[Music] alright so for the past few weeks I’ve been staking out this house and it comes to realize that there is a very rich man living here in this little house in the suburbs so my goal for today’s I am going to try and sneak passes all white wife sorry it wasn’t meant to be racist and we’re going to rob him or try to at least or just just to see what he’s doing we’re gonna break into his house night something sneak down here the hill is that okay I think things got rough down there all of this video he seems to be wasn’t a video sorry that Wow yeah I agree so shitty about that bethel fuck him up I’ve been watching YouTube for like six months straight this has been wasn’t youtube for six months right damn analyst the most had no life hmm I have no one oh yes that answers that question all right Oh shaista you got sniped by that awesome dude okay testing pastor threats i hear swear to God is more fucking rats in my house okay the hell why does he have across the ground name here Mary don’t do girls get saved a retard what is it him all right look at her neck I wonder what DVD that is must be some type of sick porno just takes a lot of potatoes in his ass man he’s got a lot of potatoes in his fridge how does he have some potatoes really yeah I was like lying to something I blinked in ages it somewhere along the ones who love them up to kill yourself like legit I saw you I saw you jump down from the building I just get is really good oops them [Music] swear to God I think those rats got into my jet packs fuck you should have shrunk them I listen to this phone right here this has to be worth a lot of money I fucking fly note up and do with rats I thought okay this cat to get the fuck on me read at Emmaus play that clip up edit and of course it disappears replay and this video is addicting man this video editing oh I’m the big fucking rat good good what gets hurt we got leave forget it we got leave reality shit the fucking fairy leave [Music]

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