Top 10 Roblox Servers You Shouldn’t Play On

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today’s list of the Top 10 Scary Roblox Servers You Shouldn’t Play On #10 Escape Detention
This scary Roblox server is a horror game created by a user named King Jason 7 and revolves
around players trying to escape detention. Whats scarier than finding yourself in detention
you ask? Well you must first complete a series of interactive puzzles just to move into the
next room. To ramp things up though the puzzle pieces become integral in helping you unlock
your way to freedom. Plus the servers creator has added a lair of security lasers, intruders
and other components to the game that will send you right back to square one if you cross
them. Forcing you to come up with imaginative ways to escape such as crawling through a
dark ventilation system. #9 The Infection
The game has become infamous amongst Roblox players and was built by a user called Jared
Valdez 4. However the server was shut down due to a number of controversial issues. At
the start of the game it will randomly select 3 players to be zombies. Everyone else become
human survivors that must do their best to stay alive. Although there’s more than just
zombies, a poisonous gas is closing in quickly forcing players to retreat into smaller areas
of the map. The most terrifying part of this game is that just like their human enemies,
the zombies will also collect points to upgrade throughout the game. Which means when youre
one of the only remaining people left youll be crying for your momma as a super powerful
horde of zombies try to rip your limbs off. #8 Flee The Facility
This survival type horror game was created by A. W. Apps and has garnered over 700 million
visits. The server only holds 5 people max with the objective being to hack computers
throughout the map to reveal how you can escape the game. While this is going on, one player
will be privately selected as the beast. The beasts sole purpose is to knock out any survivors
with this giant hammer looking thing and then freeze them in pods until their health is
at zero. You can imagine the immense pressure, fear and anxiety this would cause for those
poor 4 players just trying to find a way out. #7 Identity Fraud
This scare-tastic puzzle game was created by team motherboard and involves players attempting
to escape through three complex mazes followed by the ultimate boss fight. The intro alone
is absolutely horrifying. For starters you begin in a doctors office where they tell
your character that they’ve only been doing this for a month or so. This sounds the alarms
in your head that something is wrong with the situation and when the doctor tries to
poison you that’s when the beginning of your escape happens. Following your nervous navigation
through the three mazes you will be met by a monster named James. James will charge at
the player anytime they move within their line of sight. #6 Zombie Tower
Unlike the majority of these scary Roblox servers this one actually follows a story.
Players must venture to a tall stone tower that houses a ton of zombies and do their
very best at exterminating them all. While there may be no scary bosses in this game
its the unknown amount of levels to this tower that begins the daunting and terrifying task
of eliminating the undead. Whats worse is youre pretty limited with your firepower.
The creator gives you a colt M19-11 pistol which only holds 14 bullets per magazine and
a sword. You will inevitably come across other weapons throughout the tower, but with a max
of 7 players it’ll be difficult to make it past the first floor. #5 Unknown Demise
This scary server was created by a user named Super Fighter back in 2011. In the game each
player works as a detective attempting to collect six pieces of evidence hidden throughout.
The tricky thing is that each player can only hold one piece of evidence at a time. To up
the fear factor you have demons and ghosts haunting certain areas and if you’re caught
by any of them its back to the lobby for you. Thus making the collection of evidence even
more daunting than before. I mean they at least give you a stun gun to ward off some
of these oncoming attackers, but that certainly wont calm your anxiety. Once you’ve collected
the evidence you must bring them back to the truck, but again all six pieces have to be
there in order to escape with your life. #4 The Stalker
The Stalker is another super popular horror genre game in Roblox created by a user named
Clone Trooper 1019. Players will be split into two camps. You’re either a stalker or
a combine. The stalkers are essentially the main players of the game. A stalker is practically
invisible but can be caught by seeing the silhouette of their outlines. Their goal is
to eliminate all of the combines, an extremely difficult task. When the stalker is chosen
their screen is blurred out, so just because you’re invisible doesn’t necessarily mean
its going to be easier for you. The combines also referred to as Unit 8 are trying to defeat
the stalker by using a bountiful arsenal of upgrades and weapons. Suffice it to say this
is one scary roblox server you shouldn’t play on. #3 Shot In The Dark
If the name doesn’t scare you away lets delve into the finer details to stir up some fear
and anxiety. This horror game was created by a group called Paradox and actually has
many layers to it. For starters the first portion of the game – shot in the dark – involves
a player being randomly chosen, given a gun and presented with a choice. You can either
reveal the gun and kill someone abruptly, or kill someone secretly. The next game mode
is then called Who Did it – this is where after the murder takes place each player must
now vote against their friends to determine who is the killer in the group. Lastly it
all comes to an end with their final game mode called Russian Roulette. Each player
takes turns pointing a gun at their head and firing off a round with each hoping their
chamber is empty. The game saw over 2 million visits but has since been deleted by Roblox
due to this final controversial game mode. Many fans have contested this and thus it
has led to some controversy with many even threatening to quit Roblox all together. #2 The High School Horror
Ramping things up with this one. This Roblox horror game was created by a user called Emo
Red Kid and involves players attempting to solve the mystery of a high school massacre
to win. Just reading the plot for this game will make you want to never play it. When
the players are taken to the school, a character named Mike tutors them in an evening club.
As he is doing so the power suddenly goes out and each of the students are brutally
butchered in the post shocking ways possible. To add to your already clammy hands the lights
will flicker as something called the beast arrives forcing the kids to run for the gymnasium.
Players will have to locate hidden keys to navigate their way through the maze of the
school all while trying to figure out who is responsible. #1 Slender Mans Revenge
Were sure you can already imagine what awaits you in a game called Slender Mans revenge,
as if slender man alone wasnt scary enough. Now known as Slender Mans Revenge Reborn this
game was created by Zoidberg 656 back in 2012. Since its inception it has garnered over 20
million visits. Players must defend each other from the slender man as it randomly chases
and attacks players in the game. Its the jump scares that will really get to you more than
anything else and the randomness of it all. Slender Man not only has the element of surprise
though he is also much faster than any of the players. All of this also takes places
in the middle of a forest where you must simply survive for as long as you possibly can. And that has been the Top 10 Scary Roblox
Servers You Shouldn’t Play On. Thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed this
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