Tim McGraw and Chase Team Up to Support Our Troops – Strengthening Communities – Chase

I really appreciate all you’re doing, though,
this is just amazing. I’m kinda glad to get back to the, to the country side — it’s
gonna be so good, I can’t wait. Thank you so much.
You know what, the main thing you need, you deserve — now you got security for your
family. We have a place to go.
You got a place to go. Good to be here.
You, too, man. Not only was I gonna lose the military, but
I was gonna lose my family, and what this program has given me is an opportunity to
set my foundation. It’s something we look forward to, to raise our kids. I can’t say
anything else but thank you. I am retired army staff sergeant. I have been
trying to get back to the Chicago area since I was retired in ’08. My only son lives
closeby and I have an eighteen-month old granddaughter that lives closeby. Luckily, I’m gonna get
it. Since we’ve been in the house, it’s been
a joy. Finally we fit into a house and have a safe house for us to live in. And we’ll
bring these two twins into this house with our three little girls at home, so we’ll
finally have a house that’ll fit us all. We’ll be close to family and everything,
so it’s great. We definitely have a lot of plans on moving
in. Our children are already decided, like where they’re gonna sleep and everything.
What color’s their room gonna be? What color’s, yeah, their room’s gonna
be. Very exciting and — lot of, just surreal, how amazing it is to get such a gift.

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