Top 7 Pre Ride Checks For Your E Mountain Bike

– These are some pre-ride
checks you need to do on your e-mountain bike to make
sure you don’t get out there and get stranded. – Yeah, ’cause it’s quite
likely your e-bike’s gonna get way more wear than your normal bike. (upbeat music) – Number one, and probably
the most simple check is to make sure you’ve charged the
battery, ’cause if you show up for the ride, it’s
obviously gonna be too late. A battery will take a
couple of hours to get full charge into it, so try
and get into a routine. What I do is after my previous
ride, I wash the bike, dry the chain, clean the
chain, and then put the bike on charge. The batteries will come off
all bikes, and some bikes aren’t this specialised. It’s a really simple process
just to take the battery off, and I’ll take that in
the house to charge it. That also protects that
battery from any cold weather in the garage that will
eventually degrade that battery. (upbeat music) – Because of the added weight
of an e-bike, many parts are particularly prone to increased wear. Wheels are one, so keep an
eye on those spoke tensions. Now, not all bikes come
with e-bike specific wheels as we have on our bikes here. So keep an eye on any damage
that might be happening to the rims because of
the pounding you’re gonna be giving the bike. Tyres are really critical. No tread, no grip. Which means you’re not gonna be conquering those hill climbs. Keep an eye on your tyre pressures, guys. Obviously it depends on
where you live and what type of riding. So on wet, sticky conditions
in Northern climates, go for lower pressures,
and if you’re in somewhere harder with loads of rocks,
you can get up into the 20s. (upbeat music) – Now this is a new one to
me, this is contact cleaner. So if any of your battery
terminals or connections get wet with condensation
or mud or dirt, this will get on there and get rid
of that straightaway. Now these bikes are pretty
water tight, so it only really should happen maybe
if you’re leaving a battery lying around and it gets
wet, this’ll do the trick. (upbeat music) – The speed sensor on an
EMTB is a fundamental part of how the bikes work. E-bike motors regulate the
power based on the information from the speed sensor,
therefore, if there’s a problem with the sensor, your
bike’s going nowhere fast. No connection between
the sensor and the motor, there’s gonna be no power. Make sure your sensors are well secured and they’re not moving around at all. (upbeat music) – Make sure your chain is
clean, and then lube it, because you’re likely to
get a lot of wear and tear on your drive train because
of all the power that’s going through it. So once I’ve hosed the chain
off, the next thing I’ll do with a normal bike is pedal
backwards and use a rag down here to dry the chain off. However, with an e-bike,
you’ve got a free wheel up front as well, so
that’s not gonna work. So what I do is I get a
rag and I’ll just take my time to do the bottom part
of the chain, and then I’ll spin it around, making
sure that my power’s not on, so there’s no chance of
actually spinning really fast, and then I’ll do it again. I’ll do that probably four
or five times and make sure that chain is nice and
dry before I do exactly the same thing with my lube,
so dropping it in from the top, one section, spin
it right into there, do it again. Now I have seen a few people
send in their solutions to this problem on the EMBN
show using things like chocks or bike stands. That’s definitely a great
solution, but if you don’t carry those with
you, this is probably the best method to use. (upbeat music) – So a pre-ride bolt check
is something I’ll do to all of my bikes, but especially
an e-bike where you’ve got that extra weight. Things can get rattled loose,
so full suspension bike, I’d always check the linkage
bolts, the shock bolts, check your handset, that can come loose. But the two really important
ones are the rear axle and the rear mechs, they
can commonly rattle loose, and if they come out that’ll
cause a lot of damage. (upbeat music) – Make sure that you turn
your power on when you’re stationary, ’cause if
you’re pedalling, the bike won’t actually work. – In turbo mode, obviously, right? (laughing) – And you’re ready to roll. If you want to see some more
videos, click over there, some EMBN videos, give
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