Tokido wins CEO 2016 for first Capcom Pro Tour Premiere Event victory

MICHAEL MARTIN: Hey, everyone. Michel Martin here from Yahoo Esports. I am joined by Tokido, finally. CEO 2016 champion, going to Capcom Cup. How do you feel? HAJIME “TOKIDO” TANIGUCHI: I’m so happy. Yes. You say “finally.” Yes, finally, I won final tournament here. MICHAEL MARTIN: I know it’s been tough. A lot of grand finals against Infiltration. Is there anything you can tell me real quick that you did differently in this tournament versus before? HAJIME “TOKIDO” TANIGUCHI: It’s so many things. I prepare, for example, one, is a parry. Yes, parry. I want to master parry, so I practice a lot. So if I have a chance, I want to use it. So the grand final, it’s very– I can use it very effectively. MICHAEL MARTIN: It worked really well. I noticed that you were using it more. I noticed today– or this weekend, really– that you were maybe a little bit more intense than you have been in the past. You were meditating over against the wall earlier. I tweeted that picture out. I know you really wanted this. So now that you’ve taken this tournament, you’re going to Capcom Cup, what are you looking forward to? HAJIME “TOKIDO” TANIGUCHI: Oh, it’s a difficult question. So I won today, but still I don’t think I am the best. I’m one with the best. So this year, I want to think I am the best. Yes. So I want to be best player. I keep on practicing. MICHAEL MARTIN: How much do you love “Street Fighter 5?” HAJIME “TOKIDO” TANIGUCHI: So much. MICHAEL MARTIN: I can tell. HAJIME “TOKIDO” TANIGUCHI: Yeah, you can tell. It’s a yes. MICHAEL MARTIN: We got to see a trailer real quick with some extra characters. Do any of those characters– were you happy about any of those characters? HAJIME “TOKIDO” TANIGUCHI: The Urien and the Juri, Balrog. Urien is so cool. MICHAEL MARTIN: I know you’re a Urien fan. HAJIME “TOKIDO” TANIGUCHI: Yes, because of [INAUDIBLE] strike, second input, Urien is a– looks crazy guy, but this Urien, it’s very cool. MICHAEL MARTIN: He looks great. HAJIME “TOKIDO” TANIGUCHI: Yes. MICHAEL MARTIN: Well, thank you for your time. Congratulations again. You’re CEO 2016 champion. He’s going to Capcom Cup, finally. Finally. Thank you, Tokido. I’m Michel Martin, and this is Yahoo Esports.

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