Tiny House Monthly Cost. Is Living Small Really Cheaper?

Good evening and welcome to the tiny house Halloween special Today we will be discussing something very, very… I don’t know what accent I’m doing. This week I’m going to discuss the costs of living in a tiny house. I’m gonna try to do this whole video with this pumpkin on my head. What do you – what do you think? You think it’ll work? So this video is about what it costs to live in a tiny house per month. Oh my god, that didn’t last long! So, so many people ask me how I’m able to travel the world. This year I visited Taiwan Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, and I’m going to Colombia in two weeks So how am I able to pay for all this travel and support myself with only a part-time job as a blogger? Well the big reason is I live in a tiny house. I have very little expenses I’m gonna tell you my monthly expenses And you can decide Whether the lifestyle is right for you. So first of all, I have no mortgage payment. Boom, right off the bat That’s how I save a lot of money. If you want to know what my tiny house costs to build and what the most Expensive things are inside of my tiny house you should watch “My Cost of Building a Tiny House” video. Parking is gonna be different for everybody. Some people have a piece of property that they park on, or they park in somebody’s backyard and they pay them rent. Or if you’re traveling around with your tiny house you might be paying a campground fee. So the RV Resort that I’m parked at is called Mount Hood Village. They have an area just for tiny houses, so that’s the tiny house village and for my parking spot, which I think is a pretty cool parking spot, It would cost about 400 to 500 dollars a month. Actually Secret here: I have a sweet deal with a company, I do a little bit of a work exchange, and I’m able to actually live here without paying rent. So expenses wise, zero again for my parking spot. Parking is probably the biggest question mark about how much it’s gonna cost to live month a month in a tiny house. I think that about 450 to 500, 600 is average for a monthly Charge for a space in an RV park. You can find cheaper. I’ve seen RV parks only charging $200 a month. Now they’re in very rural areas. You might be back to back with other RVs. So you kind of get what you pay for there. I’ve actually seen parking spots go for up to $1,000 a month in RV parks, which is just crazy. I would never pay that, but some people really want that awesome spot that’s right next to the mountain with epic views, and you get a lot of space, you get all the amenities. I Get it. I just can’t afford it, and that’s not why I went tiny. I did park in somebody’s backyard for about eight months. And it was a really nice spot. And I found them on Craigslist, and I was paying $500 a month for that backyard spot. Now it was walking distance to the gondola in Breckenridge, Colorado. So I was willing to pay a little bit more. I would probably not normally pay that much but really it varies depending on where you’re parked. So if you’re in Half Moon Bay in California you might be paying $500 a month. If you’re near New York City you might be paying more. I would try to find a situation where you can do a work exchange, sort of like what I have going on here. if you can do something that they feel that you’re a value that is equal to or more than what they normally charge then it’s a win-win for everybody involved. I do have insurance for my tiny house. I’ve gone through a couple different agencies, and I figured out what works for me. It covers a lot of things like wildfires, emergencies, if somebody hurts themselves while staying in my tiny house, because I do rent it out occasionally. So I do pay a little less than $900 a year for my tiny house insurance. I pay it all in one lump sum to save a little bit of money. So if you break it down per month, I’m spending just a little over $70 on tiny house insurance. So now let’s talk utilities. So one of the benefits of parking in an RV park is that you get a lot more amenities than you might if you’re parked in somebody’s backyard. You don’t have to be off-grid; you have the sewer there, you have the power, you have the electricity, you got cable if you want it. With my parking spot, water and trash is included, so I don’t have to worry about that. Electricity does charge. I don’t have to pay for it, because of the deal that I have with the company. But normally you would be paying electricity here as well. I can’t tell you how much a normal electrical bill would be. But I wouldn’t think it was much, at least not for my tiny house, because it was built to be off-grid. I have all LED lighting and a lot of propane appliances; my electrical bill I would assume would be very small. Because I have a propane stove, I have a propane water heater, every three months is how often I have to do a tank exchange for my 15 pound propane tank. It cost about $30 every three months, so that’s $10 a month. Sometimes though, I just go and get that propane tank filled instead of doing it in exchange. I sort of switch off Depending on what I feel like and how much time I want to spend. But if I just do a fill it cost me around $11. Propane fluctuates. So I save about $20 if I fill instead of doing exchange. But sometimes I like to get a new tank just peace of mind that I have a new tank every once in a while. So let’s say on average my gas bill per month is about seven dollars. I think that’s fair to say. Something that was important to me is Wi-Fi. I pay about $55 a month for Internet. Some people here do choose to also put cable television on their parking spot. There’s a couple other tiny houses here where that’s important to them, so they pay for that. I don’t know how much it costs, but probably what a regular cable television provider would charge. What else do I spend money on? It’s kinda hard to think, because I really don’t have that many expenses that are tiny house related anymore. My expenses are like regular people’s expenses, car, health insurance, things like that. So what we’re looking at for me personally, the expenses that I have here is my insurance, about $70, a little over a month, my internet, which is $55 a month, and my gas bill which is $7 a month. So that’s my home expenses for living in a tiny house. Now when I was traveling with my tiny house there were different expenses that I was experiencing. Because I had to pay for gas to tow this thing around, I was getting about eight miles per gallon. I was spending about $700 a month just on gas. I also was paying about $300 a month in campground fees, because I was staying overnight in different locations. I was also parking in locations that didn’t charge me to camp so like BLM campgrounds, Walmart parking lots, people’s driveways. But I had to have the capability to be off-grid, so I had my own solar generator, and I had a lot of things going on in here that allowed me– like a water tank– allowed me to park off-grid in those locations. So traveling around was already a lot more expensive than staying put. Makes sense. I also had my truck payment, and I had truck insurance. So those costs a significant amount of money. I also needed Internet while I was on the road, so I had to up my cell phone plan to be able to do a high-speed Wi-Fi that I could tether to my computer. I was paying for a 30 gig plan through Verizon at the time. I didn’t have their unlimited option like they have now. And it was costing me about $130 a month for that plan, and I was blowing through it every month. 30 gigs was not enough, and I wasn’t even watching Netflix. It was just me doing my internet things, uploading videos for you guys. Maintenance- wise, yes, I have spent some money on the tiny house. Every year I have to winterize, some things have broke over the years, I’ve had to replace a couple hoses, a couple sewer lines. I have had to replace the tires, all four tires have been replaced, but that is because I traveled 25,000 miles with this tiny house, so that more pertains to the traveling aspect of tiny house living. So really if you park your tiny house in one location assuming that your parking isn’t really expensive, you can live a very affordable lifestyle. And that is how I’m able to travel for 3 months out of the year. I also travel very budget-friendly. I must say I’m not staying in resorts. I’m staying in hostels. I’m camping. I’m backpacking I’m doing AirBnb, and I’m finding affordable flights. I’m really being economical about my travels as well, which allows me to travel more frequently and for longer periods of time. Everybody’s always asking what do you do with your dog when you travel? I have friends that watch her or I have a trusted pet sitter that I pay to watch her. And she has, basically, her own little vacation when I’m gone for 3 or 4 weeks at a time. It’s actually harder for me to leave her than I think it is for her to be left. So I hope this explains a little bit more of what tiny houses cost per month. I would love to hear from all of you about what you pay per month to live in your tiny houses or what you would expect to pay if you lived in a tiny house. If you enjoyed this video or learned something make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos. Bye, bye. Say bye. Can you give them a kiss? Give them kisses. This is what we do. This is like typical Friday night. It’s not so glamorous.

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  • I'm buying land when I go tiny. Putting in septic, connecting to water. Collecting rainwater for garden.

  • I want to buy a small piece of land. If I wish/can afford to travel, great. But I'll always have a "free" home base. 🙂

  • I feel obligated to comment on the rental space cost given I live in the Pacific Northwest. It is nearly impossible to rent an apartment for under $1000/month in this area. If one is not averse to living with roommates and the many headaches that come with them it is comparable. However I and many others prefer their own space.

  • When I lived alone, my electric bill was $15-$30. Now that I have a roommate, it's like $100. They don't understand how central air works lmao

  • I ran across a video recently of a handful of retirees that had grouped together in a sort of caravan and they just move between BLM and National Park land – use water filters to fill up from a lake, solar panels/propane tank for power. They either already owned campers or picked up some used or renovated ones reasonably priced – and I think at least one turned a hauling trailer into a sort of tiny/mobile home.

    They all said their monthly expenses were on average less than $500/month including food.

  • Honestly where I live it's cheaper to have an apartment. And building a tiny house is much more expensive than anyone really lets on. 10k in and my house doesn't even have a kitchen, bathroom, etc. it will take me ten years to finish it

  • Thank you. I don't get the hookup thing yet. Is it like an RV, with water and dump tanks, or does it need convential house hard hookups?

  • Im glad you know what your doing to live in an affordable lifestyle and being happy. Less doesnt mean cheaper but more efficient and less expenses. In other words, if you think people are going to live lavish and have their tiny house made up of expensive materials, they will be better off on a regular size house.

  • Sorry if you've answered this and I've just missed it but what do you do with your house while travelling?

  • You are so pleasant to watch, have you ever considered creating a budget tips travel channel? I think it would be excellent.

  • Given how much you travel and the experiences that are afforded you from said traveling, I think it is brilliant what you are doing (and clever). You have costed it out perfectly. Experiences, rather than collecting material crap, is what equates happiness in life. yay you, for figuring that out, so young. I wish you all the best.

  • I pay $350 a month to park my house. I still don't have water but water is available. I'm using a 15 amp plug with my extension cord until my solar is done.

  • That is NOT a home. That is a TRAVEL TRAILER. You do NOT live in it. Why are you millenials INCAPABLE of ANY honesty AT ALL? Do you even know what HONESTY is?

  • That parking cost is so high i have a mortgage for $200 more a month i live in a 3 bedroom one bath 2 living rooms dining room kitchen laundry room and a glass/screen sunroom with a 2 car detached garage fenced in yard all brick home

  • I would buy a little piece of land in key areas of the country, starting with the middle of the country. Land for as little as $10,000 would be enough for an RV/Tiny Home. And do the sewage system, well and have electrical lines or a windmill put in for the electrical. Property tax isn't that much a year, probably less than $400.00 as long as you don't buy property in IL. Illinois is another story I don't care to talk about. And I couldn't see the electrical being that much if you aren't their that much in a year. Then little by little you can buy more property. Then you wouldn't have to worry about having an address for your license.

  • https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/IA/pmf,pf_pt/land_type/87120155_zpid/19_rid/pricea_sort/44.875335,-88.467408,38.895308,-98.311158_rect/6_zm/

  • I live on 900 a month . I pay 100 for full coverage insurance . That covers my truck and trailer. 50 for phone then 30 for Netflix and Hulu. 140 for gas right now seeing how I'm nomading in Sacramento while I'm fixing my trailer. 50 for a year County Parks pass which there are about 15 parks along the American River . Oh and summer time I spend 100 a month on propane cause I run my AC a fridge. Winter, fall a spring . I only 30 a month on propane . 180 on food . I go to food banks alot and community dinners when I'm in the city . Anyone can find them just called 211 when u enter a city . I think that's it . I also do recycling alot . Anything left I try and save .

  • You would need to find a less expensive spot of real estate or someone kind hearted that would keep the lease agreement low.  As long as we're talking expenses here, not sure how people afford health care with a part time job.  In my opinion a "Medicare for All" single payer system (that cuts out executive salaries & bonuses) with everyone pooling together is the way to go.  Call me a Scandinavian Socialist but I prefer the ability for people to pursue their dreams rather than losing everything in the event of injury or illness.  These Tiny Homes are a nice nook for downsizing and simplicity or a stepping stone for larger plans.  At any rate I thoroughly appreciate the cleverness,  love and individuality that people put into their homes.

  • I learned a wealth of info on this video. You’ve answered so many questions that I couldn’t find the answers to. I’ve always wondered what are the parking expenses and other costs associated with a tiny home. We are leaning more of buying a tiny home. Thanks so much!

  • Well, first you have to redefine what's your life style. If you're just living in some place for a while pay for a rented apartment; six or seven hundred dollars will cover that very easily. Would be ridiculous paying that amount of money just for a parking lot. If you like to travel across the nation, buy yourself an RV and voila.. For me the purpose of a tiny house is if you're gonna buy a nice piece of land with no utility services, then you get yourself a nice tiny house and live off grid among nature.

  • Cities like Toronto and New York are starting to build 300sq ft apartments that are going for $2500/month. $30,000/year, yea, a lot of people are going to go the tiny house route and shove the middle finger to the globalists/minimalists.

  • Honestly, I've been watching Tiny House Videos for a while now. Realistically, I don't see the advantage of having one. I only pay rent and utilities and renters ins. It is only $89 for the whole year with $16,000 worth. By the time you buy the house, the truck or whatever to pull it on, space rent, water, utilities, wear and tear on the vehicle…..I don't see how that is really cost effective….UNLESS you get a good deal like you so. I think renting for me is just as good. …but I do love the Tiny House ideas…just cost a whole lot more than I thought.

  • I have a question
    Can I park my Tiny House anywhere?
    If I had a tiny house and I don’t want to park in someone’s backyard or tiny house yard is that possible? I want to park my home in the middle of no where.

  • Hello there: 850sq ft home in FL my mortgage is $384/m (it was $352 but insurance has increased from dang hurricanes) anyway yea those lot fees are crazy rip offs.

  • Since you are/have been staying in RV sites- did you have to build your tiny house to the RIVA or some other building code?

  • My husband and I are veterans and we have come to a point where we are tired of packing and unpacking out life every couple of years when we PCS, I really thought it would be cheaper… But in starting to rethink this. Also, I heard about some states and cities not letting you call a mobile home an actual "home". I am a little confused about that part.

  • We are going tiny and for me even if it is the same amount as I'm paying right now I get to live AND do all the traveling and have freedom. I can also move whenever without selling and finding a new house. I can give my daughter so many experiences and because both my husband and I see planning on having jobs that are remote and we homeschool out income and schooling comes with us. So for me even if we pay the same what we get in experience and adventure outweigh the challenges.

  • BOY ARE YOU DOING IT WRONG… I built a 8×24 for under $4000 on a concrete slab I pay no rent in exchange for keeping a eye on the property. Power bills and cell phone are under a $150 per month..

  • I’m thinking of buying land and living in a trailer save money then buy a tiny home. Do u only need insurance if you travel or on someone’s property?

  • Wow! I'm just investigating the possibility of living tiny. THANK YOU for your candid honesty and your terrific sense of humor. Your channel is the best.

  • My mortgage is $400 a month for a 3 bedroom 2 bath and half an acre. Wow!!! I do see the benefits of being able to travel with your tiny house.. but dang!!! Unless you could find a cheaper space to park .. but wow, that's alot for rv parking.

  • Does anyone else notice that now when ads pop up before a video they’ve made it to where the ads are similar to the video or have similar words in it to try to trick us lol

  • A one bedroom room apartment where I live will cost you at min 1000 mth plush heat lights water cableso about 1400 so I guess 500 with all that is a great deal and you own your home and if you get tired of where your at you hook up and move

  • Let me get this straight so if you build a tiny house with reclaimed materials for 15,000 and buy an acre for 7,000 not rent and get all led lights a small fridge, compost toilet, rain water collection cistern, two burner electric heating plates, do your laundry once a month stay on grid. There's no way the insurance, property tax could be that much. No cable just a phone and internet combo plan. You could cook your food for the full week in one day and put it into containers if you needed to heat it up you could use a low energy pressure cooker. Yeah the health insurance would cost some if you didn't have a job that covered it but the insurance for a used car would not be that much. In the long run this makes more sense.

  • Hearing someone be so upfront about their expenses is really helpful as I'd never ask someone (I'd feel rude). Nice to hear some tips, tricks, and how you deal with challenges.

  • Dang her whole house insurance is less than my car insurance. Ive only had my license for 3 years and live in california. My car insurance is damn near double.

  • You could rent a room for $400 a month & it's attached to a full size house with large kitchen & bathroom. All you need do is be prepared to share with a stranger. 🤣

  • No such thing as tiny living it's just trailer park in a shinny exterior intact No one speaks about families just single selfminded persons this is a Jesuit plan like the femor trailers to finish off American folks study your bibles the end is near wake up Romans 13:11

  • Makes a video on cost of Tiny House expenses, tells us all of hers is free because she works part time for them. Very helpful *eye roll

  • Wow $450-$500 a month for parking? That's insane. I rent apartments on Airbnb around the world with zero upfront cost of building a house for that same amount and zero responsibility.

  • appreciated this video, i want to learn more about what the costs are per month compared to living in an apartment with a boring full-time job.

  • If one takes a tiny house on a ferry, do you hang out at home or on the ferry? I think I'd end up chilling in the comfort of my home

  • Here in California there are only 1 or 2 tiny home communities. Most covenants, conditions, and restrictions deem a house on wheels as an RV and so prevents people from living on a particular plot of land more than a few months out of the year. Many communities frown on having tiny homes for fear that they would lower the area's property value. It's a shame because it just perpetuates the "bigger is better" mentality.

  • Hmmm …. VERY INTERESTING 🙂 However …. my tiny humble condo is less to live in than your tiny home 😉 AND, with what you shared was GREAT cuz it gave me perspective on costs, fee, etc. Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best! 😉 P.S. Be superglued to Jesus cuz He's comin' back soon and I DON'T wanna see you left behind. 🙂

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