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stick some flowers in his blood my family calls it my superpower it's my ability to see value in things that other people might overlook sometimes they go picking with my boyfriend sometimes it's my best friend Sue and sometimes it's my kids but at the end of the day it's all about having fun and hopefully just maybe making a profit all right well Sue and I are at the community aid today I know you guys have been missing Sue our schedules just have not been able to really match up it's a veteran's basketball but today today we are thrift store shopping again yes among other things we're gonna be scouting around for a lampshade for our giveaway with but we also just want to see what we can find this time out absolutely hopefully it's some resale treasures so we can make a little profit so all right what's I didn't see what no later yes well the cow would be much more attractive without that price tag on his face is a trivet I think I like the kidney the most I think he's so cute he's going to my cards with my other kitties I've got this kitty and I've got this ha ha you seen the owl oh wait I want to see this oh you want to see that kidding oh my god that's Italian it's an Italian cat he speaks Italian what what do you suppose is he like a hassle hold me I think he's a Vaz of some sort I think we're in the way again so sorry this place is crowded today all right I am very unclear about what Medfield stick some flowers in his blood and you good he's just cute here you just can't leave him here he's just too cute to leave sorry oh yeah and he's just weird-looking you get points for being weird-looking I think is what happened there I got paper waiter jewelry you know I don't know he's weird he's got creepy eyes he's not like the cute kind of OWL he's like the creepy kind of owl and owls oh goodness gracious all right well sue just came over to me with a cart full of lampshades and I just thought just occurred to me why am I not filming this we're looking for a shade or our giveaway lamb yeah I'm pretty sure it's modern but that is a nice lamp it really is and this one shorter however ah Oh which means it's going to come down and lower you don't have heart considerations so if we like the colors and the shape mm-hmm that would be a good choice so that's it would contender this one it's a different shape than we have been looking for however it's a shape that tends to lend itself really well to Asian lamps it's true a little bit of a go to shape then wait we're not done yes look at the magic continues a gray so many shades drum shade that would take it in a very different direction very contemporary it's a Velveteen shade three dollars by the way I may end up picking up those shades there's a pair of them may end up picking up those regardless but with this diamond design this sort of cylindrical shape that's really gonna do well with mid-century style lamps I like it so now we're just decided what do we think I don't know without having the lamp here to decide it's kind of tricky you know what okay I'm gonna make it very easy for us okay of course you are I knew that's where you were going with that I think we will hang on to this regardless that's a good shade it's I think we could use it what oh my god you thought I was bad they thought I was bad you're worse than I am or letters of course alright oh you're worse than I am alright so I just found another piece on the Shelf that I'm kind of liking I'm not really sure I want to say it could be modern it could be one of those where you order flowers off line and they deliver them to your house in the space I'm gonna feel really stupid if it is but the weight of it is telling me that it could be something good I'm it's got a really good weight to it and as matter of fact I'm gonna drop somebody had already peeled the sticker off trying to see if there was something on the bottom was not me but I love this cut that it has in it and I love the shape also the color I mean we're going from Orange right up through green but with what looks like a cobalt blue on the inside very very interesting piece so I'm gonna take it for five bucks I've also got this milk heart here this vase I mean I like I like that one I like it stylistically yeah that is cool that looks like somebody just swirled honey all exactly I like this so I'm gonna I mean it's probably not worth a ton of money but I like it great oh yes I love this so I've picked out two vases they're both $5 so of course we've got the kitty in here we've got the bear the little owl the kitty who is marked Italy he turned out to be a about 60 bucks right here so that's gonna cover everything in my cart and this inlaid cutting tray watch somebody used for decoration which is understandable it's really pretty and those are all individual pieces of wood you can actually feel them when you run your finger across it so I think this is really all we're gonna grab Sue's got a cart full of lampshades whatever those things are what is that back there that looks like white horse mold you okay put it back there throw it back throw it back okay keep in mind the more lampshades we have the more project lamps we can do there you go oh goodness all right well my eye was caught those six dollar plates you mean you wouldn't eat your spaghetti off of those for six junk junk they are not today they are not worth the money someone originally paid for them and they are so-called collector plates you see this all the time cute kid she seems oh my god anybody who's read Harry Potter must remember Dolores Umbridge –is office well here look kittens yes yes this is what JK Rowling was making fun of kitten plates bolo puppy plates and they're all allegedly well this is ceramic art the Bradford exchange somebody probably paid at least 20 dollars for this plate when it was new because the manufacturer said oh by the snow it's collectible it's going to increase in value well no honey not read rolling people are just going to make fun of you for it yeah unfortunately there's not a whole lot of value here at the thrift store they're charging success which is insanely overpriced I mean if you're collecting them I think I feel like even for collectors that's Erlich right course it is and the truth is nobody's going to pay that meanwhile what was your little $60 kitten priced at my $60 tetanus eight eight dollars eight dollars for a $60 cat this adorable little baby as two dollars against six dollars for a collector's plate that is not worth the time it will oh we've missed you sue I'm session alright the beautiful little kitten plates and I'm sure somebody's going to be very very happy you know what to get you for your birthday no no no no you always get any great birthday presents all right so I think we're actually gonna get out of here we're gonna head over to the goodwill just like we do every time I come here because I think that's really all we've gotten everything we can here they're not restocking the shelves so I don't expect to make another trip around and find anything new but we're gonna head over to Goodwill see what we can find there we've had some pretty good luck there lately so fingers crossed let's head over there alright so they've got all their Easter stuff out and I'm gonna get those brothers is cute does it come with this tree it does not I have to buy a tree separately I think oh wait I don't know it says Easter tree with hand painted it does come with the Easter tree that's cute I love it yeah this is so here I was oh wait is this the surgery I feel like this is the Easter train that maybe goes with it should I buy you know about it because I feel like the Easter tree might have on you it maybe I should get one for each child anyway are they gonna fight over it why would they fight over it because they're my kids and it's theirs together yes and they can decorate it together makes you turn see when I love the community aid we must got hit by some really crappy driver but we are now at the goodwill and what we got while we were community aid is before after this is Jocelyn's new purse as you can see it was well yeah I like to give my mileage out of out of things I don't honey you got everybody smile oh my god it looks like a freight train got it smart this really needs to go so this is the new one the new little Vera Bradley because she loves them so much so for those of you who haven't seen me in the videos for a couple of weeks and think that Jocelyn just kicked me to the curb because I buy her person that's exactly right that's right keep your friends around you buy you purses come exactly alright we're good let's see what we can find all right oh my gosh look at this monstrosity that has been painted with just white paint oh look at it oh my well yes look at this appear thing it's like a spaceship okay we've got a finial on top yeah and it's part of a shade that just disintegrated around it I love it all right well we just found a whole bag full of old Barbie's clothes and as you know sue just happens to be an expert on such things so she's currently looking through and look what she found we have some some interesting stuff now doesn't look like they've got any metallic clone clothing from the early 60s I even sigh recognized you know I mean I can tell you the manufacturers for a lot of this stuff it is absolutely worth it to me to grab this little bag for $4 and sort through it a lot of its going to have to be thrown away but is there four dollars worth of clone Barbie clothing absolutely and that's something to keep in mind it's not only the Mattel items all right what did you just find here look it's not only this is I mean it's wrinkled it's not only the Mattel items but it's the clone items that are very nice they have their own market and they have they have value so how much money do you think is in this bag just off the top of your head off the top of my head I'm going to say at least 30 or 40 dollars whoa probably more and just take a look at that that works yep this goes with those red slacks I pulled out these are clone items 30 $40 probably more I'm going to throw out the crocheted items they have no value but the rest of them you just have to sort of use your imagination and imagine it clean and pressed you know yep market for this $4 oh yeah no-brainer good spot Jocelyn oh right well I just spotted this for $5 now I don't think it's terribly old on the marketing makes me think that it's relatively modern but it is a cup size like cups half cup quarter cup and all yeah measure it that's one of that sort of look you know I think any more Starbucks measuring cups and teaspoons and yeah it's everything in there I love it I might just toss the ones I have at home and use those or I might sell them I haven't decided yet all have decided by the time I list them or don't list them all right so if you guys remember in my last video I bought that pumpkin and I just found some owls to go with it now unlike the pumpkin I'll probably end up selling the Owls this little guy's missing his eyeball but I think maybe I could find something to replace that with I don't know I love them they're ten dollars which is probably a little bit more than I would like to pay but are those my Barbie clothes no they're not I just got distracted easily and they add the lights will actually work on like the pumpkin that I bought last week so a second oh it's not gonna jump out don't stay there owls I will guard it okay good we make sure they don't resolve out of the cart cuz they can't fly yet they're just babies all right let's keep going I can show you see those boots they're gonna fit in that box now you're obsessed with box is obsessed with boxes because what it is something attractive and high get away so nobody sees it you had to keep it how do I keep a handle on my hoard take notes from this woman she knows what she's talking about we'd be able to keep so much more stuff if you would just buy into the whole box thing garbage don't garbage garbage garbage the thing is you know what it's lunch because you don't have those little tiny size to either once you get past a certain size and your shoes binding boxes for them is quite a little trick there are some music all right so you guys know now I'm like crazy about looking at the blank so I decided to venture into the blanket aisle and kind of check out the blankets I found this now Sue and I were kind of debating whether this is a blanket or not if this might not be a little throw I am having the same it's got a very heavy weight yeah and it doesn't matter voila the bedroom floor space covered I like it 650 650 tada yes and it's so colorful that's what I like about it so um this is cute too Oh see that you maybe get it off there so I'm gonna come off it's kind of cute that is for two dollars and fifty cents oh yeah is it two dollars and 50 cents worth of cute it's definitely two dollars and thirty cents worth of cute all right then Oh behind you sue all right so I noticed a lot of my viewers have been sending me lamps now this lamp right here is probably 1930s or 40s we talked about a little bit in my last video when you see lamps like this you see the gold you see the shape with the handles it's kind of like an urn style walk away from it they only sell between 25 to 35 dollars 35 being optimistic they're not worth a lot of money and when you factor in the hassle of shipping them you're going to get yourself into trouble so sue and I were talking about the satellite oh my I found one they're just there's not a whole lot of value there it's not a style that's popular right now and they don't sell for very much so I see you guys buying these for like a couple of bucks there either's to factor in the shipping and the cost of all the supplies you need to ship them and I mean characteristic wise it has the handles here it has the transferware flowers on it it's got the gold shiny and it just tracks people because they think oh it's old it must be worth money and I got news exactly my dog has gone to the bathroom in my yard [Laughter] problem with this is some Styles that came out of the 30s and 40s are highly collectible mid-century modern out of like the 40s and 50s Art Deco Art Nouveau out of the 30s this is not it's not it even in the 30s and 40s it was pretending to be something it wasn't yes and that's why things like this don't hold out yeah however let's turn around take a look at this sort of thing even though what's new even though it's plastic it's probably worth the $4 they're asking I mean this is a style that came out of the mid-century I mean with with the tulip seeds and though why do you think this is interesting no it's not but this is a style that came out and it's still popular today because you see it in the stores and people are going to want something like that simply because it's the right style that you don't see stuff like this in the stores today because it's just not right and that's the end of our rant I'm so glad you came up with an example of that all right all right so sue anybody just left the goodwill we ended up with a few goodies oh I got the measuring cups I got the pirate ship for drew if he wants it it's not going on Etsy um a couple good things I gotta say yeah we got some stuff to talk about but if you enjoyed the video make sure you stick around because tomorrow I'll be posting my haul video or I talked a little bit about what we got what we paid for and how much it's worth so and we actually really made out today by stuffing our lampshade hoard completely full yes as we were putting together the giveaway lamp we realized we're light on lampshade and for the crazy lamp lady that's just it's unacceptable so make sure you stay tuned for the lamp rewiring and restoration and take a look at the shade we got that one came from Ali's yes sort of the goodwill for ten bucks yeah what a bargain absolutely you will catch you guys next yeah later I see yeah our mission for a lamp shade today was a success yes this is a $10 special from always do – hey buddy I said of trust oh yeah oh she can pet you I was Donati cat are you hunting for boards I know you are yeah I like this I think for birds yes you can scratch me all day long auntie Jocelyn loves you don't forget to Like and subscribe and if you spot it's something that you just can't live without don't worry I've put a link to her Etsy store down in the description

21 thoughts on “Thrifting for Vintage Goodwill Bargains & Treasures | Buying & Reselling

  • Young lady I am hooked. I came across your channel and instantaneously was hooked. Ive been doing this for 30+ years and I love to see generations below mine feeling the love for thrift store JEWELS. for resale or as i call it REHOMING. love love love it keep it up. Willl catch up on all your videos.

  • I LOVE watching you girls I cannot stop.. lol.. I love doing this myself but my best friend(like Sue) passed away not long ago. I don't ike going alone. No fun.You two make my day, I'm hooked lamps myself, love vintage hurricanes and floor esp. (ON lamps)

  • Hi Sue! I have been watching you and Jocelyn on this channel for a long time. However, when I was watching on my TV I could not leave any comments. Now that I have been binge watching episodes on my laptop. I am watching this one for the 2nd time. I LOVED playiing Barbies with my best friend and neighbour, Linda. (She is still one of my best friends today, so that is around 50 yrs) Back in the 60s and early 70s our Moms got together and made us a bunch of Barbie clothes. My Mom knitted and crocheted, and Linda's Mom sewed, between them they made us a ton of beautiful clothes and accessories. I realize that as a serious collector you want specific clothes for different dolls. I am the 9th of 10 children and my Mom always made occasions so special (no matter how scarce money was at the time). Now that you know all that, hopefully you will understand where this is coming from. As I watched this video and saw you rummaging through that bag of Barbie clothes and heard you say you were going to throw away the crocheted items, I held back a little gasp that had formed in my throat. I understand the homemade items are of no value to you, but what about washing them up and re-donating them. Better yet, Juliette was thrilled to sell that fish for sick kids, how about helping her and Jocelyn start a new charity. Juliette can search the thrift stores (Mom is always there anyways…LOL) she could ask Mommy to buy her Barbie knock offs etc. and they could be washed and cleaned up. It would be another way for the 3 of you to bond even more. When they are all cleaned up, and you dress them in clean clothes put them in a zippy bag and add another outfit or two for the girls to change the Barbies into. You may also find little accessories or furniture etc. along the way you could add as well. I know you and Jocelyn are both crazy busy so why not ask Jocelyns Dad, the baptist minister to announce it at his church I am sure there must be at least a couple of people who are bored (or disabled etc., like me) and would love to get involved in a project like this. If they do not sew or knit or crochet etc. maybe they could handwash Barbies and clothes, iron clothes etc. Maybe there might even be some woodworkers who could make some furniture and more. Maybe Jocelyn could even go with Juliette to the toy section and buy them some lamps….LOL or little plastic kittens, puppies and more….. Now that you have maybe 12 to 20 zippy bags of Barbies and accessories ready, drop them off at your local children's hospital for them to give out to the patients. The girls can play with them in the hospital to keep their spirits up and when they take them home it will be a GOOD memory from their hospital stay. New motto for you……Buy- Wash-Give Away- Repeat! Note: If your local hospitals will not take them because they are used, there are many other children's charities (Like Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids, children in shelters, children in care who are waiting for foster familes etc .)

  • Try soaking the clothes and stained fabrics in RetroWash. It's specifically made to get stains out of vintage fabrics! (I work in vintage resale and not for RetroWash)

  • Hey ladies love your channel.I wanted to mention to Sue that the hooks right under the handle of the shopping cart can hold your purse so your hands free when cart is full! A hack that I recently discovered.

  • Was the cat vase thingy really a toilet brush holder? My creepy cat lady client had one just like it. LOL

  • My grandparent's had an antique store for over 40 yrs. When, they were no longer able to pick, they started carrying new collectibles. When, they closed, we were left with over 2000 collectible plates. We couldn't get $5 ea at garage sales. So much inventory that was just trash. Additionally, we had hummels and precious moments for miles. lol I learned the lesson they left behind for sure!

  • Can you and Sue come to Oregon and help me thrift? I'll buy us lunch. I would love to spend a whole entire day shopping with both of you

  • Sue reminds me of of a museum curator. How did you two become friends. You are so different from each other. The Odd Couple.

  • I love Vera bags. I don't wear jewelry because I work with animals…so I use the gorgeous prints to accessories with.

  • I found you on Facebook and now I’m obsessed with your channel! You are my spirit animal! I love thrifting!!!! Keep making these videos! ❤️

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