Thugs in Thailand | Making of Thugs Of Hindostan | Chapter 6 | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan

When we were thinking
of Khudabaksh’s hideout… …where these people stay and
away from the gaze of the British. I started looking for caves… …because that seemed to be the natural
thing where you would go and hide… …and we found it in Thailand. I couldn’t understand
Victor’s philosophy… …of wanting to go to Thailand
to shoot this sequence. But he said we found a wonderful
location and I want to explore that… I must admit that when I went there
and saw the location… …it was absolutely awe-inspiring. When I walked in there for the
first time I was like, taken aback. It’s this massive cave
with this huge ceiling. There’s this river flowing
through the cave. It’s a really fantastical location. When I entered I was like okay,
this feels like a real hideout. It’s a massive cave. It’s like 15 or 16 or almost
20-30 storeys high… …and it was difficult to imagine
how nature was able to create this. It’s one thing to say that
the location is great, it’s natural. There are all these elements but
how do you light it up? How do you make this place into a set? One of the things that worried
me about the location was that… …there were a lot of bats
in the location… …and because of the bats
it had a lot of snakes also. While we were shooting actually,
there were 2-3 occasions… …when we had visitors
without a pass on our location. Large, huge snakes that would
suddenly appear out of the rocks. Did you see? Oh, yes! You’re reacting as though
you’ve actually been bitten. Move out! Move out! And many a times there were pranks… …that everyone was playing
by throwing rubber snakes I think because everyone
had seen so many real snakes… …nobody was getting that scared. That place, where we wanted to put
our set of the hideout village… …was from the car like
from wherever the base… …it’s a good 35 minute trek by walk. I had a lot of problems
for that final walk. It had a climb, it was mountainous,
i have breathing problems so… I tried couple of times
but it was not happening… …so they very generously
made a palki for me… …and I was lifted and taken to
the location, looking very regal. Because I am from Rajasthan
I was always wanting to do this… I used to be very jealous of queens
and princesses… …who used to sit in palkis. When I got the opportunity
to sit in it, I couldn’t forget it. I think the most fun
was definitely Thailand. It was very hectic but
there was much fun on set. Everyone was just sitting there,
there were talks… …we learnt a lot of new
things about our team… …that we didn’t
in the earlier 4-5 months. So we had a lot of fun
in Thailand. Poda Island was a beautiful
place again. I think Victor and Namita have
chosen really wonderful locations… …for us to shoot in. It was a boat ride to get there,
pretty choppy and fast boat ride… …but once you got there
it was like this isolated beach… …you know and it had a lovely
cave also, nice rock formations. So really beautiful places
that we’ve shot for. Thank you for a very good,
very successful shoot! Thai crew thank you very much. Good job. Fantastic.

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