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don't let folk bull going down keep you for maximizing going up don't let them do that your commitment must be to me and when you fail just all confess repent get up and go on the road to Facebook welcome to the Jesus challenge hello this is dr. Tony Evans with the urban alternative and I am so pumped up about this series because this is a kind of in-your-face conversation with Jesus Christ and he's challenging his people to be what he has redeemed them to be and to become and today's challenge is about being faithful faithfulness is the big deal with God it's a big deal with people and so let's let's see this challenge that Jesus Christ wants to give me and you and us individually and collectively about what it means to be faithful and why it matters to be faithful John the Apostle writes to this second church the church at Smyrna Smyrna is located 35 miles north of our previous church Ephesus and it is a seaport town very well off somewhat prestigious but there was trouble in Smyrna in verse 8 Jesus says to the pastor the angel of the church the one who's going to deliver the message he says the first and the last the one who is dead and alive says this so I'm going to give the message but Jesus is doing the talking so if you get mad at what I'm getting ready say talk to Jesus leave me alone because he just told him to say what he was saying he identifies himself before he gets into the core of his message as the one who who is the first and the last now that may not mean much to you until you understand where that phrase comes from because in Isaiah chapter 41 verse 4 and Isaiah chapter 44 verse 6 in denies a chapter 48 verses 12 and 13 where you see the phrase the first and the last that phrase is use of Almighty God in fact in isaiah 40:8 12 and 13 he says I am the first and the last but God who created heavens and earth so in Jesus Christ declares himself in revelation 2 verse 8 to be the first of the last he's declaring himself to be God so he picks this Old Testament designation of God and applies it to himself then we know he's applying it to himself because he says I was dead and now I'm alive well god the father didn't die God the son died so in that little phrase Jesus speaks of both his deity and his humanity he's the first in the last he's God but he died so he's man in fact that is as we've often said the uniqueness of Jesus Christ if you feel like you're dying I know what that feels like because I died I've been through all of the categories of trouble that any human being has been through as man even though I am simultaneously deity I know your trouble not only because he's omniscient God but because he's human man and so he's got that ghoul reality of identification while transcending time and being involved in time he says I know you got trouble smuggler was well-known for something the mountains around Smyrna looked like a crown a crown that a king would wear they were shaped that way many of the buildings in Smyrna were built to reflect this mountain look of a crown the reason why that is a big deal if you lived in Smyrna is because as a Roman colony they worship Caesar as Lord you had to recognize Fiza as God well these Christians had another declaration Jesus is Lord that created a conflict with the Roman government so they were going through the pressure and oppression of not yielding to the governmental authority when it claimed the right of deity while everybody else would think Caesar is Lord they were declaring know Jesus is Lord while we will recognize government and respect government we won't bow to government because Jesus and not Caesar is Lord that created a problem because once you rejected Caesar you are now an enemy of the state and as a result of that there was come the station of property it says you are having trouble and you are poor so they were spiritually rich that's why he says in the next waves you are rich you are rich because of your decision to be committed to me even though it's costing you a price tag so let me say this as we get going here if this never cost you anything to follow Jesus Christ as Lord it is because you are not following Jesus Christ as Lord Paul told Timothy all those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution so if you're never suffering rejection if you're never suffering defeat if you're never suffering loss it is because you're not godly enough for you to suffer any of that because he says there are absolutely no exceptions set grounds chapter 15 verses 3 to 6 it says in those days there was no true God no teaching priest no law there was no peace to him to win in peace to him who came out city rose up against City and nation rose up against nation and then it says for God troubled them with every kind of distress now if God is your problem only God is your solution he says I know your trouble I know when you don't compromise at work you might not get that promotion I know when you don't compromise with your friends you might not get that recognition but that's the peace of your commitment you need to know about so that you're not shocked when it happens so that you don't know where that came from so I know your trouble and I know there is a price tag to full commitment to me let me say that look nothing happens to you that doesn't pass through his fingers first it's called sovereignty nothing in order for it to get to you it's got to go through him which means it has to have permission now I'm not talking about suffering because of you doing evil that's one kind of suffering until not when you turn the blip for God when you trying to proclaim Christ when you try and it's still going south it had to pass through his fingers first okay one reason he does it it's to Humble us 2nd Corinthians 12 verse 7 to Humble us in other words he he wants to he wants to deal with something in our character that we either actually or potentially are headed toward it does that to Humble us another reason he lets us when we are seeking to live for him is to use a second Corinthians chapter 1 verse 4 Paul says in our fliction we go and do stuff we trying to serve God love God please God while we God and we are underneath affliction suffering he says God met up in our fliction watch this so that we would now be able to comfort others who are in the same affliction so god lets you go through stuff even though you're trying to please him and are publicly associated with him cuz here's somebody else down the line who's going to be going through what you are now going through and he don't just want you to quote Bible verses he doesn't just want to say I'm a pray for you he wants you to feel what they feel and emote where they note and because you've been where they've been anyone's to use you experientially is it irritating somebody trying to help you too don't know what you talking about cuz they've never been there and says I want to use the comfort I give you and when I allow you to go through he does it for another reason to grow us James chapter 1 verses 2 to 4 said the testings of your faith is to develop you he wants to take you to another level so there is purpose in the pain if you're seeking to live for him publicly let him come up privately into my in church I'm talking about declaring out there Jesus is Lord and He will allow people to come against you people to to reject you people to talk about you assures you born he will he will allow that people to scheme against you he will allow people to politic against you he will allow somebody else to get that promotion that you've been working on because he has a reason oh here's one to deepen his reality in your life I watched it it's called in Philippians 3:10 the Fellowship of his suffering fellowship means increased intimacy God knows if it's only blessing here you'll get your undivided attention if it's only blessing you may not pick up the phone if it's only blessing you may not get desperate enough so he brings you to the Fellowship of his suffering he let you feel what it feels like to be him when he was going through when you're going through cuz he knows you'll snuggle up a little closer you don't spend a little bit more time in prayer you don't meet him longer in the word when it's hurting bad enough that you need him and so he does that to deepen the intimacy with his people he says I know what you're going through I knew you you're struggling right now but he says it's even worse than that I know verse 9 the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not but are a synagogue of Satan Oh amen he started with the secular world now he says you get in trouble from the religious world synagogue that's place worship these were the Jews who rejected Christ who are now persecuting the Christians these are church folk who reject you because you've taken your stand for Jesus Christ because just as they in church don't we may right he says do not fear what you are about to suffer and they already told him you're suffering he says well something else coming he says behold the devil is about to cast some of you in prison so that you will be tested and you will have tribulation for ten days he said so some of y'all are going to jail in fact some of you here may feel like you're in jail a circumstance you can't get out of but suffering you can't get away from and you feel like I am in prison he said it's going to get worse and then he tells you but don't feel well wait a minute I'm already struggling you're telling me if I keep my public identity with you it's gonna get worse and then you tell me don't be scared come on man because I am the sovereign God and I am in charge so you make sure you are identified with me this is not a time for weekly Christians this is not a day for silly things this is a day for men and women who name the name of Jesus Christ to name the name of Jesus Christ and do not very fit Shadrach Meshach and Abednego okay Nebuchadnezzar gets the big head never can never gets the big head and Nebuchadnezzar says I want everybody in my kingdom of Babylon to bow everybody bow before me Shadrach Meshach and Abednego said now okay we're gonna respect you okay um let it be known because the king is said anybody doesn't bow we're gonna put in the fiery furnace okay burn baby burn anybody that does not bow will go in the fiery furnace okay if you don't bow you gonna lose your job if you don't bow you won't get a raise if you don't bow you don't get recognition if you don't compromise then you're not gonna progress okay if you don't compromise you go better three Hebrew boys which is why you got to have some people in your Posse who support you three Hebrew boys said okay let it be known to you today that we will not bow will serve you will give you because they were in the employment of the King so we'll give you the best of our time the best of our energy but hitting my knees oh no no we in doing that and as to your threat as to your threat that you don't fire us and we do mean fire as to your threat our God watch this watch this my trains who we serve not our God who we talk about in church oh my god we just represent right now and then our God who we continually serve this ain't new we got just bring it up this today we have been serving him while we've been working in the secular government but our God we serve is able to deliver us from your fiery furnace okay you may be in charge but you're not defined word because our God is able fact I dog opened up the Red Sea so you take some of that water and put it on your fire I mean that's not it that's not gonna be an issue in other words we believe our God is greater than your threat you're our God is greater than your threat oh but let's address of a frame even if he does not even if I lose the job lose the race lose the contract lose the recognition even if he does not let it be known to the king this day we will not bow we gonna make that clear so King is hot now because they ain't doing what what he told him to do and he did boss but he's asking him to make him Lord I can't do that so they are put in the fire putting the fire they made a seven times hotter because he was so hot he made the fire hot he comes to the glass in the furnace because he wants to see what chrismad you looks like me he looks at the pervert he has his boys how many people we put in in oh can you put in three people meshach Shadrach and Abednego well I'm looking through this glass right now and I'm seeing poor folk there's me Shaq Shadrach I've been to go and there's another dude in there like the Son of God walking around now here it is here it is watch this watch this it's what I liked about it before they put them in the fire they bound them hand and foot but when the King looked in and saw them it says they were walking around in the fire they bound them up but they walking so I'm here to tell you make Jesus Lord that does not always mean he will deliver you from but it does mean he'll join you in and if he joins you and says victory even in suffice [Applause] so what do you want what do you want from me Lord here he tells you the end of verse 10 I want you to be faithful unto death that's the message I want you if you're going to be an overcomer to be faithful until the end until this life is over I want you to go all the way for me faithfulness is dependability regardless of circumstances sometimes it's easy to be faithful because everything is up and up sometimes is rough to be faithful he says I want you to be faithful it's following through on your commitments regardless of the difficulty of the circumstance it's continuing to go until the whistle blows they tell a player now that if you don't hear the whistle you keep going you keep going you go to the whistle blows you say but but I've already tripped up I've not been faithful get up you'll stay down cuz you got knocked down you get up and keep going again why because the whistle hasn't blow you make up for lost time but you go because the whistle has not blown how do you know there was one groan you're not dead yet says be faithful unto death and your commitment to me and your living underneath my lordship I will give you verse 10 says the crown of life I will give you a crown in a privileged position i'ma give you the recognition i'ma give you the notoriety that it looks like you gave up because of your commitment to me I'm gonna give you the crown of life and he closes by saying he who has an ear let in here okay everybody who's paying attention this morning what the Spirit says to the churches and then he speaks to you as an individual he who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death now that is a curious that is a curious phrase he who overcomes what did he mean by overcoming he who overcomes the temptation to abandon your confession during tough times he overcomes the temptation to walk away because things have gotten wrong because of your faith the overcomers will not be hurt by the second death now the reason watch that's a curious phrase is that the second death refers to hell bob says hell's cast into the lake of fire and that is the second death so that's hell but wait a minute he's talking to Christians here these are believers who separate so they're not going out they're going to heaven so why would he tell believers if you are an overcomer not just a Christian but you overcome the temptation of not being faithful in the midst of tribulation you will not be hurt by something that has absolutely nothing to do with you because the second death is hell and just not where you going so it's an irrelevant topic let me say it another way don't let folk second death who are going to hell keep you from getting your reward don't let folk who going down keep you from maximizing going up don't let them do that your commitment must be to me and when you fail just off confess repent get up and go on the road to faithfulness [Applause] don't join the cow don't quit you keep going God's got the clock he knows how many days he's got a purpose in the pain you keep going you remembering closing the story little girl was in the shopping cart with her mother she said uh some mother went down the cookie aisle mama please for chocolate chip cookie mother said you had too many sweets today no chocolate chip cookie mother going down another hour she said mama I really want some chocolate chip cookies she said I told you you've had too many sweets today I'm not getting any chocolate chip cookie mother going down another she said bye mama I need some chocolate chip cookie she don't know what you need is a spanking because I told you I'm not giving any chocolate chip cookie mother gets in the checkout line little girl stands up folds and looks up to heaven Jesus they taught me in Sunday school last week if I called on you you meet all my needs and I need some chocolate chip cookie the ladies and back of the mother said why won't that woman get that girl's from chocolate chip cookies the mother got real embarrassed we got a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies put it in the cart little girl still up and said thank you Jesus for answering my prayer that maybe somebody here today and you're in the checkout line you want to quit you want to throw in the towel it's too tough you know you were too embarrassed to name the name of Jesus Christ before you check out check up because when God comes through for you when God even if it's letting you know he's there you will discover that greater achievements in you is the fight that he's us in the world well again in your face you know getting hit by two-by-four with the Lord on the issue of being faithful he's challenging us so I'm challenging you I'm in myself too let's get on with it we can't change yesterday but let's have a better tomorrow because of the decision we make today and help you make the right decisions with regard to each one of these challenges we have the whole kit all eight messages will be sent to you along with the DVDs and the study guide for you to use with your friends with your family with your small group whatever group you want to connect with to receive the challenge and the benefits that accrue when you take the challenge the challenge especially ones you can meet you can meet this one because he's going to help you and me and us to meet the challenge to Jesus challenge contact us 1-800 813 1-800-833-3232 Smita Street to you and others but for your generosity will send you the whole kit so it could be a blessing for you thank you thank you and did I think thank you again god bless you until next time who else do you call on with life shut down on you well if you think that they're your Savior told it him go to there but if you really want me to be all that in a bag of chips I need to be first while friends were continuing our series on the Jesus challenge and today he's going to challenge you about priority because if you don't have him in the right place things are just not going to go like he wants them to go or like you need them to go in your life so let's go to the book of Revelation chapter 2 let's find out what this challenge is all about what it looks like what it means how it works and what the benefits of it are to you when you get your priorities straight the first church we come to is the church at Ephesus to appreciate and understand Ephesus all you have to do is understand New York Ephesus was the New York of Asia Minor now known as Turkey Ephesus was the center of commerce of culture of civic focus of fashion if you wanted to go on vacation Ephesus was the place to go it was a tourist City it was well known throughout Asia as the place to go it was an economic boom town it was like a Wall Street it it it dealt in significant financial matters because of its strategic location it was also known for idolatry the church at Ephesus where you get the book of Ephesians out of that's the book written to the church at Ephesus the story of the churches beginning feel free to read it sometime as Acts chapter 19 of how in the midst of sorcery and witchcraft and economics people got saved and the church was established and it is expressed to us in acts 19 about the energy excitement and challenges that faced this brand-new church but here in the book of Revelation he is not writing because all is well he is writing because of a situation that needed to be addressed for people who wanted to be overcomers as I hope that we do he makes it clear in the first verse that this was written for the angel of that house that is God's messenger the word angel from the greek word on the means messenger that the messenger the pastor if you will was to proclaim this message to the congregation at Ephesus Bible fellowship and if you and I will hear what he has to say he that happened here let him hear verse seven says then you are on your way to being an overcomer and over ruler of that which is ruling over you now first wants you to know according to verse 1 that the one who holds the seven stars in his right hand one who walks among the seven lampstands says this so before he says anything he wants to let you know where he's walking he says he's walking among the seven lampstands that's the seven churches so right now as we gather in our congregational meeting today there is an unseen visitor Jesus Christ is walking up and down the aisles of this worship service you cannot see him because he's here in spirit not in body but he's very much there and he says he that walks among the seven lampstands says this and the first phrase he said is I know so he wants you to know as he passes by your pew I know you and I know you I know who you are I know where you came from I know where you're going I know where you've been I know what you're thinking right now I am well aware of what your ministry has to offer you are reserving Church you're not only a serving Church but I also know verse two says your toil the Greek word for toriel means to labor to the point of exhaustion I see your sweat I see your overtime I see your huffing and puffing to get the ministry done so you don't only do stuff you go overboard in the doing of stuff your toriel you you are tireless in ministry activity and I'm very much aware of that you're not only a serving church you are been a sacrificing Church you go over boy in addition to that I know he says verse 2 your perseverance I know that you don't quit when the going gets tough because you are a steadfast church when when times are hard you keep going you don't throw in the towel just because you may not be feeling it today I'm well aware of your longevity I'm conscious of your 40 years not only that I am also well aware that you do not tolerate evil men and you test them who call themselves apostles and are not you are a separated church that is you are Orthodox in theology and doctrine you testing to see whether they are consistent or inconsistent with the Bible you are a Bible teaching Bible believing Bible quoting Bible talking Church you serve it you're sacrificing your steadfast you're separated your suffering you you you are a model congregation and I know it the commendation now turns to a criticism or a condemnation but I have this against you you have left your first love when Jesus you just told me five things that you like about me about Ephesus Bible Fellowship and Auckland Bible fellowship you you just told me five thing you're not irritating this for somebody tell you five good things and then cover one thing that they can't deal with Jesus says I've seen I've seen your commendable attributes but I have this one thing against you you have left your first love so evidently you can be a serving church and a serving Christian and have left your first love evidently you can be a sacrificing church and a sacrificing Christian and have left your first love you can be a steadfast church and a steadfast Christian and have left your first love you can be a separated Church and a separated Christian and have left your first love you can be a suffering Church and a suffering Christian and still have left your first love so evidently you can be doing right stuff and being wrong relationship to love God is to passionately pursue God's pleasure to love God is to passionately pursue God's pleasure but here's the problem because I am sure there were believers and Ephesus like bleepers in Oak Cliff who says I love the Lord oh but that's not his complaint that they don't love him his complaint is they don't love him first you have left your first love you may feel loved it but you no longer love me first let me explain something about God that some we all need to grab we need to get this one there are certain things God can't do so let's get this straight we got this thing God can do anything well not quite some things he just can't do God can't lie the Bible says by two immutable things it's impossible for God to lie so he can't lie God can't sin Oh God can't act contrary to his nature for then he would no longer be immutable the unchanging God God cannot stop existing because he's eternal so he can't do that some things he cannot do let me tell you something else Gail it can't do he can't be second he cannot be second whenever God has laid second to anything even if they are good things is unacceptable because he is in a class by himself in the beginning God before there was anything there was God the Bible says over and over again what's the first commandment you shall love the Lord with all your heart with all your mind with all your soul what does it say about Jesus Christ that he might have first place in everything Paul says in 1st Timothy when you come before God first of all raise holy hands men before the Lord do it first when it comes to giving God says give to the Lord the first fruits of what he's giving you all through the Bible this big a first first first first first because God assumes if he's not first he must not be worthy God demands to be first in our section in our attention in our priority he demands the reverse because that's what he is and when he is no longer first and has been repositioned with something or someone in place of him you've just created an idol because you've made something else first and whatever is first becomes your God so now God has competition in your life he's not saying that you don't love me anything you don't love me first then I am NOT your priority and I don't know how to be second we individually and corporately have often committed the sin of making ministry for him more important in relationship with him and the cost has been great in our spiritual experience of him he says you've left your first love you've compromised religion for relationship and you've left me and you know the bad part about it we've left him and don't even know we've gone because the religion keeps you busy religion keeps you active religion keep you doing stuff so you said oh oh Lord must be happy with me because look at what I do it for the Lord now don't get me wrong he's complimenting them on what they're doing but not at the expense of the relationship not if it's costing you the intimacy not if it's costing you the connectivity because as you'll see in a moment it is where he has been prioritized that will affect whether you become an overcomer you've left your first love what does it look like when you leave your first love it means that you have to find time for him when you have time for other things the reason why we have to find time for God is because we all want that time so we got to fit it in when nothing else is competing with it that's because he's not first love he's when I get around to you love when I get around to you I'll spend some time in prayer when I get around to you I'll spend some time in your word just meditating on you when I get around to it I'll spend some time just giving thanks for what you've already done and not just asking you for what I want you to do I'm going to do it because you are first and that means may mean I have to get up a little earlier for you to be first with my day you know he's not first love on Sunday morning when all you care about is the sermon you don't care whether you're singing praises to his name people say I got to get there for the sermon well that's what he's giving you he's waiting for what you're gonna give to him in your worship and praise and adoration and celebration because he's first so what do we do about this and why will it matter verse 5 tells you what to do three things he says remember from where you have fallen the three hours the first one he says I want you to remember remember remember how it was o cliff when you didn't have all these buildings and all these programs and all these members and remember back there when you were just in a house and you had to depend on me for everything you you go back to that time when you didn't have to manage all this and have all this and all you have was me you remember that you remember saying when you first got saved you didn't know anything but John 3:16 and you just knew one little him you couldn't you could wave your hand in the air like you just don't care you didn't have all of that all you knew was your sins were forgiven you are on your way to heaven because you had come to Jesus Christ you didn't have much you know all you are with me you better remember remember where you came from cuz you always been up here you have always been on camp wisdom you have always been doing this you weren't always blessed like you are now so remember remember when I'm the one that mattered most ii re he says repent okay there's only one thing you repent of in the bible and that sin the only thing you ever call to repent of and that sin so guess what leaving your first love is sin it's not just a bad habit it's not just a mistake when the relationship becomes secondary to the program you're living in sin i'm living in sin we collectively are living in sin when the relationship is secondary to the program he's not just calling it oh I gotta get my priorities together no you got to get your sin fixed because he says repent the only pit of sin so he don't review this just as a scheduling issue he used it as a sin issue that I am no longer the priority in your life you have programmed me to be second and all the programs are wonderful he says you must repent you must turn you must turn John 14:21 is a powerful verse he says if you if you love me you will keep my Commandments and to the one who loves me was this I will disclose myself to him whoa I will talk to him I will show him or her I will reveal myself the reason why we're not hearing from God the reason why we're not getting guidance from God the reason why we're not experiencing victory from God is because he doesn't feel free to disclose himself to somebody who gonna treat him second he drives it home now he says now I do have to compliment you because verse six you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans now they're going to come up again and so I'm not gonna spend time on them now the Nicolaitans were Christians who were abusing professing Christians who are abusing grace they thought grace was an excuse to sin because I have grace I can just go do anything he says I know you hate that so I want to commend you I want to commend you but this first love thing watch this he that happened here let him hear pay attention em he even has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches so I'm talking to the churches but are you listening as an individual he that happened here she that happened here so forget your neighbor right now the question is what are your ears picking on he that happened here so now it's an individual question but being delivered to the whole congregation do you have an idiot where everybody has ears but you can have ears and not hear he wants to know are you paying attention to what is being said here about the privacy and prioritisation of God in your life and if you haven't hear that is willing to hear and to reprioritize relationship over religious devotion over Judy he says if you haven't here this is what happens to him who over comes to the one who overcomes overcomes what overcomes the pressure to not put me first cause it's pressure sometimes to put God first you got to go against your inclinations you got to go against other people you have to go against your schedule you have to go against your there's pressure not to put him first so you got to overcome that pressure because he says if I am NOT going to be first verse five says I will remove your lampstand out of its place I will shut that mama down you'll go to church but I won't be there no love no light you run your life but I will be hanging with you cuz I'm not gonna hang with a breather who doesn't value me another who else died for you who else paid for your sins who else would give us you eternal destiny who else who else do you call on with life shut down on you well if you think that they're your Savior goaded him go to them but if you really want me to be all that in a bag of chips I need to be first and to him who overcomes the pressure not to put me first to that one – he cuz he said he who overcomes I'm going to reward her he who overcomes I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is in the paradise of God I will grant him not everybody only the overcomers I will grant the overcome and not every Christian because he's only thought the Christians here so every Christian doesn't overcome even though they are an overcomer – he who overcomes that which price has already overcome for them I will grant him to eat of the tree of life in the paradise of God he's speaking about a future reward that will come but that future reward receives a down payment in this life it's not all experienced here now because we live in a sinful world what is this eating of the tree of life in the paradise of God that I can begin to experience some of it now and much of it later he will disclose himself beginning now John 14:21 says to you and me now if you've left your first love the keys are still in the spot you left it that moved so he's waiting on you to meet with him every day every day he's waiting for me I know I know what it is to to lose that one year many years ago we went on a family vacation to Niagara Falls drove up from Dallas to Niagara Falls we got there at night and I Agri Falls has a American side and a Canadian side we went to the Canadian side we went into the hotel at night I pull back the curtain and I could see the Falls in the distance and I went wow they had lights on the falls and and even I was a long way away in the hotel room I was just awed by the sight even from a long distance I just went whoa the next morning we got up and had breakfast and we went to the Canadian side of the falls and the Canadian side of the Falls there's a park so we stood in the park oh this was different than the hotel room hotel room I couldn't hear the thing I could just see it but now I'm standing on the Canadian side and that water is going over the precipice and going into the basin of the fall and I could hear the thunder of the raw as the water splashed down in the fall and as the wind blew up the water it actually crossed the street and I got dots of water on my face from the fall you see when I was in the hotel room I could just see it and be impressed by it but once I got a little closer to the park I got affected by it because I could hear the sound and I got little drops of water on me so I felt a little something something because I had relocated myself all but there's another way you can see the fall it's called the Maid of the Mist these are little little boats down in the base another fall if you decide to get on the Maid of the Mist they gonna give you a raincoat and they going to give you an umbrella because you bout to be drenched by the Falls because you are so close see some Christians are satisfied to see Jesus from their hotel room they look out they never hear from him they never get to see them up close they just impressed from a distance and every now and then they look his way but then there are few Christians who will come to the park and they like the sound and they will be a little closer and every now and then they'll feel a little something-something but then there are those few Christians who are not satisfied to look at him from the hotel room they're not satisfied to look at it from the park they want a raincoat on they want an umbrella over them because they want to be drenched by his glory they God raise up space believes a hotel room not satisfied with the bomb but want to be drenched with his glory and overwhelmed by the king of kings and the Lord of lords well I know I was convicted when I studied it read it and preached it and I hope you feel a little bit of the same thing but of course there's hope in it because there's a promise tied to the challenge and we want you to not only go through this challenge but all the challenges in Revelation 2 and 3 and I want you to grab ahold of them and see them change your perspective and your life to help you do that we have a whole kit the message is a study guide and the DVDs so you can walk with it personally with your family with your friends with your small group and grow and respond to the challenge that Jesus gives you gives me and gives all of us will send you the whole kit for a gift of any amount as generous as you can be as kind as you can be just call us 1-800-833-3232 you

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