"Through Meditation – Learn Contentment" – The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita with Swami Kriyananda

Oh bastard a liar animal bhagavati Vasudevan my bow to the Lord Vasudeva hello everybody I'm going to go on reading from the the first chapter of the gita in stanza or shloka 19 I think that Veda Vyasa must have had a lot of fun writing this book that mighty tumult reverberating through heaven and earth that it's sort of a fun images so noise coming actually it's a subtle sounds it's not a tumult at all but he's having a lot of fun let's just take it that way that mighty tumult reverberating through heaven and earth penetrating the devotees astral and physical bodies in other words pierced the hearts of data doctor's son and thereby shook their the the faith of the devotee and the attractiveness of material enjoyment well what happens actually in meditation is that you begin to feel more and more contentment in yourself I think I told you the story of that man I met who was alcoholic and he took Korea initiation initiation to Kriya yoga and Friends of his mocked at him saying well you you can't stay away from drink for a few minutes what are you doing taking such a lofty spiritual teaching and he said I can't help my drinking but at least I can help myself and so he took this initiation and he practices Korea with his Korea beads in one hand that his glass of whiskey and the other and after practicing it some time he said I don't need this anymore and he gave up the whiskey never went back to it and he talked to me how he was hearing the ohm underneath all machinery worked in a factory and underneath that machinery heard this song of all the time this is the thing that makes this the attractions of this world very unattractive when you have a sense of comparison and when you can feel that inner joy in the beginning when you're not feeling any results it's harder you have to go by faith you have to go by that negative aspect of dispassion that this isn't working let me try this other but in time as you go along you begin to realize that everything I'm looking for is right here and you feel so much joy inside yourself that other amusement systems of museum anymore people were urge you to come with them to a nightclub you just don't want to what's the point they urge you to come to parties and you you may out of politeness share with them but more likely you're you're going to think in terms of how can I get home you don't want all that noise and tumult anymore so when Veda Vyasa and the Gita speaks of the tumult the good side is creating this really not quite the right word but it's fun I don't know what it is in Sanskrit but it's fun anyway it's if not tumult much much more attractive and then we'll be holding this clan of little Astra the Kauravas arrayed before him in battle Pandava who is to say our Jenna whose flag bore the monkey Elm emblem this symbol of restlessness when raised by the strength that by strengthening the straightening the spine indicates control over the overactive mind took up his bow symbol of correct meditation posture the body erect the bowstring indicative of a straight spine and addressed fish acacia now mind you I'm putting a lot of words in here parenthetically to explain what is meant he bore the whose flag bore the monkey emblem and I then I wrote this symbol at restlessness when raised indicates control there's another little thing that I want to extrapolate there and that is that this raising of the flag also indicates a very strange practice in yoga which is called khechari mudra khechari mudra means raising the tongue but you you put it behind the you the soft palate so that the tip of the tongue touches certain nerves in the passages behind the nose and this creates a certain short-circuit that brings you into a meditative state and it's a very helpful practice to to do but don't cut the uvula I mean the freedom underneath the tongue don't cut that because that would be a dangerous thing that one person was doing and he began to feel the sensation in his tongue going numb don't do it but by gradual stretching you can when you can bring that energy so the tip of the tongue and the these nerves and behind the nose are conjoined you're having the spiritual sexual union where this union brings you up into the bliss of the Spirit these are esoteric things there are many esoteric things which the churches will scoff at but sort of on the sly why not try it because you'll find that there's a lot of fun waiting for you if you can get out of the churches and get into the real church of your own body your body is your temple and you can go up the aisle of your spine to the altar of bliss at the point between the eyebrows and see there the candles burning of everlasting light and love so you have a world within you jesus said the kingdom of God is within you I'm not teaching you anything that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ but I'm not teaching anything contrary to the teachings of any true master because the fact is that when you have achieved God then you go beyond religion it doesn't matter whether you're a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu or a Buddhist it doesn't matter these are outward words there's only one religion in the entire you rivers and that is in the article tonight on the ARMA which they call the name of their Hindu religion but it's really the religion that would have to be the religion of the most on the planets of the most distant galaxies in our universe because what it means is that everything has come from God and everything must merge back eventually into God so when our general raises his flag he was really talking about the tongue and he raises his bow in order to be straight remember there's also another bow here the the eyebrows and the arrows that you sheets shoot through your eyebrows are the arrows of your concentration your divine super consciousness you want to shoot through that spiritual eye that's it's like a target you want to shoot for the bullet of the bullseye in the center which is this the five pointed star in the center and concentrate on that and finally you'll come out of the body out of body consciousness into the consciousness of the spirit so Arjuna said in verses 21 to 23 o changeless Krishna I respectfully ask thee to guide my chariot between the two armies then I may see them opposed in full battle array there to observe the Warriors with whom I am to contend let me study those warriors who willingly support dataries son Duryodhana and here begins the whole story of the bhagavad-gita so we'll leave it for now and in my next talk I'll go into the subject of the essence of the bhagavad-gita what it's all about joy to you you

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  • Swami Kriyananda as well as Swami Paramahansa Yogananda need to acquire much more experience in life in the way of Spiritual Enlightenment and permanently leave behind all of this Humanism that they are so caught up in ! In a book titled "Out of the Labyrinth" authored by Swami Kriyananda a great emphasis is placed upon human adoration and Swami Kriyananda exposes himself as someone who has abandoned almost all spirituality ! In the book Swami Kriyananda asks the question … "What is Man ?" and does not at all address "What is our Immortal Soul ?" Swami Kriyananda very much needs to WAKE UP ! Real Spirituality is not found in Human Beings ! Swami Kriyananda says that with Human Expanding Awareness one obtains Clarity, Perspective and Breadth of Vision which discerns the path to real Spiritual Progress ! What a bunch of crock ! All down through history their has never been a Human Being that has been able to know God ! It is only through ones Immortal Soul that anyone has ever been able to obtain knowledge of the real God of all Creation ! Also within this book Swami Kriyananda says that this Physical Universe is a Dream in the Divine Absolute Consciousness ! That cannot possibly be since it is only common sense that a Divine Absolute Consciousness can only Dream a Spiritual Dream and that sort of Dream obviously can only exist in Heaven ! The Physical Universe is not Spiritual ! Also within this very same book Swami Kriyananda backs up the idea that Human Evolution brings one to Absolute God-Consciousness in an impersonal God by the name of "Brahm" as well as the Son of God as an personal manifestation of that God in the personality of Bhagavan Krishna ! Gee Mr. Swami Kriyananda the Creator of the the Three Worlds (Heavens) of lower creation which includes the Earth is not God and as such the personal manifestation of that so called God by the name of Bhagavan Krishna cannot be the Son of God ! According to Swami Kriyananda and the Hinduism of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda everything in lower creation is sacred (Spiritual) and that through our outer Human self we can attain to our real self ! What extreme hogwash ! Since nothing in the Three Worlds (Heavens) of lower creation which includes the Earth is Spiritual it only stands to reason that through our outer Human self we can not attain to our real self ! Also since the self of "Brahm" is not our real self and that instead our real self as an Immortal Soul is our real true self no Human Being has ever, nor will ever come to know the true self ! Only ones Immortal Soul by itself can come to know ones true self ! Swami Kriyananda has concluded that their is a simularity between the Christian Bible and the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu Bible) and that the Christian Bible came from the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu Bible) ! The real fact is that the contents of the Christian Bible is far superior to the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu Bible) especially because within the contents of the Christian Bible their exists the knowledge of the Four Higher Heavens above the Three Heavens (Worlds) of lower creation taught in Hinduism for a total of Seven Heavens ! Also within the Christian Bible it describes the God of Christianity known as YHVH as that which means that which was, that which is, that which will be designating that which is Eternal ! It is well known that the God of Hinduism called "Brahm" will someday go out of existence ! It is time for both Swami Paramahansa Yogananda as well as Swami Kriyananda to start setting their sights upon the Four Higher Heavens ! Best Wishes — Joseph Stefurak

  • Beautiful, thank you, and such a lovely image in the background. I meditate often to restore myself from the demands of the world. I'm also interested in the physiology of meditation as it slows down body activity (and energy consumption) until there is abundant energy for countenancing everything you want to, without fear or dismay or resentment. It overflows beautifully also into the lives of others who need similar relief. Peace to all… Bruce Thomson, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

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