Tony Robbins: Train Your Brain To Make More Money (very motivational)

everything we do in our lives we do for one of two reasons to either avoid pain or to gain pleasure if you are sabotaging yourself in any area and we’re gonna talk about this again and again it is simply because you believe at some level of your thinking subconscious thinking if not conscious thinking that this situation that you’re getting involved in the accumulation of additional capital is gonna lead to more pain than pleasure and again I know that sounds insane and crazy but I have to tell you it’s absolutely accurate in any person that I’ve studied who’s been living in financial Lac in addition many people associate pleasure to having a lack of financial abundance because so you think about it when people really do well financially and they’re around their friends what happens well I can tell you from experience when I was really young I really went for it nineteen years old had my own company written up in newspapers and magazines wonderboy you remember me right ego exploding well sure enough I was making all this money about ten thousand dollars a month I was jazzed except I thought money was gonna lead the pleasure I looked around us all the problems of my family said hey I’ve I got money I can eliminate those and I got a lot more fun I can give to my friends and I’d go back to my friends and want to take him with me on a trip I want to go someplace and they were uncomfortable in fact a lot of them started to judge me and all of a sudden some of them treated me harshly and some of them made excuses some of them stopped going out to dinner with me some would say well you know I don’t have a home like yours and I said I don’t care but what began to happen is I began to link that having money didn’t mean the pleasure I thought it was gonna mean my brain started link up having a lot of money means that people reject you people you care about aren’t comfortable with you all of a sudden started feeling like an outcast all of a sudden I started feeling all this pain and sure enough within a short period of time my brain on some level not consciously but subconsciously began to just destroy everything economically and I already told you how I did it not showing up for key meetings right treating people harshly distracting myself through eating food continuously watching television all those elements came up to destroy my finances and so we must remember how our brains work they don’t work logically they work on what we associate to things so if we’re going to eliminate financial self-sabotage the answer is very simple you’ve heard it over and over again and again you’ll hear it from me and that is we must change our neural associations about money that is we’ve got a change of our core beliefs we’ve got to make sure that earning money is purely a positive and pleasurable experience for us and not one in our mind it’s gonna lead to pain again some people link god I’ll have to pay all these taxes and they don’t have the money and they’re worrying about the problem no wonder they’ll never have any why are they already considering the negative aspects of having money the answer I believe is that for most people having an abundance of money is the unknown in its experience they’ve never had before and people are basically afraid of the unknown see they know how it is right now they understand it they understand the status quo and that’s fairly comfortable I mean I might have a little bit of pain but the unknown oh that’s really scary so I’ve found that most people fail to achieve what they want financially or sabotage themselves financially simply because they haven’t gotten himself ready for wealth financial wealth they have not conditioned themselves emotionally to have money they have not developed the kinds of beliefs that would allow them to create an abundance of money and then continually expand that money as well you remember the metaphor we talked about and we started this program that what we have to do to really succeed we have to build up our ability we have to condition ourselves just as we would physically and you start with a little bit and you begin to work with it each day increasing the amounts until pretty soon what happens is you really develop the muscle but you’ve got to be able to use it you got to condition your arms for example to be able to do curls well you’re gonna have to condition your mind and your emotions in order to be able to have an abundance of money and feel comfortable with it otherwise even though it’s something that’s very positive it may feel like a weight to you could you just don’t how to deal with it so how do we first get beyond the sense of lack how we first begin to create that wealth and then how do we keep ourselves from destroying it once the abundance starts to flow the way to really create the wealth that you want in your life start to a step number one the way to get wealthy right now today is to free yourself from the illusion that you’re not already wealthy you say what are you talking about Tony I don’t have any money listen wealth is not just money wealth is an abundance of the things that you really desire in your life wealth is leverage that is the ability to have experiences that you have not personally controlled or generated what do I mean well you are wealthy you live in a country where there is abundance around you all the time and you own it just for living here I mean you own the public highways you don’t have to pay anything for most of them across the country you own many of these government buildings you can go in they’re yours you can use them anytime you want you can go into a public library and get access to any book that’s ever been written virtually and it cost you nothing think about it leverage in your life is everywhere you didn’t have to go out and actually create your breakfast nor did you have to hunt down your dinner these things have been done for you say well yes I paid for them yeah that’s true and it wasn’t on your back that the salt came out of mines so that you could put it on your food you are truly wealthy the level of abundance that you and I experience every single day no matter how much money we earn compared to the rest of the world is absolutely absurd and yet we walk around feeling like we have lack and see like attracts like whatever you hold on a consistent basis in your mind is exactly what you’ll experience in your life so the first key to becoming wealthy is to understand that you already are now wanting to expand that I believe that’s healthy yeah some people say well is it really right to make more money I mean if you’ve got a lot is it right don’t ask your question if you’re intelligent is it right for you to continue to want to expand and become smarter is it right if you already close to your husband or wife to want it deep in that relationship even more is it right for you to want your children have even more to be happier to be stronger to have better relationships is that right is it right no matter how close you feel to your Creator to want that bond to be even stronger and to strive for it is that right I’ve got a question for you if you could have more in your life if you could have more than should you if there are things you could do that create greater abundance in any area of your life then should you and my answer to you is absolutely I think I shared with you earlier in this program that there was a point in my life where I thought gosh if I have so much abundance and other people don’t there’s something wrong there that’s unfair hey listen every single one of us was born with opportunities were equal in our opportunities were not equal in our decisions were not equal in our education we’re not equal and how much we demand from each other or from ourselves we’re not equal in our motivation we could choose to be but most of us are not now I know there’s the argument that hey I grew up in the South Bronx I grew up in a difficult part of town I didn’t have the role models I can certainly appreciate that a hundred percent I really do believe that there are many people in our society that don’t seem to start out with the same level of resources no doubt about it so my approach to that used to be well I really care about people that are have less than I do I care about people that are poor financially in fact my strategy was the best way to help poor people’s I’ll be one of them well that’s not exactly the most intelligent approach instead what I decided to do was realize that no matter what someone’s resources were I didn’t have any either I don’t have any great role models I didn’t grow up wealthy not even middle-class and yet I was able to make the things work because I pursued them and no matter where I’ve looked in the country no matter how horrible the environment there are a few people from that environment that somehow have made it work for themselves mentally emotionally socially spiritually physically and financially so why do these people make it in spite of all the odds the answer was not necessarily more talent or more ability but that they were able to get access to their talent and ability because they had beliefs that empowered them in each of these areas including financial I mean that’s really what it comes down to your finances will not change until your core beliefs change trying to turn around financial sabotage simply by working harder by the way will not work the reason is you’ll work harder and your beliefs like this rubber band you’ll push push push push stretch yourself out there they’ll start to make some progress and right when you get to a certain point of threshold ymo the rubber band snaps you right back to where you were I mean haven’t you experienced this sometimes the only way to break through is get rid of the rubber bands expand your picture of your life financially so that what’s happening is you’re on a road a road you’re always building a one that’s always expanding in addition you must believe that by building your road what you’re also doing is creating a way for others to travel to their dreams as well simultaneously so since it starts with our own beliefs we got to remind ourselves what beliefs our beliefs are nothing but a feeling of certainty about what something means so again if you’ve got limiting beliefs it just means you’ve got beliefs you have a feeling of certainty that having money is gonna be more painful than not having it that having an abundance of money is gonna be more painful than not having an abundance yeah you can get by and it’ll be okay you’ve got to change that how do we do it well one the easiest way to change anything is to link pain to the thing we want to change in other words link on our own minds that if I don’t change this belief system it’s gonna cost me so much it’s gonna hurt so bad that your brain says I’ll do anything to get rid of that belief and then show you a brain an alternative one that by applying it you’ll have pleasure now what most people do in life is sit around and hope that someday something magical will turn it around or again they go out and just work harder and harder and harder and they wonder why they still can’t make it financially no matter how much money they make they always end up with more month at the end of the money maybe I was one of the lucky ones maybe I just have a low threshold for pain because I just couldn’t take it I found so much frustration and not being able to go certain places not being able to be with certain people who are traveling not being able to give some of the things I really wanted to give most of the people I cared about not being able to have the lifestyle and the freedom of choice in terms of my time and my energy and the things that I was gonna have in my life as well it was so painful so embarrassing so frustrating that finally one day I said I have had it and that is a great place to get get to the place where you’ve had it well you’ve gone through threshold where you’re not willing to do that anymore but here’s the key when you realize you got it know what the reason is it’s cuz of your beliefs and you need to go inside and shift them now so how do we do this I’m gonna guide you through a 3 or 4 step process right now to eliminate self-sabotage and the era of finances forever so let’s go for it get your success journal or pull over the car now this is the time as you pull it out here’s what we’re gonna do and if you need to stop the tape and come back to me you have 30 seconds go welcome back I again hope I’m welcoming you back and you did turn off this thing while you wasn’t got your success journal you don’t want to write on a scrap a piece of paper keep that thing with you okay good now here’s what I’d like you to do I’d like if you would to write down all of the pain that you presently experienced in your life because you don’t have the level of financial abundance that you truly deserve in other words what are you losing right now what are you missing out on what’s it costing in your life not to have financial abundance in other words our goal here is to not just be intellectual but to really get ourselves to experience once and for all tremendous amount of pain from not having finances so really go into your gut go into your core and say okay what are things I really want to do or be or share or create or give or make that I cannot do right now because I don’t have financial abundance I’ve got enough finances to get by or I’ve got a you know maybe how even worse you’re comfortable that’s really a death rattle in terms of finances but what are some of things beyond that that you’re missing out on maybe this the self-esteem of knowing that you can create as much as you want in an instant what is it that you’re missing out on I’m gonna give you about two and a half minutes to do this so please begin now remember while you’re doing this make it compelling what are some things you’d really like to do in your life that you can’t do think about how much pain that could generate if you’re really focused on that enough normally you don’t pay attention do you ever have to say someday honey we’ll do that how does that make you feel or some day son someday daughter yeah I’d really like to do this but we just can’t do it right now maybe later maybe some time and yet and you’re feeling in your gut you don’t think it’ll ever happen what’s some of the pain you experienced because you don’t have massive financial abundance what’s it costing you in your life what could you do to develop yourself if you had more money and you’re missing out on it now what could you do for your favorite foundation or favorite charity would you like to buy something is there somebody in your family who’s suffering right now financially and you’re unable to help them how does that make you feel no you don’t have the money to help them someone need medical care to like to be able to purchase a nicer home or something like that for family members a mom or dad it’s like if you take better care of your grandparents but can’t because you just don’t have the financial abundance is there a school you like to send your children to but you just can’t again because there isn’t enough money what are some of the prices you pay every single day because you don’t have enough money what are some of the things you really want but you’ve had to settle for second best because you didn’t have financial abundance is there a studio you’d like to build you can’t do that so you got to go somewhere else are you having to live in a neighborhood that is not supportive of your own values simply because of economic necessity how does that make you feel knowing that you have to do that make sure as you write these down you really feel the pain I know that doesn’t sound very nice but the way we change is linked pain to something get it out on the table okay so what we’ve done here if you we’ve done it effectively is gotten your brain to begin to associate major pain to not having money now you might say well Tony I already have that well maybe but maybe it was like you had one thought at a time we want to do is intensify the feeling of pain so your brain Afon they say I’ve had it no more I’ve got to have money so what’s on your list is it compelling enough when I have people do this many times they’ll tell me things like well gosh you know not having money means I don’t have time with my kids or not having money means I can’t live with my son or daughter or not having money means I can’t get them the kind of child care they really deserve and I’m busy working too and I don’t know what to do that’s pretty strong pain I will get somebody motivated real quick remember will do more to avoid pain and we will to gain pleasure so put it on yourself some people say just the pressure of the bills themselves that is so painful having people calling you up again and again saying hey you’ve got to handle this thing that does it for some people by itself or maybe in this society where one out of two people end up in divorce some people are having to support two households and they think about the pain they have in that they can’t have the lifestyle they want because they can barely take care of themselves after taking care of somebody else for other people saying you know I can’t do it or I’ll do it later but knowing in their heart that later may never come that’s pain or maybe for you it’s just the pain of knowing somebody who really deserves help and you just can’t do it because you don’t have the money or maybe it’s the inability to travel or visit the places you’d really like to or maybe visit some people I know some people have made on their list things like I just don’t have the money even go visit the grandparents who are about to pass away I know I need to be there but I just can’t because I’m busy and I have to keep working or cuz I don’t have the money to even get there again this is not negative this is the most positive thing you can do to yourself creating pressure on yourself massive pressure we’re not having money hurts will make your brain want to change that’s the only way you’ll get rid of the sabotage does that make sense so let’s go to the second stage the second stage is let’s just find out what you think of when you think about money itself so now I’m gonna give you about 60 seconds but in these 60 seconds what I’d like you to do he is back in your success Journal just write down anything you think of that you associate to money if I say to you money or a lot of money I’m gonna write down what pops up in your head just write down singular words that you associate to money so you’ve got 60 seconds please begin now go for it you okay time so what’s on your list well I’m not sure what’s on yours but I decided to try this with the engineer here in the studio and he came up with some things like this he said that he has freedom he associates the money time with loved ones associates the money less stress less bills safety and stress reduction in the form of entertainment somebody else here has on their list freedom of movement security giving peace of mind hard work the burden of responsibility lifestyle wider social attitude interesting what’s on your list now when you look at your list is it mostly positive or mostly negative what I found is when I have people do this it depends on the individual but often times I get a lot of positives most these lists both these lists see me primarily positively think about money and there’s these positive things they associate pleasure you say Tony and why would somebody sabotage if the only associate pleasure well let’s try another approach and dig a little deeper into your brain let’s see if all your associations really are positive here’s what I’d like you to try for the next two minutes I want you to write down the things you remember hearing growing up about money in other words what were you taught about money both explicitly and implicitly by what people told you like for example in your family your mom your dad et cetera what are some of the phrases you remember hearing jot them down now you have two minutes beginning now you you you okay again time so my question is do you notice any conflicts here well I don’t know what’s on your list but if I were to take the sampling I have here in the studio it’s rather interesting in the beginning here we have a persons list where they say The Associated money freedom time with loved ones less stress less bills more safety stress reduction in the form of entertainment but what was this person taught growing up well money is the root of all evil second thing on their notes money isn’t everything person obviously doesn’t know where to shop one is no time to enjoy it fourth no notice no time to enjoy time with loved ones no time to enjoy isn’t that an interesting conflict and we wonder while we sabotage why we start to move towards and then all of a sudden think there’s gonna be pain here and we sabotage ourselves here’s another sampling person whose note said that they associated money freedom of movement and security giving and peace of mind and hard work and the burden of responsibility few negatives there and lifestyle this person as money doesn’t grow on trees how’s that for conditioning you for abundance I’m not saying it does but that’s probably not the best frame to hold in your mind an ongoing basis secondly we can’t afford it interesting and that sentence is still probably running through this person’s brain there’s the next one it costs too much or it’s too expensive here’s the next thing on this gentleman’s list take care of pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves now let me ask you a question how do you feel about taking care of pennies what does that like really great pleasure for you there’s you think your brain says oh man I’m gonna take care of all these pennies so I get a few dollars whoa I highly doubt it here’s my point you want to know why people are sabotaging check out the massive contradictions here on the one hand the person associates to money primarily positive experiences yet on the other everything the person was taught growing up is it’s gonna be painful think about that that’s why people experience approach avoidance where they go out and start to make some money but only goes so far before they limit themselves like having govenor on your car you put your foot on the accelerator you start going a certain face but that’s the highest you’re gonna go see that governor is all the things you were taught in the past those old beliefs now how do we eradicate them again we associated enough pain to them think about it are you willing to pay the price the price you wrote down to start with here the things you’re gonna miss out on your life in order to keep these measly ideas in your mind that somebody dumped in without realizing the impact maybe years ago I doubt it so in essence what we can do right now we’ve got a lot of choices one way to change your beliefs is use what you already know do a dickens pattern on yourself go back to the tape where we did that and just guide yourself right through it we’ve begun it already haven’t we we’ve got you to begin to associate some major pain if you don’t change but I also need you to do is associate some pleasure to the change and that part should be pretty easy all you have to do now and let’s do it is make a list of all the benefits you would have all the things you would get in your life all the ways your life would be absolutely totally enhanced if money was no longer question your life if you had true financial freedom and financial abundance I’m gonna give you a hundred and twenty seconds to write down as fast as you can how your life would be greater and better if money was no longer an issue in your life in other words what would be all the additional benefits how would your life be greater how would you like be better immediately if right now you handle the financial issue you have 120 seconds write it down now you all right time again now take a good look at your list this should be a whole list of things that as you think about them imagine if all of these things you wrote down were actually part of your regular daily reality how would that make you feel see our whole goal is get ourselves now to link major pleasure to financial abundance not financial sufficiency but financial abundance we want to link major pleasure to that and pain and not having it so how did you do did you listen really produce the result I figured as long as we’re doing this so if I’d use the people here in the studio as an example so let me show you what they’ve got they’ve got gosh if I had all this additional financial abundance I’d my credit cards paid off that means make me feel great my car would be paid off I’d go to the theater more I’d go to movies I’d go to cultural events as a result I’d be informed I feel relaxed I’d feel cultured and increased my self-esteem I feel more I have more humor in my life I’d feel more articulate more balanced I’d be able to make conversation more easily there’d be less stress in my life I’d be able to have more time with my son another person’s List says gosh if I had financial abundance not just financial sufficiency I could finish my studio I’d buy a new home I have more travel time I’d be able to get in the music business full-time and just enjoy what I love most I could be more generous I could give without any concern for the future I’d have no daily pressures from financial obligations think about how you feel these things are really true so what is the main strategy for turning ourselves around financially simple answer you’ve heard it many times again repetition being the mother of skill you’ve heard that one a few times too haven’t you but I want to remind you that our brain moves away from pain and towards pleasure right now if you don’t have enough money it’s because your brain links pain to having it in a major abundance at least not sufficiency but a major abundance and a certain amount of pleasure in staying where you are we want to reverse it how will we reversing it one create massive pain and associate that pain and not having it to create tremendous pleasure to having it get it clear in your mind that there’s a carrot and a stick and they’re gonna drive you forward financially and you see the financial self-sabotage disappear from your life now we need to go step beyond we’ve now got the beliefs that work but that’s not enough by itself got to go beyond just eliminating the negative beliefs and by the way one way to get rid of some of these old beliefs that used to stop you as well is de ridicule them see if you take anything you’ve heard or said to yourself and what you do is say it over and over again in a unique new way you create a new anchor in other words that’s what advertisers did right Winston tastes good like a once it tastes good like a once-in- tastes good like a how you spell relief is rol a and a yes are Ola IDs are Ola IDs and you don’t over and over again so that’s what you linked simple anchoring so what you could do is attach to those old phrases new beliefs so that when your mind says money doesn’t grow on trees you say that’s absolutely right it grows out of the positive ideas that I follow through on every single day in my life if you do that over and over again pretty soon money doesn’t grow on trees won’t have the negative impact does that make sense I know that sounds so simple I’m sorry to help you to be free in an easy way I guess we could make it tougher but that’s all it really takes all you’ve got to do is identify what used to stop you destroy it eliminate it or get it to trigger something more positive have you got one here that says something like money isn’t everything say for people who don’t know where to shop have some fun get yourself to giggle or laugh all you have to do is get these beliefs to have less heaviness to them less control over you ridicule them play with them and that’s gonna be one of your exercises in fact it may be useful for you to do that now to go through right now and do things to these beliefs to either make them trigger a new empowering belief or to ridicule them to the point where they no longer affect you to where you would think of them every time you thought of money isn’t everything you begin to smile thinking that funny phrasal you don’t know where to shop in other words it’s not true what I’m saying is not true all it is is taking away a limitation does that make sense let’s try it let’s stop one last thing you’re gonna be a lot of exercises today that’s true but this is an issue it’s time to just get over and move on so you can have the kind of abundance here that you also have and are continually developing in your relationships and in your business and your spirituality and in your emotion and your energy and your life go for it what I want you to do specifically is the following take out your success journal go through each of those limiting beliefs any in any limiting beliefs in other words remember we said write down anything you used to hear growing up about money any of them that would be a limitation and change the belief another to attach a new belief to it just the way we did here Monday doesn’t grow on trees that’s right because it grows out of the ideas that I generate every day and follow through on that create good for myself and other people and just say it over and over again till pretty soon you begin to link it or maybe something simpler than that complicated phrase I came up with let’s take another one as an example let’s say growing up you continually heard it’s too expensive it’s too expensive now that’s part of you you say you’re absolutely right it used to be too expensive but now it’s an investment in my joy you get the idea now you may say well gosh this is really hard so is not having any money you deserve financial abundance right now get creative and go through each of the negative phrases or beliefs and find a way to either counteract them or attach something to them that will empower you please take the time to do this one right now let’s just eradicate these beliefs do it now you you you you you okay time is up so let’s continue here with the people in studio and see how they’ve done this gentleman’s list you should say money is the root of all evil now it says in the wrong hands money is the root of all evil but I am a responsible and sensitive person very nice next one is money isn’t everything but added to my other qualities it’ll do a lot of good for me and those I really care about fabulous here’s another example money doesn’t grow on trees but it grows out of my acting on my creative ideas I can’t afford it we can’t afford not to expand our financial resources and share them with others as well take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves if I take care of the pennies my focus is way too narrow if I take care of the opportunities that exist around me right now and give great service the dollars will multiply massively I have no time to enjoy money I have had no time to enjoy money in the past but I’m now learning to delegate and I’m working smarter every day these are fabulous examples that’s what you need to do for yourself as well free yourself from your old beliefs finally on today’s lesson let’s take a look at what are some of the specific empowering beliefs that you might want to add to your repertoire now not just to get beyond financial self-sabotage but to really ensure a financial freedom here are a few of the beliefs that I’ve modeled from people that are extremely successful financially and some of my own that have really assisted me as well number one money is nothing but a measure of the value that I create for other people the more I give to others the more money I receive on an ongoing and consistent basis number two my belief is in order to become wealthy I need only two things one every single day live in an attitude of gratitude that is feel incredibly grateful for the wealth that I already have in my life and my friends and my family and the environment and where I live and my work in everything around me see a sense of possibility and feel the abundance that is my life that will create more wealth without me doing anything else like attracts light water seeks its own level you’ve heard these phrases burnt out as they may be over and over again but they are true in addition if you truly want to be wealthy learn to consistently focus on how to give much more to others than you expect back and by the way it’s impossible the more you give the more you’re going to receive they might say well Tony this doesn’t work for me I tried it i tried it with John Smith you know what I did I gave Gabe Gabe Gabe he gave me nothing won’t guess what see it doesn’t always come back from the person you gave it to sometimes they just take take take you’re right I have no argument with that but I’ll tell you something you got to open your eyes you got to start paying attention because it’s coming back to you from somebody else somewhere and if it hasn’t already it’s on its way you gotta trust you you got to know that that’s true by living with those kinds of beliefs you will attract the kind of wealth that you deserve how do you make certain that you develop in your life besides eliminating the sabotage you do what we talked about in the 7 wealth wounds an abbreviated look of that might look something like this one decide exactly what you want financially in terms of abundance remember we talked about developing a number that was gonna be a must for you not financial sufficiency but true financial abundance more than enough avalanches of abundance that’s what we’re talking about make a decision because you gotta remember whatever you focus on consistently you will get so if you’re always focusing on getting by or how to pay your bills that’s what you get if you focus on massive abundance that’s what you’ll have – and as long as in your mind now having massive abundance is something good having massive abundance is not negative it’s not guilt it’s not problems it’s not pain it is pleasure to be and do and create at the level that you are as a spiritual and successful human being to daily condition your mind for wealth so that your brain is looking for opportunities to succeed financially remember the metaphor we talked about we talked about setting goals will you buy a car you buy a particular outfit and once you have it all of a sudden everywhere you start noticing everybody who has that car noticing that out well there’s a part of your brain called the reticular activating system it’s the part of your brain that determines what you pay attention to you recall earlier we said human beings are deletion creatures that we don’t pay attention to most of what’s going on around us we only pay attention to a small band of our experience our goals our mental conditioning tells the RAS the reticular activating system what to pay attention to the RAS is like a policeman it determines what’s gonna get through to your conscious awareness and what’s gonna be screened out so when you daily decide what you want and condition yourself to look for opportunity it’s like all of a sudden you see that car everywhere all of a sudden you see those clothes everywhere all of a sudden you will see places to cash in financially when you’ve now made the decision to condition your mind to attract wealth how can you do it well for years I started using affirmation for myself now you might say well didn’t you say affirmations aren’t that great no I said that you’ve got to make sure that if you’re gonna use an affirmation you do it with some real physiology that you really change your state and I basically I read all kinds of books on attracting wealth and I found this in one of those books and I really liked it and so I said it over and over again but again saying an affirmation that means nothing unless you generate feeling and before I give you this affirmation I want you to know that it’s not meant to be religious in any way I do want you to know that I do believe in a creator I call it God you may call that something else and that’s fine but I believe that you and I have this privilege called life because something or someone has given it to us something greater than our conscious awareness and when people tell me well I don’t believe in a god I’m an atheist my view to them is I like to ask them a question I said so you’re trying to say to me that everything we see the earth the plants our environment the solar system this universe that all works with absolute precision is all the result of things just falling together that’s like saying Webster’s dictionary as the result of an explosion in a print Factory come on there’s got to be something more but let me just tell you how I conditioned my mind for wealth I believe that we can tap in we can attract more in our lives when we connect ourselves mentally and condition ourselves for that abundance so what I say to myself is this God’s wealth is circulating in my life his wealth flows to me an avalanche is of abundance all my needs desires and goals are met instantaneously for I am one with God and God is everything and I would say this to myself over and over and over and over again I would go run down the beach for a couple of miles saying this to myself with all the intensity of feeling I could generate that’s one of the major reasons I believe that in 12 months I went from totally broke to a million dollar net worth because I didn’t just hope I created a level of certainty in my body that total financial abundance was a part of every cell every thought every feeling and things began to jump out at me and I began to attract them now that may sound real metaphysical it may sound weird to you but anyone that I’ve met who has created great financial abundance it’s not only decided what they want but they’ve begun to condition themselves daily to have that level of abundance where it felt right for them and that’s what I did with myself I offer you the opportunity if it’s worthwhile for you or you can correct it change the language so it works for you but please condition yourself for the abundance you deserve step 3 get some role models find out what to do and get yourself a great vehicle one way to get a vehicle sit down and write down what is it you love to do most in the world to see I think financial abundance comes from doing what you love most doing it massively and making sure that in your doing it it creates tremendous value for other people if you do those things effectively you’re gonna have financial abundance so if you’re looking for a vehicle what do you love to do most number one number two how could you do it in a way where other people would benefit and be willing to make an investment to take part in something that you love I mean that’s what I’ve had the good fortune of doing by asking that question question three is how could you do it massively so you could reach tons of people and make a major difference and hopefully get paid well in the process and then fourthly how could you do it intelligently so that once you’ve done all the stuff and you’ve worked so hard and you’ve helped those people there’s something called profit when you’re done there are lots of possibilities for vehicles and there are lots of models if you already want to stay right where you are and do very well financially again call or write us we’ll teach you some models come to our seminars or find somebody who you respect locally and model them or go to somebody else’s program whatever it takes please get yourself a model that’s how you’ll know what to do for make sure that on an ongoing basis you experience yourself as a giver and I saved this for last because I want you to remember this I believe that the bottom line of financial success comes from your believing in your gut that you deserve everything that you’ve got in your life now that may sound egotistical but the reality is you got to feel like you deserve it or it won’t stay you won’t attract it my way of generating that I deserve it came in many ways number one I deserve it because I’m alive just as much as I deserve to grow mentally emotionally and my relationships and my intellect all those things I think I deserve to grow so why would finances be any different in addition I deserve it because I’m a giver because I always tried to give much more than I would expect back these tapes are an example I hope you can feel I’m trying to give you 10,000 percent of myself at each and every time here I’m committed to giving you get much much more a hundred times more a minimum of ten times more than you’ve invested in this program and I know for a fact if you’re really been listening at you agree with me the bottom line is by knowing you’re always trying to give much more you feel like whatever comes back yeah hey I’ve earned it I deserve it and it’s great now some people might say well you shouldn’t have to earn it you should just accept it well that’s a great strategy to do if that works for you do whatever works but make sure that you give so you got to take at least 10% of what you earn and give it away minimum now some people say well Tony when I make more money then I’ll give 10% who are you getting what do you think is harder to give a dime out of a dollar or a hundred thousand out of a million trust me the hundred thousand will feel quite a bit different than the dime out of the dollar if you don’t develop the habits now you certainly won’t do it when the numbers get bigger listen go get yourself a book simple book it’s called the richest man in bad by George claisen it’s a very old classic very small you can read it in a short time it’s like a series of short stories that’ll teach you how to use money through allegory it’ll teach you three basic principles one it’ll teach you no matter how much money you make or don’t make take 10% of it and give it away immediately why it doesn’t say this but this is what I believe when you give away a percentage of what you have it teaches your subconscious mind that there’s more than enough boy that’s a great belief to install cuz once it believes that your subconscious mind will create that reality in your life it makes you feel like a giver and we all deserve to have that feeling of pleasure of being a giver not a taker – it’ll tell you to take 10% of what you earn and use it to reduce your debts payoff mastercharge Visa Arnold’s linoleum whatever it takes and 3 take 10% and save it up to invest no matter how small it is you can’t believe what some of the investments are that are available out there there are things that take almost no money you could get started with and begin to build your wealth but make sure you give and here’s the fifth step that I want you to take to really condition yourself for wealth and move to the next level and that is create experiences with money to create tremendous pleasure and joy for yourself and the people around you give to yourself be willing to really do that and watch your financial picture change in other words you can’t expect to work that hard make a lot of money and then never get any pleasure out of it just put it in CDs or just invested or just give it away and never feel that direct connection of pleasure your brain won’t do it forever so you might take a certain amount of your money and it’s just mad money you’re just gonna go out and do stupid fun things that maybe in the past used to make yourself wrong for you’re gonna go play that’s play money and if you do that you can’t believe it’ll happen you’re panicle you had us make some more money we can have some more play some more pleasure and to enhance your life in virtually every way remember if you have financial abundance it’s because you deserve it if you’ve lived by your values and you’ve truly given yourself each day try to ad major value to other people’s lives and you’ve had a decent vehicle you will develop financial abundance you’ll have financial access now the challenge with that is what people thinks when they hear excess is too much but in this case you’ve got to realize that your excess is the result of you giving much more than what’s even shown up it’s a great scorecard for the value you’ve added in other people’s lives and as a result you have even more on your own as well there is no need to create limits on yourself let yourself grow well beyond your past limits and create the abundance you deserve here’s your assignment for today you got got another assignment we’re on a roll from past assignment is this as you turn the tape off let me give you a ten day challenge I know I’ve given you some daily challenges like your morning questions but just for 10 days and start it today would you be willing to take a minute or two and begin to condition your mind for financial possibility by doing the following writing down simply three ideas on how to make money three new ideas either something that already exists that you haven’t been paying attention to before or a brand new idea a concept for a service or a business or an investment or a possibility or an invention anything at all and let me give you one caveat maybe a bunch of your ideas won’t be worthwhile who cares how many ideas do you need to be able to create financial abundance one or two good ones that’s it and that’s all you need is one so if you did this for 10 days you’ll have 30 ideas at the end of 10 days plus you’ll have done something else you’ll have established a conditioned mental pattern or habit of looking for financial opportunity and you certainly deserve that if you keep looking you’re liable to find something and if you find something you’re liable to follow through and if you follow through you’re liable to make some major money and then you want to focus on money you’ll be able to just have that abundance and be able to focus on whatever you hold is most important now so go for [Music]

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  • "God's wealth is circulating in my life. His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires and goals are met instatanouesly, for I am one with God and God is everything."

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  • You do not chase Money!! It will become elusive like chasing and catching a beautiful butterfly "You Attract Money and Financial Independence and even Wealth by becoming the person that you become!! "Also If you are going to Earn or even Create Money!! You need as Tony Says in his other Videos "Ask better Questions?" and "Take Massive Action" Whether you are an "Employee" or even an "Entrepreneur!" Also All Wealthy and Successfully People "Pay Themselves First!" they take 10% of their Income and save it away and the best thing is you do not miss this money!! This is one of The Laws of the Universe and works all the time. Whether you are personally aware of therm or not!!

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  • After writing down all the things I’m missing out on I could literally do nothing but cry… like I’m missing out on my life. FUCK THIS! I deserve a lot better and this is really a powerful exercise.

  • This video helped me to realize that I have a deep link between money & unwanted responsibility. That’s why I associated having money with pain because I saw responsibility as pain. Seeing my parents siting at the kitchen table paying bills and looking stressed when I was a kid and teenager made me shy away from money because I linked it with too much responsibility. So now I know what kind of cycle I have to break.

  • Trust me I do not fear making more money and having the comforts of not worrying where my next meal is coming from, how I am going to pay my bills or my friends will be uncomfortable around me because I am happy and want to share with them, triple dog dare you to make me eat these words. I will cry myself to sleep on my pillow of 100 dollar bills if your right.

  • We are not all equal in our opportunities. That is such a privileged white male thing to say. I agree with almost everything that you put out but this one is wrong. How can any person in this country actually believe that we literally all start with the same starting point and have an equal amount of challenges?

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