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hey guys that card slider here welcome to another episode of halo top 5 the series where I kind of unsurprisingly count down the top 5 of something within the Halo universe and today we were looking at the five strongest ships used by the Covenant if after getting to the end of this video you found that you've enjoyed it make sure to give it a like and subscribe because next time we're gonna be counting down the five best Spartans so a few rules for this list just before we get started in the first is that I'm including ships from before during and after the human covenant war used either by the main covenant factions or the splinter groups secondly I have used my discretion when making this list and have emitted ships which only appear once or which only are described very vaguely so for example there's a covenant cruiser a very large one that appears in the fall of reach book but isn't really described or mentioned later so I've admitted that one with that being said let's jump right into the list and number five is the Brigantine a ship introduced in Halo 5 that was iffy about if I wanted to include this ship or not on one hand it actually appears in Halo 5 you can see it on in the background on the other hand we don't know exactly how powerful it is but in the end I figured I somehow needed to represent the new ships introduced in Halo 5 including this one the Brigantine and then the man-of-war and the character class Brigantine is an old ship it was first to use hundreds of years before the human covenant war and for pretty much the entirety of the war it was completely obsolete however after the war and of course after the covenant schism which left much of their fleet and their ships destroyed the Brigantine was upgraded and brought up to modern standards and you would think that this would make it quite a powerful ship because as I said it's almost seven kilometers long so although we don't really know a whole lot about it just to do its sheer size and the fact that it has been upgraded the Brigantine is the fifth strongest ship used by the Covenant number four was a close one and I couldn't decide between the ship that I ended up picking and the DDS class carrier the DDS was a very heavy covenant warship but I figured that carriers will also be very well represented further on in this list so I went with the covenant battleship unlike many covenant ships which primarily actor at least additionally act as a carrier the Covenant battleship was dedicated anti warship a vessel the ship was seen primarily at the Second Battle of harvest where it used its energy projectors to great efficiency to almost decimate the UNSC fleet alone and this was one of the first warships encountered by the UNSC and again these energy projectors were used to literally cut their ships in half from great distance and this just shows the overwhelming power of the Covenant one battleship was able to take on 40 UNSC ships destroying almost 1/3 of their fleet while only barely being destroyed so on all just because of its very impressive anti-ship capabilities it's great showing at the Battle of harvest and the fact that it's two kilometers long and very wide and bulky make the Covenant battleship the fourth strongest ship used by those alien scum just kidding number three is the ORS class heavy cruiser and this is also kind of a unique ship because it serves mainly as a support ship rather than a frontline assault or as a carrier what's unique about the ORS is that it's heavily upgraded with forerunner technology and I mean it serves certainly visually as an upgraded form of the very very common ccs class Balor Cruiser which actually makes up most of the Covenant fleet the ship also did have a carrying capacity and would have taken ships with it and did have advanced weaponry not quite as much as for example the Covenant battleship that I just talked about but the fact that this ship is so advanced and so large I think really make a deserving of the spot as the third strongest covenant battleship number two is the CAS class assault carrier and when you think of covenant warship huge covenant warship this is probably what you think of CAS was basically an army in and of itself at over five kilometers long it would have carried tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of troops and vehicles and besides for its large size which give it its very apt name as a carrier it also had an extremely powerful glassing laser and multiple energy projectors these could easily decimate a UNSC fleet but probably actually the most impressive part of the CAS was its shield and I mean these things are so well protected and they can actually survive shots from super Mac cannons really no ship offered by humanity during the human coven more could stand up to a CAS class assault carrier and ships like these almost allowed the Covenant to operate at will even piercing the defenses of earth and really the CAS is sighs its armament and its shields make it the second deadliest ship used by the Covenant number one is the CAS as much much much larger brother the CSO class super carrier and this thing is an absolute beast and nearly twenty nine kilometers long the CSO class super carrier is the longest non forerunner ship seen in the Halo universe it's also one of the largest covenant creations if we don't count space stations like High Charity but yes the CSO is an absolute beast then not only is it large but it's also upgraded with covenant technology unlike the CAS class carrier and I mean aside from that we don't really know much other than it's presumably pretty much a scaled up version of the previous ship and that it's extremely valuable because we saw George was willing to sacrifice his life inhale to reach to destroy a single ship as an aside the ship was pretty controversial and personally I'm not a huge fan of it this is supposedly the most powerful warship in the Covenant fleet and it's miles longer than anything we've previously seen but it's the exact same almost as a CAS class carrier it's kind of annoying that they would just copy the same design and that they would go from the covenants largest ship being under 10 kilometers to almost 30 but I would love to hear what you guys think do you like the CSO class supercarrier do you mind that it's basically the exact same as the CAS but of course much longer in a slightly different color and if you were a covenant fleetmaster in charge of your own CSO class supercarrier what would you name it and also down in the comments please let me know what list would like to see next whether it's halo related or Star Wars related and also if you guys remember I wasn't sure if I was gonna put halo stuff on the main channel but you guys voted overwhelmingly for me to do so so that's where it's gonna stay at least for now anyways thank you guys for watching and hey as always may the force be with you you

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  • Hope you guys enjoy! Check out the UNSC version here:

  • i dont mind that the cso is a scaled up cas and i woud name mine the burden of power
    i woud like to see bays for ships like the ccs on the cso
    sorry about the covanent ship clasifications

  • I just love the CSO, for one it's huge, for two it looks bad ass, and for three it looks like a planet size ship that can operate as a complete starbase. If it has the power to pump out ships of its own…then bye bye enemies of the covenant

  • I’d name my capital ship “Ascendence of Reprisal” and my fleets name would be “Fleet of Celestial Oblivion”

  • If I were a Sangheli Shipmaster of a CSO-class Supercarrier, I'd call it: Unwavering in Duty, If I were Jiralhanae, I'd call it: Doom of the Heretic.

  • Ship/Station information by size and crew capacity

    UNSC Light Frigates: Crew of 100 – 150 UNSC troops. (UNSC In Amber Clad and Forward Unto Dawn)

    UNSC Heavy Frigates: Crew of 150 – 200 UNSC troops. (UNSC Grafton)

    UNSC Orbital Defense Platforms: Each can hold 400 – 450 UNSC troops.

    UNSC Marathon Cruisers: Crew of 2,000 – 3,000 UNSC troops.

    UNSC Halcyon Cruisers: Crew of 4,000 – 5,000 UNSC troops. (Default Halcyon Cruiser)

    UNSC Pillar Of Autumn: Crew of 6,000 UNSC troops. (Upgraded Halcyon Cruiser)

    UNSC Spirit Of Fire: Crew of 11,000 UNSC troops. (Half of the crew was lost after the events of 2531)

    UNSC Infinity: Crew of 17,000 UNSC troops.

    CAS Covenant Assault Carriers: Crew of 20,000 – 30,000 troops.

    CSO Covenant Super-carriers: Crew of 90,000 – 110,000 troops.

    High Charity: Occupation of 1 billion troops.

    The Mantle's Approach (The Didact's Ship): Crew of 1.5 billion Prometheans.

  • Lnos/long night of solace was CSO class carrier and I used to think when I was younger that it was a big fuck off thing and imo it is my favourite covenant ship due to its shear size

  • No offense but you said covenant battleship. That ship is actually known as the Covenant Super Destroyer

  • My ship is the CSO Divine Intent , part of the fleet of Wrathful Devotion , the fleet is lead by Supreme Commander Zykan Vi Zorumi. the fleet of Wrathful Devotion Consist of One CSO-Suppercairrier the Capital ship . 4 CAS Assault carriers , 2 ORS-Heavy Cruisers , 3 CPV-Destroyers , 7 SDV-Corvettes , 5 CCS-Battle Crusiers . a small fleet but a powerful one .

  • So what if the CSO Supercarrier is an upscaled version of the CAS Assault Carrier, it’s still a badass ship.

  • In a way the Super carrier's design being a copy paste job makes some kind of sense. A normal carrier was already one of the best ships the covenant had in their navy, scaling it up to add room for additional weapons and defenses seems like the logical evolution.

  • Okay to questions how come you really don't see the DDS class support ship and also how come we never get into the inside of a covenant assault carrier especially the hanger

  • Man, if I that 28km long super carrier, I would go to war with it (though no question it can).
    I would fit with:

    Shopping centers, trade businesses
    Hotels, restaurants
    Beach’s, parks, aquatic zoos, tourists/holiday spots
    A flying space station/city for travelers

    I would captain that ship and fly through out the galaxy becoming extra-ordinarily wealthy.

    Make 💵 💵 💵, not war.

    That ship could outcompete cities in commerce.

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