Total War: Rome 2 (The Throwing War)

Peggy's 16 this film is about projectiles it's about the throwing that's chucking stuff at people when I was a Gustus Caesar people didn't throw things at me we see Brian that's the reality of the ancient battlefield everybody sorry the throwing things they're hurling things this thing it's been chucked around like wildfire it keeps your head down it's true the air was full of missiles there was a constant bombardment of stuff Spears Allen's does from catapult ripe rocks from ballista and of course a slingshot so the loop goes over your finger yep finger and thumb cuts the knot there you're spinning it round and releasing water love one of those when I was a kid Oh liftoff catapult or not does it be marvelous we've been using stones and they're fine and they're good weapons but of course there are different weights and different shapes and that they're hard to get consistent what you need is your ammunition to be the same weight in the same shape these are gland days they're led bullets and of course every legionary had be its imagine there if that would be deeply unpleasant and absolutely terrified natosi is a phallus that speaks for itself this says Peto lander cam Fulvia which effectively means I'm hunting and seeking out the female genitalia a fool via who is Mark Antony's wife I don't know where to put my face these raging storms have stones these blizzards of flying rock and led with the beginning to virtually every battle forcing the enemy to take cover behind their shields right that's why that's fine is amazing I mean they shield I mean there is very effective it's a skill to steep the infantry but I mean it's like a barn door it is but if you have your comrade next to you and the one on either side of you you are going to be blunted against the arrows and the slings and the spears that are being hurled in your direction and formidable if you're an enemy of Rome you want to be behind a shield war because there are things like this coming this is the feared Roman peeler each legionary have two of these different weights so a lighter one for for medium to long range and you see this lead weighted heavier one for the real impact at close range because the tribes against which the Romans fighting they dressed up warrior culture so they would come hurtling yelling their rebel yell it's the tribes that they're fighting the goals the Celts the Germanic tribes they want to come screaming Oh Vanna make him cough wouldn't it that that's a fair impact Wow just gone for by the footnotes that punch through this color called pointed head even if it doesn't go into you it's dropped down this is wedged into the ground you can't go any further forward with this your shield is rendered useless he's got to get rid of the shield as me miss them totally vulnerable I mean that is amazing I mean that is completely ingenious a work of genius absolutely brilliant every legionary carried to peeler so imagining if there were 10,000 legionaries at a battle captain kebabs anyone horse archers were great for surprise flanking attacks and infantry archers are great for keeping enemy troops pinned down so they couldn't maneuver the thumb wraps around the bow string and then you secure the thumb with this finger here just draw it back and I know you can choose their bow there's no end to my talents the Romans had artillery machines fellas style and got a full time of immense size power and range on the battlefield they used smaller versions now this is a real toy to play with this is so Brian this is a catapult it's like a giant crossbow instead of bow what you've got is you've got two independent limbs tapped in these torsion springs to the skins of tightly wound rope is this some personal no this is a message from Road co-op scrub your hairy monster oh hell no idea whoa big lights the bolt sits in the temple falls in the channel layer Boozer hey is going through the three of them three for the price of one what wait I grabbed one of these for Christmas I'd love one of these in my Christmas stocking gotta pull types to be used within Sandra ammunition flaming injury muffler's better than November v tempests a projectile mayhem dusted across the battlefields of ancient Rome it wasn't a very safe place to be so it's your you

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