Top 10 Secret Societies in Movies

sorry members only welcome to the a welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten secret societies in movies the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club for this list we're choosing the most memorable big screen secret societies some of which are entirely fictional creations while others are based on actual secret societies come with us into liars hell number 10 The Adjustment Bureau The Adjustment Bureau I think that's the Chairman's real clan and maybe one day we won't write the plan The Adjustment Bureau makes sure that everyone follows the plan I didn't want to keep us apart because the plan says so citizens who inadvertently stray from their planned lives are quickly brought back into life or dealt with you're not even a cop Arthur you're one of that on that okay you know someone could have one killed in this romantic sci-fi thriller this Bureau has kept all of mankind on track since the Dark Ages we step back see how you do in your own gave us the dark ages for five centuries and to finally be decided we should come back in so whether a cup of spilled coffee was supposed to make you miss a bus or you were simply meant to wake up a little later than usual this secret society needs you not to stray from what you were supposed to be doing mr. Iman kiss that's all it takes a real kiss that happens every possible adjustment strong enough to break them up and cause ripples over your limit number 9 the fraternity wanted this fraternity is far from a group of drunken frat boys the age-old order from this action-thriller is comprised of an elite group of superhuman assassins that have their secret headquarters in a textile mill a thousand years ago a clan of Weaver's discovered a mystical language hidden in the fabric the fraternity is led by the elderly Sloane who reads the names of assassination targets through errors in the fabric weaved by the loom of fate these murders are supposed to bring balance to the world but just as with many secret societies of its kind things are later revealed to be not as they see any member of this fraternity went rogue cross number 8 Neighborhood Watch Alliance Hot Fuzz and all that remains is to welcome you to the weekly meeting of the neighborhood watch Alliance the neighborhood watch alliance or nwa folks find at the conspiracy about the NWO or New World Order Nicholas this is Tom Weaver civilian liaison with the neighborhood watch Alliance you'll find that we run a very tight ship here it's a more than meets the eye neighborhood watch in the english village of sanford that lives to do everything for the greater good talking about talking about the others lovers the others the nwa have murdered so much so that this alliance of uber upright citizens has taken to killing all manner of social deviants such as vagrants carnies and teenage hoodlums why the nwa needs to maintain Sanford's rep and win the best village award is it anyone who they keep these things secret for the last 20 years the village has been controlled by Frank and the NWA they've evolved everybody to think this is a perfect village and killed anyone who's threatened to change that number 7 Transylvanian Convention the Rocky Horror Picture Show hello the Transylvanian Convention is a psychedelic gathering fueled by intergalactic transsexuality so come up to the lab and see what's on the slab I see you shiver with anticipation this annual meeting is held at the castle of its host mad scientist dr. Frank N Furter who just so happens to be an alien transvestite himself dr. fritters guests dressin sexually charged outlandish costumes for tonight it's night and my beautiful teacher is destined to be to make matters even more interesting dr. Berger is secretly engineering the ultimate muscle man the mostly mute Rocky Horror how is that for a memorable secret society number six the skulls the skulls here we go bow your heads the skull stuff to tell the city Society ends in the university begins this big-screen academic secret society is heavily based on conspiracy theories relating to Yale University's Skull and Bones not just anyone can join the group as it's typically reserved for the sons of social and political elites a direct question direct answer are you a skull are you skull I don't know the skulls possess an intensive initiation process a private ritual room and they make or break future leaders I'm judge Litten Mandrake and on behalf of the council well members are more than willing to kill Outsiders who get too close to their secrets staging these murders as suicides our obligation to the skulls to keep our oaths all would have been ruined because of an accident so we took this accident made it look like a suicide to put it mildly these guys are what you'd call dangerous scholars number five the Priory of Sion the DaVinci Code the Minelli's is right over here the Priory of Sion has a real-life counterpart however this secret society was fictionalized for entertainments sake in this mystery thriller well that's a bit strange isn't it led by a reclusive Grandmaster who just so happens to be the head curator of the Louvre this ancient intellectual organization is dedicated to returning Christianity – it's supposed more feminist origins a theological difference that the Roman Catholic Church allegedly repressed Russia until that moment in history Jesus was viewed by many of his followers as a mighty prophet it's a great and powerful man but a man of the mass a mortal man the group is highly secretive and communicates through a variety of encrypted needs with the murders grandmaster writing his last message in a coded Fibonacci sequence Oh draconian devil all I'm saying this phrase doesn't mean anything not to me number 4 the League of Shadows Batman Begins The Dark Knight Rises the League of Shadows the League of Shadows is a group of assassins determined to make society pure they believe that mankind should always maintain a balance and they are fundamentally devoted to rooting out corruption through it's very destruction you cannot believe this man unless you are prepared to do what is necessary to defeat evil they caused Rome's downfall destroyed medieval kingdoms with the Black Death and now they're bent on eliminating Gotham City has got some Famer discern you will be ideally placed to strike at the heart of criminality Oh God found his time Massacre in Batman Begins Bruce Wayne briefly studied with their leader Ra's al Ghul but quickly turned on him upon discovery of their true aim Ra's al Ghul rescued us from the darkest corners of our own hearts what he asks return is the courage to do what is necessary I will go back to Gotham and I will fight and then like this but I won't got an executioner then that's Batman in the Dark Knight Rises Bruce later has to contend with Roz's legacy when Gotham City is threatened by the league's most powerful fighter Bane your punishment must be more severe number three Fight Club Fight Club gentlemen welcome to Fight Club Fight Club is bent on living on eight rules one quarter of which involved not talking about what they do the first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club what we do know is that the underground society was started to simply allow members to fight each other for the sheer adrenaline rush okay you Tyler Durden as more clubs spread throughout the world these societies become unified under the umbrella of Project Mayhem in Project Mayhem we have no names dedicated to anti materialist and anti corporate sentiments the violent group develops into an extremely well organized political movement and things quickly and surely get outta hand number two Brotherhood of the cruciform sword Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ask yourself why do you see as the cup of Christ this ancient order is committed to preventing the world from finding the Holy Grail used by Jesus during the Last Supper the Holy Grail dr. Jones the chalice used by Christ during the Last Supper the cup caught his blood at the crucifixion in the third indie flick Indiana Jones finds himself not only on the run from Nazis but also from the guardians of this secret society that are intent on assassinating him and why were you trying to kill me the secret of the Grail has been saved for a thousand years and for all that time the Brotherhood of the cruciform sword had been prepared to do anything to keep it safe after a high-speed boat chase in Venice the Brotherhood realizes that India is not their enemy and eventually comes to his aid squaring off against the Nazis in the canyon of the crescent moon before we reveal the secrets of our top pick here are a few honorable mentions don't well those armed is supposed to be about doing something real was all just words to you maybe you don't have to do this all by yourself mate there is a legend of a secret war are born in ancient Egypt called the eye my husband Michael left for the supermarket at a quarter past 9:00 in the morning he was found with no money and no clothes in the East River three days later great to find this article it's written in 2003 published in Time magazine it's all about this thing called the Tarsus Club it which is like a retreat for politicians for corporate leaders people like for over a hundred years Skull and Bones members have included a president vice president's Supreme Court justices congressmen and Senators captains of Science and Industry the very best of America number one unnamed secret society Eyes Wide Shut you will kindly remove your mask the unnamed secret society that holds a gigantic orgy and Eyes Wide Shut pushes our list to the limit you must go who are you it doesn't matter who I am to be part of this group you need to Don a costume and a mask and you must know two passwords so that you can get into one of their exclusive mansion parties good evening password sir for David thank you sir this society has a master of ceremonies possesses formal sexual rituals and its members are supposedly extremely powerful individuals remove your clothes or would you like us to do it for you and while it is inherently about hedonistic sexual pleasures its members are not afraid to intimidate and even potentially kill those that threaten their secrecy let him go take me sexy and deadly it's hard not to forget this secret society from Stanley Kubrick's last film and that's what puts it on top of our list when a promise has been made here there is no turning back do you agree with our list don't you that I don't see you have a choice what are your favorite secret societies in the movies members of the shadows and you betrayed us for more excellent top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to or these guys gonna take your balls

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