Top 5 Reasons to have a home birth!

Let’s check out the top five
reasons for having a home birth Hi, I’m Sherry Hopkins, founder of Well
Rounded Mamma and home birth midwife. I’m with Emily and Cora
today. So we run a group, a local Facebook group
and we asked the question, what are your top reasons
for choosing a home birth? and we got lots of responses… Sure did. So what we did is we kind of choose what
the top five were because we found that so many fit under the same categories. The fifth reason that we found to be why
people choose to have their babies at home was the pressure that they
feel in a hospital setting. And this idea that as a
birthing individual they had
to conform to whatever that policy was, whether it was to dilate fast enough to
go into labor or spontaneously to the ge station diabetes, get cervical
checks, all of the things. So the pressure that they felt and I
feel like that is such an important thing to talk about. One of my favorite
memes is this cat that has like a, that little like round silver,
like a doctor thing. Like, and the cat doctor comes in and goes and
the pregnant cat mamma’s on the table and he goes, it’s time to induce.
And I think that’s so funny, right? Like I think it’s so funny to think
that any kind of mammal who gestates our youth and our babies, that we would be under this pressure
for our bodies to do something. And we see that even for
women are having a home birth. I could imagine that in a hospital birth
setting that that would be a lot of pressure for your body.
And it’s so stressful. I feel like we don’t expire once
you reach your today, you know, it’s not an expiration date. Yeah. Well, and I feel like that stress from this
timeline that they put women on also inhibits your ability to just go into
labor naturally and spontaneously because we’re so concerned about meeting this
deadline or the fear of an induction is there. So there’s so many things that can create
that (what hurbs can i take) Stress, yeah, you know, just how
much walking can. I do, so we’ve all done hospital deliveries, we’ve all been a doula at
some point of our life. But for you as a doula how do you see
this affect your clients when they feel under the pressure of performing?
There is a hesitancy of, well we just have to do with the nurse
and the physician say and when there’s parents there surprising to, like so grandmother is in the
room with the birthing mother. That it is even harder because the
mother then puts the pressure and all the emphasis on the nursing staff. Do you think it’s fair then to say we
feel like we want to be a good patient that we don’t want to be difficult?
We don’t to be complicated. I remember my own birth, my very first birth I had hired a home
birth midwife and then I carried Cora three weeks late (Sorry about that) and I, so I went from having a home
birth midwife who in Colorado. I was discharged from her care at two
weeks after my due date and I found, a CNM to do my delivery in the hospital.
And she was amazing. I loved her, loved her, loved her. But at one point I was on
the floor in child’s pose. So I’m on the floor on a pillow
of, I know, hospital floors. So gross nurse walked in the room and
goes [inaudible] whatever to each their own, I guess. And she kept coming in and flushing the
toilet and I don’t even know like what she’s doing, but I mean, over 20 years later I’m
remembering this woman and going, Oh my gosh, am I doing
something embarrassing? Am I
being difficult? Am I being, and it’s just like the pressure that
I just don’t think needs to happen. Well everybody wants to do
what’s best for their baby too. And everybody doesn’t
want, so it’s hard too. Cause I’ve had nurses come in
and being like, Oh yes, yes, they things where I’m like, do you
want to put your baby in danger? And you’re like, like, who’s
going to say, you know? Yeah. So I think pressure is such a good solid
reason for having a home birth because that lack of pressure
that you feel, it just is, it’s just not existent. so the
number core reason was environments. I would say the number one reason that
people put on the list was getting into your own bed. Yes. And it was
my favorite part for sure. Whether it was calm,
controlling, dimming, the lights, the lack of being a place where
sick people went to have your baby. and so environments I think
played a really big role. Like you’re in the comfort of your
own home. You have your own things, you can use your own bed, your own
pillow. Just there’s a familiarity. Like if you wanted to walk into your
kitchen and labor and prepare yourself something to eat or yeah I can do that. And you don’t have to worry about getting
in the car and going somewhere because yeah, I would just say that isn’t that, that’s like the hardest part is having
to like move when you get into a group. Well and also even just
thinking about that, right? Cause we just want moms to not think
about anything except for surrendering. And when you’re having that loom over
your head that you have to go somewhere or you’re thinking about the timing so
that you know when you have to go, that can be a distraction
in itself. Number three, support and that ranged anywhere from, I love that my kids got to be involved
or that I didn’t have to send them away or that my family could come
in and out as they pleased. I didn’t get told only certain number
of people could be in the room that my partner could feel involved. They could even do the
delivery because communication, I really felt like fell in that kind of
list of how well that the whole kind of team in a sense, your birth team,
whoever chosen to be at your birth, whether you had a doula or a mother
or a friend or that there was, that you were well informed and
your ability to communicate. I loved that my daughter got to be
involved in my birth. She was so cute. She sat the end of my like little birth
hub and she was like this job mom. And she was like fell proud of them, me and it was like so cute to see her
off and she got to like hold her or touch her, be around her brother. And like it was just really cute to have
her like involved and I felt like it was, it made it easier transition bringing
instead of like just bringing home a baby, being like this baby was
in my belly, now it’s out. She kinda got to see the process. I felt like that made it going from
being a single child to not anymore a little easier. Yeah,
she got to be involved. I was thinking like I always compare
preparing for childbirth to running a marathon and so there’s preparation
that has to go into running a marathon. Like I would really struggle if I was
asked to run a marathon tomorrow. Yeah. I have run one in my past and there was
an amount of preparation that went into preparing for that. And then when
you are running this marathon, I remember wanting to quit a few times
and thinking about how I had this ability to be able to dig deep, but how much harder it would have been
if I just had people on the sidelines going, just give up. Just give up.
You can’t do this. This is so hard. But surrounding myself by people
are like, you can do this. Keep going just one more mile. I really think that with childbirth you
are surrounding yourself with people who can give you that encouragement that you
need to do hard things and that you’re surrounded by people who know that you
can’t do hard things because they’ve seen it and they’ve been there or
they’ve done it before. Right. I think that is the big difference
between being at home and the hospital. Is that the people you surround
yourself with? know, we’ve seen it. It’s a fact. We trust you and
you should trust you. Yeah, for sure. I think we can create like an intimate
setting with it’s just between you and your partner. Yeah. Once again, that’s
who brought this baby into this world. And so even if you just want
that one support person, being your husband and having control
just to have him being there for you and you don’t have somebody else coming
in and interrupting that flow. So I think support, feeling supported is huge and still
serves of worthy spot on the list. Number two was freedom. Yes. [inaudible] and that can be freedom
to do anything. Freedom to eat, freedom to get in the water freedom. Um, we even put financial on this list because
the freedom to kind of be over your own finances. I think hospitals
can be really expensive. And because it’s so piece mailed out, you have no idea what you’re
getting into essentially. Yes. And so with a home
birth, there’s generally, you know exactly what
costs are being accrued, the freedom to birth
in different positions, the freedom to attempt to have a vaginal
delivery after as this area and the freedom to move. I was surprised how many
people put eat on the list. I kind of thought if I served on a
hospital staff right. And I was like, how could I bring more
people to the hospital? I think the first thing Iwould be
like, you can eat at my hospital. Could you imagine like, yeah, the
fact that that was that, Oh my gosh, the fact that that was so
high on the list is crazy. You just compared it to a marathon. So we’re going to have you run a
marathon and stop you…and not prepare yourself appropriately for it. And I think that goes under pressure
too because even when I talk to my doula clients about it’s okay, like we can
give you some honey sticks or, you know, sneaky. Some things, there’s still this bit of like hesitancy
because they’re scared of what the nurses and the physicians are saying. And even we give them evidence
based material around it. It’s that pressure to conform. So when
you don’t have to worry about that, when you have freedom, I think a lot easier to make your own
decisions and stick by them. Again, a really great reason ladies in the group
really knew what they wanted and why they made the choices that they did. Yeah. so the number one reason that we went
with after reading through everyone’s, comments was empowerment. Just this ability to
own your own experience. and outcomes aren’t always perfect, right? There were even women on
there who are like, look, things didn’t necessarily go the
way that I thought they’d go, but I was part of that decision making
and I was informed and I, huge deal, I think so that, that ability to feel empowered
because I think going into parenthood, you need that moment of going,
I can make good choices. I don’t, I don’t get involved
in very many family members. I’m like the only hippie in my
life. Extended family kind of. But, I was involved at a family
member’s delivery and it
was the hospital and I knew her doctor and everything went like,
okay. After all was said and done, they put her daughter on the
warmer, those little machines, they put her daughter on
the warmer and her hus… I watched her husband walk over and stand
and look at her and I remember walking up next to him and saying,
pick her up like they’ve left. They’re not even in the room.
They don’t, they don’t care. They’ve just put her there because
that’s like what they’re used to doing. And he goes, but they haven’t
given me permission. And I’m like, you don’t need permission
to pick up your daughter. And how I left that moment
and I wept because I thought, what a horrible, what a horrible idea that
we need someone’s permission
to make our own choices, to touch our own child because they’re
sitting on this bed in the room. And I thought, this is
why I do what I do. Right? This is why we offer individuals home
births so that they can feel like they don’t need my permission
no to do anything. You’ve given them the tools to make
those decisions for themselves. And that’s inspiring. I love watching you give these
women the place to be empowered. It’s cool, right? Is yes,
that’s part of our job. So I think empowerment gets, deserves the number one number one spot
because it’s all of that other stuff that aligns and create that to
happen. So that’s our video. That’s our top five reasons. So if you
like this video, hit like subscribe, ring the bell, and you share with your
friends whether they’re pregnant or not. They might know someone who’s pregnant. But we would love to continue to
have with this relationship with you. And if you want to go down below and
post what your number one reason, if you had a home birth, if you want to share your number one
reason why you chose a home birth, we would love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to have a home birth!

  • My top reason was I just didn’t feel comfortable in a hospital. I thought that’s for sick people! Lol Glad I chose it since my labor was so fast my husband caught my baby. It was an amazing experience for us.

  • From a young age I knew I always wanted a homebirth. I’m so grateful I chose to have a homebirth because I feel so empowered, comfortable and at ease when I’m home.

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