Tiger Top 5’s, Molinari breaks through & the baby putting grip

These fan reactions to Tiger’s chip-in get
me pumped every time! Tiger Woods on the front page of the leaderboard? Sounds like great weekend to me! There were times, though, at the Quicken Loans
National, when we saw ourselves in him — but come on, it’s Tiger Woods y’all… We all know what it’s like for a putt to
take us to our knees… But usually we don’t get to follow it up
with a fist pump! ANNC: There we go. ANNC: There is the golf ball of Tiger Woods. Yep, we’ve all been here too… ANNC: The green here would be really good. But usually don’t make birdie… ANNC: I would rate that 10 out of 10. “Nice work, Tig!” This is much more relatable… ANNC: Would you look at that. When have you ever seen that happen? Yup that’s his ball right there folks. And how’s this for Good?! For his long, overdue maiden PGA TOUR victory
– Francesco Molinari drained a 49-foot eagle putt to put him ahead by 5! Someone needs to tell Patrick Rodgers this
is not a par 3. Twice this week, the dude almost aced the
par 4, 14th! ANNC: Oh nice soft bounce. What a shot. That’s how you do it right there. Just fly the 3 wood about 275. Nice soft bounce and you’re going to have that for eagle. Hey! I think that dog stole Rodgers’ sunglasses! Rickie Fowler is definitely the second coolest
in this picture. Now here’s an unusual putting grip… David Lingmerth shows there’s no excuses,
you can get golf and family time in at the same time! Now that’s adorable… How do you get your kiddos involved in the game? Comment below or send me your videos on social
media — and join the conversation this week at the Greenbrier Classic. PGA TOUR LIVE is on all week long, including
special bonus coverage on Saturday and Sunday at 8:30am ET on Facebook Watch! Have a great week and I’ll see you there!

3 thoughts on “Tiger Top 5’s, Molinari breaks through & the baby putting grip

  • 👍 thumbs up anything tiger woods, even when he was banging hookers I still never lowered my opinion of him he is the greatest in my eyes.

  • Francesco Molinari has one of the most dominant performances on tour in recent memory, in the zone for 4 rounds like golfers rarely are, and the first minute of your video is about Tiger Woods. That's a joke.

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