Tolerance Is a Conservative Value

What does it say that fox news is nicer to me than the lefties are What does it say that the Conservatives are nicer to me? It’s a bezier world mam. It’s such a bizarre world. You know, I’m such a lefty I mean, I’m a serious lefty but there’s so I understand why people on the right call them godless them I mean, it’s like I didn’t think the left was as mean as the right they are Tolerance it’s a word we hear a lot these days. So let’s define it Tolerance is the ability to live with people whose opinions and behavior You don’t agree with that’s essentially how Oxford defines it how merriam-webster defines it and how we as a society Have always defined it you might be for the death penalty and your cousin might be against it You might be against a $15 minimum wage and your coworker might be for it Your dad might have voted for Trump. Your mom might have voted for Clinton and your brother may not have voted at all Whatever differences we have tolerating others opinions is a prerequisite to a functioning and free society America itself was built on a foundation of tolerance the Declaration of Independence guarantees us life liberty and the pursuit of happiness But there is an implicit contract there to have your life your liberty and your pursuit of happiness You have to be tolerant of somebody else’s life their liberty and their pursuit of happiness This contract though seems to be breaking down If you listen to the mainstream media only one side is living up to this deal the left The right according to the media is intolerant of everyone except those darned white heterosexual Christian males, there’s only one problem. It’s just not true incredibly the left isn’t even tolerant of the very people they say they’re tolerant of if You’re gay or black or an immigrant and you’re not in lockstep with current leftist orthodoxy You know exactly what I’m talking about If you believe we should judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their skin The left cause racist it you believe that America is a nation of immigrants But that our country should also protect its borders The left calls you a xenophobe if you believe that men and women are equal but fundamentally different the left calls you sexist here’s the thing those who only tolerate people they agree with or like Aren’t actually tolerant. So who is tolerant? Is it the organizers of the women’s March who had to apologize for the hurt and confusion they caused when they invited a man lefties’ icon Bernie Sanders to speak at their convention? Is it the antifa thugs who caused UC Berkeley to spend six hundred thousand dollars on security when mainstream Conservative Ben Shapiro showed up to give a talk or is a democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters Who scolded Kanye West for talking out of turn? When he dared suggest that blacks should think for themselves? These aren’t isolated examples, I’m guessing that you person watching this right now have silenced yourself because you don’t want to suffer the wrath of the outraged mob So let me ask the question again who is Tolerant. Well, here’s the surprise. It’s actually those scary Right-wingers that the media and the universities demonize every day. I speak from personal Experience maybe I’m a glutton for punishment here but I still consider myself a liberal and it’s my duty as a Liberal to say what I think I would rather stand for what I believe and be hated then bow down and be loved The left sadly has become utterly intolerant of anyone with whom they disagree Why? Because they believe that they know how you should live and how you should think any deviation any nonconformity is dangerous to that goal Believe it or not the right these days actually welcomes diversity of thought I can tell you that in the last few years of my political evolution I’ve consistently found conservatives to be tolerant and open-minded Don’t take my word for it though. Test it out for yourself Go talk to some they do exist and they do things like watch movies travel any eat, ethnic food You know regular people things You know what I found out the right much more than the left believes in the notion of live and let live and That ladies and gentlemen is the true definition of tolerance. I’m Dave Rubin of the Reuben report for Prager University

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  • As a 51 year old I was a Liberal in my 20's and 30's. The Democrat in the 90's and early 2000's was a cool open minded tolerant person. She/he were very much like the Moderate Conservative of 2019. I've since moved to Moderate Conservatism. Have I changed – NO!!! I have the very same open minded feelings and tolerance as I did 30 years ago. I've not changed but now yesterday's Moderate Democrat is now today's Moderate Conservative.

  • So, it seems the intolerant left has a demographic that avails themselves to pollsters far more than conservatives. All of these polls that show Biden, Bernie, and Pocahontas beating Trump in the general election and the MSM gleefully spew these polls to prove that their coverage of POTUS is in touch with the American people. Of course they got it wrong in 2016, and will probably get it wrong again. When I take the pulse of America, most people are vehemently opposed to the direction of the democratic party. Maybe, the reason more leftists get polled, is that most conservatives probably just have jobs….

  • I love Dave Rubin. Thank you Dave for saving freedom of speech. Your humble but it’s all true. Stand up! Speak! Fight! And take the consequences. I To was middle of the road. A quasi liberal. Then 7 yrs ago I was red pulled by the emergence of racism again. And saw it was Obama and his minions bringing us back to the 1960’s I’d already survived once.

    I’m still an independent because I don’t like either party but the left has lost its mind and morals. I’m pro life. I’m a Christian. I love the Constitution and our bill of rights. I despise BLM. Antifa. The kkk. Neo Nazis. Hollywood liberals. College communists. On and on.

    This is a war. And you better decide whether your an idiot or you have common sense or not. Whether u want communism or you want the American Dream.

  • I would say I'm tolerant. Judge not lest thou be judged. I truly dont care what you look like, what sexual orientation you are, etc. I either like you for yo uh or I dont which seems to be the general conservative consensus. The left seems to be very racist and seems to think minorities are less capable and they blame everyone based on color and sexual orientation so I would say they are intolerant

  • Yes, "tolerance" is a conservative value. That is why conservatives don't stand for anything. That's why conservatives couldn't even conserve the woman's bathroom. That's why I'm not a conservative.

    Conservatism is nothing more than a posture; a temperament. While conservatives keep trying fecklessly to find common ground with the Left, the Left wants you dead. They want to destroy this country and rebuild it into something completely unrecognizable. Until conservatives finally realize that we are at war, and actually stand for something, they will continue to lose and lose and LOSE.

  • The right has clear boundary, they are nice when you out of it. But let say if you born in the wrong side of the fence.

  • Oh Dave, we soooooo love you! Especially those of us that, at first, RELUCTANTLY ran away from the far left/social justice warriors, you are our hero!!!!!!!!! And now to see you here….well, it just warms the heart. You know, the hearts that have been broken by learning of the lies and betrayals of the left! Yep, well, we Thank you from the bottom of those hearts!

  • As far as I can tell, Dave Rubin fits the definition of the “Classical Liberal”, so in that sense, he can definitely call himself a liberal.

  • They have excepted Nazism Marxism and socialism as their bread-and-butter they have excepted the role of conformity compared to individuality if you do not agree with them they call you names why because they can’t think for themselves they have to swallow their own ideology to continue to live they cannot see outside of their own box they live in they tape themselves up in the box and then they put cotton swabs in their ears they’d rather not hear you and not see you then interact with somebody that has free thought free expression and understanding of people other than themselves that want to hear another opinion the left is so intolerant and so much like the Nazi regime the only thing that they haven’t done is kill somebody or put people in interment camps those are the only two things that they haven’t done they’ve tried but the only people that are dying from the far left are the people that are being bullied online and we should charge them with murder because they drove somebody to kill themselves why do you know we not hold people accountable for bullying and what that bullying does. Why is it that so many of us Americans suffer so much but then we don’t help the homeless we don’t help the poor we don’t help our veterans but we help foreigners it’s not right are people should come first in our country should come first the intolerant left Should be questioned when they open their mouth because they say a lot of stuff that is pretty racist and sexist and just horrible horrible things that they say to every day Americans they think that they are morally correct but that’s a failed argument I mean look at it this way Hitler thought he was correct for trying to eradicate the Jews but you we don’t hold him to a high standard stolen thought that his people should trust him completely and if they didn’t they would suffer Death everybody in America should be tolerant to each side but I’m only seeing one side actually give a shit and I get so tired of it. PS the left doesn’t listen to individuals they hate individuals they want you to be a mindless aunt that listens to them. You’re only find open minds on the right.

  • For those who don't know, Dave Rubin was a panel member of "The Young Turks", a leftist propaganda group. He has been waking up over the last few years.

  • As a conservative I can disagree with a liberal and think they're naive, but when a liberal disagrees with me they think I'm evil. That's a big difference.

  • You might criticize the mass media for lack of tolerance but this is the case for big corporations as well( even if they do not admit it). Yes , I am talking about big corporations and organizations where many people spend their working time, places where you are not really allowed to express a critical opinion, especially to your direct boss. Any deviation from the norm is getting punished. Very few people are truly tolerant especially towards people who are contradicting or criticise them.

  • Its true. Republicans can tolerate someone's racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, corruption, stupidity, and general scumbagginess way more than Democrats can. And if you disagree with this comment, that just means you're being intolerant and therefore betraying your conservative values. Have a nice day 🙂

  • Yes tolerance is a conservative value and patience. But enough is enough. Time to open a fresh can of whoop-ass on anti America people. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Liberal comes from the word Liberty. The left is anything but liberal. Yet they claim It everyday. “Liberal” has become a swear word among the right. Too many people listen to what they are told is true.

  • The political ideologies switch ever so often. Progressivism and environmentalism were created by Republicans, now they’re democratic ideologies. In our lifetimes, tolerance went from being a liberal concept to a conservative one.

  • Tolerance is good but should only be taken so far. If conservatives tolerate everything then they conserve nothing. Reciprocity over tolerance

  • Way to take the high road and make maxine watters look so young in this animation!
    That is pure tolerance in and of itself!

  • How ignorant, clueless and just the lack of common sense that this woman to thought only Democrats and liberals the only people on the planet that were tolerant and respectful of other people and their beliefs. She had no business running for president being so narrow minded.

  • You might want to look at the recent C-SPAN footage of an AOC event where a feminist Swedish woman openly advocated to reduce carbon emissions/ CO2 by… EATING BABIES!

    Not kidding.

    First they revel in aborting them, now they call for eating them.
    Lefty Women!

  • Though I tolerate them, I find COEXIST bumper stickers ignorant. America literally originated the concept of coexistence. Take your friggin bumper sticker to the Middle East.

  • "You know what I found out. The Right, much more than the Left, believes in the notion of "Live and let live.
    And that ladies & gentleman is the true definition of tolerance!" – Dave Rubin

  • I remember a guy in Amerika said to a Journalist: "Speak to a Leftist and pretend to be gay and disagree with him, and watch what happens"… That is exactly what happened with the Leftists. Intolerant to its peak!

  • Ye na, from my experiences if I say something that conservatives are against, I get 0 tolerance and jut a bunch of keyboard warriors telling me I’m whats wrong with America even though I’m Australian and also had someone tell me I’m a queer weeabo. Both sides are so intolerant and that’s my opinion.

  • Ye na, from my experiences if I say something that conservatives are against, I get 0 tolerance and jut a bunch of keyboard warriors telling me I’m whats wrong with America even though I’m Australian and also had someone tell me I’m a queer weeabo. Both sides are so intolerant and that’s my opinion.

  • I want tolerance so I’m going to vote for Trump!
    I will say this, left is very lucky I’m tolerant, but I am getting really tired of people not tolerant of me. Don’t poke the bear or you may get what you don’t want.

  • “U” does not stand for University, it clearly stands for U will be fooled, U are watching propaganda & U couldn’t possibly believe any of this BS knowing who the KKK & Alt-Right support. Come on now. Kanye also said slavery was a choice! 🤯

  • Tbh I'm pro-choice and I don't get tolerance from right wing men about my views. It gets quite scary. (Most of my female friends are pro-life but don't scare me when talking about abortion).

  • Dave Rubin is so interesting to listen to, and when he does an interview, he lets his guest talk. Tolerance.

  • One of the most powerful videos of our lifetime. I love watching Dave Rubin, grow and learn, and I've learned a lot from him as well. I am honored, to be able to hear a good man, say good things, that should be definitely listened to and respected.

  • Yeah, all those pesky deep south democrats calling gays and blacks slurs! Oh wait, those are republicans, whoops. I was thinking of the Virginia rally where the evil democrats marched with Nazis and the democratic president defended them! Wait, wait, I got mixed up again, those were republicans as well. Surely I meant the democrat who mailed explosives to his political enemies… Ah man that was also a republican. Perhaps I was thinking of one of the mass shooters who shot minorities…? Naw, republicans again. Hard to not get mixed up but you know what I mean, republicans are the tolerant ones!


    It Doesn’t Really Matter
    With The Greater Scheme Of Things🤔

  • as mean? No, they're meaner. You don't see the right attacking someone's life and ability to make a living when they disagree, they just attack the comment or policy. The left will DESTROY you if you dare disagree with them and you have any visibility

  • Watch the tolerant Prager"U" channel! Where it's "Leftism is evil" all day every day! Now, let's talk about how we have a monopoly on tolerance!

  • I have zero tolerance for nastiness within my friend circle, I don't care if you're liberal, conservative, or anything in between, you start belittling people, mocking, insulting, or calling people names, we're through.

  • I was called racist for voting for Brexit….
    My wife is a black immigrant. Some people can't get their head around it. I find that amusing.

  • No, it's not. It's empirically proven, just read Jonathan Haidt's the righteous mind: right-wingers value sancity/purity, loyality and authority at least to a similar degree as harm/care and fairness, which are the values mostly associated with liberalism .i.e. "do what you want to do as long as you don't hurt anybody".
    Hell, even ya boy Jordan Peterson doesn't tire to note that openess to experience on the big five personality test is a mayor indicator of liberal thinking.
    Conservatism has it's merits, just as liberalism does, but you don' help ANYBODY by just flipping the charts and calling the other side all the bad thing (I hear nowadays even nazis where liberals).
    I don't mean to bash Dave Rubin, I don't think he is completely wrong, and even though it is anecdotal evidence, i get his point. What I really don't understand why he chooses, out of all the right wing media outlets out there to go with PragerU, how are basically the epidemy of screaming "the Scary Left", whilst still having the nerve to act like they were pro-tolerance and stuff.

  • You call them idiots they call you idiots, as far as I'm concerned you are both sides of the same coin. The main difference is that you are actually losing, which is saying a lot considering who you are fighting against. But l get why you are angry, they are beating you up just using free speech and free market which is kind of your thing. No wonder you are pissed off.

  • If conservatives are so tolerant then why have Republican state legislators introduced 52 different bills in various states to allow some form of discrimination against LGBT people?

    Harmful anti-LGBTQ Bills:

    IN HB 1525 4/29/2019: DEAD BILL
    MA HB 1427 1/22/2019: Referred to the Committee on Judiciary
    MA HB 1504 1/22/2019: Referred to the Committee on Judiciary
    TN SB 1297 5/9/2019: Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 251
    TN HB 1151 5/9/2019: Pub. Ch. 251 — Effective 7/1/2019
    WA HB 2088 2/18/2019: First Reading, Referred to Public Safety
    MS HB 1176 4/8/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX HB 1035 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    AK HB 5 3/13/2019: Judiciary Replaces EDC Referral
    IL HB 3515 3/29/2019: Re-referred to Rules Committee
    NV SB 124 6/3/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX SB 1107 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    IN HB 1208 4/5/2019: Signed by Governor
    KS HB 2320 2/13/2019: Referred to Committee on Judiiciary
    NC HB 65 2/14/2019: Referred to Committee on Rules
    NH HB 163 1/31/2019: Inexpedient to Legislate
    SD HB 49 3/29/2019: DEAD BILL
    SD HB 1108 3/29/2019: DEAD BILL
    SD HB 1205 3/29/2019: DEAD BILL
    SD HB 1225 3/29/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX HB 1910 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX SB 2369 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    GA SB 221 2/28/2019: Senate Read and Referred
    IA SF 240 2/19/2019: Reported out of Committee
    WV HB 2985 3/9/2019: DEAD BILL
    MA HB 1392 1/22/2019: Referred to Committee on the Judiciary
    TX HB 1978 5/25/2019: Signed in the Senate & House, Sent to Governor
    TX HB 3172 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX HB 4497 3/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    AR SB 352 5/10/2019: DEAD BILL
    KY HB 160 3/30/2019: DEAD BILL
    TN HB 836 4/4/2019: Received from House, Passed on 1st Consideration
    TN SB 848 4/16/2019: Assigned to General Subcommittee of Senate Judiciary Committee
    TN HB 1152 3/5/2019: Taken Off Notice for Calendar in Children & Families for 3/12/2019
    TN SB 1304 4/30/2019: Senate Reset on First Calendar of 2020
    CO HB 1140 5/4/2019: DEAD BILL
    KS HB 2320 2/13/2019: Referred to Committee on Judiciary
    NC HB 65 2/14/2019: Referred to Committee on Rules
    NJ A 2864 2/1/2018: DEAD BILL
    TX HB 2109 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX HB 4512 5/2/2019: DEAD BILL
    MO SB 314 5/30/2019: DEAD BILL
    MO HB 837 5/30/2019: DEAD BILL
    MO HB 927 5/30/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX SB 880 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    TN SB 1282 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX SB 17 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX HB 1978 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    TX HB 4497 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL
    FL HB 847 5/3/2019: DEAD BILL
    TN HB 1369 2/13/2019: Assigned to Children & Families Subcommittee
    TX SB 1109 5/27/2019: DEAD BILL

    There's your "tolerant party" right there.

  • Lmao, I like how you just reuploaded a previous video to get more views and likes. I already exposed your hypocrisy on the other video. Making a video just to call other people intolerant… for using accusations of intolerance as an argument?

  • And look as a trans lesbian communist I disagree with you I have experienced many things from conservatives and in my country we literally had a Nazi run for prime minister and it was scary

    I have been denied many things due to my gender identity sexual orientation and my ideology by conservatives

    I respect your opinion but I disagree

  • In Czech Republic we have 30 years ago comunism and it suck.
    1. The take us guns: when can anybody have a gun= with gun you can defend yourself and that what’s comunism doe’snt want.
    2. Freedom speech: my grand grandpa have a farm so he must be “comunist” to “own” one. One time he said “ our comunist meeting in rain is destroyng our wheat. So in rain we can’t come.” In next meeting there was only him and two real comunist and they said
    “hey Karel doesn’t forgot that your son is almost complete high school”
    so he was muted.

  • Hey guys according to PragerU, every left winger is a social justice warrior retard. Solid. Nice job framing 10% of the left as 100%

  • Tolerance from the left mouth is just a lie and they are using it to make us suffer the most sick and twisted perversions, crime, and abuse, the scum of earth.
    There can be only one answer given to this.

    Tolerance don't exist!

    And neither freedom if someone abusing it to justify the most sickening wrongdoings.
    They don't deserve it!

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