Top 10 Jackass Movie Stunts

these guys do it so you don’t have to welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten jackass movie stunts from torture porn to astonishing flips and tricks these are the most memorable stunts from the Jackass Chronicles but big screen exploits only number 10 beehive limo want to feel the buzz of Fame take a ride in this honeycomb nightmare after several members of the gang are told they’ve been invited to a photo shoot they jump in a limo and start to casually cruise along but little do they know BAM and Knoxville are waiting to launch a horde of bees through the sunroof oh and the doors are locked and you better watch those marbles as well number nine fishhooking steve-o by piercing a fishhook through his cheek and throwing himself out to sea steve-o becomes live flailing bait for what lies beneath which by the way is sharks I can’t believe on fishes for sharks this steve-o is my baby like a dream come true seriously even by steve-o standards this is brutal [Music] first number 8 riot control test although there are plenty of fear-induced tears throughout jackass this one is particularly memorable this shenanigan has Knoxville standing off against a beanbag shotgun round which is designed to immobilize rioters Knoxville is if he’d Knoxville goes in there dude a french kissin on the one hand you have explosive tension but on the other you have excruciating pain I think he’s hurt either way this is still one of Knoxville’s finer moments that was great okay then we’re good number seven anaconda ball pit I know I know this is one of those moments where we realize Knoxville isn’t just one for glossy showmanship after jumping into a ball pit with an anaconda he dances around and provokes the snake into biting constricting and pretty much trying to kill him combine Johnny’s blood-soaked arms infectious laugh and the daunting presence of the snake and this is one for the album asabi lot number six wasabi snoot errs we never thought wasabi could be any less appetizing until this stopping off for a quick fix me up steve-o requests some of the Japanese delicacy and casually starts to brown it mash it up and lay it into a neat line then to no one’s surprise he snorts it up his nose what happens when you snort wasabi what do you think number five the poo cocktail supreme we have seen many faeces related stunts on jackass but this one takes the cake just relax and enjoy your shit after strapping himself into a porta potty steve-o is launched in the air using bungee cords remember that time you stared into the abyss of what was in those wretched things well it’s no match for gravity even though steve-o is at the epicenter of this poo volcano bystanders on the ground still feel a bit of an aftershock number four golf course airhorn it’s simple childish and the perfect weapon for pissing off some golfers for this juvenile prank Knoxville in the gang hide of a tee off waiting for their victims to be mid-swing before they unleash the golfers growing rage coupled with the guys biting their lips to hold back the laughter are so hilarious it makes us want to give it a go oh yeah and the guy who flips out and throws his golf club genius number three the Toro Trotter this one seems like a weird rendition of something from the Saw movies [Music] the bouncing deathtrap sees a bull running rabbit around a ring as the guys play seesaw as if entering a bullring wasn’t gnarly enough we get to see the guys kicking off the ground just in time to feel the bull glide beneath them of course it wouldn’t be jackass unless they got caught [Music] number two the toy car now I’m looping up the little toy car because I’m going to put it in my book this one’s arguably less of a stunt and more of an elaborate prank after an apparently wild party Ryan Dunn is left sitting on a hospital slab as a doctor discovers a toy car has been shoved up his butt that’s something expert I would have known if I ate that naturally the doctor seems a bit baffled but done plays it casual and walks out with his head held high x-ray in hand I’m steve-o and this is the fart bag before we unveil our favorite jackass done here are some honorable mentions [Music] [Music] [Laughter] my cornhole [Music] [Music] there’s a total smiley face dude number one the high-five this gem proves the jackass boys have not yet run out of ideas the combo of spontaneity we men and unsuspecting victims makes for a slap in the face of gargantuan proportions our dominions of friend acts as the catalyst for the prank waiting to hand out harmless high fives but fortunately for us they get more than a what up bro greeting and poor Aaron with the soup do you agree with our list what do you think is the craziest jackass done for more epic top tens published daily be sure to subscribe to [Music]

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