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welcome to democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman in Iran authorities say they've arrested 17 Iranian citizens and charged them with being CIA trained spies for the United States Iranian media reports have said that some have already been executed this comes as tensions and the Persian Gulf continued to mount over the weekend following Iran's seizure of a British oil tanker and its 23 crewmembers Friday Iran said it sees the tanker in retaliation for the British impounding an Iranian tanker earlier this month off the coast of Gibraltar the Iranian National Guard released video Sunday showing the vessel flying an Iranian flag Britain says Iran forced the stunnin Piro out of international waters and rerouted the tanker into Iranian territory audio released Sunday appears to show an Iranian official directing the vessel to change course Britain classified Iran's capture of the tanker as a hostile act today Prime Minister Theresa May who's expected to leave office Wednesday to be replaced by Boris Johnson is holding emergency cabinet meetings this comes as Iran continues to deny president Trump's claim that the US military shot down in Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke out against the harsh US sanctions while at a meeting of non-aligned movement in Caracas Venezuela Sunday calling them quote economic terrorism pure and simple meanwhile the Pentagon has said US troops are being deployed to Saudi Arabia to defend American iNSYS intent interests from quote emergent credible threats the Saudi Kingdom has not hosted US combat forces since 2003 when Donald Rumsfeld announced their withdrawal well if more on the latest in Iran after headlines President Trump is continuing his attacks on for progressive Congress women of color after tweeting last weekend that they should go back to the quote crime-infested places from which they came they're all American citizens Trump tweeted Sunday I don't believe the for Congress women are capable of loving our country they should apologize to America and Israel for the horrible hateful things they've said they're destroying the Democrat Party but are weakened insecure people who can never destroy our great nation he said on Friday Trump said congresswoman Aloha no Omar is quote lucky to be where she is Trump also praised his supporters who chanted send her back last week referring to Omar who is a political refugee from Somalia calling them incredible Patriots despite disavowing the racist chants just a day earlier on Saturday Trump retweeted a right-wing British media personality who praised his attacks on the congresswoman and his crowd of supporters Katie Hopkins tweeted quote new campaign slogan for 2020 don't love it leave it send her back is the new locker up well done to team Trump she tweeted Hopkins has previously compared migrants to cockroaches and feral humans at a town hall Saturday New York Congress member Alexandra Castillo Cortez fired back at Trump he's been thinking this the entire time but he's been keeping it in here and this week it went out here when he started telling American citizens where are we gonna go we're gonna stay right here that's where we're gonna go heat wave that grit much of Central and Eastern US over the weekend is easing today 157 million people are under heat warnings Saturday as the heat index soared into the triple digits across the East Coast reaching 100 110 degrees in Washington DC severe storms in the Midwest caused power outages for around half a million customers in Michigan last month with the hottest June ever recorded an experts say July's on track to become the hottest month ever in recorded history in the u.s. the number of days with the heat index of more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit will more than double by 2050 due to climate change this according to the Union of Concerned Scientists in Brooklyn New York where tens of thousands of people also experienced power outages this weekend a fire broke out at the Metropolitan Detention Center Friday as the stifling heat swept over the city the nonprofit Brooklyn defender services warned he could make conditions at New York jails particularly unbearable and potentially dangerous as most prisoners do not have access to air conditioning or even fans in related news the warden of the Metropolitan Detention Center Hermon Quay was recently promoted five months after prisoners had to suffer freezing arctic conditions at the jail without heating emits massive ongoing protests in Puerto Rico governor ricardo rosado announced Sunday he is resigning as head of the ruling new Progressive Party and that he would not seek re-election next year he stopped short of resigning as governor despite the demands of the protesters who will take to the streets again today and what's expected to be the largest demonstration since a text message scandal rocked Puerto Rico week and a half ago a massive leak of text messages showed Governor si Joe exchanging sex homophobic and profane text messages with government officials calling former New York City Council Speaker Melissa mark-viverito a whore mocking victims of Hurricane Maria and joking about shooting San Juan mayor Carmen yilin Cruz this is a protester in San Juan Sunday his resignation is inevitable the question is whether he's going to make us wait another week another two weeks or how many more weeks he's going to force us to continue on the streets but there's no question of whether he's going to have to resign he has to resign because Puerto Rico is hitting the streets and Puerto Rico will continue to hit the streets and once we get this governor out we must continue to fight because we still have to deal with the fiscal Control Board the austerity policies all the measures they want to impose on us to deal with this untenable debt and we have to transfer this energy to the struggles Boris Johnson is expected to become the new British prime minister this week as Theresa May makes her exit Wednesday the Conservative politician previously served as London mayor and foreign secretary President Trump has called Johnson a friend of mine who would make an excellent leader in Hong Kong police deployed tear gas and rubber bullets as protesters again took to the streets Sunday calling for an investigation into police abuses against protesters and the withdrawal of the contested extradition bill alongside other pro-democracy reforms late Sunday night masked men stormed a subway station attacking dozens of commuters including many protesters returning home as well as women and children a reported 45 people were injured as the suspected gang members beat travellers with rods opposition leaders and organizers condemned Hong Kong police following the attack one of the demonstrations organisers said quote while the police were unnecessarily tear gassing protesters on the other side and Yuna long there were real folks chasing and beating passers-by journalists and lawmakers this is outrageous they said and the occupied Palestinian territories hundreds of Israeli troops have begun demolishing homes in the wadi el hummus neighborhood of Sir Barra West Bank village located close to the separation barrier with Israel of families could be pushed out of their homes residents say Israel wants to build more illegal settlements on the land and it's destroying structures that were built with permits from the Palestinian Authority Palestinians have been protesting against the planned demolitions for years UN officials called on Israeli authorities to halt the move last week after the Israeli Supreme Court allowed the destruction to go ahead back in the United States Democrats are preparing to question former Special Counsel Robert Muller Wednesday and to House committee hearings House judiciary chair Jerrold Nadler spoke on Fox News Sunday I think there was very substantial well the report presents a very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to present that or that Mulla present those facts to the American people and then see where we go from there because the administration must be held accountable and no president can be can be above the law three white supremacists were sentenced to two to three years in prison Friday for committing violent acts including kicking choking and punching people at the 2017 unite the right rally in Charlottesville Virginia as well as other rallies in California the US attorney in the case said quote they were not interested in peaceful protest or lawful First Amendment expression instead they intended to provoke and engage in street battles with those that they perceived as their enemies a fourth man is still due to be sentenced and then belonged to the white supremacist group rise above movement which the attorney's office said has since been disbanded the Los Angeles Times is reporting the Los Angeles Police Department sent a confidential informant to record meetings of the local chapter of refused fascism a political group that organized anti-trump protests in 2017 the LAPD spying on the group became public as several members of refused fascism are being charged for blocking a section of an LA freeway during protests the police reportedly determined the group posed no threat to the public but civil rights groups say the LAPD may have overstepped in its surveillance an attorney for the Southern California ACLU told The Times quote when you know your investigation is going to infringe on core political rights that communities have you have to be damn near certain that there is some criminal activity of foot independent senator 2020 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders unveiled his right to a secure retirement plan Friday the plan includes expanding Social Security protecting pensions guaranteeing housing food assistance and care for seniors and providing fully covered health care through Medicare for all Sanders introduced the plan as he and sixteen other Democratic hopefuls participated in the AARP presidential forums in Iowa over the past week and weekend and in Oklahoma hundreds of immigrant rights and indigenous activists descended on Fort Sill Saturday blocking the entrance to the site and shutting down freeway traffic for several hours activists are demanding the Trump administration and Oklahoma Republican Governor Kevin stet halt plans to jail migrant children at Fort Sill which was used to incarcerate japanese-americans during World War two and has been called a concentration camp Fort Sill was also once a prison for Native Americans this is Daniella Melendez from United We Dream Fort Sill has a long history here I in Oklahoma it used to be a place where Native Americans were held into after the Trail of Tears and also keeping them in the as like prisoners basically and also japanese-americans have also had a long history here as they were also in detention two camps during World War two and now we're seeing that Fort Sill is gonna become a detention center for children of immigrants who are seeking asylum to see our coverage of protests at Fort Sill by japanese-american elders go to and those are some of the headlines this is democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman with

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  • POTUS need not be ordering or asking American Citizens to apologise to Israel.If the US President so loves his Israel go & do it himself & migrate to his beloved lands.

  • Democracy Now, you really need to find a new News source. The one you're getting info about Hong Kong is lying to you. First of all, there are 2 groups protesting in Hong Kong. The only that you are concerned about are the ones that are violent. The "protestors" getting attack on their way home are the counter protestors from the other side.
    The western media (including the one that falsely claimed that China was the one pushing for the extradition bill – yes it is a was a western media with distributions in Hong Kong), is reporting this as if it is only 1 protest going on. But, it's actually 2 opposing protests.

  • Zionism is going to lead us into WWIII. If Netanyahu and Trump weren’t colluding over Jerusalem and The Golan now Trump Heights. Wake up world. Let’s understand they just say it’s ((( Russia ))). When it was Israel the whole time. Let’s not be naive.

  • Amy, why didn't you show Trumps entire tweet? He said go back and then come back and tell us how you fixed your own country. Fake new report, grow up globalist. The brat squad will be gone in 2020!

  • Trump likes to take people's free conscience and make it his way, he speaks as a dragon. All lives matter to God Jesus. all lives.we are to treat people with respect and let them think the way they want to think. that's called a free conscience.the Roman Catholic Church in the United States will definitely change that. it will take your free conscience and your freedom. Freedom of speech.. freedom of liberty I'll make another Homeland security and another one and another one

  • And now, with the Dem race to replace Americans who know their bullshit game with the more convenient clueless foreigner who is decades away from understanding nuance and manipulation, narrowing our herd is of top most urgency!

  • 💩promoting climate hysteria with no facts – all based on projections which have proved wrong. History shows that these events have occurred periodically since temperatures have been recorded accurately since the 1800's

  • The mystery behind all the murdered unarmed civilians.  There is big money in killing you.  Wanna' get rich for killing people? Become a cop.

  • Police receive huge rewards for murdering unarmed civilians.  Most police officers become wealthy after committing crimes. Wealth YOU pay for as well as the lawsuits that come from the incidents.  The policeman that murdered Daniel Shaver, Philip Brailsford, was allowed to reapply so that he could then retire and collect a 30K per month pension – he's 28.  He will most likely also file for disability, which most police who kill unarmed civilians also collect.

  • Very ignorant people that follow trump….They won't listen to anything right and correct so they will just need the rest of us to vote trump out and save them from their own demise. Then we will need a new educational system for the South, especially, and let the older ones will have to die off.

  • Trump is totally at fault. He refused to honor the treaty the Obama negotiated because of his KKK racism. Now we are at war.

  • Of course you're going to hit and kick people if they give you the perception of being an enemy. Are you ignorant? Put your damn stories in line instead of bending the truth.

  • When the cops are tied up with the purpose of gassing their citizens, obviously the criminals are going to run amok. Seems like a no brainer, really. Go gas the criminals, you dunces.

  • If you know he is going to resign – inevitably- , then get off the fkn streets or go do something productive.

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