Top U.S. & World Headlines — August 2, 2019

welcome to democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman the Senate has sent President Trump a two-year budget that would increase both domestic and military spending by raising the debt ceiling and rolling back spending caps Trump's promised to sign the deal which would increase government spending by 320 billion dollars over the next two years with the pentagon set to receive a staggering 738 billion dollars for the coming fiscal year according to the National Priorities project the u.s. spends more in its military than 144 other countries combined the Trump administration has formally ended u.s. participation in the landmark intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty in a statement responding to the US withdrawal russia's Foreign Ministry called the INF treaty formally dead President Ronald Reagan and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed the treaty in 1987 to ban all nuclear and non-nuclear missiles with short and medium ranges president Trump's withdrawal from the deal has sparked fears of a new nuclear arms race president Trump Thursday ratcheted up the u.s. trade war with China saying he'll impose a further 10 percent tariff next month and 300 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods including clothing and iPhones the US has already slapped a 25 percent levy levy on 250 billion dollars of Chinese goods prompting reciprocal tariffs on US products economists have refuted Trump's claims China will bear the economic brunt of increased tariffs saying US consumers will in fact suffer the most Puerto Rican legislators have delayed a vote to confirm outgoing governor Ricardo Roscoe's possible successor Russel Yahoo's promised to step down at 5:00 p.m. today was forced to resign last week amidst massive protests at cross Puerto Rico calling for his ouster Rocio has nominated attorney Pedro Pierluisi who as Secretary of State which would make him next in line to replace Rocio but during a special session Thursday Puerto Rican legislators decided to postpone debate on Pierre Louis's information until next week Pierre Lewis's law firm represents promesa the unelected federally appointed control board with sweeping powers to run Puerto Rico's economy many lawmakers oppose this nomination citing a conflict of interest if a new Secretary of State is not confirmed before Russel leaves office the next in line Berto Rico's justice secretary Wanda Vasquez who is appointed by Rocio would likely take office in recent days there have been protests demanding Vasquez's resignation she announced via Twitter she would not step down and would assume the responsibility imposed by the Constitution and the law to replace Rocio a warning to listeners and viewers the story contains disturbing footage in Texas newly revealed police body cam video shows Dallas police officers laughing and joking as an unarmed man having a mental health crisis Lay Dying in their custody the incident occurred in August 2016 after 32 year old Dallas resident Tony Tempah called 911 for porting he had taken drugs and was off his medication for schizophrenia the video shows the officers pinning Tempah face-first into the ground for 14 minutes as he pleaded to be released after Tempah became unresponsive the officer stood over his unmoving body mocking him as though he had fallen asleep they're saying to him first day don't be late its first day of school at no time did the officers check to see if temple was breathing or had a pulse by the time paramedics arrived on the scene and began administering CPR timppa was dead the video directly contradicts claims made by the Dallas Police Department defending the officers behavior after headlines will go to Dallas to speak with the lawyer representing tempis family in Yemen dozens of people were killed Thursday and two separate attacks in the southern port city of Aden in the first attack suicide bombers targeted a police station killing 11 people the self-proclaimed Islamic states affiliate in Yemen later claimed responsibility later in a separate attack Houthi rebels fired a missile into a military parade killing at least 40 government troops the aid group Save the Children says the us-backed saudi-led war in Yemen has sparked a food crisis as that as many as eighty five thousand children to starve to death since fighting began in 2015 Sudan soldiers opened fire with live bullets on a crowd of peaceful protesters Thursday killing four people on the latest bloody assault on pro-democracy activists the attack came as thousands of demonstrators heeded the call for a Million Man March to protest previous police killings including a massacre of up to a hundred thirty people in June in the killing of four school children earlier this week the latest killings came as opposition leaders met with Sudan's military leaders for talks aimed at finalizing a power-sharing deal that would see a civilian government elected in 2022 Rwanda has opened its border with the Democratic Republic of Congo after a brief closure that followed the third death of a patient with the Ebola virus in the Congolese border city of Goma since the latest outbreak began exactly a year ago the World Health Organization says at least 2,700 people have been infected with Ebola with more than 1,800 deaths The Washington Post reports the Trump administration is nearing a deal with the Taliban to withdraw thousands of US troops from Afghanistan in exchange for a ceasefire the agreement which was described by unnamed administration officials would also reportedly see Taliban renounce its support for al-qaeda in return the US would reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan from about 14,000 to somewhere less than nine thousand roughly the size of the US force in Afghanistan when Trump took office this comes as the State Department is reportedly slashing its presence at the US Embassy in Afghanistan with plans to cut half of all personnel by the end of September in climate news the World Meteorological Organization said Thursday July was the warmest month in recorded human history it followed the hottest June on record as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels climbed to a record high of 415 parts per million earlier this year scorching heat waves have put 2019 on track to be one of the hottest years ever measured the current record holders are by rank 2016 2015 2017 and 2018 meanwhile a new study finds even modest shifts and government subsidies away from fossil fuels and toward renewables could lead to a dramatic drop in greenhouse gas emissions the International Institute for sustainable development says government spends some three hundred seventy two billion dollars each year subsidizing coal oil and gas and as little as ten percent of that money was invested in wind solar and other renewables countries could see a nearly 20% drop in carbon dioxide pollution later in the broadcast we'll talk about what's happening in Greenland the Senate has confirmed 13 more of president Trump's nominees to the federal bench and a flurry of votes this week before lawmakers left for August recess among those newly confirmed as federal judges are Texas Supreme Court justice jeffrey Brown and Texas Attorney Brantley Starr both are hostile to immigrant rights reproductive freedom voting rights and LGBTQ equality the Leadership Conference on civil and human rights said in a statement quote Senate Republicans will stop at nothing to stack the courts with partisan judges who will push their radical agenda through at any cost in doing so they're not only degrading our courts but also endangering our democracy they said a federal judge has temporarily blocked a New York law that would allow the House Ways and Means Committee to obtain president Trump's state income tax returns judge carl nichols a trump pointy to the federal district court in Washington DC said Thursday the injunction will remain in effect while Trump's lawsuit challenging the law proceeds the court will hear arguments August 29th Democrats say they need to see Trump's tax returns to investigate any potential conflicts of interest or self dealing related to Trump's sprawling business empire on Capitol Hill senators grilled leaders of the Federal Aviation Administration Wednesday amidst reports they failed to ground Boeing 737 max passenger jets even though they knew about software flaws that led to a pair of deadly crashes this is Rhode Island's Jack Reed the ranking Democrat on the Senate transportation subcommittee addressing all Ibarra me the faa x' head of Aviation Safety Office the FAA we expect you to basically be the person or entity that stands up and says this aircraft is completely safe to fly that there are no further Corrections necessary or if they are they're being undertaken that does not appear to be the case in this situation on Thursday the mother and brother of 24 year old Samuel sumo who died in the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 in March held a protest outside the FAA headquarters demanding justice the crash of the 737 max plane which killed Stu MO and 156 others came just months after 189 people perished when lion Air flight 610 crashed minutes after takeoff in Indonesia Sammy asuma's mother Naja Milliron questioned why FAA safety chief Ali Bahrami didn't ground 737 max Jets after the first crash even though the FAA knew another malfunction was likely did he let those planes go back in the air so Boeing could make money that's the only reason and he is a safety commissioner and he exposed the public to an unacceptable risk which he uses the words in his testimony to see our interviews with the family of Sammy stew mo including consumer activists Ralph Nader her great uncle you can go to the Trump administration separated more than 900 children from their power at the us-mexico border since the san diego federal judge ordered a halt to the practice last summer that's according to the American Civil Liberties Union in a court filing Tuesday which claims the federal government is abusing its discretion to determine what makes a parent unfit in his motion ACLU attorney legal Ernst said quote this issue has reached a critical juncture hundreds of children's some literally just babies are being irreparable damage because their parent may have committed a minor offense in the past even a traffic offence he said in Mexico a Salvadoran migrant was shot to death in front of his eight-year-old daughter by Mexican police and the northern state of Coahuila on Wednesday night according to witnesses the father and his daughter along with at least eight others were waiting for a train to continue their journey to apply for asylum in the United States when Mexican immigration agents and federal police raided the group and started shooting agents also separated a two-year-old toddler from their mother according to a local migrant shelter in a statement the shelter says quote the persecution of migrants in Mexico has reached an unsustainable extreme we demand an end to this institutional cruelty which is taking lives and leaving children orphaned as well as separating families and causing so much suffering provoked by the Mexican state they said in Texas Congress member will Hurd said Thursday he will not seek reelection in 2020 Hurd is the only black Republican in the House of Representatives last month he was one of just four House Republicans to vote in favor of a resolution condemning president Trump's racist attacks on four freshmen Congress women of color a 1971 audio recording made by Richard Nixon has been made public revealing then California governor and future President Ronald Reagan calling African people monkeys as President Nixon laughs and agreement in the recorded phone call Reagan is heard using the racist slur about African delegates to the United Nations who voted to seat representatives from the People's Republic of China rather than the US backed government in exile in Taiwan in other tape phone calls recorded the same day President Nixon's twice heard referring to African delegates as cannibals the National Archives released parts of the tape conversations in 2000 but edited out racist portions allegedly to protect Reagan's privacy under a court order the tape should have been made public by 2013 but only entered the public domain two weeks ago and those are some of the headlines this is democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman

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  • Is there such a thing as an unbiased news organization/platform? If so, please let me know. I am done with this “side” of things but I am definitely not going over to the other side of the aisle.

  • No human can ever escape violence against another. We live in a violent world but just because you don't pay the penalty here on earth does not mean their will not be a spiritual price to pay for your wickedness. As humans we are all going to the same place when the body dies. Karma embraces an extreme patience no human can understand.

  • People forget what a nasty piece of work Reagan was, and what an idiot. Great to have this little clip, 12:30, that so neatly sums him up.

  • They killed that man. Whites have to realize police brutality will continue to claim their lives as well. 3:50

  • Disgusting those dirty cops who killed that mentally sick person. I wish , my biggest wish one day those dirty murderer cops will in same position then they will find out but would be too late.
    Does police departments cross the us picks only this type of phyco people to police department ? then don't complain when a kid comes out and randomly shoot people in a mall, church in a school.

  • In any job you would be fired if you are incompetent. It is only in the police force where incompetence does not lead to dismissal even if its cost is loss of innocent citizens lives.

  • Thanks for bringing us real News, sad though it is. Killer cops are horrible! Stop hiring them! Horrible to starve so many people and allow so many deaths… the USA and world-wide. This News actually reports on our climate crisis!

  • AMY GOODMAN: I hope you are doing research outside of reading the teleprompter. Much of what is being shown on Democracy Now is the official story of what The System wants you to believe. Who is pulling the strings of these mass events behind the scenes? WHY are there migrant marches? Read books, not teleprompters. Thank You

  • still not a word from you or RT about the record cold weather temperatures around the world…. very biased reporting here, don't trust you or rt anymore, all news media is crap and only reports sensations, im going to stop watching the news from now on, sticking with Ugly Betty series in spanish at least i can learn a new language. the usa makes me sick and i wish MAGA – MAKE AMERICA GO AWAY nasty fucking bullies

  • The longer Trump stays in office the worst it gets! Every judge he appoints is biased and corrupt Trump's choice!!! Pelosi I don't know how much more evidence you need! All you would be doing is starting impeachment hearings! Even if the Senate blocks it we need to show Trump we will not stand for this anymore!

  • How can a president under so much scrutiny still be able to make decisions for the American people? Why does no body talk if treason and or Russian infiltration

  • Dallas PD has proven yet again – that we need higher education and professional standards comparable to other aspects of life and death services. Hiring from the bottom of the bucket will continue to see immature and unprofessional behavior like seen here in this report.

  • @00:31 "National Priorities project the U.S. spends more in its military than 144
    other countries combined." – But WHICH 144 countries?

  • HAHAHAHHAHA I can't believe how much the USA wastes on the military!!! They want to believe 9/11 was an inside job because they don't want to admit all their billions is for NOTHING!!! Defeated by 19 guys with boxcutters lol.. on the homeland.. 3,000 dead!!! With all their military might!!! LOL WHAT A JOKE!!!

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    Joe Magnets

  • Reagan…Nixon…racists? So what's new? That does not surprise me at all. Two right wing fascist pigs. What can you expect?

  • Absolutely No Mercy! None! We have a monster running amuck on our democracy. His buddies, Moscow Mitch, and his ilk are the enemies of the people! The future of a free USA is at stake. Are you going to stand up? Or, are you going to climb down into the cesspool with them?

  • I guess the pigs got bored of just killing blacks so now they will kill whites too and thus broaden their spectrum. You know…to be fair with everybody.

  • I wonder how these Dallas police would like being face down in handcuffs, unable to breathe themselves, dying, while listening to fools snickering over them like thirteen year old delinquents. I would guess they would not like it any more than the man they just murdered thru their failure to PROTECT AND SERVE the public, as they have sworn to do. I grew up admiring police, I never called them pigs when that was the popular nickname for them, I defended them, if this is what they have become, I was wrong and I apologize for defending the indefensible. These policemen, and daniel pantaleo, and all the others that have murdered unarmed poor and minority victims with impunity, while claiming "fear for their lives" will be willing to become trump's storm troopers and brown shirts. And he will be happy to have them to control everyday Americans who disagree with him, just as one of his heros, duterte, controls Philippine nationals by killing them. Thank you for your time.

  • I feel like that was one of the saddest headlines. Like full of just terrible news. DN! Does a excellent job. I’m not complaining.

  • aint nobody getting impeached senate wont vote him out senate loves the $green caucus$ in there face im sure chumps daddy putin will stay far away in there face next election

  • Donals Trump is totally incompetent to be president. HIs election to the Presidency is a prime example of what mass media propaganda has helped to make happen.

  • Democracy Now needs to investigate the recent 2018/2019 additions by congress to the 501(c)(7) for private clubs, like MaraLago, that allow the continued discrimination against any person for any reason. This is how managers, owners, and persons in positions of power are able to get away with sexual harassment, gender discrimination, sexual discrimination, racism, misogyny, etc.

  • Police Departments across America need to be disbanded as they are nothing more than a corrupt arm being driven by a fascist government to crush and incarcerate and kill the poor and people of color. These cults of violent sociopaths, masquerading as peace officers, must be held to account! Immediate terminations with ZERO pension or benefits or additional compensation.

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