Tony Benn – Britain must Leave the EU to restore Democracy

are the British people when they vote in a general election to be able to change the policies of the government that has previously been there and it is already effect that whatever government is in power agricultural policy is now controlled from Brussels our trade policy is controlled from Brussels our industrial policy is controlled from Brussels is a democratic and not a nationalistic argument well I campaigned for the referendum if you know this I own in the I was in a minority won on the National Executive in the shadow cabinet in 71 they didn't want a referendum but in the end we've got a referendum after we've gone in and we lost it and then I was on the Council of Ministers and that was the most shattering experience of living in my life because I was the representative of Britain and for six months I was the President of the Council of America ministers I wasn't allowed to submit a document only the Commission for bureaucrats could submit a document I could say yes or no sort of a constitutional monarch if you like they control it making secrets it made laws for Britain and every worth it met in secret and when I suggested we met in public or they nearly strangled me because all their dirty little deals would have come out and so I the more I thought about this and this is what it's about now it is about democracy remember this I was a member for 51 years members of parliament are lent the powers of their constituents and they have to return those powers and diminished at the end it's not for the members of parliament to give away the powers that will link to them because they don't belong to members of parliament I belong to the electorate and that is a critical matter and now I say something else I mean we're probably concerned with Britain but it terrifies me that Germany didn't allow its own people to have a referendum and with a journalist would enter the European Union and have the treaty and you know in before the war Hitler wasn't exactly a Democrat and that practice of it everything being decided at the top has been carried on to that France they had a referendum defeated it now Sarkozy is trying to bypass it and we live in a continent where increasingly power has gone to a group of people are not elected cannot be removed and don't have to listen to us and in Mandelson's a very powerful man he wasn't even elected by the House of Commons Blair appointed him under the role property and Mandelson doesn't have to listen to us with all the defects of our democracy the reason governments listen to people is because you you get your power from the people I've been being an MP you know this weird a very unusual position your one employee in sixty thousand employers everyone in your constituency employs you the bus driver the street sweeper the home help the priests man they employ you you could say what your life and always have done but they get rid of you because them because it get rid of you you have to listen to the Mandelson does never listen anybody and it is the most bureaucratic terrifying system in the world and it's being imposed on us on the ground is tidying up I must save tidying up involves tearing up the British constitution well that's an interesting definition of tidying up and I think this argument is an overwhelming other but now there are the views of Europe as I say I don't go back to the old nationalism because of the bloodshed that was took place you could have a United States in Europe you could have a president and a Congress and a House of Representatives I mean at every holy and will be but it couldn't complain about it after all America isn't governed by commercials you want this country governed by commission you could apply the European got you into Britain and you'd find they were commissioners and we don't even elect your appear members of parliament do you realise that you vote for the party I can't write to an MEP and I won't vote for you're going to write back sector you never vote you in the first place you vote for the party in Blair decides who is the candidate so the thing is absolutely undemocratic and the effect of it of course is to create a lot of hostility to it which means it won't work anywhere I'll tell you one thing even if I believed in it I think this system will end up with a break cup of the European Union like Yugoslavia and I do not want that happen either I do not want to fight we go back to hostility based on blaming the French or blaming the the Italians or the Germans because what's wrong is the system is wrong and that is what we have to prevent now how do you win the argument well I mean I listen to all this stuff this week about we're going to participate more manifesto is going to be put out to a referendum will manifest says only last recovery years but this decision is far more important than the next labor manifesto because he decides who governs what my god system

20 thoughts on “Tony Benn – Britain must Leave the EU to restore Democracy

  • I don’t think there ever been a democracy it’s totally institutionalisation /conditioning and control of the masses that’s the politics of today Benn’s describing exactly what’s going on? In the year 2019 We’ve a dictatorial bunch of self serving hypocrites introducing one law after another keeping certain citizens in there place everything that was said in the 60s 70s as come true one hundred fold -they’ve taken away all so called rights by the female factor using the man on the street as a scapegoat

  • This is very narrow-sighted and not the position of a true visionary. I'm not saying he is wrong, Brussels does need a democratic reform but looking at the broader picture, it is very naive to think that Britain can play solo with China, India and other emerging economies becoming increasingly stronger and more present in Europe. Only EU as a whole can face the emerging giants of the 21. st century. But of course, if you think you can become "global" Britain once again and carry the world order on your shoulders as you did before, go right ahead, I don't care.

  • Islam is enemies of Democracy and Bible freedom of speech and Arts and Literature and free speech Women's rights dog's etc and should be shunned banned and Muslims deported.

  • Powerful testimony from someone who knows and understands the problems of power without consequence. How do you educate the masses that this is how the system was working back then and is still working today. Most people still think that it is a democracy….best PR/Marketing scam ever when the workers think the chains of submission are jewelry.


  • Frightening when you hear the facts, I'm no fan of politicians but whoever tells us the truth about the implications of what the sinister bunch of Eurocrats are deviously planning, all other nations should get out asap before they too lose all identity………. States of Europe, we aren't even European we're an island and never needed them, always depended on us though to dig them out of their sh*t well they can sink alone this time, personally I'd rather starve imo…………

  • In Europe we will be very glad to get rid of those stupid, British. They want to be free! They want to make their own decisions! They want democracy! Now it seems they can't even make up their minds. It is complete chaos all over. How typical! Go way, you whining fools, and stay away, so we can go on with our lives. "Don't mention the war" soon is to become "Don't mention the Brexit".

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