TOP 6 Tallest Structures of the Future

For decades science-fiction writers and visionaries
alike have envisioned massive structures of the future that would push the boundaries
of engineering and physics. These are the Top 6 Tallest Structures of the Future. Number 6 – the Bionic Tower. The bionic tower
is a proposed vertical city 1223 metres high with 300 stories that would house over a hundred
thousand people. Designed by architects Eloy Celaya and Javier Gomez Pioz, the aim of the
tower is to use bionics to create an eco-friendly system, which has been described as an incredibly
difficult feat. The tower is composed of twelve vertical neighbourhoods, and is surrounded
by a kilometre wide Base Island. hong Kong and shanghai have both expressed interest
in the project. Number 5 – the Dutch Mountain. Originally
starting out as a joke he wrote for a newspaper column, journalist Thiks Zonneveld proposed
that the Netherlands needed its own artificial mountain, that would mostly serve as a recreational
space outlooking the iconic Dutch landscape, which would in turn make it a popular destination
for climbers. IT would reach over 2 kilometres in height., and the inside of the mountain
would be mostly hollowed. Number 4 – The Dubai City Tower was announced
in August 2008, and would tower over the current tallest skyscraper the Burj Khalifa, at just
over 2400 metres in height. It would have about 400 floors and was designed around the
concept of the Eiffel Tower. A notable feature is a 200 km/h vertical bullet train that would
serve as an elevator through the complex. Number 3 – The X-Seed 4000 is the second tallest
building ever fully envisioned – meaning all the structural and architectural plans have
already been drawn up. Its proposed 4000 metre height and 6 kilometre weight base would be
able to accommodate up to a million citizens, essentially serving as a city. It was designed
in Tokyo by the Tasei Corporation, but apparently was never meant to be actually built, but
rather gain some recognition for the firm. Designed around Mount Fuji, it would actually
exceed the mountain’s height by some 200 metres. Number 2 – The Tokyo Tower of Babel is the
tallest building that has ever been envisioned in the history of mankind, and would stand
at a massive 10000 metres high, absolutely destroying any of the previous projects. Obviously
this would require a huge amount of work, and is estimated to cost at least 306 trillion
dollars, and would take over a century to build. However once completed it would be
able to house over 30 million people, which is more than many cities. It is actually divided
into sections, such as human territory, sky territory and cosmos territory. At full height
it would just be able to stretch into the stratosphere, 10 km up in the air. Number 1 – the Space Elevator. Only recently
has Canadian company Thoth technology acquired a patent for their Space Elevator design.
The original 1950s design would stretch over 100000 kilometres into the air, thus surpassing
geostationary orbit. Since then, the idea has been scaled down a bit, and involves a
tensile carbon nanotube wire attached somewhere on the equator, and held up by a counter weight
in space. The opposing gravitational and centrifugal forces would allow the cable to remain tensile
at all times. It could be tethered to an anchor station, and could be held above by a large
captured asteroid, or even a space station. Nonetheless, would engineers would have to
achieve is currently beyond us. That’s it for this episode, see you in the
next one.

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