Thrifting for VINTAGE at Goodwill // Goodwill WAS CRAZY! // Reselling For Profit

hey everybody I'm back it's the same day I just have some haul videos to do so we're just gonna get them done okay so this is my table as so for a combined on two to Goodwill's that we went to the first one we were kind of disappointed with because that's the really cool one that was in a surprise box video from my mom and they had like all the nice dishes and everything was like wow this is so nice that everything was wrapped in saran wrap and not tape so she took me to that one but that one kind of disappointed us both we were kind of sad so we went about I think it was like 15 minutes down the road and it was even though it was 15 minutes now we were in like a different town and this goodwill which is the last footage that I showed in my road trip sucked all um that could will I could have been in there forever like if I knew like my mom and my sister like weren't waiting for me I could have been in there so long like digging through everything cuz their shelves we're so unorganized and so just filled with stuff Wow like those put well I mean it wasn't organized but it's like a Pickers dream to have that much stuff to choose from unites things so I kind of put my good little shame that's just saying so this is combined so this video might take minutes so get yourself something to drink some hummus and crackers some all right so this is though I'm not even gonna bother saying like first or second goodwill because I probably do remember that might get annoying anyways we found this teapot my mom found this one little strawberry guys got himself a green lid he was 399 he's not like marked or anything like that but super cute right berries they love strawberries around here we got that then um for Thanksgiving I had given my mom there now vintage I think this oh wait I saw them I saw a broken one today at the thrift store what year did it say I forget these ones don't say on them oh this one since 2004 the one she has of these little salt and pepper shakers that I gave her were from before that these are exclusive from our grocery store Publix that's here in Florida um so this these pilgrims are from 2004 the one she had was before I want to say was like thanks to 98 but her lady pilgrim broke I think the cat broke it or something but anyways if that was a dollar ninety-nine but when I do find that set again not chipped or anything I'm gonna get it so she can replace them because you don't really find a lot of Thanksgiving decorations it's like a skipped over holiday you know so still in the package even though the package is kind of smushed in because these are like buried under stuff but a dollar ninety-nine for those guys okay I hope I don't like forget where I am because there is a lot of crap on the table I mean like good crap um you know I was super excited to find these and I wanted to dig for more but I knew you know my time was short um these are the wax cubes and they had them for 99 cents a little wax notes we got gold and amber no this one I kind of recognized but I don't it's coconut and something Oh get off I see the name the rule creamy Tahitian coconut this one and then this one's covered up too it almost smells like marshmallow Firestein from from Bath my dear it's almost but it almost smells minty all I can't see this one it's like minty and woods like a fire with but I can't see through the sticker but yeah that's the package so I was excited for those none of them are on sale I think this sticker at that one the sticker was blue the half off sticker all right so I did find me and my sister we're looking at like vintage I'm looking for vintage t-shirts and stuff and so we found some Looney Tunes tied I thought there is one more but maybe I am wrong but yeah different Looney tune sides like the Christmas ones like oh my gosh so cute right um they all had this kind of tag on the back and they're dated like this one the Christmas one is 1995 well the other one you could tell this one they cut it off you could see the thread right there where they they snipped a little bit of the tie cutting it off so the date is gone for that one unfortunately but it's another Christmas sorry with Daffy and this one is like everyday and it has like um was it you Sam and Sam your simony some stuff like that um Bugs Bunny and Taz oh and Marvin the Martian oh and seeding a solace yep that's everybody okay so this one is dated 1993 that was a long time ago guys and those were a dollar ninety-nine apiece so I'll probably put them together in one lot and I don't know I'll have to check if I wanted to either Etsy unless you guys want something you just tell me down below and we can just skip all that shenanigans huh it takes so long Melissa tough you know like take pictures and stuff clean everything this is a dollar ninety-nine it's not I don't think it has a signature brand or anything but like I said before I've done okay with little lights so it's a little merry all of the flower petals are there and I don't know what would've went in the back sends it to light I don't think it was a candle I don't know some of these older things like you could have things on the walk talked about this before there are there will they will especially be um like religious iconography like Jesus or Mary or whatever and it'll have the little spot on the front where you could pull holy water but I don't think that's it again because it's a light so you can use it for whatever you want to whatever you want to use it for it might get a little warm but I don't know what that what anybody would I was long sorry about that then I found this fitz and floyd japan and I decided was so cute there's two little kiddos watching the kitty well I think that's a cat and a mouse sleep on the sofa or the recliner they're just chilling and sleeping so fits employed I don't know we'll see about that hmm we'll see okay so I got those seen Cara didn't forget that I can't really hear you screaming but you can don't trip over my cord there you have to come this way step over don't I screaming enjoy doesn't plan call of duty and I hate I'm hitting like all these trick shots I'm running off the walls no scoping these kids with shotguns and then also I was running shock the shot killed one kid and then I turned around off the other one oh my gosh sounds violent I really hope you grow up to be a police officer or something just saying just throwing that out there um okay let's see oh this is also a show um they had and I think this was in the video too on this top shelf a lot of this like blue and white stuff but almost all of it was chipped this is the only thing that wasn't and it was $2.99 which is about well no that's not help them say they usually have like a Salvation Army and stuff like six bucks on butter dishes but it was $2.99 and I thought it was really cool it's not your typical blue and white pottery like you think Delft or something with like farm animals it's more like a pan-asian look to it so it's really cool how they get that one then this is $0.99 and some of their mugs oh my gosh what is this a strawberries and cream still in their collection light it's in my eyeball Sheffield's show ya Sheffield made in Japan and this one was nineteen times but some of their mugs man were like $2.99 I'm like for one like anyways not buying those unless they're like Starbucks or something great my mom found this guy this owl limb it's probably from Target or something like that I was $7.99 oh I gotta clean him up a little bit but I think he could do like maybe 25 or so he's really cool so and don't you know don't ever knock like hmm like target items and stuff because they get a lot of designers that go in there and they do a lot of not seasonal but like limited-edition things like the collections will only be out that time that year for that season and XY and Z so don't discount those because there's a lot of people that either like didn't get a piece to that collection and really like like Target products and things like that so just be mindful of that like look it up anyways so then my mom spotted these mugs that say Lord say Oh scenic Oregon I wish I lived in Oregon hmm so these were 99 cents for two because they were half off I want to be there in the mountains fishing a lake I would be magnet fishing though you know with my metal detector and my magnets and all right then my mom got this lamp she picked this one out and I thought this one was really cool because it straight-up looks like watercolor and watercolors my favorite medium to color with other than colored pencils so I thought that was really cool the base is wooden and someone probably painted it at one point but that's really cool if it doesn't sell I think it would look cool I know it has some Pink's in it but give your oh really loves fishing and stuff so it might look cool in his room I might appreciate it but it was $8.99 it does have like some like where to the brass up here but you could replace those so anyway it's got that okay okay I got all this stuff right in front of me um we have this really cool baby riding a dolphin look I love the hair on the baby it just reminds me of like like when they draw like Greek gods and stuff that's what that reminds me of like all the swirly hair like it's the wind blowing or the ocean or something I really like it so when the top is like a shell and this was half off as well so I got it for three dollars it has a tiny I felt it all right up here a tiny little chip the top it's so cute I was gonna say I I almost want to keep it and it wouldn't really go with anything but to be honest like none of my stuff goes with anything because I like a little bit of everything I have more of an eclectic style then like I don't stick to one particular thing if I like it it's mine that's just no getting around that one then I found these glasses which I thought were awesome I didn't find anything really about them but I have a set of two four six there were 99 cents apiece that's I think they're pretty darn cool all right I have a lot of stuff the table oh then the next is this like makeup case this vintage like a train case makeup face this and then on the inside it says celebrity Inc New York New York made in USA so it's got nice nice insides and then I it is black right not maybe black I think I'll have to roll it with a lint roller because it's a little dusty but that oh that was $3.99 right oh my gosh I might have to sit up oh oh wait these are the guys right in front of me my mom found these oh my back hurts like right on my spine in one spot for like days hopefully it's nothing bad um we got knees they're made in Japan have the little cork really cute these were a dollar ninety-nine then I got these for Gabriel you use Nikes they were $9.99 but they were half off so I got them for $4.99 whole step and then we got this giant bag of toppings for stamping if you guys do like like stamping your planners or anything like that and this is the kind of ink that won't bleed through to the other side also if you make cards and do anything like that you worried about winning but the whole bag is unopened talking so that's pretty awesome that was six bucks too bad it wasn't half off then we got this for $0.99 it's completely closed it's Noah's Ark made by bits and pieces 99 cents throw that up on eBay probably like a buy right now or something yes I got for me this okay so it keeps coming across my feed in like um I think on Facebook and even Instagram like TJ Maxx and Marshalls keeps coming up and they keep showing these like round purses but they're kind of colorful like the some of the weaving is like pinks and blues and stuff and I was like oh my gosh oh they're so freaking cute so we go to this first goodwill and I spotted this hanging up and while it's not like the colorful one the shape of it is what I really like it has some round purses right now they're not like this like liquorice straw thing they're like that fake leather and they have some florals and stuff but to me the florals are like more a more childish floral if that makes any sense um like but anyway this is by Lauren Conrad and it was 7 bucks so I'm gonna keep this one it'll be my Sofia purse oh right and then I have one more theme rabbit cause it's giant and it's in this big old band so she got this thin here like this thin this giant thing here let me take a piece out actually let me get my scissors it's like a bonus when you buy one of these bins because now you have another bin to tape stuff around in okay this was $7.99 and the whole bin has trying to grab a piece I don't know if you guys know like Universal Studios and stuff here in Florida but there's like a teapot made in Thailand so here's the little teapot for it it came with like a little like cup and saucer and on the inside it says something China where Thailand sample approve so I'm wondering if this was like the sample that was sent to them to get their approval no so that was in there and then it's really dusty salt and pepper shakers see like see that right there it's a sample approve but salt and pepper shakers and then oh my gosh it's so dusty look at the layer of dust on it but yeah the little thing is a camera and then I think this goes on it like that the last piece and that is this guy so I tried to look this up too and didn't really see anything I just saw like mugs that people were selling that was like a souvenir that they bought at Universal Studios whatever so that is everything you guys from our road trip that's to Goodwill's in one and you guys saw yesterday the video well it's today for me but yes it'll be yesterday for you guys for help ministries um that's not really cool like I hope mom you keep going back and checking because they have some good deals um at least for the coffee mugs go for the mug okay all right guys where's my little clicker my little clicker here um thank you so much for watching don't forget to go on over to my giveaway and enter for that super easy um like comment and subscribe share the video don't forget to hit the notification build so that you can get more videos like this one and I'll talk to you guys again oh my gosh I'm covered in dust really soon

14 thoughts on “Thrifting for VINTAGE at Goodwill // Goodwill WAS CRAZY! // Reselling For Profit

  • Gabriel is so cute. Your expression was great! Love the black glasses and your new purse is great! So many cool things! Don't know how I missed this video. Looking forward to the next 😆

  • I really love the lamp your mum found!! Very pretty! Good pt about the target items i didnt realise some were limited editions.

  • I live in Orlando, but work a pt job where you shopped. The Mt Dora Goodwill always has a ton and the prices can be a bit high. I have much better honey holes over there. Goodwill is my least favorite in that area. That area is full of older people so you will be in vintage heaven.

  • Your son is adorable! I have high hopes for him being a police officer, when he grows up. I always say, if you watch old Looney tunes and all the other old cartoons, they are pretty violent too. You can't win. Lol.

    Love the black cocktail glasses! So pretty!

  • Yay Publix. I worked for Publix for almost 13 years and my dad retired after 45 years. Love Publix. Miss it. Nothing like a bakery cake from Publix.

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