Top 5 Most Powerful Alliances in Big Brother

round four begins now I'm looking and see al I have no idea what this works rock solid a well-oiled machine an absolute unit these are all descriptions you would use when talking about the most powerful most successful alliance in bigbrother history the regulator's you have Keith the shot-caller Cassie the siren Dominic the point man and Lewan how could you forget Lewan the self-sabotaging assassin starting day one they made it all the way to the final four and my own vote of six to four nine to zero seven two one six to zero Keith Cassie Dominic the one you are evicted for the Big Brother house Keith's angels and enemies welcome my name is per diem and let's talk about the most powerful alliances in Big Brother history besides the regulator's of course there have been a metric ton of alliances in Big Brother so much so it's sometimes difficult to differentiate where one starts and another ends and then how exactly do define being the most powerful as I put in the title is it overall placement number of affiliates votes controlled comp wins or what about all of those to make this video more interesting and not just more of the same I'm gonna make one major caveat to the term alliance I'm not gonna be including alliances that were just merely duo's as in two people because if I did I can already tell you the top three and while I do think there's a fun discussion to be had there I'm more interested in looking at a larger group beyond the realm of just BFFs and no one else so that does mean no chill town no renegades the Hitman half a Big Brother thirteen eighteen or all of Big Brother six I want to find the most powerful groupings legitimate groupings not the Foley gence of Doom or the silent six nor alliances that lasted like three weeks and then fell apart the moment they faced a little adversity or in our turmoil heaven forbid actual alliances that held together that proved then they say is wrong that dominated the game as best they could so without further ado i crunched the numbers these are the top five most powerful alliances in Big Brother history may their unwavering loyalty and writing and dying be forever remembered number five a wise man once said if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it's probably the fifth most powerful alliance yet the quack path from Big Brother 14 yes that was actually what they said and that was the actual name of the Alliance we can do on name hold on let me just say guess I'm quack pack nope duck squad no duck tail no does have anything to do duck no but I do like the quack packet kind of like that through the crack pack yeah we can just do this that can be our symbol freakin quack pack I will say before I get into the weeds of this video the difference between what I believe of the top five most powerful alliances is overall a pretty slim margin across the board in the case of the quack pack you would think an alliance of five people that managed to get four of them in the top four and the last one in eighth would be somewhere higher than maybe fifth but I would say fifth is actually pretty damn good in the overall scheme of the series of the show and also just looking at the board in the top floor the competition is pretty tough as far as my personal opinion goes I love the quack pack they dominated the end game of BB 14 had an eclectic group of different players that really gelled together when the going got tough Dan definitely plotted to remove Ian as soon as possible as he was sort of the fifth wheel but against his best wishes Ian held firm and said no no Dan I will take her to the final two and I will beat you whether you like it or not that is totally how it went down as far as the power of the quack back when they had 14 competitions across the board which is really impressive and they really only lost Brittany in eighth place because they had no other choice they also worked with two affiliates in boogie and Frank in the pre jury to create a separate alliance called a silent six now I don't have them hire for a very small reason believe or not winning 14 competitions while it does sound impressive is actually on the low end of this top five but it is on the high end of the overall scheme of alliances and Big Brother and while I don't think it's vital to win competitions I do need something differentiate between the top five likewise I do find it more impressive when an alliance forms earlier in the season and for the quack pack they began in week four out of ten as opposed to some alliances which started much earlier a lot of the post jury drama and BB 14 was around this Alliance somehow staying together in spite of Dan slicing and dicing his way to the top and it the rest of them look a little too precious for my liking don't get me wrong they were very powerful and very successful but I think the top four stood out a little more to me number four the fourth most powerful alliance in Big Brother history with 18 competition wins an average placement of 4.6 and only one incorrect vote cast all season it's one of the most well known alliances in Big Brother history the detonators and you're probably about a surprised as I am that I didn't have them higher in this list so what's five we're gonna be like we're gonna be set in stone with the name I love it yeah yeah we need this right now exciting this is exciting let's knock this up swine let's just name is that jiggly Jokers you like that's so stupid jiggling Japanese why do we find Christine you got it baby how about the detonators Oh for those of you don't remember the detonators were an alliance of five from Big Brother 16 who were Derrick Cody Frankie Christine and Zach and they managed to get 1st 2nd 5th 6th and 9th overall some people consider Caleb in this group but technically speaking he wasn't he was actually just in the dark thinking there were still a different Alliance the bomb squad but the bomb squad blew up thanks to Devin and then later Caleb enamors drama so the rest of them picked up the pieces informed the 4th most powerful alliance ever the detonators are well known for controlling pretty much every single elimination on their way to the end with only a few minor obstacles along the way now I personally have them above the quack pack because they won more competitions exercised more control or able to lose one of their own to their own benefit and they formed around the same time as the quacks but managed to mostly stay together in a larger cast it's season they did have the same serious drama with Frankie and Zach at one point I don't think that helped them in my estimation but they worked out the kinks where it mattered most to keep each of their 5 in the top eight until the battle back at least what they managed to achieve as a group was incredibly impressive they set records for level of control but I do still think three did even more number three now this next one might truly be a blindside for some of you out there to my estimation the third most powerful alliance ever goes to drumroll please the scamper squad from Big Brother 17 a group consisting of Steve Liz Vanessa Austin and Julia forming in week 3 originally known as freaks and geeks but CBS didn't let that fly so instead they scampered what about the free keema geeks I like the freaky geek squad the scamper squad many attribute the level of dominance to the original Alliance the sixth sense which includes Shelli and clay and didn't include Steve but the scamper squad similar to the detonators formed like a hardened steel being crafted through the trials and tribulations of the weaker earlier moulds that is to say Clell ease poor social games brought the sixth sense it down a notch whereas dumping them for Steve proved to only boost their power in the end also not for nothing Steve on the season that doesn't hurt their stats either believe it or not the Stamper Scott also won a total of eighteen competitions from the moment they formed in week three until the finale tying the record with the detonators the scammers had an overall higher level of placement given all five of them made up the top six while the scampers did vote incorrectly more than any other Alliance in this top five and similar to the detonators in the quack pack also targeted each other at several points in the season what matters most is that they ultimately held firm either in spite of or because of their level of dominance to reach the end I wouldn't be crazy if I said that this was probably the ugliest path to victory for any of the alliances in this top five but it was pretty damn unpredictable all things considered and by the way they also did this amidst the largest cast in bigbrother history having the smallest most powerful alliance of this top five in relation to the number of people that they were up against in their cast when I first started making this list I wasn't entirely expecting to have them at number three but I gotta give credit where it's due is the scamper squad did it number two you might say I'm calling this one a little too early but the truth is I think the top two are far and away the two most powerfully dominant alliances in all Big Brother and the numbers are all here to back them up I could honestly make a case for my number two being my number one but in truth I do think that what I just said is probably pretty important to consider it may be a little too early for having them at number one the second most powerful alliance in Big Brother history is level six from Big Brother 20 so the group name is beau thick okay and this is this is our our camping shake so it was everyone goes be like a jackal though so go first dude yes okay 1 2 3 yes believe me I didn't expect them to be this strong either but they are they really are so let's get the big pink elephant out of the room first the biggest drawback to their dominance is that they lost both Winston and Rachel in the pre jury that wasn't great but in some weird never-before-seen way that actually improved their alliance to a dramatic degree prior to jury this alliance of six only won three competitions and they were all won by the same person the other 5 members were basically just furniture and in the process of losing all of these competitions they had two of their members get taken out causing their overall placement to be brought down a lot like a 6.50 total overall placement which is twice as bad as the number one on this list you can kind of see why I didn't feel comfortable putting them at number one so getting that out of the way that is the blaring negative however in losing those two members and Winston and Rachel they somehow turned it all around and completely blitzed the rest of the season like no other from winning three competitions to winning 2020 are you kidding me congratulations Angela [Applause] all four members one something and really the level of power was split across the board likewise having three affiliate members who all were able to do something amidst the season in JC Sam and Caitlyn only proved to bolster their control as well as the fact that they never not once voted in correctly all season between all six of them and unlike the other three alliances thus far in this video they began on week one with for their members making up the final six I understand that people are gonna argue recency bias and even though they are from a more recent season I would actually argue that only makes me more confident in this placement given their level of control is really fresh in my mind sure their opposition was mincemeat but then I would argue that most Big Brother players are mincemeat regardless of this season they were on the level of control and and sheer dominance from a vote to vote week to week in Big Brother 20 it was all there accentuated yes but they're nonetheless number one I'm not even gonna draw this one out it's the brigade from Big Brother 12 okay and with that done I will see you guys in the next video no no okay okay we need to talk about the original most dominant Alliance to ever exist as some of you know I had the pleasure of watching the brigade play out live day by day as BB 12 was the first season I ever watched including the live feed to which I was glued and let me just tell you the brigade were so incredibly in control of everything from the very first week just like rockstars daughter's birthday I can't even but I will that's the Beast he's the animal the brains meow-meow I mean what's what's the name with squad name wooden teeth like I thought the brigade with a bow you down with that I like it beast brigade animal brains it's like what I hate you it goes against my greatest instincts right now to say that I trust anybody but I do I got this gut feeling that these guys got my back I'm gonna venture to say we're in the strongest alliance in Big Brother history hayden Lane Enzo and Matt formed in week one of Big Brother 12 already off to a strong start they each set out to form sub alliances or have affiliates as I call them within the Alliance that everyone knew about Lane head Brittany Hayden head Kristen and Matt head Regan heck at one point even Hayden and Enzo head Brendan they used these extra players as buffers from any chance of being put up together so in the event that they were on the Block not only would they not be up together they would be able to control the votes against the affiliate instead of the core member crazy enough despite the impressive comp wins we saw with the other four alliances in this video the brigade didn't really steamroll in this department they mostly just won when they needed to because they didn't really always need to they only won nine competitions in the entire season but at the same time they never once cast an incorrect vote and three of their members reached the final three with only Matt falling shy of the top four due to circumstance I mean yes the brigade did strongly consider outing him earlier for fear he may turn on them but he never did or really intended to and was taken out only when sitting next to one of their own the brilliant thing about the brigade is you have four corps members three of them go out and get the side Alliance and the side Alliance is loyal to the member who has brought them in you were in the house with 13 people and you control seven votes you run the entire house it doesn't matter who you put up they controlled the boat they have the highest overall average placement of any Alliance but really beyond the numbers they all managed to just dominate the season start to finish even when their opposition won HOH they were never really in trouble I mean partially thanks to the diamond power of veto of course while big alliances have existed in Big Brother since the very beginning I think there's something to be said about how numbers two through five in this video all came to exist after the brigade not before it truly I think they set the stage for this level of dominance from an alliance of at least four strong they struck fear into so many seasons afterward wondering if the second coming of a brigade was ever on the horizon and I don't blame them my suspicions were confirmed Brigade alternate the blonde number five what you guys didn't know about was a legitimate secret alliance in the house called the brigade that was formed between Matt Enzo Hayden and Lane and with that that is where I'm gonna leave this top five most powerful alliances in Big Brother history so from one Big Brother superfan to another what do you guys think about this top five do you agree with my list do you disagree who would you remove or put in this top five instead not including duos mind you and did I purposefully leave the friendship off this list I actually didn't and I would probably have them at number six but this is the top five regardless one day I will get to talking about dynamic duo's but for now my name is pretty I'm saying thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to make a final – deal with me on your way out and I will see you in the next one once I totally betray that vote you out at the final three and then losing the final two because surprise I'm not very good at this whole management thing congratulations Josh [Applause] now I'm bored for this I'm ten steps ahead baby

48 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Powerful Alliances in Big Brother

  • Detonators are better than the bomb squad because Devin controlled the bomb squad and he played a terrible game and Caleb and Amber had their own drama that they couldn’t deal with

  • As much as I hated them, didnt the Nerd Herd from BB6 do really well? I always think they are in my top 5. Again, even though I hated them. They came in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 9th.

  • the ''brigade''… oh God no….no….NO. BB20 was AMAZING !!! Level 6 was insanly good, they kept winning with no power… just ..the manipulation… the genuine friendship and connection… I have no words for their brilliance !!!!! … And I've been watching since season 1… watching feeds from the moment they were available… I've seen it all and BB20's Level 6 was the best in all 20 seasons (including BBOTT)

  • I disagree with #3… while they were okay, they had a lot of issues. I'd put them #6, bump everything else up and put the friendship at #5

    even tho i don't like the friendship

  • I mean technically chill town was more than 2 people in all stars as boogie let all of them into chill town 😉

  • No offense your list is so flawed. Even though it was an unpopular alliance The Friendship should be number 2 or 1.

  • I don't think Level 6 should be counted as they were playing against a group that really had no clue how to play. I really hate #bb20 😒


  • The Friendship should be #1.  They were the most solid of any alliance ever.  And that translates to power.

  • Chilltown was an alliance (in BB2 they were 3 people). The alliance has 2 winners. The Brigade was the most boring alliance ever. They just sat and watched the rest of the house go after itself until they made f6.

  • U should make a case why Victoria (from season 16) is one of the smartest players of her season or like ever

  • I just realized that at 10:55 rockstar said 30×60=1200. I knew she was a moron, but I didn't think any adult could be as stupid as that.

  • Level 6's level of dominance was up there…but they also were up against some of the worst players in BB history.

  • Level 6 was essentially The Brigade part 2 that I had been dying to see for years. All of the fail alliances after The Brigade's season were so disappointing.

  • Nice video, though I would put Level 6 on first place.

    I think competition wins are very important and I didn't find the Brigade that charismatic, I don't know… I didn't quite like that whole season actually (specially Britney, she annoys the hell out of me every time I see her).
    Also, they were a little lucky with Brandon and Rachael being a couple and having conflicts with about at least 3 other people (not in the alliance) which helped them fly under the radar for some time.
    I know lvl 6 were a little lucky as well with how silly Fessy was and maybe Kaitlyn too (though that's arguably more credit to how Tyler managed to manipulate her) but anyway, that only involves two outside people.

    It's just more fun to watch an alliance dominate through lots of wins and still be able to pull out blindsides (even on opponents' hohs).
    Level 6 were just so fun to watch… 1st hoh coming together, chilling, then trouble, but wait! blindside, little more trouble but yet another blindside, hoh, veto, blindeside, hacker comp, hoh, veto, hoh, veto, hoh, veto,…. And the two core members of it made it to final 2. They made a great season. 🙂

  • You didn’t even mention the ACTUAL Top Duo in your introduction.. Coast2Coast (Tyler & Kaycee).

    The amount of comp. wins plus the control of the house… the duo itself was in a top alliance without anyone in the alliance knowing their allegiance to each other and they made final two. Kaycee is considered a legend cause of her Jury management and never had blood on her hands ever including a hacker win. Tyler mastered playing both sides and even with a big target on his back he had a power app to remove him from the block that he never had to use. I been watching Big Brother for a while (14yrs) and even the popular duo of Chill Town doesn’t come close.. especially since they never made final 2 and didn’t come close to as many comp wins.

  • can you make top 5 most kindest moves in big brother including donny taking off jocasta in bb16

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