Tour of Contented Nomads’ bus

hi I am filming who are you hi my name is Robin and I'm Rob all right yeah welcome aboard so we're a traveling family mm-hmm we've been on the road for three years we have four children one dog and we've just been traveling around having fun across the u.s. all right this is our main galley area come on in okay actually I'm stop this with you all right switch camera around so that my friends don't complain again okay so this is our main galley area underneath the couch is a bunch of storage for our electrical here all of our kitchen supplies and home school supplies are under here it also does triple duty and that we have our car seat set up here as well okay and so all your kids at home schooled yeah well you're on the road yeah all right um homeschooled unschooled Road school okay I put we are certified school in California and so we chose the name the road scholars oh no matter how well our kids do through life they'll always have been Road scholars at some point down video kids so we try and keep it low-key while we can in the bus right a year ago we did a remodeled where we took our counter space from here all the way out to here and this storage space from here all the way out to here huge game changer otherwise we need places forward we've got AC unit only works when we're plugged in we do have a generator and we've run it while we're driving when it's really hot in the summer but it's not very sustainable solution it doesn't last for too long no um you know just opening the each window to that first notch makes a big difference yes when you're driving down the road if you don't want to use you if you're worried about bugs he said well you do have the screen like I do yeah yeah so we've got bill Krahn here and then we've got velcroed screens for you to individual one that we can put up because we spent a lot of time in the South in the summer and so that was a really good solution for us okay yeah I don't have an AC unit in mind yet I did build a pocket floor and I just haven't bought one to put in so back here is the kids's bunk area nice apartment or RV sink oh stove there yeah oh yeah we have the exact same brick yeah thank you fridge it's super energy efficient I bother yeah this is our pullout okay thank let's it go pantry pantry pantry you go double door pull out pantry Hey wow this one's kind of bags and cleaning stuff oh this is pantry this is used to be our booze section now it's a bunch of snacks section now oh okay this is the kids area here okay each kid gets a bunk we're able to shut the doors to give them privacy help some sleep at night easier to write each kid gets a drawer a place for toys and a place for books and if it doesn't fit on there they don't get to keep it you have four kids yep four heads that's a busy bus yes bathtub area shower we've got the Eco temp water heater okay small one yep works fine fresh gives us hot water all the way up to sink up there oh good so that's cool bathroom area like a lot of people here we've got the nature's head compost toilet we tried to do our own compost toilet but with four with six kids or with six people right yeah gladly gladly no no it's a compost oh wait but it's a it's the nature's head it's just designed better than we could design it on our own and that was in our book money well-spent okay from what we were dealing with right for what you're dealing with yeah thousand dollars is worth it for a toilet yeah it's always good to have plants especial especially aloe vera oh yeah we got plants all over this thing Oh your wife's a big plan so we've got plants just strewn throughout the bus to keep things alive clean the air makes things look 3d it does does that something I still have to Angelina's plants here's queen-size bed okay we have matching units on each side all right I'm a financial planner by day so I my side of hanging stuff has suit jackets and dress shirts inside and then underneath here is our water tanks as well as a bunch of just storage that we access through our back door well since our engine is in the front we have a lot of back door accessibility okay mm-hmm yeah yeah mm-hmm that was one of the harder things with dwindling down was in downsizing was getting wrists in the books right now as far as insulation would you do James Lee the best floor walls nothing in the roof okay I helped a buddy chariot clear out of his insulation in his roof on our first bus that we actually sold to them hey watch your knees cursive ink oh okay Oh neat you put out everybody's yeah daily expectations was a diamond there's no question this let's just get it going do what is expected and then and then you can do what you want Yeah right that's very cool well thank you for the thank you for the tour you're actually my first video tour well great that was glad glad to do it alright thank you very much great you too

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