Tower of Madness | Game the Game ITTD Special

(lively music) (laughing) (gurgling) – This is a, that was my Cthulhu. This is a Cthulhu game. Hello everybody and thank
you so much for joining us for International Tabletop Day here at Geek and Sundry live. (clapping) Thank you so much. One of our biggest sponsors
and one of the main reasons that we are able to do
this today is BoardGameGeek and if you don’t know what BoardGameGeek is, please go and check it out. I call it Wikipedia for board games. But Lincoln over here can
tell us more about it. So Lincoln will you tell
us more about BoardGameGeek and what it is you do? – Okay, so we are, will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year (cheering) and it’s essentially was
around before Wikipedia by one year.
– Take that, Wikipedia. – But we are essentially the
Wikipedia of board game geeks it’s a giant database that’s community driven,
lots of photos and reviews. I love the photos of the
cats and in the game box. (laughing) So it’s been growing and then
part of what I’m doing now is, I’m now the director of media and we’re doing more
of our own programming, we do the live streaming from conventions like Essen and Gencon and Cannes FIJ and
sometimes Tokyo Game Market So that’s just showing all the new games that are coming out for that year, Nurnberg as well, and then
we’re doing some shows, we have like a new show
that we’re doing now and we’ve been doing
Game Night, our show for, this is the beginning
of the seventh season – Oh my gosh.
– So we got a couple of hundred episodes – Holy cow! – Been doing it for a long time. – Boardgamegeek is literally one of the best resources I’ve ever had, I live on that site. – I have to tell you for Gametogame, in the early stages of Gametogame it’s what basically saved
our asses, so thank you. (laughing) – It’s really comprehensive and
has rules for games on there their ranking systems that
are really, like intuitive and actually make a lot of sense, so if you’re looking for
something very specific, they’ve got, yeah, they’ve got the rankings and the hashtags. – I will admit it’s a little
intimidating initially we are going through redesign that will theoretically
be rolling out this year which will be great sooner
maybe rather than later which will be great ’cause the games pages
are very friendly now they’re mobile friendly which is huge. The rest of the site is and there are other
elements that are there now but more and more of that’s
growing so it’ll be helpful – Ooh, keep an eye out for that later. Go to if you’re curious about
what we’re talking about. Other than that let’s meet
the rest of the players. I’m Amy Vorpahl. Who are you? – Hi, my name is Jeremy Walker, I played Jude Marley on
Sagas of Sundry: Madness which was so much fun and
it’s so good to be back with all of you beautiful people. I’ve missed you all very much, missed all of you out there and, yeah just so happy to play this
Towers of Madness game, and more madness, why? – Yes, oh yes. – Why?
– We’ve all played with Ivan van Norman and this
game does make you make a pull so you and I will have some flashbacks. (laughing) And Rachel, you’ve
played with Ivan as well. – Yes, I have not escaped
Ivan’s reign of terror (laughing) I played Pony on We’re Alive: Frontier where miraculously I sat in
the fifth seat and survived. – Yeah! (clapping) – We’ll see what happens next, but yeah it’s fun to be in here and have actual stuff
to touch and play with. – I was about to say
surviving is half the battle, but I think it’s the only battle. It’s the only one, is surviving, so yes here we, we’re
playing Towers of Madness. Have any of you played this game before? – No.
– Not today, this is it. – Me either, but we did get a
very, very descriptive lesson from Ivan van Norman. So real quick, how we’re
gonna do this is we’re each, it’s a very Cthulhu-esque game, that’s why I did Cthulhu at the beginning and we’re investigators
trying to solve the mystery, we don’t know who’s at the bottom of this and the way that we’re gonna solve it is by going to different
locations like the clock tower which is our first location
and seeing what we can see slash investigate at the clock tower. The way we’re gonna do that is through a series of roles that are very similar to Yahtzee so it’s like Yahtzee, Kerplunk, Cthulhu it’s gonna be fun. Marbles are gonna fall,
our hopes will be dashed and maybe we’ll go insane. Your classic board game. – Love it. – So without further ado, Jeremy why don’t you get us started,
you’re the lead investigator. – All right, I am a Noah Osgood here. Noah Osgood, a millionaire. – Oh boy, how fancy for you. – Yes, millionaire. All right, let’s see here (dice shaking) Come on, baby Wow. (laughing) – Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! – It’s gonna be a good day, everybody. – Four sixes and a five. – You know what, I think I’m
gonna keep these two sixes – Whoa! – That’s a handshake
from us under the table. – That’s a little– – I’m gonna live a little dangerously. – Good, all right – I’m feeling good with that roll, you know, I’m feeling lucky. – And you do have your spells. – I do have my spells. – So the main thing that
Jeremy’s trying to do now and that we’ll each try to do every turn is lock in a one, two and a three die in our investigation dice and then after that
we’ll be able to score. So right now, he rolled
four sixes, one five and– – And I must complete the
one, two, three series. – He has not gotten a
one or a two or a three. (laughing) – And key, if you don’t get the one, two and three, you lose. (laughing) And there’s the chance of marbles. – Ooh! – Oh, so I still have a one – Okay.
– Here, okay. – Locking it in. – Come on.
– I’m worried for you. – Don’t be. Okay, okay! – Ah! – Maybe? All Right. – You’re staying alive somehow. – I’m staying alive, baby ♪ Staying alive ♪ Oh. – A three
– All that for nada. – And now we get to my favorite part, which is they pull the tentacle. – Yes, so Jeremy didn’t
investigate anything. He failed to investigate. – Is Ivan here? ‘Cause I’m starting to feel– – I know, make a pull (screaming)
(laughing) – Thanks, Ivan. Whoa. – Awesome movement (laughing) – Yeah, immediately! – Boom.
– I got a one, two and a three and
then a three and a four. I’m gonna take my chances on getting maybe higher than that so, I’ll take the three,
got a three and a one and hopefully I can get a
better roll on this die. Yeah, I can, a four. – It was your magical number all along – Yeah so I have a three, I got a one, two, three locked, I got a three and a four score. – For your investigator total? – For my investigator
total, my discovery dice and so that will add up to a seven that will go, my marble
into my little track – Very nice.
– Let’s see if I can do that. I don’t know, I feel– – And I don’t have to make a pull. – Was scoffing at his
placing to me so soon, but you never know – Yeah. – Mighta worked. – Now you did roll two fives. – Great, thanks for–
– Oh, good job. – –pointing that out I think I’m gonna go for
that re-roll to succeed– – So that’s it you have
your unnatural influence on the two fives. – That’s right, one
last chance to succeed. I’m gonna take that just in case. – Which character are you playing? – Oh, that’s right, I’m
Abigail Hunter, counselor. – Oh.
– Her hair matches mine. It actually should have been yours, it’s much more like yours. – Yeah, who are you playing? – Oh yes, I’m Dolores
Duarte, I’m the femme fatale. – Right .
– That’s more interesting. – Okay, three, wow lots of threes, this is what this is gonna be, isn’t it? – Nice, oh shoot, tons of threes. You’re gonna need that re-roll. – Oh, I’m pretty certain
of that, there’s a four. – Okay.
– Right. – All right.
– Come on, one. (dice shaking) – Come on, one, and something that works. – No, it’s gonna be that four. – If you get a one, you’ll beat me. – I don’t think I’m gonna beat you. – Oh!
– Three, what? – Can you re-roll? – I’ll go for it, one last chance, come on, come on. – I’m not sure. – Nope! – I’m heartless.
– Moving on. – Okay.
– Oh no! – It’s happening. – I’m gonna go low, what the heck. – Whoa, all right.. Nothing shifted – Nothing didn’t shift there. – There’s one right off the tippy top. – Yeah.
(laughing) – Yeah, you’re right. – Awesome.
– I play Ace Wilcox. (laughing) – All right. – I’m getting to the
bottom of this mystery. (laughing) – There it is. – Let’s see, oh my god,
I have all of the twos. – Wow! – And a three, so at least I
get to place two to begin with. All right, I’m gonna
take, I got, oh wait, wait I got three fives, not
two, so I do not get to– – So you don’t get the– – –take the card, it has to be– – You only, only two. – I got excited, I got excited. Oh, I have to put one of these fives here. – Come on, Ace! – Ace is such a slacker,
I’m gonna out this four here and pray for a one. – Pray for a one. – And I failed. – Wow. – Cthulhu. – Cthulhu, yeah did some damage this turn. (shouting) – Two marbles fell out! – Oh and are they both discovery marbles? – They are. – No, I think one is a– – Oh, they’re both good marbles though – Oh!
– Yeah, they’re so good! (laughing) – They’re so, sorry,
they’re so good that– – So I have– – Cthulhu splashes out of the ocean. – Yeah he wanted to bring
some water to the table. – Yes.
– I’m so sorry. – So I have a spell die, or a spell marble and a discovery marble. – Cool. – Yes, you get the spell card. – I get a spell card. – Very nice. – Speaking of spell cards. – What is this, oh, the discovery
is just worth three points towards winning the game
which at the very end, if no one’s insane and has won, then we count up victory
points and see who has won. So this round, I have
won with seven points versus y’all’s with zero
points on the clock tower. So I get to keep the clock tower which has six victory points. – Nice work, Dolores.
– And that goes in my stash. Thank you.
– You are now lead investigator. – Thank you so much.
– You got it. – I earned it, I deserve it. – Yes you did. – This is good for me. Okay, so I’m actually gonna
at the start of my turn play one of these. I’m going to earn one
unnatural influence token. That’s what I’m gonna do
at the start of my turn and I will discard this card. I think I would like to gain a, one last chance, a fun little re-roll. – That’s the one that really
is a savior on this game. – Oh yeah.
– If you make it. – Yes, if I make it, there’s
always that hypothetical. – If you make it. – Rachel, will you pass me the fun dice? – Yes, goodness gracious. – Right that’s what they’re
called, the fun dice. – Dolores, for the win,
we’re gonna investigate, what are we investigating? Let’s find out. We’re investigating the Innsmouth Church. If you roll two fours, you
fail your investigation. Actually two or more fours, it looks like. – You fail.
– You fail your investigation – All right, okay. – Okay Once again, I get, well
I got a two and a three that’s pretty good. I’m gonna– – Are you gonna live dangerously? – No, I’ve got all three of my dice, I’m gonna get a one. – You’re a gambler.
– I am, yeah. – You’re a gambler and I got my one and I don’t really love a two and a four so let’s see if I can get higher. I got a six for that one. – Wow. – And this is a two, I
think I can beat a two. A five! – Very nice, Dolores. – I do not wanna re-roll
but at the end of the round I will have to get rid
of this unnatural token. Oh yes, so now, the number to beat is 11. – That’s gonna be tough. – Good luck. – So I’m gonna play a card here that let’s me convert
any dice, they’re wild so, let’s just hope I roll
a bunch of hearts right now. – Any dice, oh heart dice are wild, wow. – And I rolled two, that’s not so bad So, there we go, I gotta
brain, I got my mind. – Oh wow. – And you know what, I’m
gonna make that a one. – Okay. – And then I’ll be– – Oh my gosh, yeah you’re all locked in. One, two and three right away. – And a two, hey guess what,
that’s a six and a five and I beat you. (gasping) – Well, I matched you which beats you. – Oh you did, I was about
to say, oh, that’s not– – Yeah, let’s count that up again. – So now, the marble moves to Lincoln. – There you go.
– Congratulations. – Very nice.
– Cruelly stolen from you. – Good investigating. – Good work, Abigail. – So that one’s discarded. – I’m interested in this Innsmouth Church, let’s see what we’ve got. We gotta two and a three
to start with, not bad. – Nice
– Okay. Ooh and a one, all right,
I’ve got a two and a three so I’m gonna see if I can beat those. Not yet. (laughing) – Let’s see if I can
turn this one into a– – All you need is an eight. – Anything else, yay! – But I don’t have to do it. – Yes, we don’t have to roll. – You don’t, we haven’t got to me yet. All right, okay. – I wouldn’t mind, getting another spell card’s fantastic All right, Noah. – You casting anything? (chuckling) Okay, so three here. You know, Noah Osgood
doesn’t become a millionaire by playing it safe. – Oh. – So I’m gambling, baby. – Oh my gosh! – That’s the only way to beat you. – Yeah, that’s true. – Come on, oh, one two. You know, if you don’t gamble– – You finished it right there, you got it. – –you don’t win (cheering) – Thank you. – So 11 is actually kinda
common, taking an 11 score. – Kind of interesting. – At least this turn. – So have I become the lead? – You don’t become the
lead but you definitely. get the Innsmouth Church
which is nine friggin’ points. – Nice.
– Very nice, very nice. – So everyone discard your tokens. unless it says you don’t need to, which is only one of these that says that. Okay, so that was just me, you are now the lead investigator. – Come on Abigail, do
this, let’s get this going. – Let’s go, Abby. – Come on Abigail, solve the crime of– – Two fives, all right,
unnatural influence. – The old church. Instantly wins this location if you roll on your first throw, if you get a one, two or
three on your first roll. – Is that one, two or three,
or one, two and three? – All three of them, yes. – Ooh, it’s so close. – Otherwise you have to
assign two of these three dice to your investigation on your first throw or you fail the location. – So success so far. – Yeah. – Not an instant win, but success. – Oh you had two fives, nice. – Gimme one last chance, one last chance. Okay, yuck, only a four,
I got two ones, not great. – All right – Come on, three at least one. This is gonna be very easy
to beat if I roll a three. Hey, I rolled it – Hey, you rolled a three! – So question, are we playing that if you use your pair of
fives to take a token, that you can’t also place
them on your discovery dice? – I think you place them – Okay, so that was a choice you made not to place your pair of fives. – I guess so, but no, I
wouldn’t wanna do that, right? I mean, at least at my strategy level. (laughing) – Just my strategy level. (laughing) – I defer to you on all things board game I think it’s a wise choice to make – I don’t think there’s
any sound strategy, you do whatever you want. – Just checking it – He does run the Wikipedia of board games – So, I have a one two three. – It means you instantly
win this location. – There you go, boom. – Thank you
– Yeah you won it. – Miss Wilcox is very interested, is going to take all 12 of these points. – That’s a big score. – That is fantastic. That also means that you and I don’t need to take a turn this round. – You don’t. – No, because locations done
and over and spent and– – Cool – Given away, Right Ivan? – What? (laughing) Yes? – I had an instant win, so that means the round is over, yes? – Looks like you won, good for you. – I thought– – Yeah! – Not everyone else did. (laughing) – Perfect.
– Did we get a chance to beat her? – What? (muffled chattering) – If it was on your first throw, you did it on your first throw? – Yes.
– That’s a pretty big deal. – I think it’s like a 12 point big deal. – So you know what, so Ace Wilcox investigated the old church and found the sacred seal and now is one step
farther to sealing Cthulhu inside the tower of madness. – All right – Nice work, Ace. – Thanks. – Oh, we need a new location. – We do, this one is, you must assign one die to your discovery on the first throw, so over here– – The Miskatonic Library – All right, ooh I love
that, I’m into the library. So I’m actually gonna assign
two die on my first throw ’cause I can. – But you also must put one over here. – Well I’m gonna go ahead and
put this six and a five then. – Okay – Oh my gosh! – No I’m gonna put the
six, I’m gonna hold the– (laughing) – Go on Ace, it’s tough,
you only live once Ace – I’m gonna put the six – There you go – Wow! So will have to get a one. – I did a three. – A three? – Wow – You got a three! (clapping) Holy cow! – Ace is having a good day. – So that’s an 11 to meet or
beat, and I will pass these – We’ve done it – All right – Let’s go Noah. Noah Osgood. – Osgood – Noah Osgood – We’ll get there. – I wonder if that woulda meant
you guys should’ve pulled. – So wait, so I have to do– – It could be good. – One, two. – The only bad thing is
if you just get the three Madness is rough right or
the three green marbles – Oh my gosh, you need a three. Do you have Ace’s luck? – Oh what? – You know I was with
you until that moment Then Ace was like nope. – So what does that mean,
Jeremy, what happened there? – It means I have to go to the tower. – Yeah, yeah it does. Do a little Cthulhu pully pull. – Oh!
(marbles clattering) (laughing) – And there’s some red
ones in there, oh my. – Oh my gosh. – I think there are three red at least. – Whatever falls out when you pull – Oh wow, I think that’s four red – Those are all yours my friend – So I have a– – You’re mad now, you’re a mad man – Yes, turn your character
card over, there you go – It’s also another nine points. – Oh, okay – And a spell card. – You know I could still win this game. – Insanity only affects the spells or does it affect other things also? – It affects your turn,
you no longer roll dice You just pull on your turn. – Yes you have five
insanity, five madness, which is too many madness
because all you need is four and you never get to leave. – Can I blame Ivan? I blame Ivan. (laughing) – To be fair– – And you get, you got a
spell so you get a spell card, – Oh, okay, so, oh yeah – You need to draw one – I need to draw one from here – And is there a fifth dice? – Yes. – There it is. – Cthulhu’s hiding it from you. – Yeah, got it, good shot, Jeremy. – So Noah Osgood is now completely insane. – That didn’t take long – As most millionaires
are, let’s just be honest – And that means your spells
have new things on them and also on your turn you only pull, you no longer roll dice. So actually, because I heard, I don’t know but I heard that the
insane spells are nuts so I would like to actually steal, I was gonna steal one of your spell cards. But I would rather steal one
of your discovery marbles. – Ooh, there you go. – Just for fun – Hey look over there! – It is a bunny rabbit banging
a trumpet into the wall – Oh wait what happened? – My turn, I’ve got to, so I have to play something over here So, I’ll do the five and then
I’ll do the one and the two And then again, again we’re
just looking for that three. And I didn’t get it. – So four .
– So four, I will not beat it. but let’s see if I can not pull. I can’t not pull, so I have to pull. A fun double negative there. (marbles clattering) Yay! No. – Our first doom dive. – Oh yes, well said, so we have a… I think they go on these little– – Oh!
– Oh, wow, okay. – That’s where I’m gonna put ’em, but a green die is a doom die and if all three doom dice fall, we’re all corrupted by Cthulhu
and we sing his praises and yeah, we hold hands and get evaporated into the space land. – I was gonna go drown in the sea. – I think we’re doomed. – So I’m one mad but I’m also discovered. – You guys are doing all
better than me, so okay. – Oh yeah, you need a location. – Am I starting, no, no. – No, you’re ending. – I’ve not done anything yet. I rolled but– – No, when are you gonna do
something with your life? – Exactly, hey I’ll take the, once again, I think I had that one, so
I will never put it back. I’ll take it again, but I must assign. So I’ll put a mine down – Sorry my hair fell– – It could be mine too, I’m hairy – You need assign to
discovery, not to investigating – You have 11, I’ll do the five – Yeah – What am I doing? – Okay
– There you go – And a three on the
locked, investigator die – The one, that’ll be helpful – Oh my gosh, an 11, the game is gonna be hard to beat – I know, hey at least I got that – You got a two
– Come on – I suddenly feel anxious – Now, pull – It’s coming
(cheering) – Got a six on the last one – Robbed! – I needed something or
I might as well just stop – Don’t worry I’m plotting over here – So you, you found the mystery
of the Miskatonic library – I love that – What is the mystery in there? – I got eight points that’s
what it was so it’s pretty major – Question, ’cause I have some spell cards that I can play at the end of the round. Would that be right now? – I would think so
– Maybe now – Oh, wonderful – Dang I wanted to be insane
now you look too happy – Mmm, roll two dice, add a new location on the roll of 11 or two on the roll of 12. – Add a new location? – That’s what it says – So instead of just, it’ll be flipping over multiples for this? I wonder what the benefit is. It just forces the game to go faster? – I think maybe it goes longer – No, because I think
once around the deck, we’re done right? – Yeah if we run out
of the deck, we’re done – So we add one from the pile – Oh! – So we add a new location – If you get the roll – If I get the roll – If you succeed at the roll – More chance for us to lose – You know what I like this,
you’re using your insane die and your spell card and it might– – Oh it might not happen – That’s generous of you – What did you get? – A 10
– A 10! That’s not an 11 or a 12! – Bummer – Yay! – Whatever – Thank you for, thank you
for offering it to the table – No problem I do what I can – Because it’s more chances
that we’ll go insane, I guess – Exactly, I’m trying to
get you all to join me – Fantastic
– Insanity loves company (laughing) – So now, if you’re insane you cannot be the lead
investigator, is that right? – I’m just pulling
– I think you can, I think so – Are you sure? – Yeah – You just can’t roll You just get to pull and
see what magic happens – What does it say about us that we allow him to be
the lead investigator? – You know what, I don’t care – I think he’s rich, he’s
probably still good at things – Oh wow – I don’t care where I
pull because I’m trying – Holy cow! – Oh, nothing – Oh that was preemptively– – All right, so, what’s on your location? – Lincoln do you wanna read that? – You get to draw a horror
tentacle each time you roll – What?
– Each time? – Each time you roll a pair
of ones, two or more ones, two or more twos or two or more threes – Is it a pair or two
or more, does it say? – Two or more – Oh – This does not count as
failing the investigation – So it’s just additional pulls – You already pulled? – I already pulled – Ooh, the Innsmouth Docks – Innsmouth Docks – And there you’ll find 10 points – Do we have, oh we have
Innsmouth Library is that right? – Yes – The other is an Innsmouth – Innsmouth something – You got it, Innsmouth Church – Church – Innsmouth church – It feels good to be insane everybody – Two threes – I got two threes, which
means I have to pull (loud screaming) – What, fucking what! – How’s it going so far? (laughing) – I heard through the
grapevine someone went mad – Yeah you did – Classic of course, are you kids good? Do you need anything? – Oh, we’re good, I spilled my goblet. It wasn’t even when you scared me it was an innocuous, it was
like, oh well, it fell so slow – I can actually see the
running stain of your blood coming down across the velvet – Thank you – You’re welcome – Oh yes come deep ones,
come out of the sea, and let us have our single doom dice – Doom marble – Doom marble, yes – Yes
– There it is – I just wanted to check on you – We do have a bit of a question, we kinda made up our own rule for this But just because he’s insane doesn’t mean he doesn’t get to
be lead investigator, right? – He can be lead investigator on his turn, he still gets to pull tentacles You only win now if your
pull gives all three marbles – Not on our pulls? – Not on your pulls, if you
pull a marble down then he loses – Oh, okay – Oh, so he has to pull out – The green dice – He’s gotta pull out the
green dice on his turn? – Just on his turn – Well I already pulled out
a green dice so he can’t win – No, his pull has to
result in the last marble – In the final doom marble – It’s like sinking the eight ball. It either ends you or you win – If the ball, the eight ball is the relic and the corner pocket is dimension into a terrible
unknown world, then yes. (laughing) – Bye, Ivan – Perfect – Okay, one, two three, I
got all three of ’em locked, let’s go for a, I’m gonna keep
that, I’m gonna keep the six – Nice, very very nice – 10 is the one to beat – All right – I coulda gone for
higher but I chose not to – It coulda been not much lower – It also coulda been a lot lower – Okay, do I get any doubles? Not yet – No pairs – Okay so – Oh, is the opposite
of an au pair a no pair? – No pairs, no pairs? – That’s somebody who’s
like don’t live with me don’t talk to my children – Out! – It’s the guy in the creepy
white van that offers candy – Yeah, that’s a no pair – For sure – Or a lady – Come on, oh! – Oh, yeah, absolutely – Oh yeah, hey – You gotta be on it right? – Hey! – Oh, you love those – He’s got spells – I wouldn’t mind cards, yep – There’s a spell for ya – Those three pointers would be cool – All right
– Let’s see what I got – It’s all yours All righty – Wow okay, it’s all the
things that would be cool if they happened.
– All right (laughing) – So I have to put the two there, so I’m not gonna beat ya But maybe I’ll make it Four, no I won’t – Aah! – Another one, right – Another one – Wow! – Hey spell in a discovery – Spell in a discovery – The fun of this game is
setting it up and figuring it out – Another card – Where the tentacles go and– – I keep banging the tentacles,
it’s gonna be a bad deal – Jumbling the marbles – Could I create some more chaos anywhere? – Probably – I really wanted to do that – Keeping that one, it’s not mine to keep – Okay Are you declaring anything over there? – Not yet – All right, okay – He’s waiting – I’m gonna roll these over here Pair of fours? – Doesn’t matter – Doesn’t matter – All right, I’m gonna
take this two and place it – Mmm
– You have a 10 – I have a 10 – I’m gonna place this six – Nice – Do I also place the five? Or is that a fool’s errand? – I dunno, last time it worked out for you – If you were me, I would – I know, you guys – Says the crazy man,
I’m gonna place the five because if I don’t win, I lose anyway – That’s right – Right, there’s a three – Oh my gosh! – Feeling good Ace – And a six, I’m out, all right – Oh! – It was worth a shot – Oh my gosh – So you got the card – I do – I get the secret of Innsmouth Docks – And it is. It is slime, I found
slime at Innsmouth Docks. It doesn’t say that – I’m gonna go, freedom! – Ooh, very anti-climactic, I love it – Are you revealing a new location? – Please do – We’re gonna reveal the sewers – Ah hah, that means that players must end with a discovery of nine or more or fail – Oh, we fail if we don’t, oh
shoot doggit, okay, all right I’m the lead investigator in this round Congratulations you look
very happy with yourself – I am (laughing) – All right, here I have my discovery die or sorry, marble and would
you pass me the fun dice? – Yes, yes (laughing) – Okay – Perhaps we need a turntable – Yes – It’s kinda nice ’cause we don’t have to
send him down there anymore – So, a nice tidy little circle – You just stay isolated
from us, this is the line this is my side – Crazy people over there – Quarantined – Okay, what do we have to do? If I get, if we get three
brains, you draw a spell card or three or more brains
you draw a spell card. You may also re-assign
a madness marble from any one player to another – Then let’s not forget this – And let’s not forget you, yeah okay, how much attention do
you need, insane person? Players must end with a
discovery of nine or more or fail – Perfect – All right, so you want
this in front of me, so I remember? – That’s correct – Fine, so I have a one
and a two immediately, that feels good. Yeah I need to get a
three, so hold on to these. I don’t have that but I’ll take this six. That actually means that I need one three and one three or more. Got a three! I got a three and a one, yeah! I got a five on this guy,
so I’ve now moved into– – So you’re immune to the spell – Immune to your insane
spell and I’ll pass on this so you remember too – I will remember – And I’ll give you the fun dice – And don’t give me the 11, maybe I’ll make it but I don’t know – You just might, you just might – Okay – Where’s your sense of optimism – Oh you know, it’s doom – Doom – Doom and terribleness. Look at that, two sixes – So you’ve lock in a one and a two – Oh wow – And a pair of sixes,
you could beat that 11, you just have to be willing – Yeah, I think I’m gonna do that – What? – Oh, man – Hedge the bets, bets hedged – Oh! – And that’s not a nine,
so I’m not, I failed – You’re gonna fail anyway, but I still wanna see what
that last die roll is, for fun. – Five
– For me – For you – Okay, tentacle – Very nice – Tentacle
– Yeah – Your spell, your spell made him – It was a failure anyway – Lose all hope in himself – This spell goes back – You still– – I still need that spell, sorry – Re read the spell page in the book – Three brains, okay, so two – We have at least three brains among us (laughing) – Dunno if his counts as a negative though – I’m gonna keep the six – Nice – And I’m gonna throw the
five back into the ocean – You’d be formidable in Yahtzee (laughing) I would be just anxious,
what is she gonna do next? – Crushing – One, all right – So you’re locked in – Come on – Locked in for discovery – All right, there’s a four – A 10. – Well, you win – Nobody got, succumbed – You don’t, yes, she didn’t fail – So you win with the 11, but I don’t lose – That’s right – So I’ll take that – So I will take my sewers,
they’re my sewers now That’s what the clue I
got at the Innsmouth Docks – Do I still pull from the tower though? – On your turn? – Yes – Oh yeah
– Yeah you do – Yeah and then it’s the end of the round (laughing) ♪ Where is the doom marble ♪ – Come on! – Ooh nice, yeah I’m not
worried yet, I don’t know why I’m feeling good, I think
the sane people might win The sewers are mine and, oh do you have anything you’d like to do at the end of the turn? – Not yet – Insane person, okay. We are revealing a new location, so we went form the Innsmouth
Docks, to the sewers and now we’re in the Yuggoth
Cavern for 11 points. If you roll a three of a kind or more, three or more of a kind in a single throw add a new location to the
bottom of the location deck – Okay, okay – That you love that – Yes I do (laughing) and I’m no longer the lead investigator, I pass that right on to you. – Okey dokey – My good friend – Let’s see what I can do I have cards I should be playing, I’ve got a stack of cards right – Oh very nice, did you– – Three, I’ll take that – These dice are really cool – They are
– Yeah I like them – Two fives, a five and six Oh yeah once again, I’m
gonna take the last chance I keep hoping for– – Yeah, you are killing
these two double five rolls – Yeah, I’m not really
turning it around with that Two, hey – Okay okay – I’ll take that 11, I’m stopping there – Nice – Sweet, okey dokey – So you, 11 is the
number to beat, or meet – Beat or meet? – Okay, here we go – 11’s like the number – I know – I know, it’s happening–
– Strangely – –quite often – Three, right – What are you gonna do
on your turn, Jeremy? – I have not decided – A one and a two, keep
this five and gamble on – Yes gamble
– Aah there’s a five, all right
– Oh, it’s 10 – So I’m gonna add 10
instead of 11, but I am safe – Yes – It’s on you my friend – Okay (throat clearing) (gurgling) (laughing) – Where’d you get, you
pulled from the bottom? – You pulled from the middle – What’s happening? – Well – There’s like five marbles
balanced on that top stick it’s just like hovering – You gotta– – I love it – You gotta pray harder (chattering) – I need three of a kind or more but I don’t need it, I
just want it, not really so one, that’s good, I
won’t save those sixes, still got plenty to roll. Shoot!
– Three – Three of a kind! – Ooh – Or more in a single throw. I got three ones, add a new location to the
bottom of the location deck can we fly in a location? – Oh – Is anyone here who
knows where those are? I will put a six in my discovery – All right – And we’ll get that
location added eventually – Wow
– A two, I cannot, come on I just need a
three, I need a three – And I didn’t get it, oh wait – But you’re okay you can assign – Oh, I can assign my six,
’cause that will be a 12 and that would be nuts A four, I lose, I lose the investigation. I flew too close to the sun – Please pull from the tower – Would you like that? – Yes, I would – I think this side hasn’t
gotten much love, the front so, here we go
– Oh – No! It’s madness, I am now at two madness – Please join me – You’re half mad, two out of four – Actually though if
there are two mad people there’s a better chance
that we’ll have the doom die – That’s right
– Or the doom marble – How many of the actual
madness dies are in there? – I’m very excited – Oh, I think it is only three – No, no, no, madness – Oh, the red ones (chattering) (laughing) – So Yuggoth Cavern is yours, correct? – I’m hearing things about location decks you have nine cards right? – We have nine – We earned a new one – Ooh, okay – It turns out there was a spell where we may have earned a new one and then this time we earned a new one – Ooh – You get to pick two now – No, you only get to pick one I’m just saying there are opportunities – Opportunities, duly noted. Pick a new location – Okay this one will be a good one The Roundhill Woods and then
it just goes to the bottom – Bottom of the deck – And I will leave the other ones here – Okay perfect – Just in case – We just might, oh yeah you’ve
got some extra stuff planned – How about this, I’ll
put him in front of– – Love it – The Tower of Madness – Awesome, thank you – Goodbye
– Bye Ivan – Let’s just enjoy this – Yeah – That’s nice, that’s nice – Bye Ivan – Scuttle away, beautiful – So our new location is the
Esoteric Order of the Dragon – Ooh, esoteric I hear – And if you roll a pair of fours, these two dice may be treated as wild and rotated to any side – Oh
– You know what I like, I like that The Esoteric Order
of the Dragon has an altar – Oh – What are all those people doing there? – Getting married – Yeah, it’s beautiful – This isn’t a Cthulhu
game, this is a romcom game – Very sweet – No pairs of fours – Mmm – But… – Deep breath, what’s happening? – Do I take a 12 and, yeah,
oh, I’m gonna just go for it – What! – I like your style, Ace – And see if I can get a one or a two – That’s crazy – I know, there’s a two – Let’s go Ace – Come on, Ace Wilcox, reporter – Just speaks through his teeth – Fails, fails so big – Oh my gosh Would have been amazing though, that one time you did get it – Please, Ace, the Tower, thank you (marbles clattering) (laughing) – Madness – Okay all right so what have we got? So I’ve got one, two, my goodness – Somebody’s close to going mad – I’m almost certainly about
to knock my goblet over also Oh no, okay, so what do I have? – I have three madness,
so I’m still under the cap I’m not yet insane, but
I have three new spells – Okay – That’s awesome – Okay – And I have two more discovery – That’s bad because that
means if she does the same what she looks like she’s doing, she’s got six spells, you have six
spells and that’s crazy – That’s crazy – That’s too many spells – I like this – That’s so many marbles on on your board – Join me on the dark side – Oh my gosh, who is
the lead investigator? – I believe it’s now– – I’m the lead investigator,
we just began my friend – So he’s gonna pull? – Oh that’s right – Now you gotta pull – That was a very violent turn, yeah are there any more marbles? I think there aren’t any more marbles – I see some shiny stuff in there – Well we haven’t seen
the other two doom marbles – Yeah you’re just more mad – He’s extra mad – Pretty soon I’m gonna explode – I wonder if there’s, yeah
I guess there’s not a cap on how mad you can be,
but you can’t go lower after you’ve passed four. All righty, what is the thing? I need two fours and they’re wild, okay Well, there’s a one
and a two, pretty great and then a one, a one and a
four so not, not the best. But let’s see what we can get. We got a six for discovery and
I need a three really badly But I wasn’t able to do that, so I’ll put the four in discovery and then hope for a win. I did! Awesome, so now the number to beat is a 10 – Is a 10 – Oh wow, really pulled
that out of my butt – I feel that the bar
has been raised that like if you don’t get like a 10
or 11, it’s like forget it – Yeah – You’re not gonna make it – Okay, two and a three – All right – So what happens if he gets two fours? – It’s two fours that are wild, wild man – A four – You singing Wild Thing
in your head right now? – Uh-huh
– Are you? – Okay that’s bad, pretty horrible – You’re right where I was – It’s horrible and it’s not threes – Oh, discovery very nice – Darn, darn, darn – I had nothing to do with it – And I think it now
passes, ’cause we’re done – Yep, that’s the round – So the end of the round? – So you are now our lead investigator – Also a nut which that’s crushing us – I found the secret of The
Esoteric Order of the Dragon and it is the bones of my ancestors, so I’m a kind of a chosen one – I think this game has now
turned into sabotage Amy – What, no, no, no (laughing) I do have right now how I’m looking at it 18, 28, 34 points – Yipes – So I might be the person to beat – The chance is for all
of you to go crazy with me – Yeah, what are you gonna
do, some diagonal stuff? – Oh (yelping) (laughing) – Does that count as pulling? – Hell no! No it doesn’t, you cheater – There is a thing about that – Oh my gosh – It’s Saturday – Do not collect go, do not, I dunno – How on Earth, okay, you know what? – Contingency plan – Contingency plan – I can’t find– – Oh yeah – What we can do– – Says, if the invader,
if the offender is insane all falling marbles are
removed from the game including any doom marbles,
assuring a sane player will win – Oh there’s a rule for this? – Oh wow – It’s a jostling penalty, I would say that’s a lot
more than jostling, but– – Yeah, I would call that full on – Did all three green come out? – Yeah, I think all the rest maybe What we can do is maybe
put ’em all back in – Normally under these circumstances I would declare you the
winner, but I’m actually – Declare Jeremy the winner? – But I’m gonna actually
declare you the only loser (cheering) – No I don’t know what happened, I just heard you knock the tower down. – Well I pulled– – It was weird too because
it fell away from him– – Did all the marbles come out? – Yes
– All right – What if we put the marbles
that fell out back in? – I bet you would like that – I would like that – Well we could keep the doom
out, one of those belongs here – Do we have time to start over? – I’m pretty sure the rules,
I have to go check on that – There’s a jostling rule – There is a jostling rule – What is the jostling rule? – Basically all the dice
are out and it ensures– – All the marbles are out – –the same person will probably win – And now with all the doom ones out – Which would be you? – Which would be what? – A sane or insane person? – A sane person – So there are no marbles left – If it was a sane person,
if you let us do that– – So that’s the thing, if
the person whoever jostled it claims all those marbles,
then theoretically he– – No the person who
jostles it gets no marbles – Gets no marbles – All the marbles the
marbles are taken out of play Which includes the last doom marbles – Then we move into phase
two which is rapier fighting (laughing) – I think I believe that
means that you’re the winner as you have the most discovery points – Actually that would be
if all three doom marbles came out were assigned to another person All three doom marbles
came out which actually means everybody loses – No, no, they’re out of play – They’re out of play – He wants everyone to lose – Yeah (chattering) – Where were these jostling rules? – Well, I’m– – The good guys win, Ivan
for once in our lives – You know, Lincoln you can obviously, I would like to hear everybody’s
opinion on this but– – They’re removed from the– – Including any doom marbles
ensuring a sane player will win Ah it does say that directly on there. So in this circumstance, since all three doom marbles are done, whoever has the most
discoveries will probably end up being the end, so we gotta make sure
that this is all titled up with all of your discovery
points included as well too. – I literally had just
gotten finished saying oh I have 34 points on my
cards and that’s when he, plus another six, so and
that’s when he knocked it down. – I wanna play again – Do we have time to play again? – I’m gonna get a note
from production right now – Okay sweet – So we can play again, so stand by. You can play again! – Yay! – Okay I hope you’re loaded up. – Okay please, actually
can we move this closer? Closer to people – Further away when the tower falls – Hey you know what we
haven’t done in a long time we haven’t done a game live. – So put ’em through only the green – The green sides – The non green ones are exits and the green ones are entrances, I guess (chattering) – You get a shot at redemption, Jeremy – Oh you’re back to normal – I’m feeling pretty good, I’m not insane – What’s the last board
game you played Jeremy? – What is the last one? I don’t know – I actually just got
Tiny Towns for my nephew – Ooh – You know who also love Tiny Towns? – I play a bunch of games with the seven year old in my house – That’s great – We’ve been playing like
Mastermind, we’ve been playing – That’s a fun one – Yeah, actually we just
played Mastermind the other day it’s not really a board game – No that’s absolutely
a board game, absolutely – And I have to say, Phoenix
love Tiny Towns too, Amy – Oh – So I have not played that one, should I turn him onto that? – Well, the game itself, one of the things I
love about board games, especially ones that
have big wooden pieces, when you have little young guys, you don’t have to necessarily
play the game by the rules – Sure – I make up games with
Phoenix all the time, you know so Tiny Towns isn’t
about what’s in the rules – I get him, let’s make
a tiny town, you know – That’s fun – I liked Tiny Towns for
the reason I played it and it reminded me of Splendor – Oh yes – And my young nephews are
like, they were four and five when I played Splendor
with them and they like really and these crazy strategies and it’s basically a
card fulfillment game, it tells you what you need
to get the thing, basically. And so is Tiny Towns, so
if you can match things up then you get the special building. In Splendor you get the special money. – Maybe I should do that
then, I’ll get him that. Thanks for the advice. – Especially the best part about playing board games with kids is that kids have really low expectations for games – That’s true – So they’re just having fun. If you’re having fun, they’re having fun – I will say they find new and insane and very creative ways to cheat though – Yep
– Phoenix is a– – That is true, I’ve noticed that – And they play, what I didn’t
know, Mimi I didn’t know that I could only have 10 – I’m like, yes you did – I really wanna see these
marbles come out on camera – Yeah – Do you wanna leave the top off? – What’s the method to my madness? – Oh! – Phoenix also enjoys teaching other kids his Haba board games. People out there who have
kids, check out Haba Games. Haba, H-A-B-A. The make such great stuff,
but they actually have a whole part on their website
that’s just kids’ games. It’s two and up, we’re
talking like toddlers and up that people can play. Phoenix’s favorite is Tidy Up,
there’s a game called Tidy Up let’s go tidy up – I love this game, can I have this game in
my house immediately? – Teach your toddlers to tidy – I will say this, he wants
to play Jenga all the time and I can’t do it. – Oh, I’m so sorry and I’m also really happy at the same time – That reminds me, true story, the first steps my daughter ever took were toward a Jenga game,
that I set up on the floor. I was like, let me just see
if you’re interested in this and she had never walked before and she took four steps across the room to push the tower over and I was like (squealing) I was so excited, I was like, it’s her first game, you cheated. (laughing) I was so happy, I was like,
oh you walk now, we’re toast – No you’re not a new stage – Well, have fun – The person who jostled the tower gets to be lead investigator. – Okay, all right – I was gonna say, I had a, yeah. I had a new mechanic for that which was you definitely don’t get to
be lead investigator first. – Cool – Where’s my marble? – It’s on my track – She’s holding on to the winning marble – Yeah I just wanna
remember what it feels like – It says lead investigator
marble right here – Okay anything about our location? – Clock Tower – Oh yeah, oh shoot I
haven’t even done that – Clock Tower’s the first location – She’s cheating, she’s memorizing it – I’m gonna live dangerously
as Noah Osgood usually does – Yes he does – So I’ve got a one, two, must complete to succeed
a three and let’s see what else happens here – So we need an additional nine I guess – Oh – Or is it nine in total? – Nine total and then
we’ll hold the others – Nine total all together – One, two, three– – Can I get this? – –four, five, six, seven – Can I get this three on one row? – Let’s see
– I think you can – Nine plus that – Nine plus this? – Yeah
– I did not – All right – Does it mean the first pull of the game? – Yes it does
– Oh! – First pull – I enjoyed being insane, so,
I’m gonna see what happens – I don’t know that you
kept it a real good secret – I know that was loud and clear – Awesome – So you pulled, nothing happened, oh yeah go ahead and keep that Let’s go, baby, I got,
oh my gosh, just a two So far, some high numbers
but I’ll save them for later One and a three, really great – Okay
– Very nice, you work – Big numbers
– So let’s go for a six and a five, a five and– – Okay – I got a three, but I
want something bigger a four, okay. Actually so we’re at nine, beatable. – That is very beatable – Beatable – You never know, we’ll stick with that ’cause I don’t have another choice – Oh, nice start – One – Oh I don’t know, I don’t know – Three – You’re an optimist – Two
– Very nice – All right so you’re all
locked in, you’ve made it – Whoa! Two sixes – Strategy wins, no – Wow – Okay then – So a 12 – We’ll beat the 12 – I might take this one, two, three – Nice – Oh wow – I take that – One, two, three immediately? – I like this game, it’s cool – I’m not gonna be able to beat your 12 not even a little bit, I
got a five on discoveries – All right, no pull, only you pulled – Yes – So you take that Clock Tower and let’s pick a new lead investigator – Awesome – Amy starts – I get to start – I suddenly feel anxious,
I want this to go faster – You must assign both discovery
dice on your first throw so we’ve had that one – That Miskatonic University – We have. – Oh, assign a discovery die Okay, so I’ll save those spells, they didn’t do me as
well as they could have – How sad, I didn’t get to
use a single spell last time – Okay, oh ding, ding, ding, ding We’ve got one, two, three, that’s fine, and then I have to assign a
discovery, so four will do well, no I have to don’t I, okay fine – What was that other number? – Was it a two? – It was a two – Oh – So actually, yeah fine,
I think I’ll do that just so I don’t have to pull, okay – Yeah you’re better off not, making sure your not locked
with one die roll, potentially – Right exactly, so I will keep, wow, both discovery dice on your first throw – Yeah – All right, six, six
is the number to beat. That’s beatable – Well, I mean, maybe not though, if you have to, it’s gonna be tough – Well, he just beat you – Well I still have to make it – Maybe he succeeds – I know – Not likely, and I’m done – Let me see if I have
a card that might work I don’t think so though, nope – If you went with a six – What if he went with a six? – That would be amazing – I’m gonna take the two I’m gonna go ahead and use these two sixes – Holy cow! – Now I have to get a one and a three I have a three – Oh – Fail! These go to you sir – Rachel, the frame,
the way it’s framed up, it’s almost look like green screen, like it’s like so graphic. – Sticks out – I’m very nervous – Ooh! – That felt heavy – What did you get? – Ooh a spell and a discovery – That’s the same thing you got last time on the first, the first marble fall, you got a spell and a discovery – It’s ’cause I’m magic – Sounds about right – Let’s see where this goes for me – Thank you – Three threes, wow – Three threes so I have
to do, I’m not gonna have to be a six – Oh yeah and a five and
a three would do that – Okay, what did ya get? – Oh man you need a three – Hey, a three
– And you got a three! Oh, you stole her from me – Yes – Okay – Thank you very much – So in the final throes of battle – I know, 11 points, that’s fantastic – Miskatonic – It was all part of the plan – The crazy plan? – That’s right – The madness plan – I’m getting the feeling you started a little mad this round Anxious about this tournament – Three, oh! – Sorry, sorry, I moved my hands – I should just let you do it – We need a new location
– Oh yeah – Oh yeah, new location – And a new leader? – If a doom marble falls at this location it counts as two doom marbles – Oh
– Okay – My gosh! – Okay – He’s the leader – Yeah, one and a two – That’s not that scary ’cause I don’t think a
doom marble’s gonna fall – You never know, especially with madness man over there – It’s gonna be a four – Ooh – And a five, come on three Nope another five – Oh my gosh – I’m pulling again, but who knows maybe some goodness will come – Maybe a doom marble will fall – I should go high if I
want something to fall – A little jostling, internal jostling – Ooh, I’m gonna take this
one, two, three to just start – Oh very nice – I’m gonna keep this five,
too, so I’ll just roll this and see if I can get better than a four. Statistically not great,
and did not in fact Got a six, but at least I’m on the board – The six almost won last time – Yeah that’s true until I came along – Didn’t quite get there – I’ll take the dice? – Oh please, sorry, I
apologize, the fun dice – The fun dice, yes – One, okay got a one and a three here is there anything special about that? – No it’s only about the
doom dice, doom marbles – Doom dice, it’s the alliteration,
makes you wanna say it – It feels right – It does feel right – A little six – Oh wait so you’re all locked in – I’m locked in – Okay – Okay, 11
– Oh, 11 that’ll do it – So what happens, do I– – Well I get a chance to
try to win it from you you just don’t automatically win – So that basically means I win – You know what, its the
millionaire in you, you’re like I just automatically win – Oh boy – Noah Osgood – A lot of sixes – Look how pretty that roll is, though – That’s an evil roll right there – Three sixes, I do not
play, I don’t gamble too hard – So there’s a three, and I need a two, before I start packing
it in, didn’t get a two – But you got two fives – Oh yeah
– I do have two fives – One last chance. – Maybe one last chance. – Is that another one last chance? No, that’s new findings. – New findings.
– What is that one? – One last chance is a
re-roll to beat the leader. – Okay. – But I don’t know what that means. – It means if you don’t make the 11– – It means if you have a six, it can be re-rolled to beat the leader. – Oh, okay, cool, I’ll keep that. ’cause I think I’m gonna get a two. – We’ll see about that. – I like your confidence. – I got a two and a three,
so I’m gonna get the six. or else I get to re-roll. Okay, five, no, you’re at 11. So I’m gonna re-roll to beat the leader. – Come on get a six baby. – A two. – Ah, too bad. – Jeremy, the shame. – Is there such a thing as a sore winner? (laughing) – So you win The Temple of the Ancients – You’ve found the secret – And we are revealing Innsmouth Downs – Very nice – So it’s a single die for each throw – Oh this is new – Okay – No, this is left right, do we actually – A single die for each throw. They must be assigned from
left to right on your tracker starting from the gate
– Right – Or you fail, so we have
to get one, two, three – Oh this one’s hard – All right – This one’s hard – Oh you have to get one, two, three – Yeah you have to assign one die – And they have to go from left
to right , so the first roll – Oh – So, okay rolling for one – This one’s gonna– – That’s tough – This one’s gonna screw us up a bit – And I fail – Immediately you don’t get a one? – Immediately I did not get a
one, I’m gonna hand these die and I’m going to pull this one – Yikes – Uh oh, oh – Silence – All right – Get a one – Got a one and a two – So can only place one – One at a time, one at a time – That’s right – I know, listen to the rules – I know, well I’m a
millionaire, I mean come on – Yeah – Do you have a two? – I did get two fives though,
does that give me something? – Yeah – Give me something – What do you want? – Did you get a two? – He did
– Yes I did – Oh, okay – Two and two fives at least. – And a three – Okay – Great – Come on baby And two fives again – Okay
– Wow – Okay – New findings? – Re-roll to beat leader? – There is no leader though – Cancel, cancel. – I don’t know what that is – Cancel the card – You can hold this,
you can hold on to this for this round and next round – Oh, okay – So cancel the card – So, six – Wow – Unbeatable – Cool – And your next one you place – You have to roll it again – I didn’t have to – Oh no he does, left to right – Yes
– Seven – That’s probably unbeatable – That is pretty solid – Well I can re-roll though that if I wanted to re-roll this one – If you want to – Yeah – I wonder if you, but here’s the deal do you save it to see if somebody else – Can I save it for the next round though? – Re-rolls can’t save – But I mean that’s a special tile, right? – Well no – Potentially, it’s still valid this round – One last chance – No that’s re-rolled, he
didn’t take the beat later – Okay – So I’ll play this – Yeah that’s not, that’s
not what that one does though – It goes up one – That was to beat an investigation – An eight – Yeah to succeed – So if you fail, you
can re-roll it, got it – Okay – We let you have it, but,
good luck to the rest of us – It didn’t really do much of a difference – Got my one, now we’re going for a two I missed it – But you got two fives – I did get two fives
– Hey, re-roll – Doesn’t matter – You have to succeed,
did he take that one? – I don’t think that that
matters if you fail this round if you can’t place the two – But if I can take
this and then spend it? – Then that’s your next roll – Oh yeah, okay – So this roll, you’re still out – Got it, okay, so – I think, I mean I can be overruled – Yeah – That’s usually how
most of that stuff works – Some games actually let
you use them when you– – Sure – When you take it, so no marbles I don’t know, I think the marbles falling is not a bad thing – I like running marbles – I know – I want this – I enjoy it when the marbles fall – I did get a one – Nice
– Okay – See if I can continue my success – Two, hurray – Nice – Come on, no three – Come on, some marbles, some
marbles, let’s go this way – Oh! – Four discoveries and one spell – That is a lot of discovery – And a spell? – Wow – Wow that is a lot of discovery – Yeah – So I actually have some points, well I had six points already – It’s pretty solid, I’m gonna pass this lead
investigator and the fun dice over to you – So you– – Very nice sir
– Who won that? – Oh Jeremy I think – Yeah ’cause he was the only one that was even in the running – Very very nice
– Well done – So I get one of these – Ooh, you were stacking it up over there – What happens if nobody gets any points? Does the lead investigator just take it? – If nobody makes it, it’s discarded – Yeah, it’s just
discarded, out of the game – Uh oh – Dimensional rift – Ooh, that’s a crazy location – Unnatural influence
tokens cannot be gained at this location, so if
you get two fives or more you draw a horror tentacle – I love that – Well, I got two fives, so – All right, draw the tentacle – Draw away – But that doesn’t mean your turn is over it’s just a consequence of the roll – Yes – Ooh, shifty, shifty – Starting to think the
die falling is a good thing – So I can still– – So this one here – I can still– – A madness token, right – Yeah I had that one last
time, I didn’t get to play – Madness here – Yeah, ooh, 11, stacking up – Yeah but I must complete to succeed, ooh there we go – Still got a chance – Got this, got this, four – Four, okay – Moving on – What number do we have there? – He didn’t make his
– I didn’t – You didn’t make it so new pull – Ooh, hey! – Two spells, I like it – Two spells, there they
are, draw at your leisure and I don’t have to really
roll anything, right? – There’s no requirements – No requirements, okay so one looks good. Threes look good. Let’s get a two in there and then a six and then
I’ll keep this four for a 10 – Pretty strong
– Yeah – Pretty strong – I’m not, I just really don’t do a whole bunch
of risky moves with dice. – You won the last game – Yeah yeah – It’s worked out already
– Yeah, yeah – I mean you were well ahead – Two fives, gotta draw – I guess I have to give this back though – Yes – What did I get? – You have one madness – No you can use this round – One spell and one discovery and a jostle penalty So that’s a spell and a discovery that you’ve pulled out of the game. – I love that she’s using it – I can’t reach, I’m too short. All right, so these are now out of play. – So a spell goes out? – Yeah
– Is it just a random one? – No, a spell and a discovery
marble are out of play – Okay – Right but there’s a different thing for a sane person doing it – Oh – Is that what it was? – I don’t know – I wasn’t worried about it at the time – If the offender is sane they take any red marbles that fall and due marbles count against the team – So all is well – All is well – They’re just out of play
– Remain calm – Moving on – Moving on, whose turn is it? – Is that me? – I believe, you Ace – Fun die please – Okay, what number do I need to beat? – A 10 – I’m going to play heart dice are wild and
may be rotated to any side – That’s a good one
– Oh great – Yeah – I played that on a stupid round, this card’s only worth eight. I was so excited about playing a spell That was dumb – Well – Waste – I have zero – I’m gonna take this two and this three I think I’m gonnatake this one ’cause I got no hearts to use wild – So you finished your investigation – So my investigation is complete but I’m gonna keep this six and I’m gonna turn this heart to a six – Oh look at that – That’s crazy
– That was a good one – I like your style, Ace – I just feel like I should have waited for a location with more points – That’s okay – But that’s all right, oh is
that the end of that round? – Yes it was – It worked – Nice – So I’ll put this back I knew there was a reason I was playing – You coulda blocked her spell, honestly – Oh – But it wouldn’t have helped you – It would have helped
you, would it help me? (laughing) – I think it’s you now, you are the lead – I’m the lead now, here we go – The new location is the Old Mill, you must re-roll any sixes, any and all – Any and all sixes – If you roll a six five times or more, fail the location and draw
two horror tentacles, yipes – Oh that’s fun – I like this one – Keep track of how many sixes get rolled – Yes – One – So I have to re-roll this – But you have two fives there – Okay, oh yeah two fives, so I’ll do a re-roll to succeed, I’ll put a three there, great Now I got two sixes So I have to re-roll them immediately – Okay – If you roll a six five times or more – That’s why I’m keeping a count – She’s counting over here – Does it count for every die? – Yeah, you have to re-roll every six – Okay, cool, well that works for me ’cause I get to keep that now I go ahead and keep the five, ’cause now I just need a two It means you’re not rolling
potentially a six as well – Exactly – A two and then we’ll go for a five But I didn’t, okay, a two – So a seven, all right that works – All righty – Oh wait, I can– – Five and a two right – Oh I did succeed, I did succeed – Yes, so it’s not a re-roll – That’s what I was
wondering if you can keep it, we should just check
that, because it may be you re-roll to beat somebody if it’s still in your
possession, ’cause it’s the round you keep it for the round – Yeah – Doesn’t the round end
when it comes back to her? – Right but in case
somebody else beats her, oh, yeah, no we’re not done yet – Oh I see – What are they called, unnatural tokens? – Yeah – Unnatural influence – You up, Abigail? – Yeah – Unnatural influence okay – I’m just giving her a moment – I know – Go for it, just go for it – You got it – ‘Cause reading the book – A bunch of sixes – Don’t want the sixes, hey I rolled one so count that as a one Okay a lot of ones Is there anything for spoiling
a bunch of ones, there? – No – Another six Okay that’s a two, so I’m locked – Okay – I will roll those though, maybe not, but I’m already doing it – Three
– Six – A six to re-roll, that six,
you don’t get to keep that six re-roll that six – How many have I done? – Three
– It’s a six – And I had seven – All right – So this is only if you
fail the investigation – Oh – At any point in the round – Makes sense – Well, one last chance, but I was talking about
the new findings one – New findings at the end of the round just before the lead investigator – Okay – So it’s over and done, and great – Ace Wilcox – Ace Wilcox – Cub reporter, I demoted myself (laughing) One and a two, I have no
sixes to re-roll this time I’m gonna re-roll one six. There’s a three, and what do you have? – I have a seven – I’m gonna go ahead and keep
my five and four for a nine – Ooh
– Oh heck yeah – Good job
– Nice – All right – Thank you very much, and to you sir – All right, so all I have to do is beat a nine, huh? – That’s it – Without any sixes – One six, re-roll, so I move that here. Two – Pretty good, pretty good – Just the six I have to re-roll – Yes
– Only the six – Two fives, so I can– – Yeah
– Right – Do that again I have to play one of these right? – Yes, you have to play one – Oh yeah yeah, I thought that was from you placed a three from that roll – No he had two fives on that one – I had two fives – I thought that–
– Too late now – Okay, too late. – He’s not rolling on sixes,
there’s another six right? you have to re-roll it yeah – Which is good for me actually. Okay I’m gonna play this – The last chance – Okay – Come on one. Doesn’t matter anyway – You are the winner – All right – You win The Old Mill – I win The Old Mill – And you get a pull – I get to pull – I’d love to visit The Old Mill – Let’s go crazy huh – A madness and one discovery – I’ll take that, I don’t mind going mad – All right, so I was lead and
now I move that towards you – Okey dokey – Fun dice – Fun dice – Pass ’em – Wonderful – Okay, I suppose I should wait till you tell us what we have here – Oh yes – There we go – I thought you were reading it – Miskatonic Prison – Insane players skip their turns – If no one is insane, place on the bottom of the location deck – Okay so we don’t worry about that one – So we don’t worry
about that at the moment – New location – New location, Roundhill Woods – Ooh, which we had last time. Instead of their normal values your investigation dice
must be one, one, one – One, one and one? – Oh – Okay well
– That’s fun – At least I rolled one one
of the one one ones I need – Interesting, maybe we didn’t have this maybe we almost had this – I’ll do that – Okay – One one one – Yeah now I’m…
(loud cheering) – Very nice – You got two ones and a five – That’s about as good
as that’s ever gonna go – I know right – That’s great – So 11, there you go – Very nice – Go for it – To meet or beat – Meet or beat – I have a one
– I keep looking at these – Do I go? Do I dare? I’m gonna save one six – She’s living dangerously – I should not have dared – Dare, dare – Because my threes
and fives do me no good – You can, wait I van place that five – Yes – All right, I’m gonna place that five and most likely doom myself, but I get one more roll before I’m doomed – Yeah – One. (cheering) With an 11! – Wow, very nice – All right all right, phew! – Nice – I almost gave up too soon Sometimes you have to gamble – I’m handing over the dice – All right – Thank you – Wow, two 11’s in a row – Okay, well I do have fives here – Oh my gosh, you keep getting those fives – I know – You need it though, seems like this is especially a tough one – Yeah – So I need to play one of them I do need to play one of them right? – It’s possible – You have an 11? – Yep – Okay there’s one one – Nice – All right – There’s two – Two and three – Is that another 11? – No that was a six dude – What? – That was a six on the die – I thought it was a three – Oh I thought it was a six, okay sure – The tie goes to him – I may be a millionaire
but I’m not a cheater, okay – Noah Osgood, Noah Osgood – He’s so good, backwards os is so – All right, so I have
to play this re-roll– – Okay
– –to succeed – No you’ve already succeeded – You’ve already succeeded – Well you know what I, oh – No you can’t – That’s the new findings it’s only for the one one one – The one one one one? – The one one one, the
one two three one one one – I’m great I have a seven – Do the mug to camera, aah – I got a chance, I got a chance No I don’t have an spells that’ll help me so immediately not great,
okay, but I have a six. So play her, got a one – There ya go – I’m gonna save these,
’cause one is specific – Painful right – One more one, one more one (cheering) – Yeah, wow, three 11’s in one hand – Dolores Duarte – Yes from the depths of
the smoke of her cigarette she comes out of the darkness to steal The Roundhill Woods for nine points my first card of the game. And we move into the Miskatonic Museum Lincoln will you read that out – If you roll two sets of
doubles on a single roll take from each player a random spell card, a discovery marble or if no other dice, if no other choice, one madness marble. – Two sets of doubles on a single throw – Okay – A spell card, a discovery
marble or a madness marble – I have one – Okay great – Look how excited her
was about it too, like hee I got one of them – I like it – All right – Any two sets of doubles – I do not have two sets
of doubles, all right, two, I had one three of a kind, I’m gonna take a five on that Come on, one, oh Do I give back both of the sixes to up my chances of one? – Mmmm – How would you do that? – I can place one six and then re-roll – Yes – Or I can just re-roll
both sixes and pray for it – You can’t, you have to place – Oh you’re right, you’re right, thank you – Thank you for taking
that stress out of my life (laughing) (squealing) – You did it! – Holy cow! – That’s great
– Awesome – And it’s an 11 – It is the magic number – It is the magic number But that magic number can be met – It has been met – Three times in a round – All right, passing along – Why thank you – You wanna go mad so bad I can feel it – I sorta kind do, yeah – It beats winning – Although you have a lot of points so it might not do, do you well – One two three baby – Heck yeah – All right, so let’s go
ahead and keep that five – It’s gonna be 11 – No – A four And you’re not going mad – Hey Jeremy it’s okay – Nine’s good too – He’s doing great – Nine is good – All right so this
one’s just pretty normal – I just wanna win – Unless I get two sets
of doubles on one roll – That’d be exciting – I got two twos, that
doesn’t help anybody I got a two and a three, that I’ll lock in – Very nice – And then I need a
one, which I didn’t get but I’ll keep that six and I need a one – Yep, you got a one – A one and a six, that is a 12! – I don’t even have a chance I don’t even have a chance – Wow
– I mean– – That is luck at its best – I will relinquish to a natural 12 – Yes – I mean that’s only fair – We haven’t seen it yeah, we
haven’t seen a 12 that often – Pretty awesome – Feels good – Yeah
– Okay, two – Good job, Dolores – Thank you Osgood, Osgood so good – Yes – Osgood still good – For now (laughing) – Always a threat – You have a pair of sixes – Hey that’s two pairs – Oh that is two pairs what is it for two pairs? – You take from each
player a random spell card or a discovery marble
or if no other choice, a madness marble. – Oh, so I don’t have any discovery, you can take a spell card – I’ll take one of those – Would you like a spell or a discovery? – I’ll take the marble just in
case it might get me a chance – Look at you – I’ll take your discovery marble – That’s a lot of action going on there – Holy – You never know, maybe I’ll get lucky I don’t think I’m even close – How many discovery marbles do you have? – I have a total of seven – So that’s 21 points – Wow! – 21 extra points, man – Crushing it – That is good strat right there that’s some good Cthulhu strat – Let’s put one of those sixes there, I don’t think I won’t,
maybe, I’ll be optimistic – There you go – A two again and a six – Don’t steal my 12 away from me – I have to roll exactly what I need here for the next two rolls. – I might pull a Rachel here – Yeah – Get a one – No, but I get to pull a tentacle – We haven’t had a pull
in a while, this is– – Just lots of tentacles over here – Awesome – I’m gonna hand over the
lead investigator and the die – And I’m going to take the
Miskatonic Museum and turn over – Oh yeah – The Esoteric Order of Dagon – The Esoteric Order of Dagon – These two dice may be, oh
two fours, only two fours not four or more but these two
dice may be treated as wild and rotated to any side – Okay
– That’s fantastic – Perfecto – There’s gotta be two of
’em, and only two of ’em – May I have my lead
investigator marble please – She gave it to you – Oh, the marble? – Amy has the marble – I don’t want to (laughing) – I don’t wanna give it away – Yeah you have it, you’re welcome – Two fours – All right
– One and a three – Very nice – So these can be turned to wild? – Yes – So you can turn it over
and kinda make that a two? – Absolutely – Right – Then I can make the other one a– – A six – Yeah – Do a little push over there – That is amazing – That is a solid first roll – I can’t believe, yeah that was your first one out the gate – Too bad, that can be wild but whatever I’ll just roll this to an eight – An eight, successful – Very nice – All righty – Come on 12 or 11 or 12, okay – Or nine – A one and a two – Three fives – Three fives, oh yeah but
that doesn’t give me anything – No – Bummer – And I got a three, and I got a six – Very nice – You need a three to beat – I need to, what did you have? – I have eight – You have eight, so I need – More than a three – I need more than a three – A four, okay, a 10 will do A 10 will do pig, that’ll do pig – Fine – Give me that 10, give me my marble back – All right – Send it home – No ones, two, do I
get two fours, I do not – Killed it – If I roll a bunch of
fours, that’d be great – That’s true – But I did not – Three – So you need a one and then high numbers – I definitely need a one – Don’t get a high number though – Just the one would be great – Oh my gosh! – Oh he got a 12! All you need is a one – No – Let’s see what I pull,
come on, something good – Come on, come on – All the blue spells – Two spells – Let’s see, something good here – Awesome – Come on Esoteric Order of Dagon – It’s pairs of fours right? Okay, I do not have them I’m gonna take that two, I’m gonna keep this one I might keep this six – I love your strategy – Wow, so good – A five – She’ll pull it off – She’s gonna pull it off – She’s got this – Oh, three (clapping) – Very nice work, nice work – Too great – Just go ahead and put
this card right in my hand? – It sure does yes – So we’re on our last location? – This is our last location – So we’ll just finish – We’re all gonna get
crushed by discovery marbles – This is the one, that
if no one is insane, which no one isn’t, we place on the bottom
of the location deck. Unfortunately this is the
bottom of the location deck. Insane players skip their turns. If a player ends their turn with a discovery total of nine or higher all insane players draw a horror. No one’s insane, there’s nothing special about this card – Other than 12 points which is great – Yes if you win you get 12 points – So that’ll be good – Where are we at so far, the scores? – I have 32 – I have 16 – He’s got like 400 discovery points – I have 27 points, I’m
not doing that great – That’s a lot – Pretty good – You wanted to play something first? – Uh, no – I’m just looking, just
in case I have so many – Yes, okay, I’ll go ahead and go Down for retroactive playing though Oh and a three, a one and a three – And two fives – Oh shoot, good eye, good eye So I’ll re-roll to beat the leader to see if maybe at the
very end I can do that – I never once noticed if I had two fives – One two three four five six – It’s hard to see them too – So, it’s six I need a two I didn’t get a two, but
we’ll keep that four for a 10 – Nice – It’s getting down to the line here – No Rachel, I cannot, I
cannot roll the die actually – Okay now I am going to play a spell before my opponent’s first
throw, their discovery total must equal or exceed the
location’s point value 12 to match, so you must get a 12 to get that location – Cool, I’m going to pull for my failure – Ooh (gasps)
– That was a lot – And she’s gone insane – Are you mad?
– Has she? – Yeah – Oh there’s one behind there, okay great and a doom and a doom – Oh she could really
make this game go a little – Oh this might go sideways – Now this matters, insane players, well I already had my turn,
so if a player ends their turn discovery total of nine or
higher, I draw another horror – A horror – But you did not have a
discovery total, so you’re good – No I’m only insane now,
so but I do get four spells Oh my gosh! – It could be something wonderful in there – Okay it could I do have – So you have to get a 12 to win this card – Correct, not likely – I have to succeed
– Such an optimist I have some things that
might mitigate that but I still gotta do this Okay, one Three
– And a three – And a five and a six – I could really mess this game up (laughing) – The insanity’s kicking in – Two – Right ’cause all your
spells are insane now – Yeah – Six, come on, I need– – All right, we’re so close – I need a five, a four or higher – We’re so close – Hey two sixes – Are you done rolling? If you’re done rolling, – Uh oh – I’m gonna force a re-roll of your mind and both discovery dice – Okay – Oh my gosh, my mind
and both discovery dice One re-roll? – Yeah
– I guess so – He still plays – What?
– He’s gotta roll ’em – Oh yeah so you can still– – Well, I didn’t get
three, so I failed anyway – All right – There we go – No but you can still place,
so you can put a four there – To do this? Okay – Yeah – And then re-roll these two? – Yes, you can still play as normal – So close – Oh! Only a two, no no you
can place the two there – Oh that’s true, that’s true – And then you can still try – You won’t make her
what she played on you but you still might not have to – All right – Lots of twos – I have never felt more powerful – Okay here we go – It’s fun isn’t it? – It is fun, you’re right – I have a one, a two – I wish madness on everyone – I’m gonna take this three and this five and I’m gonna gamble on this four which was a safe gamble, I have a nine. – Oh nice
– All right – Here we go and now is this
the final roll of the dice? – I think it is
– It could be – Is there anything I can
do to keep her away from – Do your worst, yes and we are getting close to our time slot So if you wanna pre-count
how many points you have we’ll tally those up, probably
at the end of your turn. – I just gonna at the start of my turn, I do get to remove a madness marble – There you go why not – Come on baby. One, three fives which
just gives me nothing – Well two fives, oh yeah, it’s exactly – Yeah – And you have a nine discovery? – Let’s keep that six – Come on two Oh, okay so I have 11 Come on two, come on two, come on two – Oh you have to roll a
12 to get the location? – Yeah – Oh no I thought that was only on you – Okay – A failure! Do the jostle thing – Doom!
– Another doom – What else? – Two dooms
– Two dooms – And a lot of discovery – Four discoveries – I think we just saw
where this game ended – Okay, so I can’t do anything necessarily because you didn’t succeed right? And no one got a discovery of 11 or… So what I could do is prolong the game and add another location but we have run out of time. It is the end of our afternoon time slot for Geek and Sundry’s
International Tabletop Day where we have been playing
The Towers of Madness! (cheering) So thank you so much
everyone for tuning in Thanks to everyone for joining us. Go round the table real
quick and tell everyone where you can find you on the internet – You can find me on the
internet at jwalkerscene, that’s J-W-A-L-K-E-R-S-C-E-N-E,
like a movie scene, and YouTube, all over the place and I have a premier of
my new show Hicksters, we’re premiering at the
TCL Chinese Theaters on Hollywood Boulevard on June 22nd. New series will be released immediately following that on the interwebs, follow me and you’ll find out. – We’ll move straight to
Lincoln who represents BoardGameGeek today who
is one of our sponsors of making our day possible. Thank you Lincoln. And where can people
find you on the internet? – I’m at heccubustwit on Twitter and you can also find me at BoardGameGeek – Perfect and Rachel – I keep it simple. I’m just @rachelkimsey
at all of the things ’cause I didn’t know you were
supposed to have a cool name. – There she is and I’m Amy Vorpahl, you can find me at vorpahlsword everywhere and you know what it’s time to do? – Who won? – Oh who did win? Oh my gosh, we almost
ended without knowing. I got a 16 – 32 plus 12, 34 – Who got this? – I got 12 – Oh that changes everything,
this changes everything – 26 plus 12 is 38 – That would be– – Still you – Jeremy! (clapping) – He was doing great the whole time. – It’s because of the madness
I created in the first round – He was the only winner and
the only loser this entire time See you all later – Bye! (lively music)

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