TITAN VS TITAN | Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom #4

(whip smack) Top o’ the morning to ya, laddies! My name is JackSepticEye and welcome back to Attack on Titan! We just saw Eren take on a buncha Titans and punch them all in the face! And we’re gettin’ ready to get in and actually play as him! Hopefully! Maybe. What’s all my team doing?! Oh, yeah, we – we came up to resupply! And – wha – just a little bit off camera– Wait, did it actually save? I-ee- I modified my equipment! Yeah! So now I have First-Generation Blades Mk III! Which are awesome! Wait… D- Yeah, I have them equipped! Okay. And I can get Sec – Second-Generation Blades But I need to get, like, a whole bunch of materials, er, wait… [ Reading off the materials ] Yeah, I can’t buy those right now. And even then, I can’t upgrade it anyway because I don’t have the cash to do it. I had, like, six thousand after the last one So – we’ve really strong blades now! And we have… Generation Scabbard Mk II and Generation Gear Mk II… and I don’t know how I actually upgrade these. Oh yeah, I can’t upgrade these yet ’cause I need a—I need two rare metals to upgrade them. I’ve a lot of the other stuff, but I – I need rare metals and I can’t buy those right now, and I’m not cashing in. [reads dialogue] Fuckin’ A! I WILL got it! It’s like— Oh! You can see Eren down there! *waves* Hi, Eren! 😀 It’s me, Mikasa! Mi casa, su casa! You—You get i—yes…my house, your house, yeah. Eren knows Spanish, even though there’s a lot of German stuff goin’ on. Oh, that was a thing! In the comments of the first episode— The first episode’s gone up as—as of this one, but A lot of people were asking, because they don’t watch Attack on Titan, or they don’t read the manga, or they don’t really know anything about it, is that..why is a lot of stuff German? Um I think Attack on Titan actually takes place in Germany. Don’t quote me on that! I think the location that we’re in might be in Germany, but… There’s a lot of German names in it like Sasha… Sasha Braus, Reiner Braun. Those kinda things, that—I’m-I’m saying them the way they say in the show, not in a German accent. [laughs] Um— Bertolt, Anna, and Reiner… How’re you guys doin’? 😀 YEAH! Are you surprised by Eren being a Titan? Yeah, ‘course you’re fuckin’ not, ’cause you’re all Titans yourselves. Um. Again— “Yatta!” Umm. I’m—I’m playing this as someone who’s watched the first season of the anime and there’s gonna be spoilers for that throughout— well, you’re gonna get to the, the plot points eventually in this story, but I’m probably gon—I’m spoiling a lot of them already because I–I dunno, it–it’s hard to keep them in and I keep blurting them out anyway so I feel like, “fuck it, I’m not holding back.” [reading text] [enthusiastically mimics the “HROOOOOOOARGH!!!”] Eren’s Titan is fuckin’ awesome ’cause he’s just like— He’s pure rage mode! All the other Titans are like– They’re super tall, or they’re armoured, or the female Titan can harden her skin, and she’s a super good fighter and all that kinda shit. But Eren is just an absolute monster! He gets his fuckin’ jaws and arms and everything punched off and he just turns around and kicks the shit out of everything anyway. I love him! Here we go. *excited* Oh, do we get to play as him now? Look at his little Titan butt. 😀 [Jack imitates Eren’s Titan form] Yeah!! Kick the shit out of them!!>:D He’s so cool! And he’s just PURE muscle He’s fuckin’ awesome! If—If Eren could, um… … control himself a bit more—YES! How do I fight? Ow! Yeahahah!!!! [satisfied laughter] COMPLETE SUBJUGATION—wait, do I have, like… YEAH! [more satisfied Jack laughter] OH, and I’m able to destroy the buildings and everything! Ooh, that’s AWESOME! Grab ’em, grab ’em… I missed ’em! What do other buttons do? [reading screen] “Pressing B”—oooooh… Press B! ooOOOH!! I just football-kicked ’em! Hahahaha! “Use X for even more attacks.” I’m sorry— I’m doing more damage than the other Titans EVER did! Where’s this motherfucker goin’? “Press Y for a throw attack.” This guy’s up in the fuckin’ buildin’! C’mere! Jin Kazama— [giggles] from Tekken. Look at his hair! Not THAT guy. The other guy! [noises of victory] THIS guy! Look at his hair! He looks like Kazuya Kazama, actually, if you’ve ever played Tekken Okay, so that’s how we evade Sorry guys! I’m not paying attention to what you’re saying! [giggles] “Hold A to Jump” [exaggerated jumping noises] Niiiice. I’m gonna fuckin’— I’m gonna grab you… [grunting noises of strength] [grunting noises fail] Ah, come ON! “Use X in the air for a jumping attack” NIIIICE!! This is fuckin’ awesome! Seriously, I’m doing way more damage than they ever did. Hello, dude! [giggles] I wish I could, like, pick up one and throw it into all the others. That’d be really cool! NICE! I like that I can like, just punch down buildings. That’s really cool! Fuck yeah! Ohoho! Nice! Grab it–grab ’em! Grab ’em! Now smash ’em! YES. “Final Subjugation atarg-Target Appeared.” Okay. All the cut scenes for those are the same. They just look at the camera like “HeeEY!” I’m not going for him yet. I’m killing ALL of these Titans! [aggressive tone] And then we be killed by the Titans! AAH–BOOSH! Oh, wait–did I kill him? Ah, shit! I didn’t even mean to! [laughs] I’m even greater than I thought I was! (slightly mortified expression) They’re not dying! Man! I didn’t MEAN to kill ’em! [laughs again] Nice, Eren! Look how ripped he is. Fookin’ chest n’ six pack. [repeats Japanese] Yeah, listen to Annie. His teeth are weird as well. He has like–segmented jaws. And now he’s all tuckered out. S’just gonna go to sleep. c: O-OH–who’s that?! It’s–It’s that boy! It’s Eren! Oh, shit, waddup! [disturbing noises of flesh stretching and oozing out a human] [laughs] When the–When the weed kicks in, dude! [more charming laughter] “I’mma just sleep here for awhile.” “Uhhh, I’m so ho-hahaha-t.” Oh.

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