn't realize what it was and yeah I really thought this plate was kind of cute so I don't know like it would be a great seller but I really thought it was darling well well well look what I spied down here hiding underneath that bowl we've got some butterfly gold Corral here these are the bread and butter plates I thought those was such a really pretty little bowl here and you guys know these florals always get to me that's this really nice kind of ribbon style edge to it and the colors are amazing on this my husband's grandmother actually has this pattern and her china cabinet when we first got together so it just kind of piqued my interest to see what it was any guard till once and someone asked me if I had any DS so I always remembered that and I do pick these up every now and then when I see one in good condition this is a cute dish here it's assumed for her soup and crackers it's a really neat piece it's not vintage so I didn't pick it up but I did really enjoy it so this is probably my favorite aisle to pick things up in because often I'll find vintage pieces that they didn't really catch and will be a pretty decent price so I always like to look in this aisle and I really like this piece I'm not sure about the chipping on it that kind of scared me off but it's not that bad of a price but it's super pretty I spy with my little eye some more butterfly gold here it's weird that these pieces are kind of everywhere in the store today and that they're not all together but here's some hook cups and some bowls the bowls are always really hard to find my husband decided to share his cold to me so that's why I sound a little bit off on my voice here but hopefully you guys can understand me for the most part and are enjoying this how pretty are these mid-century plates here for the pink bamboo gorgeous I spied this oddly little piece of Corning ware here in the cornflower blue this is not the correct lid but I kind of dig it I like how it looks so yeah it definitely has me intrigued I like these little speckled green and yellow mugs or soup bowl here very cute kind of see my hesitation I was thinking about grabbing those now this book is kind of interesting here it has like a built-in thumb rest I've never seen that before kind of like it this is kind of foreign territory for me I'm always interested on this but I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to silverware so I always kind of glanced through it and try to find something but yeah I really need to do some research so when I find these things I know what to look for because I see the stuff all the time and I'm sure I'm missing out on some great stuff when it's straight-up silver I don't really understand it but this definitely screen vintage to me so I thought this was pretty neat my local Goodwill is like peppered with Christmas stuff still but I I haven't found it much for vintage at all it's very just kind of sort of new stuff maybe late 90s or so but this is kind of cute here but this amount of Christmas stuff I'm always determined to see if I can find at least one thing that I can take with me so you know quite a bit to ponder through here the Santa's pretty cute I don't think he's too old though and so we'll continue the search this football scene was actually pretty cute I didn't get him and I kind of wish I did this one I was about to give up my search I looked on the top shelf and I saw this bag and I was like what could that be pulled it down and it was these three adorable tumbling Santa's how awesome are these guys I really like this piece and I can tell you right now I didn't end up picking him up and I kind of regret this one too I really been trying to just stick with items I know I want to resell online and especially Christmas items I still have a lot of Christmas stuff that I can sell on my booth so I was trying to be more selective but yeah I regret not getting him it's so hard to find vintage Easter stuff for me and this is it this is all my goodwill has a very small selection of Easter items was this cute little bird dish here as well so that was kind of nice I found this creepy little Cupid maraca thing it was after Valentine's Day so I wasn't sure if it would really resell in the booth I thought I'd be just something like someone would pick up and laugh at it like I did here so I decided not to get it and just let other people enjoy it throughout the weeks while it's at Goodwill until someone decides they want it I found some more green glassware guys this stuff is literally everywhere I am about at max capacity now though every time I see Disney stuff I think of my friend Aaron over at gentle thrifty mama and if you guys aren't subscribed to her definitely go check out her channel she loves you thrifting as well this I'll always is the most people we're whelming for me there's just so much clear glassware and it's a lot to have to sift through the vintage stuff kinda can stand up but you really have to dig and I'm always nervous because I am clumsy and I don't really like to grab anything I was printed on a knock stuff over but I do find some cool stuff every once in a while this piece looks so elegant I absolutely loved how this just stood out amongst all the other things around it was just a really nice piece this kind of a fun little ice bucket here it's having a hard time putting the top back and if there's kind of a bit of a blemish issue I guess it kind of in the leather it's kind of a little nub there but it did go back on just kind of how to lip it underneath and other than that it seemed in pretty good overall condition so I found this kitschy little kitty here I thought he was pretty adorable I couldn't quite make out the stamp on his foot but I can see now it says Made in China so he's probably from the 80s maybe sometimes I pick up these nursery planners other times I'm just not in the mood but this one's kind of cute here with a teddy bear on it a little too dirty for me I just don't think I want to deal with it so you know the prices you know right I just didn't want to deal with cleaning it now when I first opened my antique booth I was always drawn to raggedy and stuff but also I own about and I almost always picked it up I would have definitely got this about a year ago but none of my raggedy ANNs stuff ever sells I think somebody was trying to hide these pink plates down here they're really pretty I'm thinking a worker might have wanted these and was like I'm gonna pick those up later after my shift or something and they put that on top of it but I don't know why I did not pick these up I'm kind of disappointing myself thanks so much for watching guys please let me know below if this is something you would be interested in seeing for me in the future it takes a little extra work but I don't mind doing it for you guys if you enjoy it and be sure to check out the haul video in my next video so you can see what I ended up picking up this time

45 thoughts on “Thrift With Me! | What's At Goodwill This Week? Let's Look For Some Vintage Decor and Kitchenware!

  • One time I found a clown music box. It was the only clown in my life that was sweet and beautiful. It was made by San Francisco Music Box Co. and it looked very well finished. The sad faced clown and the pretty lady he was dancing with were done in soft whites, lavenders. It played Bring in the Clowns. They twirled as they danced…right off the shelf in my booth.

  • Voiceover GENIUS! LOVE your videos like this!! Just found your channel and have been binging!! 😂❤️😍 Keep up the good work!

  • I love your Goodwill trips. I am fascinated with all that you know about various cookware, dishes, and glasses, not to mention all the curio shop figurines ! I wish we had a store like yours around. I would be there a lot !

  • I am a beader and am always on the lookout for thing that I can hang by beaded cord. I look for crystal bells that have a way to hang them by the handle. You think, I see them all the time, but they are fairly rare. Most bells are to be sat on a table. You passed up a nice bell with hole in handle that I spotted.

  • I would have called your soup and crackers dish a chip and dip dish. I like your idea better.
    Enjoyed your new way of doing your shopping show.

  • I've watched a few of your videos. There are several pieces that I wish you could pick up. I see pass by the Currie & Ives pcs. haha, kinda frustrating….I'm telling you to pick it up please. 😀

  • I really liked the cut glass candy dish with the pointy lid it was gorgeous. I've inherited some really ornate pieces and I love it.

  • The bigger clown that looks like he messed his pants is super creepy! I just love your Pyrex collection, I have 4 lovely pieces, I collect bowls.

  • I cant believe you past on the sequined santa box right after the 3 tumbling santas. If its still there get it and email me i will buy it from you. Thx .

  • our Salvation Army is really highly priced, and being a very small town, the pickers just clean the place out. Still I manage to get things every now and again (often I donate items of local interest to the Historical Society)

  • I started going to what we called second hand stores over 50 years ago. It was the only place my gramma could afford. Now those things are worth so much money

  • Just stumbled on your you tube and am wondering where you're location is?? Our thrift stores here in PA aren't that nicely stocked usually.

  • You can purchase silverware and sell it in bulk on your Etsy account as crafting supplies. People make like dragon fly yard art or wind chimes.

  • Have you heard of Goodwill Outlet? That’s my favorite place to go! My area really stepped it up and made the bins in the store very full and great compared to years past. At goodwill outlet you pay by the pound! Kitchenware is 30 cents per item!

  • Those are Correlle every day dishes the gold cups,bowls plates etc… Not any special find ,very common.

  • I love old ice buckets. I keep coffee filters in one an koolaid an Crystal light in the other one on my counter

  • This is my first time on your channel, do you usually show what you actually purchased? In your video it isn't clear whether or not you bought anything.

  • Of course my moms Mikasa dishes are at your Goodwill…they are the dark brown and saffron yellow bowls and coffee cups…

  • My local goodwill is the WORST. I used to find Pyrex left and right, now they started doing online auctions so they take all the good stuff.

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