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– Hey guys, it’s Dana and
it’s time to talk about money and in this video, I
wanted to share with you the top 10 professions, jobs,
careers of millionaires, so let’s talk about that. (cash register rings) Okay, so this year my oldest
daughter started middle school, so it’s a big transition, elementary school to middle school. She has lockers and she’s
got to switch classes, they have eight periods throughout the day and it’s a big change
from elementary school, so she’s been asking me a lot
of questions about career. About a job, how can she get into college, so we’ve been having a
lot of these discussions, which made me think that this would be a really good video topic for those of you who are maybe
thinking to switch careers or maybe you have a child
who’s about to go to college or you’re about to go to college. Or maybe you’re just curious, because I find this topic fascinating. So I have heard from
several different people what the top careers are, and I take notes so that way I can share it with my kids and hopefully help them out and you might be thinking that the top career of millionaires is an athlete, a sports
athlete or a movie star, and that is actually not the case. The majority of millionaires are people who make on average under $100,000 a year in their working lifetime, and it might surprise you but usually they just have certain personality
traits across the board, such as they’re very hardworking,
and they are risk averse and they’re very frugal. They like to just put money away. They definitely invest, but they invest in very
boring, simple things such as their 401K, but
they’re persistent with it. They put money away every
single month, every year. They just continue to do it and so they end up becoming millionaires, and there’s a lot more out
there than you probably think. So let’s start at the top, okay? I like to start at the
top, just so that way, if you don’t want to watch
the rest of the video, that’s fine. So at the very top is Chris Hogan’s “Everyday Millionaire” book. They did a study of 10,000 millionaires and according to them, the
top three jobs of millionaires are number one is engineer. That is the number one
profession of millionaires. Number two is teacher, which
might really surprise you, because a lot of people think teachers, they don’t make a lot of money, but they just, I guess
’cause of their personality, they’re millionaires, teachers. Who’d have thought? And then number three is accountant, so yay, I was very
excited to make the list. So accountants, not surprising,
are good with money. Usually they’re detail oriented and so that’s the top three careers according to Chris Hogan’s
“Everyday Millionaire” book where they interviewed
10,000 millionaires. Now next up, I wanted
to go over the careers that I had written down in my notes that I heard from Tom Stanley’s
“Millionaire Next Door” book and he talks a lot about
how important it is to have a profession
that has the potential for self employment. And because the majority of
millionaires are in business, they’re self employed, and they own their own businesses so having some kind of career
that you can work for others or do it on your own, is a win win, right? So number one on that list is attorney. If you are an attorney,
you can specialize, he says, in the book specifically, you should do things that the
wealthy need assistance with. So things like taxes, if
you’re a real estate attorney. An estate attorney is really good because as the population
ages, which they are, there will be more and more
people who need estate attorneys to help them with their estates, so those fields are
particularly good to get into. Next is dentist. Even though I actually had read an article where dental hygienist and dentist, they were among the top professions as far as being dangerous. I guess because you’re putting
fingers in people’s mouths and you’re exposed to germs. I was like, oh my gosh, dental hygienist? But, dentist is on the list, top professions of millionaires. Next is physician’s assistant. Physician’s assistants, that
is a fantastic career field. I hear a lot about this, but PA’s, they make really good money and the cost of entry is lower. You don’t have to go to school
as long as physicians do and there’s a lot of physicians out there who are completely broke
just from school loans and so yeah, physician assistance. Easier point of entry,
still really great salary. Nursing! I would love it if one of
my kids became a nurse. I think that nursing is
a fantastic career field because you can make a ton of money. You can work as many hours as you want, or as little, really flexible, and no matter where you go, I feel like you can always
get a job as a nurse. I mean, they’re always looking for nurses. Not a long length of time in school. I faint, not really, but I just get really
squeamish if I see blood. I’m just like (groans). I’m not cut out for it and I know this. Even the kids get a little
cut and I just freak out and my husband has to step in. I’m just not good with it, I’m really bad with wounds and such. Real estate. I love real estate. So a real estate agent,
real estate investing. Usually if you’re an agent,
hopefully you’re an investor but real estate agent’s
a great profession. You can make a good amount of money so that’s another one of
millionaires is real estate agent. And then the final two
are two that I heard from Dave Ramsey, on his radio show. So he was talking to callers and I heard him say this,
so I jotted it in my notes. So he said that supply
chain is a fantastic thing for kids to be, or not just kids, anybody, to be graduating with a degree in and that businesses all over
need people with logistics or supply chain background, and that that’s a
fantastic career field too. And then lastly, I heard him discussing just business analytics
or finance in general as another fantastic career to enter into. If you are attending
college at the moment, those are two things that
he suggested were good. So, that is the 10
careers of millionaires, careers that you might not have
thought of, not all of them. I also like to tell the kids anything that’s service oriented. Electricians, plumbers, contractors. I think those are excellent as well because again, if you show up on time, if you dress professionally,
if you can speak clearly, you can make such a good
income, such a good income and I suggest that as well because, like I said, that’s also flexible and there’s always a need,
there’s always a need. And overall, no matter what
career field you’re in, just always try to do your
best to look for ways to serve. How can you be of service,
how can you best help? That’s always my advice because then, no matter what career you’re in, if you think from that perspective, then you can usually move
ahead, you can shine, you can advance your
career and your salary if you are coming from a place
of trying to do your best as far as helping to be of value, okay? Alright, so hopefully you’ll
be a millionaire one day if you’re not already. If you have any other careers that you advise to your children, then please leave them
down below in the comments or if you have a career
that you recommend, that you really enjoy and that you have found a
lot of millionaire coworkers to be amongst you, please leave that down below and I am here every single Tuesday so if it’s your first time
here, be sure to subscribe. I talk all about money. We’re a family of six living
in the Philadelphia area and I’ll talk to you guys next week, bye.

26 thoughts on “Top 10 Millionaire Jobs

  • This is an important video. Thank you for making it! I will show it to my grandson who entered middle school this year.And I am so happy that you also said what I believe is truly the key to success: it's sometimes not how much we make but how much we save….really the key to what Dave Ramsey is saying to us. I recently retired (71 years old) and it was because I saved intensively for the past 7 years. And most importantly, the skills I learned from a savings based lifestyle (that you promote so well) are really helping me to continue (that's right…I said continue) to have a savings based lifestyle….even in retirement! In fact, my motto , since I retired (on 9/1) is "wealth building "! Sincere thanks for your wonderful videos. I look forward to them.

  • I think we should change the definition of a millionaire. You should not be able to count retirement savings because you can’t spend it. We should count people who have a million dollars in non-retirement funds. I know I’m probably alone in this thinking. Love your videos.

  • Yes for engineers, married one and our boys are currently studying to become one. Many financial bloggers/YouTubers seem to be engineers and millionaires and have retired early. If you are math/science minded, it is the best career.

  • My husband works in water treatment. He currently works for another company but eventually the goal is to start our own. He is gaining experience and knowledge so that he can get his licenses. Making about 35k a year right now but in most places around the US water treatment technicians are badly needed so there is a lot of opportunity to make good money by going out on your own. He's already gotten his wastewater operator license, soon he can go for his drinking water license. It will take some time before he's ready to be doing this on his own but it'll happen eventually 👍👍👍

  • IT Administrators as well. Whether it’s hardware or software there is good income potential. It’s definitely a field that is always hiring.

  • I should send this video to my niece. I have nothing against her college major but it definitely will not lead her on the path to millionaire anytime soon.

  • I wanted to be a nurse because I love that they are always needed and can work part time/full time and lots of different places and you can leave for 10 years and come back to the career but I hate blood and open wounds so… I went a different way. 🙂

  • one of the local dentists here in Perry county made over $600,000. He make so much money that he milked the system and got food stamps and medical benefits from our state welfare system. He used the system and finally got caught! He is truly a schmuck!

  • Hi Dana! I especially liked the point about finding something to work at that you can do for others or independently. Freedom should never be undervalued.

  • I would also like to be a nurse but I can't deal with blood either. My husband is finishing his studies in engineering hopefully that means we can also end up being millionaires.

  • Dana- Thank you so much for your videos. So glad I found you. My son is currently in graduate school and the University he is attending hired him on to teach composition classes as he continues his education with aspirations to be a college professor. So happy to hear teacher on your list 🙂

  • Love this. Read the book millionaire teacher, it's amazing. Sometimes it's better to go to a Trade school instead of ending up with a load of student loans. Most trades make six figures without a traditional four year degree.

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