Top Questions to Ask a Loan Officer

A well dressed man in a dark suit jacket and sky blue button shirt in the lobby of first nationwide mortgage. Here’s some questions to ask before choosing a loan officer Number one. How much is your fee? Remember one point equals one percent of the loan amount Number two. How many loan programs do you have? A direct lender only has a handful of loan products while a loan officer who works for a mortgage broker slash lender has multiple products which means more options. Number three. Do you have any special expertise? If you need an FHA or VA loan look for a loan officer with that experience You don’t want a newbie to handle your deal The most crucial questions though are the ones you ask yourself after talking to loan officers Do I feel comfortable with this person. Do I trust this person to answer my calls promptly and act in my best interest Work with a mortgage broker that is ethical and professional With first nationwide mortgage you will

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