Touched by an Angel Full Episodes Season 4 Episode 7 – The Pact

another mosquito you know I thought that camping was supposed to be fun it is take it over New York right now are you headed to New York yeah tough case got a depressed securities executive he wants to quit his job run a little coffee whack in Central Park coffee it's primo Colombian no I Love New York energy the excitement I've had some fascinating assignments there it's okay personally I'm kind of tired of the city life for a while wouldn't it be lovely if we could switch assignments tests would kill us ain't angels an angel what's the difference you know that's true and she was saying to me just the other day that I should show more initiative in certain situations his name's max made a bundle in the stock market didn't make him happy I get it full bank account empty soul you know maybe I could write up your alley go on I'll take care of tests come on angel boy we don't want to miss the buzzer coming Tess cannon angel get a hernia oh come on here they come now where's Monica rabbi what are you doing here you know something you're not telling me well it's like this I kind of been the inner-city angel recently right and Monica missed New York so the coffee guy in Central Park right didn't think it mattered does it oh no it doesn't matter it's just that the Almighty God of the universe he had a plan a little life or death situation in order to alter the course of human events and he expected it to be carried out that's all how'd you get this where you are down the road with you every time I tell you I'll walk with you believe me alcohol with you well this just beats all well when I heard camp I thought it was girls and boys can know your typical you know camp there's nothing typical about this place Raphael can we do this without Monica no I'm gonna get her sent back down here and I go to New York no you stay right here I got playing this for you Nicki bring over the newbies new these carry our bags bags well when you've been coming here for five years then you can call the shots let's just carry the stupid bags I start trouble drag and I'm freaky hair cousin watch expensive leather oh baby like Tupac I've seen better yeah right Tess are we gonna tell Rafael when the right time comes come on ladies no dawdling now come on all right listen up see the towels on your bunks for come over noobies drip dry and you guys make our beds every morning and clean the bathroom those are stupid rules are you gonna be a problem because problems have a way of solving themselves in really ugly ways no tears let them hug the room just remember this half is a newbie free zone and if we catch any of you over here you'll pay Oh like I'm afraid of you do I hear back talk Nicky tell us what happens to newbies who back talk now here's your clipboard and your schedule you got swimming at noon archery – and at four o'clock there's a camp meeting and remember this case is all about being positive lord knows I'm doing my best I'll Tessa I just want to say I'm really sorry about this Rafael God can make anything work and I have a feeling that he is going to take your terribly stupid idiotic irresponsible error in judgment and turn it into something beautiful have I made myself clear yes ma'am there's something else you need to know have a serious problem use this often [Applause] you totally destroyed this oh my gosh I'm so sorry I thought the deluxe thrift shop model came in the pre trash lick I have an idea let's see how well the Italian leather for your better not give it to me hi please please tell me that you are a camp counselor your counselors on her way her name is Monica but for now you got me we can live with that what's your name uh Melanie hi Melanie I'm Raphael uh okay so which one of you is Niki Niki is in the house okay you must be Erina in her dreams I'm Kim hi I'm Abby Fontaine is there any chance of changing rooms no nobody's gonna be changing rooms we want to make this a summer that you will remember for the rest of your lives you worry about the summer part we'll worry about the rest of our lives you must be Erin all right Nikki good job how was I other than great Oh other than great you were excellent that and you can save my life any day it's cute huh I didn't notice Yeah right hi who are you and where's your suit I'm Erin and I don't swim you don't or you can't like I'm really gonna get in there with all those people and splash around like a loser Oh okay so what if I could arrange a private lesson would you try me maybe it's better than nope hey I'm gonna need a volunteer hurry how about you me I never volunteer either come on up here that's not volunteers can hang out no CPR is a very valuable skill what could be more important than the ability to save somebody's life that's a beautiful bracelet my grandfather made it for me and Michael in Mexico yes I'd love anyone I don't speak Spanish well let's do Beth such a beautiful language I wouldn't know well maybe I can help you find out hi my name is Tessa for those of you who I haven't met I am the activities director here at the camp show lined up and we gonna sing and we gonna dance and we gonna have plenty fun I want to see how much spirit we have in the camp this year so when I say have you got the spirit I want to hear from you okay have you got the spirit are you looking for money nobody I thought his name was Angie shut up now I want to see how you use that spirit to sing the camp song if you don't know it don't worry about it it's very simple just listen you'll get it if you're happy at Camp sunlight clap your hands if you're happy at night if you're happy and you know it games on my clap your hands stomp your feet yeah kiss unless the harpy made it look I'm really sorry about all this how mad is yes well I wouldn't be asking for vacation time does your group thank you neither year that is stupid song yeah I leave now or I fell asleep let's go hi there I'm Monica I'm your new counselor yeah but thanks for dropping in Monica but we're going to the face the face whose face it's not a face it's a rock shaped like a face yeah we go there to hang out and paint names on it names of the girls over here last summer but didn't make it back this summer that sounds nice yeah real nice girls wait if something is bothering you you know we could talk about it listen Monica we've had bleeding-heart counselors like you before you all think you know what's bothering us but you don't see what I mean tough crowd host I'll make it up to that I thought that being a camp was supposed to be a positive experience well that's exactly right babies there's the name of the game around here positive just like all these girls are positive they're HIV positive I thought they were just ordinary kids there are ordinary kids have AIDS well not all of them some of them just have the virus Sophie and then that some of them a few of them have been showing symptoms of AIDS and then some of them well the friends they had last year didn't make it back it's no wonder Aaron is so angry well they're all angry and frightened and confused it's hard enough to be a teenager without all this I had no idea about any of this I'm sorry you should be and here's the thing that you need to know most it doesn't matter that they're HIV positive up here I should think that it matters very much no no no no I get it this is the one place where they can be just like everybody else nobody stares at them nobody's afraid of them why aren't there more angels at this camp I mean shouldn't there be one in every room there will be an angel in and out of the lives of every girl in this camp but the girls in the Aspen room need angels now because hope is dying in there and when you're hopeless you're capable of doing anything come on Raphael I got work okay so some of you will be taking medication twice a day and some three times but I guess you already knew that Raphael is working down at the infirmary now and and he wanted you to know that he'll still be available to you for anything at all even you know if it's just a cut or a bruise Monica have you ever been a camp counselor before no but I have worked with a lot of young people yeah but did they ever die yes some did [Applause] last but not least I'm going to return these to the infirmary and when I get back it's time for lights out okay hey I missed you at the pool I wasn't in the mood to drown today I'm not gonna let anything happen to you you too late I'm already dying and there's nothing anybody can do about it tell me something Aaron what do you think about dying what well no one's really come right out and asked me that before people like to pretend it's not really gonna happen I'm not like most people I've been watching you do I know you from somewhere well I do a lot of work at st. Sebastian's Hospital I've been in st. Sebastian's I knew I knew you and now we're here together it can't wouldn't that be cool if it's like God's Way of telling you something you know Aaron I don't know what God's plan is but I do know this I know that you are a very beautiful young woman with a lot of Life to Live and I don't think you should spend so much time worrying about death there is so much research now there's so much hope and look how long you've lived already yeah but even that's really scary now I knew this one girl and one day she was painting some dead girl's name on his face and then two weeks later her own name was up there well it usually doesn't happen that quickly but it can I'm so afraid that I've never really told me anyone perform it so tell me I'm afraid that one night I'll be lying all alone in some hospital somewhere and my mom will have gone home and then nurses will be down the hall drinking their coffee or whatever and just like that I'll die all alone Aaron at that time comes you will not be alone okay now cough Amy fields Tracy Burke we used to witnaur Suzie Miller are you crazy how can you put your name on the face now everyone on there is dead Aaron it just totally creeps me out to see your name love it but I'm not afraid of dying anymore you'll find out Melanie hey where you going such a hurry I'm needing a D at the bar okay right after I put some ointment on that all right okay I bet you can especially what touch me without the stupid gloves on I know everybody's worried about your health I'm not about your heart it's a piece of business that I see I still do Italy but you didn't speak Spanish I guess I remember a little it's been a long time my mama she spoke Spanish anymore she didn't know she was infected we were both infected she died when I was five and after that there was no more Spanish you must miss her very much she thanked me and was a Spanish lullaby there were words in it like a Nene Linda pretty baby you remember this song you can't remember her I just remember feeling safe I know some Spanish songs but this was it a see I'm gonna D I don't know it's hard I mean sounds nice but it's not the saw [Applause] I can't I see you just gonna keep that up let me make it out fast so you can get out of here they're in this game isn't over until it's over Monica we're down 12 to nothing in the last inning this game is over don't worry about it come on Melanie it only takes one two heads it's you know whether you win or lose this game is not important but you learn to work together and support each other through difficult times that's what matters come on Kim you can do it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] making us to spy here so insane like an app would really save Kim's life nobody said she was dead make a mental note if you're coming back they don't strip the bed hey great news the hospital telephoned and Kim seems to be holding her own I I thought maybe we could start planning the talent show you know there's a strong possibility Kim could be back in time to see it yeah and if we clap really hard maybe Tinkerbell will come back to life I used to sing maybe we could do a song for the show that's great you know perhaps we could put new words to an old tune do you all know she'll be coming around the mountain it's a really rosing melody all right I could make costumes I don't do blimp wear but I do sing a little hey now you're talking she'll be singing stupid camp songs when she dies Aaron please everyone in this room is going to die sometime or other I don't know where I don't know how but I know that you owe it to yourself to at least enjoy the time you've been given I want to help you but it's up to you whether you let me do that if you need more feathers of beads just holler out and if you need a swift kick in the behind I can supply that also Abby you've got a phone call okay hello hi mom I I know but just because Kim got sick doesn't mean I have to come home I'm fine here God mom you can't just lock me in my room until the day I die but I'm not dead yet and I'm not taking chances I'm having fun mom please don't don't cry okay don't it's coming Friday women do you know what that means do you know what that means that means that we've got a whole day and a half to have come on don't cry my darling we gonna make us some pretty some of these songs have mean Yulin in it but the other words not familiar this is pointless my son died of my mom Melanie the words will come when you meet the most everybody says stuff like that things will work out Melanie things will be okay Melanie I thought you were different I am people say things will be okay but I know that they will you see Melanie if you can find something as impossible to find as this forgotten song maybe you can find all of the other things in your life that you thought were missing too once you've seen one miracle you would be amazed at all of the others that you start seeing it's just stupid song it doesn't matter just like everything else I give up oh so this is this is what you wanted to show me well it wasn't easy but you are always saying close your eyes and jump in I don't know I don't know what to say I'm I'm I'm very flattered but what you don't like me Aaron I do like you you know I like you but you know you you don't you don't understand well I understand no one wants to love someone who's just gonna die that is not true you are a very very special girl with a lot of love to give to somebody but not you there is someone out there for you and you'll meet a Monday I don't have a lot of days left please leave Aaron please we he's history neither the haircut anyway guess we should paint Kim's name on her I bet Kim never thought that this summer it would be our last I hate not knowing we could know when we're gonna die we could no we could not – we could pick the time pick the day no surprises go out on our own terms you mean kill ourselves I mean we make a pact take charge of our lives here at camp what are we waiting for you're just gonna go home tomorrow and watch everyone watch you hating to get sick but are you crazy think about it Nick the only time we're ever really alive anymore is here at camp there's going to be a cure see yeah that's what they told me so what Noah and Tracy and Amy the Devon and all the rest what does they do figure out a way to keep us alive living fun what are we staying alive a little longer I am so sick of all the looks and stares and the people that can't breathe around me or shake my hand let alone hug me or kiss me and the only people that really want to hug me are usually crying when they I can't even dream of having a boyfriend I don't know about you but who kills me at least this way I go my way looking pretty good feeling pretty good where I want to be and I don't have to go alone neither do any of you so who's with me you know we'll talk about irony we could actually kill ourselves with the same stupid pills that are supposed to keep us alive sort of how we can do it we just combine the right medications and we make a killer cocktail I mean I've hardly downloaded the recipe into my journal you've been holding out on us no I've tried to do it a thousand times but I just kind of chickened out you know yeah who wants to die alone none of us that's the whole point no I think now with you guys I might actually be able to do it Melanie have you decided yet I'm still thinking it's not an easy decision yeah well what's easier living like this not about using your heart it's about what's right I want to do the right thing what you want is a miracle and they don't happen anymore go ahead and wait for one if you want just don't rat us out you know if I'm gonna do this I have stuff I've got to do first oh I'm gonna wear my white linen dress and my white platform sandals you know we shouldn't even know or a letter something totally memorable okay no we have access to all the pills for the cocktail but first we've got to get by Raphael that won't be a problem Oh any isn't your rash bothering you again not really oh I think it is Hey I think my rash is coming back alright let's try some more ointment come on into the examining room and let's take a look take about two weeks to clear it up all right see you in the morning I'm sorry about what I said to you about the song um I was wondering did you happen to find it not yet still looking someday [Applause] what you look good you always said I was a freaky haired geek with no style yeah well sir I said all that stuff you look beautiful we all look beautiful okay okay [Applause] Oh God I really don't want to do this don't lose hope my friend we brought a miracle that's a little one but it might be enough get out don't you hear it what are you doing beautiful my baby shall always be taken care of by its mom I never thought I'd hear him it's miracle I can't do this fine she's out any other chickens here so now I have to hurry before she rapped on us all where's that light coming it's from heaven I'm an angel sent by God to be with you at this moment oh my god oh my god so God really is up there God is here and he loves you and he wants you to love but only you have the power to make that choice your life is a gift from God but he can't live it for you you don't know what it's like Monica no one lets us have a life oh we are is a disease and we're tired of it but you made a pact to be together and God wants you to keep it that's was to die God has a plan for your life there is a reason for you to be living if you take your own life too soon then you'll never know you'll never find out what that reason is each one of you has a reason to be living living with not dying from AIDS what if I'm more scared of living than I am of dying no Aaron every single human being wakes up every single morning not knowing whether they're going to live or die that day but I do and today is not your day why doesn't he just make us better yeah why can't that be the plan I know this is hard for you to understand many people don't like to hear that most people can't accept it but I want you to try just for a moment please God is able to heal everything and everyone he made your bodies and he can heal your bodies from disease but your bodies were created to be the temples of something much more precious than physical life your spirits the true you the souls of Nicky and Abbey and Aaron that's where the real life is to be found and that's what God wants to heal today he is so sorry and so sad that this terrible disease may take you from the earth one day but nothing nothing will ever take you from God on the side you have death and on this side you have life and God wants you to choose life Arup Nikki that's okay not just die alone no it doesn't matter from me Aaron I already have Lee Coleman that gonna be your next summer thank you why didn't you tell me because who needs the other side goodbye Aaron you've been the leader in death now be a leader in life Nikki you can't die now none of us get because someday there's gonna be a cure and we'll all be here when they do finally you can fight lymphoma it'll be rough but I'll help you you've gotta try cuz you're my best friend [Applause] you I don't know if we'll ever see another angel here on earth but at least we know that they'll be there my god says it's time to yeah so that's God mad at me no God loves you I almost did it then I heard the words why did I remember the words your mother wanted you to hear them again she did your mother's love is always with you I just have to let yourself feel it it hurts too much it hurts more to forget he nets the shell yeah and I heard there was a pretty big one out there on the face tonight – oh yeah I mean the big lightshow special effects well tonight's been full of surprises and I've got one of my own if nobody says anything I'm gonna start to cry what if Kim came back I've never gone then I guess he made the right choice I guess he did why did Melanie want to do this outside so God could have the best seat in the house and that he has baby song that my mother used to sing to me when I was scared it was her song Oh baby

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