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– Stay bent. That’s gonna give you a little bit more freedom. – Yeah. – Whoa, good save. – I’mma die out here. – We finally made it, baby. – I feel like if you could
drop in from the pyramid…. – Yeah. – That’s an accomplishment. – If I don’t get this, I’m
spending the night – forever. – It’s my favorite room in the house. – “Houseguest.” We out here. Nate Rob in the building, and we’re in San Diego, California, and we are about to go
visit somebody super cool – a GOAT, a legend, a icon. We about to pull up on
him, so I can learn how to become a dope-ass skater. Ace. – How are you?
– Very good. How you doing, man? – Good, thank you. – Good.
– Welcome. – Thanks for having me here, bro. – Yeah, my pleasure. – Being here, San Diego, couldn’t leave. – Yeah that was it.
– Couldn’t leave until I came over.
– I was born here and never left. – So, man, tell me about some of this stuff right here. – So this right here
is a miniature version of the pool that I grew up skating. Learned a lot of my tricks
… it was in Del Mar. This is actually a skate
park here in San Diego. – So when did you get into skatin’, how old were you? – I was 10. My older brother was a skater and he gave me one of his old boards. And I just started doing it in my neighborhood with my friends, things like that. I didn’t really think that was it for me, but the first time I
went to the skate park and I saw people flying out of pools? That’s when I was like, “That’s what I want to do.”
– Oh, wow. – What’s the most rare thing that you’ve collected over the years. – Well, it’s … believe it or not it has nothing to do with skating. – Oh, wow. – I like to collect movie memorabilia, stuff that was actually used
on the set of movies…. – O.K.
– … or TV. Probably the rarest thing
I have here is this guy. He’s the behemoth from
“Nightmare Before Christmas.” This is actually the one
that was used in the movie. This one is from “Breaking Bad.” It’s actually a chicken bucket from Pollos Hermanos. – Wow, cool. – This one I actually took from
one of the sets of a TV show I worked on, “CSI: Miami.” A girl on the show hits
me over the head with it to knock me out. – Right.
– So this whole thing’s rubber. – So when she hit you did it really hurt or did she die? She got you pretty good? – She got me pretty good. Yeah. This is actually my first pro model that I rode.
– Wow. – So this is the first
skateboard with my name on it. The other one I had, that was
mint condition, got stolen. So, this is the only one I have. – How old are you right here? – I was probably about 15 right here. – And look how high you where in that. I’m gonna be scared to even try something like that later on. – Oh, we’re doing that, for sure. – Oh, for sure? – Yeah.
– Oh, listen, I gotta get ready for that. – Talk to me, man. Your park…. – Yeah. – Who designed it? – I designed it. – You did it? Nice.
– Right when I moved in here, almost 15 years ago. And It’s got a little bit of
everything in a small space. So, basically, it’s got
the transition ramps, the radius. It’s got the wedge
ramps, it’s got a pyramid. – So what’s the best
technique in dropping in, ’cause I’m gonna have
to learn this before…. I have to get this before I leave. I’m not leaving…. – O.K.
– … your house. So, if I don’t get this I’m
spending the night, forever. [Tony laughs.]
So, listen. I gotta figure out how to get this, man. – O.K. – I always wanted to learn how to do this. – Well, let’s start at the bottom first. And then, truly, I feel like if you could drop in from the pyramid…. – Yeah. – That’s an accomplishment in itself. – Oh, wow.
– That was the first thing I taught all my kids here. – Yeah. – That’s the first thing
they ever went down. – Let’s go, let’s get it. – Let’s do it. – Let’s ride. Let’s go.
– Let’s go down to the bottom first. – Whoo! – All right, so, first thing is, you want to learn how to push off. – Yep.
– All right?. And I’m goofy-footed,
so I stand like this. But I’ll show you how you would do it. So, basically, your front
foot is sort of diagonal, and then you push off with this foot. Right as you push off,
you stick it on the tail. So it’s like this. – O.K. – That’s kinda like your position, ready for anything.
– That’s the basic right there? – Yeah.
– For anything? – That’s it. – All right now, how you turn around? – So, that’s it, oh…. – O.K., yeah. – Am I being punked? – No! – If you gave it just like one good push, and then wind your shoulders up and turn. – Wind shoulders up and then turn. – That’s it … oh. Whoa, good save. Still on that one foot. – I’mma die out here. – All right, I think I’m ready. – All right. We’re gonna
skip the kick turns. How you feel? – I think I’m ready. – You came to drop in, so
if you make it to that wall you dropped in. There you go. That’s it, yeah, nice. – Yeah. O.K., yeah. O.K., that’s not so scary, I thought it it was gonna be
a little scarier than that, but I was still nervous coming back down. Talk to me about where’d
your passion come from? You know, skating and taking you to be the best skater in the world, ever? – When I started skating
everything was experimental. And that buzz I got when I would create something new is what kept me going the whole time. I loved the contests. That
definitely defined my career for the early years. But it was more the
progression of skating. And trying new stuff is
what I was always chasing. – Has there ever been a point where you wanted to give up? When it was a move that you tried, a trick that you tried to do,
and you never could do it? – I tried to do the 720 trick
– without grabbing my board – for years, and I just gave it up. I got kinda…. – Close.
– … close, but not close enough where I was just gonna
chase it to the end. – See, that’s funny, ’cause I had a dunk in a dunk contest that I wanted to try and I never could get it. – No? – Nope. It was a backflip. I put the ball between
my legs … like my feet. I do a back flip with the ball and throw a alley-oop to myself. – Did you get close? – I done it a couple of times, but I could just never get the ball to bounce the right way every single time. – Yeah. – So, I just crashed that there. – Yeah, that’s the hard part about, especially skate tricks…. If it’s so technical, it’s so difficult, you don’t really change up
your approach every time, it’s just that one time you get lucky. And so now, especially with
how technical skating is, there’s a couple of tricks
that I’ve done recently…. I did it once, I got
it on video, it’s over. – That’s over. Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. – Stamp me GO already.
Right, right, right. What’s the craziest thing that you built, or tried to drop in from here? – From here? – Yeah, did you ever try
to build something crazy to drop in or…? – The craziest thing we’ve ever done here is put the trampoline
up and do big fly-outs and flips onto it. But this is a pretty small space.
– Timeout, timeout, timeout. You just said, “Drop in and jump off and land on the trampoline”? – Yeah, yeah.
– That’s possible? – Sure, you want to see it? – Yeah, of course! – All right. – What, seriously? Oh, yeahs. Let’s see this. – Keegan.
– Keegan, you’ve been summoned.
– Do you want to fly on the trampoline? – Tony, again, thanks for having me, man. – Yeah, man. Thanks for coming.
– This was fun. I appreciate you. I’ve been blessed to able to
come here and skate with you, but I’m gonna let you go do your thing. Me – if you don’t mind – I would love to try to
master this thing…. – Oh, yeah. Be my guest.
– … if you don’t mind. I told you I can’t leave
here until I master it. – O.K.
– All right? – Well, I got a security camera, so if I see that you’re
laying down and not moving, I’ll come check on you. – Come check on me, brah. I appreciate you. Thank you so much.
– All right, man. – You a GOAT, man. You a GOAT. – Thank you.
– I appreciate it. – I’m telling y’all, I’m gonna nail this. Nope! Don’t got it yet. These knee pads? Which ones are these?
– They’re knee pads, you gotta take your shoes off. – Damn! – That’s not a knee pad. – Huh? – That’s not a knee pad. – That’s not a knee pad? Yeah, Tony come over here and
help me out. What’s this one? This is elbow? – That’s elbow, yeah. – All right. Bet, bet, bet….

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