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everybody captain Murphy here we're going to go over the I'd say current build but it's actually not the absolute occurrence the current release that we've got out right now of tides of war it is a last one that I made in about mid-december probably around the sixteenth seventeenth around there last time I put out and I'm going to go ahead and play a kind of a quick battle just to show some of the changes maybe highlight some of the mechanics changes things like that let me go ahead and click play we're going to create a new server I was in registered a lot to be opened if occasionally get someone that happens to join what we're playing around here so there's been a lot of changes since the last couple of videos have been really holding off on doing the videos just because it's a lot more development work has been going into it let me go ahead and mmm absolutely around noon the first major change that we've got a new sky system the same system but it's been heavily revamped got volumetric clouds and a lot more clean horizons things like that looks really good let me go ahead and crank up the wind speed that way we can get everyone moving quicker we've discussed this up high we're going to bring the age up that way the waves are a little less sharp okay nope rotation all right so I'm going to create a bunch of English and I'll make Spanish they're already beating the crap out of each other we had another couple English one more Spain I'll jump in as a ship alright so one of the first things that pretty nose full since the last videos that I've done is that we're running the Brignole now instead of the little catch and this is actually our very very very low detail model this is the one that we sell on the asset store it's running about ninety five hundred tries not exactly the most detailed model in the world we were running of the test to see exactly how low we really can go and kind of get away with it we're really obviously this is this is a test to see what we could do but the model works out quite well it is extremely fast so we're not having to worry about performance at all with the low detail model in here and it was kind of fun to play around with plus it gives you a whole lot more guns so if you'll notice on this versus the catch we've got 10 on each board we've got to bow to stern and every gun on this is a 6 pounder whereas on the catch you had a set of six pounders on just the bow and on both sides were forced because of the size of the catch it was a little more difficult to hit each other whereas now with these larger Briggs you get a lot more hit on target so the other thing that kind of increases the number of hits on target is that the AI rush into the AI there's actually a formula being used to determine the direction the ball traveled when it's fired and what we've done is we've got a kind of a calculation that gets done that determines the ship's angle and the angle that the a I really wanted to fire it at so this bar over here on the side where you determine your angle of the gun is actually your desired final angle not just the angle of the guns now so your AI will essentially try to get the guns to fire at the correct angle now which means you have a lot more accurate shot so if you take a shot at an enemy it will more accurately follow that correct angle now instead of kind of going wild okay well looks like we've got a whole bunch of English ships are already pretty much toasted whew that was pretty close hit there let me go ahead and hit this guy a little high but not too bad you can see by the on deck view these are very low poly items these are kind of a hits all a test we were just kind of playing around to see what we could get away with but we wanted to get a bridge into here before too long all right so another thing you can see on here is we've got some damage that will display I'm actually trying to get this guy to hit me so I can start displaying some damage here let me go ahead and spawn in a few more English there we go now we got some English going now I should start taking some damage a lot faster so with the the damage system we are now displaying approximately where the ball hit so just right there by raking the stern on that English ship you can see that we actually have actual bald damaged decal displaying on the texture the neat thing about this is that each one is individualized so that when the ships are drawn in they're actually painted they're not just rendering a premade texture so they they can pick certain pieces of the texture and then they can paint them and what that allows us to do is in the later build to allow players to actually paint their ships so they'll be able to pick that they want you know this section here to be some color within their basic nations possible color groups and they'll be able to add in some you know fancier edges to the stern galleries able to modify sail but there's a lot of things we're going to be allowing people to make changes to here you can see that the damage being applied to that Spanish ship there someone is there you see how that decal gets drawn though they actually get drawn based on the damage that gets applied so if you notice that some of these are holes and some of those are just like dents the denser ones that were armored hits only the ones that are holes are actually penetrations so they actually went through and actually caused Hall damage so and because the hole damage actually gets applied based on penetration energy and things like that so I'm saying series like a massive broadside right there so we also increased some of the damage amount I'm good or Oh so we reach the damage amount and you'll take a lot more damage in the time and again it also is very much increased because the ship are able to adjust their fire elevation get more accurate shots in oh wow they really just warming up anyway that's just the kind of a quick overview I really don't want to get into every single thing that's changed because a lot of stuff has changed in the back end and kind of hard to name off all the multitudes of things that have changed since the last major video went out so anyway hop on jump into a game the multiplayer is actually functioning again it had been goofy for a while and we weren't quite sure why it has to be something with the unity system was causing problems but that's all worked out now and we've got multiplayer working again we've increased the options quite a bit so when you're looking at the options we've increased this quite a bit so you can now really tailor the system to match your your computer's performance and you can even make it kind of look like a different style of game like you can increase you have different color Corrections you can increase it can decrease exposure being really kind of play around well it doesn't make any major difference of the gameplay but it does allow you to tweak the game to look like you know you want it to look now and you can also get to the ocean performance and adjust how the ocean works which is a major boost to performance that we've noticed otherwise if just having the small changes that we had allowed was just a was not enough that was an issue in the past so now you can really tweak the settings though so anyway hope you guys enjoyed it and hop on grab a copy of the zero point three from each i/o and I hope that you guys out in the field

7 thoughts on “Tides of War – December Build

  • Is this game still being developed? The last time a post on the page happened was summer of 2017. How is nobody talking about this game, it looks great!

  • Brilliant.

    I'm so tired of playing Empire and Napoleon total war and modded akela games.

    I think I'm not alone in saying that I want this game to happen. Would even donate on kickstarter.

  • wow. I love all of your stuff keep up the awesome work in doing the games, also I have volunteered in making ship for the potc new horizons and was wondering I have the blender graphic design program and is it possible to insert photos of the ship to create a model of it?

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