Town Hall Meeting On LGBTQ Issues

hey good evening star report Friday
night Chucky the friend you don’t need that’s me come on in okay
I’m not salty I’m not Aggie I’m just a little annoyed and a little bothered you
know very bothered I want to talk this evening I’ve got some notes we’ll get to
that later we have the lgbtq Town Hall on CNN I
just I saw some of it you know just we’re just gonna use their title tonight
because it’s trending but the real topic can you defend yourself against
transgenders that’s that that’s the real topic tonight all right um also as I
said I’m a little annoyed a little bothered I may flip like a flapjack on
Sunday morning on white people tonight pay attention some of you don’t you
don’t hear me when I go in that direction you just you just think I hate
black people pay attention tonight a cave dweller ticked me off about two
hours ago up at Dunkin Donuts over a fucking tea and a goddamn glazed donut
cave dweller tried to play the victim role and I said to her I said I just
ordered a tea and a glazed doughnut she said I’m sorry I’m stealing the whole
passive-aggressive I’m sorry I’m sorry and I said hey hey stop acting and get
my order okay white people are committing mass
shootings okay I’m scared of you I flipped the script on and then I did
this I said by the way hang on a second stay right here and get you up on
worldstar see who you are you know cut the short shit short but I’m gonna go
reel it in give me a minute hang on a sec oh how we doing with the audio video
good evening good evening okay live chat roll babies all death
threats tonight in that live jet death threats and people getting exposed okay
all right all right give me a just fix my
cocktail man whoo shit I did profile to young black females at the liquor store
earlier I couldn’t help that I’m just pulled up and I was you know about to go
in and I saw two maybe in their mid-20s the women of color and they had a
toddler with them and there at the register and I couldn’t figure out what
they were arguing you know doing all that and talking to the guy or whether
they were having a good time and I said oh shit yeah I want my fucking my tastes
gonna wait for this monkey shit you know finish up in a second okay okay but
let’s give these beautiful women of women of color a pass tonight huh let’s
just let’s give him a break tonight Cheers okay Bostick whining would be on
the check-in tonight hopefully Ronnie will um address some of the information
that people were emailing me behind the scenes about Colin Kaepernick it’s still
going on right now Colin Kaepernick’s press release and the narrative of Lies
that his camp is cleaning so Bostick Ronnie mayor chimed in
also before I get into the end to the show let me say this again because on my
phone my personal phone I do not tolerate nor know will I accept
grown-ass men sending me paragraphs on my phone
it’s beyond gay I just I don’t hear anything a grown-ass man has to say on
my phone send me an email don’t send me Ling’s don’t send me
pictures if you send me an emoji you’re a grown-ass man I block you that’s
beyond gay if you say Kay you’re the letter K or lol you’re done you’re done
that’s a problem that’s issue for me I’m a rant about that at some point this
evening as well and hold on a second I’ve got some notes here hold on five life sentences were handed
down to what’s the name of that gang some
Dominican gang in New York according to the New York Post they were throwing up
gang signs at the sentencing that now I forget the name of the gang they were
started in the early 90s and Rikers Island along with the the ninth ray
gangsters you know the Bloods in the New York area
goddamn tre way is bending folding breaking dropping their flags and you
got these little dominican boys not that I’m you know condoning this but you know
throwing up gang signs at the hearing over killing uh junior Guzman we spoke
about that before we’ll come back to that also Kevin Hart
nobody had on seat belts you know there the crash that happen over a month ago
everybody suing each other okay we’ll talk about that as well okay let me just
calm down and we’ll get to the lgbtq CNN Town Hall and Ronnie are you there you
ready can you um give me a call Ronnie because I’m gonna find out if we have is
it Stacey Gloor who’s gonna call in tonight we need a very irate trans trans
woman to tell us what’s going on because I saw some some black transgender or
just a small clip talking with Don Lemon last night on CNN y so I saw the clip
today I guess the the town hall was last name you know flipping out bumped a kid
had the microphone doing too much all little extra shit so like to have
somebody to while Colin’s trying to balance that out okay all right hang on
a sec let me pull the respect on some of the live chat before we get it poppin okay okay yeah Mike s he says a hostile
trends we need tonight a hostile belligerent and what are some of these
other words uh combative okay okay let’s get you all right good to see you guys
and uh graces y’all start with partner all right all right it’s got an area
code nine are waiting a few other things we’ll mention tonight by way of business
with my personal business I did have a productive day I had a very very good
lunch meeting with someone and I want to try and you know focus on that as well
tonight all right every coat 9:08 good evening oh yeah speed 908 and the
question can you defend yourself against transgenders oh you do sir you’ve called
the wrong show we’re not doing f you f you f bombs you know your whore mother
doesn’t work here you want to address the topic yeah Thank You Man yo f you f
you send you to donate you want to talk reckless man I think this is Borgia
quantity hang on a second Ronnie’s at you seven three two hey hey
hey hey okay you know just a a cave dweller you know just uh tried that
bullshit that they do up north you know I’m in the South now and I appreciate
white people in the South because if they don’t want to speak to you they
don’t speak to you they don’t apologize they just you know they keep their
distance I like that you know so that kind of set me off yeah yeah all right
all right um where do you want to start the did you see a clip of the CNN LGBTQ
Town Hall last night do you care oh yes I did see it so it was a presidential
Town Hall on LGBT issues yes this is what CNN is calling it a presidential
Town Hall yeah Elizabeth Warren’s guy they were there yeah was it
who’s who of all the Democrats who are running for election so you know but it
was literally one big pander fest you know they were trying to obviously
lock down support you know get get you know they’re trying to get in on another
base you know to drum up some support so they’re basically trying to tap into the
LGBT community and they were making all sorts of promises literally every
question that was asked in terms of what they were willing to do if they get
elected was answered with it yet yeah now I didn’t see it I just I wasn’t
interested I’ll keep it real with you but I did see some irate out-of-control
black transgender talk about there’s no representation here and then Don Lemon
gave gave that person the mic and then took the mic back and and that person
pushed a kid did you see that yeah so and mind you that kid took the mic and
said that he was a he said that it was a nine year a nine years old trans person
a nine year old and they were allowing this nine year old child who is so
mentally you know obviously manipulated pose questions to people who are running
for president about trans rights issues and so yes the the man named blossom who
identifies as a trans woman the kid yeah that was the name first pastor kid and
start just going off you are CNN you’re trying to erase black trans women you
you don’t talk about black trans women you know you know we saw this with them
the black girls rock how their there was like a fallout from that there’s an echo
in the background do you have another okay how about now
you hear that now yeah yeah that’s fine um
they were there was a fallout about there not being black trans people at
the black girls rock there was a fallout for
they were saying there weren’t you know trans people are represented in the
Wakanda movie so it’s like it’s almost become a normal thing now where you have
this angry man who’s you know posing as a woman basically tried to steal the
show and that’s what the guy blossom did he walked all the way up to the stage
I’m on Don Lemon and just went off now you call you don’t plan to the whole
you’re a guy but you’re a chick thing you address them as males yes you don’t
play that game the PC game if you were born a male you’re going to die a male
I’m not going to say you know that you’re you’re a woman I’m not going to
recognize you as a woman if you are in fact a male no I’m not doing that and
there was like a whole lot of pandering you had you know Cory Booker literally
flirting with other gay men there so telling them that they were a Tory hey
doing yarn show me you know that was the perfect that was the perfect time for
him to live his truth but you know he was playing around and acting like he
was only kidding about it but you know we know and you know you had Joe Biden
telling us that you know gay couples are more likely to stay together versus
straight couples and you had him jokingly you know insinuating that he
was gay you had Governor Cuomo I heard Joe Biden say yeah you know when I came
out and then Don Lemon laughed haha I mean so I saw a little clip but I
didn’t watch watch the whole town whole thing I’m not interested well let me ask
you the question why are you right off the top um if a transgender sock you in
your eye a guy who’s now a female could you defend yourself or would that would
you be classified as homophobic would that be a hate crime what do you think
will you stand um you know and these days it probably
would be classified as a hate crime if you merely defend yourself against you
know a mentally ill person who is posing as a
different sender but I think that anybody who is being attacked has the
right to defend themselves regardless of who that person is or you know what
their mental status is okay what folks phone lines are open cash app super chat
I’m just I’m a little wound up tonight I’m gonna try and like you know bring it
down a notch or two hey also Ronnie before we move forward someone sent me
something from CBS I don’t like to go back but you know since it’s Friday
we’re gonna lose tonight supposedly John Elway who’s the gym or
the president I forget of the Denver Broncos supposedly he said that Colin
Kaepernick was offered a job and you shot that down and said that that’s
that’s nonsense yes can you just go back for a second I I took a look at that
link that you were forwarded and apparently the person didn’t read past
the headline because the headline is actually the artist the entire article
is debunking the claim that he was offered a job you know during you know
after after he was released from the 49ers so they when they contacted Colin
he was still with the 49ers this was during the 2016 offseason so whomever
sent that link to you I guess sort of like as an AHA to sort of debunk you
know Colin’s claims that no teams offered him a job they didn’t bother to
read down you know all throughout the article because I forwarded that to mo
and then mo responded not I’m not trying to start anything Mo’s another one but
most yeah he was offered a couple of jobs so but you as you pointed out that
that was an all for a back when he was on the point honors and uh thank you
yep right it was it says right in the article that when the gentleman’s name
on I’m forgetting what the gentleman’s name is I don’t have the article right
in front of me but who was speaking on behalf of the Broncos John Elway
that he clarified right this was during the 2016 offseason so he was still with
the 49ers at that point – ooh okay hang on a second line let’s go to area code
seven one eight good evening seven one eight did you
watch the CNN LGBTQ town hall or do you want to address a question on the screen
someone named good even someone a are you there yes no maybe okay hang on a
second it’s gonna matter it’s go to area code two to five and we can talk about
other things tonight folks as well doesn’t have to be just a game show hey
this is our kid danger’s man I thought wait a minute wait listen III gotta set
you straight on something man because here’s what you’re not gonna do you’re
not gonna come on the show you know just constantly trolling and lying I spoke to
some people at URL nobody’s fuckin with you man
nobody’s battling you no no no you’re trying to get your weight up I can
appreciate that but on this show on this show you know trolling once in a while
is cool but who are you do you told for a living tell us who you really are
no actually I haven’t totally Christmas number and we all gonna be battling in
December I can show you this book just someone that said it’s bullshit now
don’t make me hang up on you it’s Friday night I’m not in the mood for just you
know hey so uh is that is that a real picture or ronnied I saw on YouTube
likes your comment on my video less listen to me sugar drawers nobody’s
bowing you from URL let’s stay focused that’s that’s what you’ve been promoting
okay I can appreciate the trollee but you know you know who knows podcasters
you know I know norms okay wait it’s been the worst as far as about it I
don’t make up anything I have the truth on my text message today we will be
battling you’re a liar nation Oh Michael you’re lying
starting out lying I’m trying to give you a chance what hang up on you how are
you want to know then what do you I just
told you I am I’m the better kid what do you want me to tell you tell us the
truth you take it on all fours come on keep it real
it’s Friday night man keep it real yeah how old are you I’m 23
hey can I do can I um can I just hang on why don’t you want to talk to this guy
he calls in trolling I could appreciate that but you know just at some point we
have to we have to acknowledge that you know it’s just a troll keep it going why
are you there slow down bitch boy Ronnie’s dog
couldn’t play me tonight got Ronnie he’s not being real with us we know that
there’s no battle going on I don’t mind promoting you you can call into the show
once in a while and we can make up crazy shit I don’t have to admit right now
that no you’re not battling Charlie Eclipse you’re not battling Goods stop
the liar I’ll get you to fuck up no come on it’s Friday night I don’t mind having
fun but just at some point you have to say okay this I was bullshitting but I
want to call into this show I’m gonna promote my youtube channel
Instagram I’ll promote you I promote everybody right right
I mean code two one five good evening are you there – one five hello – one
five pick it up no okay it’s maybe coach six four six yes good evening how are
you man I just wanted in because this is definitely a touchy topic yeah but you
know I heard you I heard you say back in the days that you are in atheist right I
believe I heard you say that yeah so listen I’m respectful to everyone’s
system of living and/or believe I don’t want to like you know talk about me as
if you know I’m trying to push my agenda where we going no that’s not let’s no
I’m getting it I’m just trying to get you to look at this right you know I
don’t dig this transgender I think it’s a sickness it’s like a
psychological sickness you know I need a manners man regardless of what you put
on how you want to act or whatever well I said that thing about the 80s in the
beginning is because now I read a little bit of the Bible but beyond and stuff
like that so in the Bible you know you read about this town called Sodom and
Gomorrah you know that story is a town full of homosexuals and lesbians that
you know God was supposed to have destroyed back every day so being what
they were okay so Jesus Christ when he was on the earth
allegedly he said that in the time before the end of the war he said that
the war will be in the same state that it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah
so what that means is that maybe a resurgence of this homosexuality and
lesbianism to a point that we’d never seen that happen so can I interrupt and
ask who are you to interpret the Bible are you a Christian are you an Israelite
oh you sir Christian I believe in the Christian faith you know no no sir it’s
not what I could say who are you stand on your beliefs oh who are you
okay I’m Christian I’m more inclined to be a Christian yeah you’re on offense
you’re not sure oh okay well I can tell you I’m not even
afraid you’re right I’m not committed sir if you weren’t true believer and you
really knew what you were talking about respectfully you’d be an Israelite Emily
well maybe maybe one day I’ll get the knowledge and I’ll make that transition
but as of now when I said I like things that I can see in the Christian faith
better that’s why I’m now but it’s just amazing to me to see to see that that
prophecy of that prediction has come true but you’re living that right now
you know you listen to Donnie McClurkin or Hezekiah Walker we are how old you sir how do you Oh
almost half a decade not far from it sir Halloweeny half a century happens I’m
almost half a century my fault but almost half a century yeah
how do you not know who has a Kyle Walker is or clerk you know James
Cleveland oh yeah see you been sick they did anything tell me about it you’ve
heard of Andre Crouch no you know I shall get your front Nance Alton I would
use a critic you hang a lot of the crap that’s out there a lot of interpretation
that’s coming out of difference news report so I talked to things in my own
make sense of things in my own there’s a thousand different ideologies to follow
and interpretations you can’t keep up with all that knowledge no sir don’t you
sit here and try and disrespect Christians it’s not nonsense if you’re a
believer then you should say I know the truth let me hear you say you know the
truth everybody else is living in false hope say it get your front ass off the
line come here trying to use me as an atheist to try and then you’re dancing
around if you know the truth you’d be a Israelite folks a while in Bay nine
tonight turn that down goddamn turn it down let’s go let’s go
look I ain’t even hell ain’t it yeah I don’t want to talk about this gate shit
man so we have to it’s a trending down 25
years like come on let’s go let’s go big nigga how you feel about that no youyou
pros miss you like that well here’s the thing now are you from New York we’re
from DARPA wait okay sir turn that down the background I got a hang-up when you
turn it all the way down and talk to me on the phone
come on man you snitching right now recording my show snitching what’s the
name in a gang they got sentenced I think five was it five life sentences
what’s a man again in the Terios yeah that was gonna whatever throwing up this
set in the courtroom Trey wait welcome out we don’t bend we don’t fold them
Dominican boys got hit with life and throwing up the fucking set like it was
nothing what you got to say about that yeah listen man I’m writing a letter to
the judge to men I don’t want to do no extra time right who want to do exercise
stupid Dominican niggas better get they game up they bugging I acted just please
give me time give me less stop please please you would tell keep really you
tell where they got the guns and the drugs are keep it real if he was facing
25 no hell no I don’t believe you well I’m at work I get at it I first
made peace yeah I’m not your bro man hang on a second uh nigga is a cool on
the check and be a super jet he says hey star have you ever thought about
wrapping your tool around your leg with saran wrap instead of using tape
question mark all right so I don’t wrap anything I was
just asking the question the other night thank you for the superjet radio Hawkins
on the check and hold on a second guys fucking I’m gonna be silly tonight um
story I love this show when Ronnie is on but okay sir so do not talk about Dana
reckless I don’t I don’t take shots at no females that you know have held me
down I fuck with Dana heavy okay do y’all know why Shepard Smith left Fox
News question mark piece no I don’t but but I saw my guide Trump taking shots at
him I also saw the president taking shots at Joe Biden
oh he blacked out at a rally somewhere recently you have to speed Ronnie Trump
mm-hmm took shots at a J Beyonce he’s Bruce Springsteen he he went you know he
wasn’t a president he claps back with within less than 24 hours thank you
Radio Hawkins those salute man for the donation Scotty on the check-in Scotty
says fuck everyone in the live chat I’ll slap them I’ll slap fire rattle all
those ho ass niggas Wow looks forward to your show and in hopes they forget about
their side little lives and salute star I’ll see you in the chat okay Scotty
holding its tight in the live chat he said fuck all these ho ass niggas in
here what what’s going on in there I don’t have my contacts in your folks we
don’t have admins and the little wrenches and if you’ve been blocked in
the live chat it’s because somebody else went to your channel and they spammed
your channel they’ve been doing that since I started doing my show so who’s
got time to fucking you know regulate that shit the game is rigged leaving
sends in a super chat fuck these transformers what about the
sky news report of tens of thousands teenagers who are now D transitioning
back to birth gender it running didn’t we you and I spoke about that behind the
scenes a couple of days ago that was article I forget which this platform
remember that yeah yeah I mean well this is what happens when you have a society
of people who think that gender is something you can change so they changed
it now they want to change it back so do you think that the whole world of being
a transformer is it’s just a fad we’re not the whole world but do you think
that some people are falling into this because it’s a fad and then they realize
after they’ve snipped off there will be Bobo hey I want my tool back you know a
lot of them don’t even get it taken off it’s like you know it’s and then some of
them you know they won’t say whether or not they have it’s just it’s really all
a charade at the end of the day you know you are what you are and that’s not
going to change if listen if they want to identify as something that they’re
not they have the freedom to do that and I would never suggest suggest you know
legislation blocking them from calling themselves whatever they want but when
you have a presidential Town Hall you’re talking about actual legislation so this
is pandering on a whole nother level and for what where was the Atos presidential
Town Hall did I miss that Ronnie did you just take a shot at a hashtag any OS
where we going no I’m saying what when did CNN assemble all of the Democrats
that are running for election and and hold their feet to the fire and have a
Atos Town Hall all the way way that they’re having a town hall for LGBTQ
yeah Daniel with the data or Daniel with the smoke are you out there tonight if
you get a chance send me a text and you said he said that
Dana may have contact with the transgendered that’s very passionate
Ronnie did you say that yeah she I know yeah I I just remember the name the name
is Sasha okay right yeah but I think Casey will be calling it momentarily
okay okay hold on a second see if we see if we can turn it a little fucking
Friday matter cave-dweller that just like sent me off earlier you know that
whole I’m sorry I’m sorry you know stop saying you’re sorry get my
order the fucking victim my father used to tell me back back in the 70s you know
but boy be careful with these white people they’re all actors you know you
the black man has been done wrong in this country don’t don’t let a white
person pretend that they’re the victim hang in a second um what what do say
Ronnie that’s the difference between you and you know Tammy the van me see Tammy
when she was what is when the lady would have said started saying she’s sorry
Tammy would have start you know stroking her hair and hug her and saying no don’t
you be sorry baby I’m sorry baby hey Ryan good evening Ryan says star do
you still have any record plaques for sale question mark lol I do I have a lot
of hip-hop stuff you know I mean and truthfully a lot of that I love the
plaques for me gold and platinum stuff I got when I worked at we a Warner Electra
Atlantic for like years I collect more rock and roll and pop
gold and platinum and diamond plaques a lot of the hip-hop stuff I I keep some
of it but you know a couple years ago was it maybe 2014 2015
I started getting rid of some of it selling it because I had a lot of people
that said hey you know do you have any memorabilia souvenirs and then I started
thinking you know I said listen I don’t have any biological kids maybe I should
you know sell some of this or maybe even give some of it away and it would be
giving a piece of me too I don’t like to say fans but you know supporters that
make sense you know they can then look on their wall and say yo ya star star
the radio guy just whatever but I still got some men if you’re interested shoot
me an email all right all right let’s go to me sir phone lines every a code seven
seven six five be there seven six five good evening how are you sir we’re
talking about the CNN LGBTQ town hall did you see it hey no didn’t see it but
I do got a little thing about the transgender and and all that all their
their little community I’m not against it
don’t don’t don’t care about it you know I’m not against it uh I’m straight I
like women I like you know fishing my pole and some pussy every now and then
but take it easy with the vulgar language please that’s beyond the point
all I gotta say is that if they’re going to if they’re going to support these
these guys in on that level they need to make restrooms for them I’m not trying
to have my you know child go into a men’s restroom and have a halfway chick
with a dick you know in the restroom that’d just be awkward as hell wouldn’t
it that’s all I got to say but hang on a second sir don’t rush up the line you’re
using vulgar terminology now you said you’re into chicks
yes yeah why I don’t know you said sure I’m just asking you’re into chicks how
do you know you’re into chicks have you tried have you tried the other side you
could be fooling yourself yourself have you tried the other side sir
so I’m asking you the question please don’t answer a question with the
question you could be bullying yourself you’re the one
declaring who what you are I haven’t said anything I mean you know I’ll say
after after we probably you know okay now do you have any kids
yes yeah I have to start okay how old are they no mine yes me I gotta I got a
five-year-old a one-year-old okay are you with the mother of those kids yes
sure been together for seven years been
married for three and a half oh you married okay yes money any questions for
this man he’s saying he’s Mary’s got kids yeah I want to ask him so your
five-year-old let’s just say you’re out to eat at a restaurant because you
brought up the bathroom and let’s just say it’s you and the five-year-old and
it’s your daughter and she has to go to the bathroom you’re not going to go into
the bathroom with her right that’s a question that’s a question I mean that
that’s what I mean really really probably what I would do is probably
open door you know holler in there see if there’s anybody in there and probably
send her in there alone but staying at home guy hey man my five
girls in the bathroom can you please wait till she comes out you know what I
mean why’d it take you so long to answer that question so you said you married
don’t have kids what once you have to think about that you should know that
already because I don’t know I’ve never really thought of it in that aspect but
that’s mmm how do I want to ask my daughter so I mean if I turn to the
restroom that’s one thing but if she goes in the restroom by herself let’s
say she’s it’s five years down the variable nine years down the road well
she’s too old to go into the restroom by herself come on let that’s let’s be
realistic here you’re not sending a five-year-old in the bathroom by
yourself yeah I get it but but you still you wouldn’t go
physically inside of the bathroom right right right
and so see this is my problem as well he won’t even send he won’t even go into
the bathroom with his child and that’s literally his child and I would say he
has more of a reason than any other you know man to be inside of a woman’s
restroom he won’t even go inside of there he he has the decency to know not
to go into a woman’s bathroom but yet you have you know grown men who just
want to you know they there’s just no regard there’s no they want to be able
to go into the bathroom with the five-year-old girl and it’d be okay and
that’s what I’m saying I don’t want my my children that’s why I said if they’re
going to support them there should be a certain restroom for them because I
don’t want my child going into the restroom you know alone and then having
a halfway transgender so they’re in the process of switching go in the bathroom
a man that’s wanting to be a woman go in the restroom with my child
yes so but now there’s been legislation that is there’s been legislation passed
that now allows them to use the female bathroom so whereas you clearly do have
a right to supervise your five-year-old child using the bathroom you still won’t
go in there but yet they really have no reason to be inside of that bathroom
especially if they still have this their same plumbing why are you using that
bathroom anyway you should be at a stand-up urinal I swear words last time
you watched some tranny porn keep it real training boy sir come on before you
go speak your truth before you go please it’s Friday night before I go speak my
shoes I just spoke my truth all right you say so thank you sir thank you yeah
I don’t believe them long pauses I don’t know no hang on a second guys Scotty
Hernandez sends in a super chat why people into
sis have that phony southern hospitality down pat they will act nice but you can
see there see the fear in their in their eyes okay the white chick at the Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts point me she was not from the south you know III know the
difference you know she had that whole victim thing like oh I’m so sorry
she was him up north somewhere you know I I can tell a white person from the
south at the drive-through the Dunkin Donuts would have said something slipper
yeah where you go take your money go now you know and I appreciate that this I
grew up in Jersey so did you Ronnie like you know people in Jersey are just more
cut-and-dry they don’t gonna hold the fucking door for you please play that
little that little game like they do in Pennsylvania at other places in Midwest
that little you know holier-than-thou bullshit you know I’m gonna enlighten
you I’m gonna help you I’m gonna you know pretend ya know we don’t have that
sense of we don’t have that sense of hospitality I just read a headline the
other day that said New Jersey is the rudest state yes I appreciate that
that rudeness is it I say this name WAB YC ROC start can you pick up three four
seven hold on a second we’re all year three four seven hey how are you neo
wavy croc wavy yeah yeah wavy crop any croc good evening how are you
so yes I got a couple of quick things I want to plug in on the whole LGBTQ shit
okay so you know I feel like this being gay being a lesbian all of that shit is
natural and a lot of people they get shocked and surprised when I say some
shit like that but if you look at nature right and you look at all of the animals
every single species and animals have some that practice homosexuality from
dogs cats dolphins to fucking monkey they all have some that practice almost
sexuality so the shit is natural because by definition
natural means anything that created best created by man so being gay is natural
and the second thing hang on sir I mean I appreciate the donation animals don’t
conceptualize animals are instinctive that’s the difference between animals
and humans you know we have the ability to yeah to formulate concepts in our
minds we do have a moral compass you know for the most part we don’t need
religion to to understand moles ethics and values animals can just do something
wait well by way of instinct that’s why you can hang on that’s why you can train
dogs with food you most people only realize if you have dogs don’t don’t
leave food on the floor for them don’t let them go to the food when they’re
hungry make them come to you if I have a dog and I’ve had many many dogs of years
they have to come to me for the food and I make them sit sit before I feed them
that’s how you train them but then you were saying it I get it I’m well aware
of conditioning like trust me I went to college that took all that old
psychology courses I’m well aware with that being said I’m an atheist just like
you are so you don’t really even have to tell me the whole Bible shtick I don’t
believe in any of that stuff either I’m just sticking to the principle of there
being natural because people usually try to lash out at homosexuality and say
that it’s unnatural because there’s nothing immoral about
being gay being King doesn’t harm society it doesn’t harm people you know
I’m saying nothing about it is like intrinsically harmful you get what I’m
saying well I hear you I don’t think anyone made the argument the other way well hang on a second sir if I can
respond to what you just said Hank respond to what you said sure I’m
actually an Objectivist an atheist you know I say that just to be short
sometimes because if you don’t know objectivism then you know it’s a little
complicated for some people I do believe in something and that’s myself anyway
with regards to um does homosexuality harm societies that what you said no I
said it doesn’t yeah I said it does not okay hang on stay there stay there stay
there it’s not that it can harm society but
homosexuality can hinder hinder procreation and procreation is natural
go ahead okay so so alright so tooth now I gotta make two points all right so the
first point is that it can’t it won’t hinder reproduction because you can’t
train someone you can’t attraction is innate its natural like I can’t control
what I’m sexually attracted to I can only control how I respond to it does
that you get what I’m saying so no one I’m not talking about attraction so I
said procreation procreation I said homosexuality yeah I want to say what
you’re saying but you you if you put five gay people on an island and you
leave them there for 50 years can they procreate no go ahead no they can’t go
ahead alright so let me just make my last point then I’ll shut up alright so
uh you know uh you know growing up cuz I’m from Flatbush Brooklyn okay no shout
out to Xander there you already know and growing up you know like all the rosters
all the afro centuries he always tries to make you seem like homosexuality was
a European thing like you know it was it was like a Roman concept but you know if
you do your research on West African culture you know I don’t worry a god we
know I don’t understand where this history lesson and all of this is coming
from nobody here has proposed the argument that gay people are unnatural
or immoral or that there’s something inherently wrong with them in fact we
haven’t even spoken about the sexuality we’re speaking in terms of gender so I
don’t know where this is coming from oh okay so you’re right neither of you said
that it was bad I was only saying that just to address like a larger point
because I feel like like majority of the callers have called in they don’t really
give a fuck about it because they feel like yo it’s about you guys it’s a fish
don’t fuck with the fish no sir I think you’re wrong there’s a lot of people
that are highly in telogen who just don’t have time to call
in they don’t have time to be in the live chat but please don’t just assume
my audience is under one line of thinking most of my audience already
understands that this is the objective perspective and we like the people to
call in and state their position stand on it
no one’s here to say homosexuality is bad thing that’s not what we’re saying
at all no is my audience saying that to each his own respect well respect and I
respected that you already thank you mister all right thank you sorry hold on
a second Ronnie he sent in a cache yep thank you sir appreciate that a yellow
Chevy l said uh I’ll square up with a 5/5 120 pounds Frannie like he’s Kimbo
Slice and lay that nigga out like like tomorrow’s school clothes they’re males
not men okay okay Bush kid sends in a super jet he says
storm L murder is fooled out here in Brooklyn but what do you think about
Shepard Smith leaving Fox News two days after Trump called him out last night
question mark make America great again I’m not the speed and just you know I
have to take breaks from Fox News CNN MSNBC c-span to Bloomberg News in the
mornings I just you know Shepard Smith how long has he been doing what he does
I mean maybe he just got tired maybe he’s about to be exposed I don’t know
Ronnie do you have any thoughts do you know anything about Shepard Smith
retiring or quitting you know I don’t want to speculate but he is one person
over at Fox who has not shied away from being critical of the president so you
know he’s given he gives an objective view he’s not going to sit there and
mess up everything that he does everything that he does when he doesn’t
agree with something the president does he speaks on it and you know if I have
to speculate it might be that he doesn’t feel the support from Fox he feel he
might feel that they should have released the State
you know in support of him when the president you know what went on the
attack against them but the president has criticized Fox so and gone at them
and talked about shutting them down so okay okay hana saku money um kevin sends
in a super chat he said star snow Billy said the family
reunion is on the 25th okay keep me posted plea and folks please send me
links snow Billy talking that boss talk I don’t have any any confirmation with
regards to Takashi’s 10 million dollar deal but if you ask me I think he’s
gonna go under snow Billy’s wings no Billy spoke about you know Takashi
months ago and they have the same lawyer and he said that they had a conversation
that’s gonna be back to business for Takashi thank you for your uh your
donation Elvis the chef Rosenberg he says Carl what happened to the $600
Western Union I have no idea I never heard from that
guy he was trolling you know but thank you Scott in Texas a star fuck the caller’s
turn it down sir it’s Friday night we don’t turn that down on Fridays but
Thank You Man appreciate the support JC’s sends in a donation Thank You JC I
do not see a message but thank you for your cash at space why your station hold
on Stacy Gloria it Stacey wants a piece of the action wait a minute
what Stacey for at area code 404 miss Stacy floors that you area code 404 good evening thank you for your donation
first and foremost Stacey did you see last night’s CNN LGBTQ Town Hall so I
actually while I was on Howard I was looking at it right now just to get some
notes and everything but I did not watch it last night I am open to any quest
so I have little bits and pieces about what’s going on now now if we can do for
people who never heard you come to the show before Stacy Laura you are a
transgender woman you’re in your 30s 30s and 40s I forget yeah set my digital age
is 33 but I’m more closer to your age that’s what I said and I am in the adult
entertainment industry stay single Laura okay okay okay so now one of the
questions tonight is um can men defend themselves against
transgender so you as a transgender if you punch a man in his face does he had
the right then to like sock you back in your eye or would that be hey you know
it’s not any crime we’re both human being okay if I punch anyone man woman
or child they have the right to retaliate physically with the same
amount it’s it’s for every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction
so if I ball my fist up and punch a man or woman or child in the face they have
the right to do the same thing to me okay Ronnie want to jump in there Staci
Gloria’s saying it’s all fair in love and war you know that you know it’s
interesting that Stacy says that but the truth of the matter is if Stacy were to
say this person yelled certain slurs towards me before they hit me or
you know so on and so forth that person could be charged with a hate crime now I
can’t say that she called me a straight Fleur and her charges be enhanced with
the hate crime right so you have a special protection that you’re afforded
under the law that I don’t have well here’s the thing with that you know I
mean we can manipulate the law any way we want to you know or any way that we
have the mental capability of doing so but that wouldn’t be right
you know I mean the best thing that doesn’t make any sense I mean well it
actually a make sense but it right though that will be illegal it’s
like the session is like the the biggest argument I hear with transgender
especially transgender women is that oh you know if you know they cry and hate
crimes they got beat up or killed or whatever then maybe they deceive the guy
or whatever and it’s like okay deception is wrong
there should be repercussions for deception and none of us a lawmakers so
if a transgender woman or man deceives a person they need to face the
consequences so whether it’s 10 years 20 years or life in jail whatever it is
that’s what it needs to be so I mean you know we can all manipulate the law side
but I don’t think it’s right if I transgender person does that no but
that’s not true I can’t manipulate the law I can’t say
you called me some sort of straight or heterosexual epithet or slur and get you
an enhanced you know penalty free for the crime
I can’t it’s not possible well isolation days for this particular case okay and
may not exist but women do that all the time especially in domestic violence
cases so if we want to equate that type of situation to a hate crime it happens
all the time women scream out oh he hit me in the lip and you just call him this
Annette or maybe you scratched him or there’s internet and now you’re calling
out domestic violence so this happens a lot I’ll tell me what the difference is
there the difference is and I know this especially in my state I think it’s
across the country if a man or a woman in a relationship alleges domestic
violence the officers are going to make an arrest just based off of the
allegation as far as you or I I don’t have that same protection that you have
that’s why it’s not comparable to a domestic violence situation because the
man can also say she hit me and get her arrested right Stacy what you’re saying
sounds great but I just don’t know if that’s the law of the land I mean what
I’m asking the question here even though it sounds a little uh it sounds a little
sarcastic I mean I’m really concerned that if I get into a brawl me and I I
don’t do that sort of thing you know out in the public but if I have neither if I
have to gun but somebody it just happens to be a transgender I will probably get
charged with the hate crime and something on top of you know just a
normal discrepancy well in that case then it’s up to whoever makes the laws
the judges the prosecutors the lawyers to find out to investigate whether or
not it is a hate crime or it’s just you defending yourself or whatever it is so
I mean yeah it might not be a hate crime that you could just be defending
yourself I think you’re a tional station I think we need an irate contentious
trainee on the line hang on a second Dana with the smoke is at you Dana where
hi you care me hey Daniel was poppin girl we doing tonight hey I’m not sure
for a minute what is her name again oh my name is basically a thief NCAP GA
lor e galore okay Danny did you see the CNN LGBTQ uh town hall I didn’t see
that’s a little clip I didn’t watch it I didn’t need to watch it because it
didn’t surprise me that they were gonna have their own special Town Hall because
they organized and he put their money together so they’re gonna get whatever
they want because they actually have an agenda
as opposed to black people we don’t have an agenda we don’t work in as and we
don’t put our money together so I don’t know why people are uncomfortable or
upset with LGBTQ organization is doing the work so they
want to see results well the question I’m asking tonight is
can you defend yourself against transgenders I mean if you get soft in
your face you know respectfully by a transgender woman would you be charged
with the hate crime or would you fight back or would you just take that l know
you see a will if can I defend myself yeah you could something yourself
because that’s why a lot of women now are getting arrested when men and women
to fight you know because it’s that’s that that law starting to change was
can’t just blame the man because a lot of times the woman could be the
aggressor so the same thing with a transgender and it depends on what
because save you and Georgia and you know it’s on being attacked by
transgender we’re fighting most likely that students they just want to take my
side I had a sexual female or transgender I don’t think so but I hear
yeah I don’t know you know well Ryan doing a jump and Ronnie hold on Dana
where’s one yet I’m right here the simple fact is this if the victim and if
the trans person is claiming to be the victim if their version of the events is
that you called them some sort of slur or epithet automatically they’re going
to attach that hate crime enhancement you don’t have the same protections as a
heterosexual person what if they truly do hate you not
because you’re straight but this is somebody who truly hates you shouldn’t
they also have an enhanced penalty what are you saying are you saying that the
transgender don’t have as much rights as a heterosexual no Dana the transgender
person is the only person who’s going to be afforded that protection in this
scenario no you can’t say that’s a straight person vehicle okay
what is the street flirt that you could possibly be called a straight flirt well
it’s no such thing as the streets flirt unless you’re calling on black if I’m
black if you’re calling me the N word so are you just told no we’re not talking
about race if you’re talking about the spending can you defend yourself a
transgender if they call you would name it they call you a bitch but something
like that you know all come and if I’m seeing something back to them
well yeah I’m defending myself because you attacked me it’s all about who was
the aggressor first and again like I said if I’m in a state of North Carolina
well so when itself meets in the north a lot of times the the officer or the
court I want to take my side I had a session with a transgendered now we go
to court the transgender has an LGBT
authorization behind which is powerful so that’s totally different
it’s who’s your support system because the ball really discriminates against
transgender specifically one so think how does it track how is it
discriminating against them if it’s offering them a protection that you
aren’t offered as a straight person right we’re not talking about patients
because I’m offered that protection under the Civil Rights Act and that’s
why this week LGBTQ organizations were pushing for the Supreme Court to add
them under Title 7 under the Civil Rights Act they’re not included when it
comes to discrimination even in a workplace I already have more rights
than them especially a transgender and that’s by law Tina you’re talking about
race you’re talking about this that in the third we’re talking about a scenario
here you have a complication I have more we’re talking about you’re talking about
the workplace and this and that we’re talking about you having a confrontation
with a transgender person you do not have little reflections under the law as
them no I have more that’s what I’m saying so they can bring them under the
Civil Rights Act of 1964 from all titles they are not
so you’re talking about okay under the credit act if you’re talking about me
and a transgender person specifically get into an argument if I touch them
first that would be that would mean I’m the aggressor if she touches me first
she would be the aggressor so it depends who was the aggressor here but and we’re
just talking about right so we’re right to leave the life I have more right okay
hang on a second guys I’m Stacey Claude you want to chime in or can I go to the
super chat with Stacy Laura I’m here yeah okay
hang on a sec guys let me go to some super chats Bush kids on the check-in
saying Greta Sundberg said black Prime Minister
should not have won Nobel Peace Prize today is that racist I’m not speed
anybody know what he’s talking about no the Ethiopian ambassador who won a
Nobel Peace Prize for break-in he I guess brokered a peace treaty with
Aretha I doesn’t see in that country okay okay thank you for the donation
anonymous says stream labs promo gift from K dangerous okay thank you so much
kid dangerous is that really you man if it is shoot me an email with you and I
have a conversation behind the scenes man if you want to call into the show
that’s cool but you it’s only been told to me that you’re not battling so I
can’t promote a lie man you filming okay that kid dangerous sends another
donation he says can I get a date with Ronny she’s hot okay that’s amazing says
Charlize Theron is accused of child abuse and doing experiments on her black
child turning him into a female it’s odd she started dating Brad Pitt she being
accused of child abuse I don’t know that Dana did we do a story on Charlize
Theron back in 2017 her transgender child through dressing him in pink
dresses and so on and so forth you remember yeah that’s
again this year I don’t know if anyone’s formally filed papers against her I’ll
call it dices but she that she actually did an interview with dressing it
comparing the situation you know against apartheid South Africa you know I have
no right to tell a person what they can and cannot do or be and my child came to
me saying oh I want to dress like a girl right so Who am I to stop them okay hang
on a second that’s amazing also says via super chat this trans movement pushed by
the government is about organ harvesting they want to wait to expand the
pharmaceutical industry okay that’s amazing also says trans has nothing to
do with homosexuality if you look at most of the trans men accused of sexual
assault they assault females okay okay all right all right so listen Dana um
what else is going on with you I don’t want to just focus on just this
particular topic and any updates on the 8oz convention I know that it was a
success for the most part so I heard anything wouldn’t from the table um yeah
it was a success for the first conference they are definitely gonna
have a conference every year so they’re gonna have it all a gos conference
twenty twenty first weekend in October and but is something bigger beyond the
conference is more so you know what do we do from here they’re there which a
lot has to be done you know we people need to donate and support and organize
and but really is more so just making sure that our agenda is being addressed
but it’s just so much the vision right now and with black people and I’m
talking about foundation of black American there’s so much division that
we never want to get a gender on a table you know what is with a Democratic
candidate or probably it knows that sort of order signed by Trump because we
don’t organize and people our issue with LGBTQ and it’s like what
do you learn about yeah I know I asked you behind the scenes if there was any
place where we could see footage of the actual convention you said that they’re
working on a documentary but there’s there’s no footage out there I mean that
has been released to the public that’s far what no it’s not i streamed
it live when it was going on and I took it down because Antonio told me they’ve
drawn a documentary and he streamed it live the second day he took it down but
they put like little snippets up Antonio Mora on his YouTube but they are going
to release a full documentary on the conference when I don’t know maybe in
another month or two but it will be a documentary okay okay
and you also want to mention Dana will promote on your channel coming up this
weekend or early next week yeah well subscribe to the Rodina on
YouTube and I actually did a show on the LGBTQ Supreme Court ruling with silver
right then I had a transgender on process Shaw and now she’s on YouTube as
well but you said civil rights not silver right you said civil anything
else before let you go down any any other questions or anything you want to
you know just put on the table Friday night you know I just I just think
honestly I don’t have a problem with oh thank you
but I do have concerns when it comes to children and it being implemented in
school whether it’s the studies or the bathrooms or whatever however I don’t
like it when heterosexuals or other people want to say they have a mental
disorder like no one isn’t qualified to say that so I think we need to worry
about our own demons in that day at me that wasn’t a shot at you because now
Ron you say that when I no me no no when I tell my show when I
did my show it was of women in my comment section right in-law paragraph
with citations been as a mental disorder so it’s not just you it’s a lot of
people that maybe haven’t been suited for a DSM before they petition to get it
taken out right it was previously classified as a mental
disorder so with black people we will classify as having a mental disorder as
well no no Dana that’s your Harrison no yes that’s true that is true biologist mmm that Stacy who says that’s
you Stacy Wow yeah the wholeness of disorder thing is has been debunked and
I think anyone that even entertains that IV that idea is is using barbaric
methods of thinking that you know when I first well in the early years of me
being transgender I looked into you know getting support and everything for
mental disability you know I have friends that were getting checks you
know for just the immense mentally disabled and this was this was a long
time ago this was a meeting in the 90s and they said that that does not exist
anymore so you know again that was maybe 15 20 years ago
I know at least that is not been relevant well hang on a second now just
because you’re saying is hang on just because you’re saying it’s been debunked
and and the the mainstream now was saying that it’s been debunked doesn’t
necessarily make it not true does dr. Umar Johnson classify it as a
disorder because he’s certified qualified
he’s got degrees and last last I checked he was but still classifying it as a
disorder so is he wrong with all of his research all of his certifications all
of his degrees is he wrong well I’m talking about federal law I
don’t know what dr. Oman thinks or note I don’t know what his criteria
credentials are but well hang on now because the law can be skewed by way of
you know the public voting just like we have the internet we have Wikipedia
Wikipedia for the most part is exactly is digital maoism just because 500
people say something is right doesn’t mean that it’s fucking right when you
can have two you know two people saying the truth but you have these 500 people
saying it’s one thing doesn’t mean it’s right what me personally I mean what you
okay so everyone is entitled to their own opinion you saying if it’s right or
wrong I’m talking about federal law you cannot you know get disability because
you’re transgender and say that all I have a mental illness because I’m
transgender give me some drugs give me some money per month you can’t do that
yeah you shouldn’t anymore because the community lobbied to get it Declassified
as a mental disorder it previously was that doesn’t mean that it’s the fact
that it was removed from the DSM you’re talking about law I’m talking about
mental status okay United States though so we all
abide by the laws of the United States so therefore that’s just like saying
okay well you know it was illegal for a black person to vote 50 years ago 60
years ago that was the law of the land that’s not the law of the land right now
the law of the land is that transgenderism is not a mental disorder
period right well I think that human rights and you know human rights versus
you know scientific you know scientific standings is two totally different
things Stan scientific standings and not just
research but you know proof shall we say not not that I’m going in saying your
people are have mental disorders I’m just I’m trying to be objective I’m
throwing a couple of curveballs here it doesn’t bother me either way you know I
mean that’s the beauty of my position I don’t necessarily feel offended nor do I
am I worried about what someone wants to classify
themselves as okay Danny was saying yeah I want to display just to go back to dr.
Umar I never heard him say or write about transgender specifically having
mental disorder however he did say 95% of his client because he’s no
psychologist who he counseled who were gay she specifically his big gay clients
when he come to him 95 percent of those gay clients were molested as a child
something happened in their childhood so a lot of times your gender identity or
sexuality that’s them from something have been traumatic in your childhood
okay all right well listen Danny may give out the last word and then I’m
gonna we’re gonna let Stacy Laura sign off and then why you’re not gonna finish
up with a couple other topics Dana you are promote something coming up in your
bargain yeah I mean to tune in I’m definitely going live on Tuesday oh and
me and Ivan are going to do another show next week Friday okay I’m on the show
this week with the transgender but subscribe to the road that you know on
YouTube and that is also my Instagram and yeah I just think as far as LGBTQ
that’s their business I think like people need to be concerned about our
agenda that’s number one so I don’t really care what they do I’m concerned
about the black agenda okay Thank You Dana it I can I gotta stay true core
we’re going to shift gears for for the rest of the show anything you want to
promote or mention about where they are the topics well notability if anyone
wants to call me you know they can call me direct I don’t know if it’s okay to
give up my number but I’m willing to do that if you want when I hang on a second
no Stacy are you promoting an escort service or what we’re giving up no I’m
just saying if any of your viewers wanted to even like contact me email
whatever just ask me a question whatever they want you know can you give us soul
your media platform as opposed to a phone number because phone numbers can
change and I don’t want someone digging they can reach me what they can reach me
my phone number has been the same for 16 years but I’m single or everywhere
that’s SP AC yg a lor e an adult entertainer and actress and you’re also
an escort yes I am I do porn star yes Thank You Lauren okay all right thank
you for being available to have a great a weekend thank you so much have a nice
weekend all right all right Stacy going to check in and the real deal
hold on a second Ronnie let me get some of these super chats lined up who
fifth-dimensional in the check-in via super chat in the words of the poet
Chris breezy the only time I miss a bitch is when I swing and she ducks ooh
that was hard that’s amazing when the check can be a super chat LGBTQ people
have more rights because most are white it has nothing to do with black people
not donating this is an agenda pushed by a white supremacy okay
mr. flower says star Stacy Glor has more Skywalker og for you okay okay he’s
talking reckless oh thank you man thank you Oh mr. flowers got it got to keep it
clean on YouTube uh Thank You Man okay oh no it’s the wooly Bobo sends in
a super Chad I say your girl why is there duct tape me I say yo girl why is
there duct tape hanging off your leg she said oops I forgot to tie up what little
Greg to to chucko chucko chucko chucko chucko thank you
take dangerous okay I read that well thank you kid dangerous slew to you man
um it’s in that email so we can talk behind the scenes that’s amazing
trance has nothing to do with home okay with that one the game is rigged
speaking about saran wrap you might want to wrap your right hand down old nigga
before you fly away your hand twirling more than more than that of an HBCU
dancer okay sugar G hold on sugar Jesus being gay is more a product of the normalization of homos equal activity
through media okay Thank You sugar G if I read that
correctly crazy Abby lol says okay I read that one point
me Bush kid Scottie Hernandez okay give me a second Ronnie let me just finish up
on some of these super chats JC says these fake-ass transformers are
crossdressers okay priests cleaving priests ends in a cache
at pickup start on the check-in Thank You priest I got your cash at Frank on
the cheque and he says that nigga ain’t from Flatbush he from the village I’ll
slap fire out of him good full of hate says a homo sapien turned erectus what
the fuck what the fuck going on man okay thank you
hey Mar nan Jie if Aegina does not make a woman have an eighth does not make a
woman having a uterus does okay Mar Nancy bringing that smoke okay home guys why do we want to ship ship topics
tonight anything else going on in the world of media was busted quani I don’t
stay in this game topic too long I’m here okay
are you have to speed on TI saying that signing Giggy azalea was a career
blunder you see that thank you yeah I saw that I mean I think he’s
saying anything he can right now that kind of get clicks and divert people to
his podcast and you know because she’s the kind of person he knew that him
saying that she would clap back and she did and so who cares who cares about
Iggy I you know well listen I think she has gone on to do you know I don’t want
to say great things but she’s gone on and she’s she’s got some big-ass fucking
tracks did those songs come after she left
TI’s camp or am I mistaken I think yet I think the story goes that he you know
had a hand in helping to create her persona and you know as far as marketing
and all of that so I guess he’s basically taking the credit by making
that kind of remark you know because she does have some big hits let’s not get it
fucked up I mean like you know what he’s saying is yeah she’s she’s a tarnish on
his legacy if you ask me and I say this with all due respect I think the real
tarnish on his legacy has taken the fucking stand that’s the target snotted
years well the tarnish I what I really think that he is getting at is the fact
that he took this white woman from Australia and basically manufactured her
and to being a rap artist yes and she’s you know come on so I think that’s what
he means by because you know now he’s sort of woke and he’s an activist you
know an online activist so you know it’s ironic that you brought in a white woman
from Australia so I guess that’s sort of what he’s getting at because
it’s undeniable she had some very big head she had some success so it wasn’t a
bad move for him business why yes I get all that and I’m not trying to jump on
the guy I think he was brave to take the stand I mean I support snitching but in
reality you know that’s more of a blemish on his legacy
maybe he’s trying to throw a curve hear something or you know trying to rewrite
things but I don’t think IGAs elia is such a bad thing you know when we look
at you know a grand hustle and all that other stuff I think you know the streets
look at him like yo he took the stand man fuck out of here you know hang on a
second why let me go to UM super Chad someone says I forgot to read a super
Chad Bush kid thank you sir he said star read my last super chat big boss it was
Taurani okay then he sent another one he says hold on P star no man is a damn
woman and no woman is a man if you think you are you’re crazy
Ronny is correct okay Thank You Man okay and then the game is rigged says in this
era B C stands for before chopping okay all right and sterling sterling says
trannies got me through my depression salute to boss nigga let’s go to area
code 545 four zero you there good evening hey good evening how are you group man all this shit all this shit
about the doctor chinese genders man Dana was definitely offended when Danny
I mean when Ronnie was like she she was like you’re taking a shot at me because
she was definitely taking a shot at Ronnie Ronnie with the only person
saying it was a mental illness okay mm-hmm and so I mean I just felt like I
just feel like Danny I mean I feel like Dana is all about like yelling her point
over everybody but I angle harp on Dana I’m just I’m just giving my point on on
her but the whole transgender shit like motherfuckers really don’t care people
really don’t give a fuck like I don’t really give a fuck like they do what
they want to do but I’m not I’m not up in their face swinging my dick telling
them I won’t pussy can you take it easy with the vulgar language sir again I
don’t own YouTube come on I got you guys but my thing is I mean don’t don’t come
up on like come around people like with your sexuality like and then they they
bring it to the kids like that’s the weird part like so are you a parent very
cool yeah okay well I I think you should be concerned I think you should be more
so you know kids men I mean but the thing is late this shit’s crazy like
just keep that shit to yourself like I don’t care a woman in your man that’s
cool do you but when you start like when you start like making Disney cartoons
and shit like it’s just weird like like who’s down there who’s at Disney the
support in this shit like but I mean I got money coming into money the monies
will make shit move money makes it moves told you kids if you don’t mind me ask
him I was my son he’s five and my daughter’s – oh shit well sir
respectfully I think you should be very very concerned because there’s a whole
push there’s a whole wave to market to younger people you know kids and
to me legislation going on so it’s real man me you can sit back and say keep it
to yourself I mean that sounds great sounds hot but that’s not what’s going
on in America it’s real homie true true true I mean but the thing is like like
Dana said like they got money they got money behind a movement and money makes
shit loose like and then and then all these politicians are like they they so
in the closet they throw on the download that they support these bills but then
they like they constituents don’t know that they supporting these bills until a
bill has been in law for fucking two years and they say oh this person voted
for this bill and it’s his time to get out and they vote him out but the bills
are there okay okay thank you for the coal man thank
you all right shit’s getting real out here hang on a second honey I missed a
super chat here did you do okay I read Frank’s oh thank you Frank talking about
the guy from Flatbush okay and I got priests JC dub well 88 he says talk can
you pick up 470 where are you this said dub will 88 on the line for
seven eight so hey good evening that dub dub well yes how are you sir yeah I give
you loud and clear okay yeah I didn’t want to speak on the
conversation that Ronnie and Benny they know we’re having dinner
speaking about civil rights as a boy terms about sir why’s that 1964 saying
how transgenders are not covering that that’s true she’s right about that but
Ronnie was speaking specifically about hate crimes if I’m not mistaken is that
right running right and the scenario was that which star posed to her which is
you’re having a confrontation with a trans person you get into a fight with
them and now you’re facing a hate crime charge on top of it right like that’s I don’t
even see what was hard to understand about their like and it’s like I’m a
black guy if I can if I get a fight with a white do and I call him a racist slur
a white breaks to flirt they can say there’s a hate crime he’s do the same
thing to me called me a black wrestler is a hate campaign but there’s no
protection for straight people in period regardless of your race you man woman if
you’re a straight person and a gay person or a trans person attacks you in
a coffee there’s nothing they can call you in to like make you make a slur
against you so what like I don’t even see what was unclear about that I just
wonder sound men on it well I think it was very clear and Stacy who is still on
the line also conceded that it is a protection that is offered to you know
transgendered people that’s not offered to straight people because it just
simply doesn’t apply and it wasn’t a very hard point it’s not complicated at
all I felt that Dana was reaching by referring to the civil rights movement
but you know that has no title to have her opinion okay well hang on a second
Dana just sent me a text saying hate crimes fall under silver plummy civil
she got me sane so hate crimes fall under civil rights title one okay speak
to that song please come up okay Dana what is the slur any person that is
any game person any trans person anybody in LD LBGT community what is the slur
they can use anything straight person that would qualify a hate crime well
she’s not in the line show you but you can jump in and you can interject with
your own you know interpretation or your own wording I mean you told me no there
isn’t that’s the only point that Ronnie’s
making there like when it comes to this particular thing
great people heterosexual people are not protected under the law because there is
no such thing and the heterosexual slur that’s not that complicated
I think the n-word would be considered a a racial slur and it could be fall into
the category of a hate crime yeah and we’re don’t racial racial
I said heterosexual straight I’ll have a central ok ok yeah I mean yeah there’s a
racial slur for every race on the planet right there’s no like having a billion
people who are heterosexual what if a gay person wanted to call them is one to
make a slur to them because they are straight what would they say yeah good work thank you so thank you okay
hold on a second Ronnie let me uh clear out some of these super chats here
Xavier leaving sir all he wants to get in on the action
hold on AVL where are you sir two eight three let me line yep I don’t see his
number just yet let me come back to him I’ve yelled and also um
Elvis ain’t King’s money send in a super Chad alright storm my grandma born 1933
told me Oh Tom told me what Elvis said the only
thing black people so I’m not gonna promote that lie Elvis never said that
how dare you what’s a rumor talk about Elvis it about
black people Elvis had black people in his band on tour with him met many
different dates and concerts and albums of things like there he was he was a
lover of gospel music stop the lies so whoops ends in a donation when Kylie
became pregnant did Bruce Jenner become a tramp ah when I was cute okay I read
the game is rigged fifth dimension okay I read that that’s amazing mr. flowers
hold on a second make sure to miss anybody anonymous
okay every that one that’s amazing key dangerous can I get okay sugar G I got
sugar the AVL okay let me see if I can find a vo because he did send in a cash
app on a second Oh Ronnie hold on a second Roy Abbi I don’t see area code
six one seven man where are you a BL women have yelled at you six one
seven good evening have you been seeing your banner at the end of the road oh
you see your banner what do you think yes yes I’m checking it out okay very
grateful you understand I’m gonna keep on putting money in the machine for that
thank you very much okay oh yeah I’m gonna be I’m gonna be I’m gonna be real
quick but I just had to call in and speak on this debate that Ronnie and
Dana had just now because it makes me sick to my stomach watching Dana bully
and screaming over people she does this to mo all the time he’s much of a
gentleman to say anything Jeff do you call antennas name you know in talking
Restless they’re gonna bring her back on the line and we’ll be going she could
call up she could call up that’s great I love chocolate of her off at the heels
and watched her scream like a bat out of hell that’s great I just wanted to make
a quick one hang on hang on Dana if you have time to call back in yeah I don’t
want people you know talking sideways you’re not on the line yeah you were
saying come on yeah so this is the thing everybody is having a conversation about
what she’s talking about civil rights and all that and and mental illness
being compared to what they did to blacks and this is the point this is
this is what you cut her off at the ankles what they did to black men and
women was lie and say we were 3/5 of a man and say our brains are smaller and
all that that was an absolute lie comparing that to mental illness mental
illness them calling gay people mentally ill is based off a pure logic after
mother fucker keeps banging his head on a wall they never say something’s wrong
with this kid I’m gonna second Danny with the smoke are you there Dana
three Dana I’m here I have y’all he say he wants he wants some smoke with you
grab yo you were saying so let me read so me restate cool-cool
an employment agreement I just have a loan so let me do let me just read say
what I just said when you what they did to black men and women calling us a 1/5
of a man and saying our brains are small with all of that they lied on us that’s
the difference between us and mental illness with AIDS what they do with
mental illness they using pure logic like I just said and somebody keeps
banging their head on it on the wall every 5 minutes they bang their head on
the wall people are gonna logically think something’s wrong with this person
they might be mentally ill so every six of men and women are sleeping together
and producing children and all the second dinner now do you have a question
I’ve yelled for day no do you want to finish saying your piece let her respond
we were no I’m just I’m trying to say something they called it Daniel what the
data now she goes on okay guys one at a time one at a time okay have you
finished with your question respond okay let her speak let her speak to speak let
us be down for you because you don’t know anything so you are not you’re not
a philosopher yet not you’re not a scholar you just there when two men have
sex that’s a mental illness so you’re thinking okay people have a
mental illness well what have you done and proven that they have so shoot our
rhythm hook it up because social thought was that Aboy not true which is not
which which tend to be all over the scientific research done to us in Syria
which was later so bomb the same thing with transgender so
Shampoo bursar because you have not studied it no I’m not Mitra as far as
you wanted it so I’m talking so you began to the question when I’m okay guys
we have to do one at a time or it’s not even worth doing this my surname is
always in your mouth when you touch that microphone so I’m always on your mind so
let me finish when I’m singing I had this text are super white it’s a
hate crime falls under that heterosexual men and women we are covered under that
so a transgender person is not even included sexual orientation or gender is
not even cluded under title one so I can’t if I transgender person call me a
derogatory name which will have to be bitch or the n-word that means they’re
violating my civil right but if I if I call them at the Roger turban I already
sent the data if I call them a derogatory name let’s say the f-word fhe
or whatever they could probably sue me as well but I still have more stupid
you’re arguing against yourself it’s actual you are gonna give yourself my
point is I was just about to make that point but people have all right is a lie
ok guys we’re gonna do one at a time or else I’m just gonna shut it down it’s
one at a time let him respond Dana can I speak now your Lumis one okay so
did so so they lied on us we established that right my point was they use pure
simple human logic when they when dealing with homosexuals
you’re talking about science experiments and all that no we’re all on a block and
we always leave those with women and reason reproduce and create
we see a man sleep with another man we’re gonna look at that motherfucker
and say something’s wrong with him are we not that’s what kids know all the
clam inside the schoolyard and one of the kids is banging their heads on the
ground people are gonna look over and say something’s wrong with him are we
not you are right no what you’re selling what you’re talking about our personal
opinion scientific research you cannot go around my guy let’s finish it guys
let’s finish this up because we’re just going back and forth and we’re not
really you know you have no opinion can you shut the fuck up you have your whatever it’s a personal thing is you
cannot scientifically say somebody is mentally as a mental – you know it was
proven it was research done fan they did then it was taken back we have smaller
brains you just pull my point okay I didn’t let him respond I want to I want
him to have the last word Dana good Ivo you had last word sir it’s the last word
let me just say this as far as this similar right bullshit she keeps talking
about if you have you in a gauge you’ll get into a fight he can call you he
could say you committed a hate crime on him because he’s a gay person or a
transsexual person you can say he called me a nigger y’all would essentially
can’t duel each other out you’re not going to have no higher position than
him inside that situation look up how many hate crimes have been had reported
against all of these gay people and all of that across the nation in the last
eight years under the old president that we just had Dolan case those gay people
force women to let them come inside their bathroom so don’t tell me about
which you got over what you have over again Italians in reality they have okay
guys we’re done with this particular topic I thank both of you for calling it
den thanks for calling back in IPL thank you ma’am for your
support my name your motherfuckin mouth I got it okay well clearly quickly well
listen it’s Friday night you know come on hey Ronnie did you not discuss this
behind-the-scenes always I mean I shouldn’t say who is Reza Islam this is
the guy I mean I don’t know if I should bring this up without guys he was
arrested and this is the guy that I first became aware of him maybe about
two years ago he was making his rounds part of the Nation of Islam also the
Church of Scientology guys anybody wants to call and speak about this this young
man that has been arrested he was recently on Nick Cannon’s YouTube show
and was he on sway in the morning as well I don’t know but I had not done all
the readings something about a 3.8 million dollar insurance fraud scams I became aware of him maybe like I want to
say seven eight months ago where there’s a gentleman on YouTube young pharaoh he
was doing videos and debates with him and he was exposing this whole like
fraud case and also the links to Scientology and so it you said that he
has been arrested yeah if you google Wow RZA Islam all right zza is that yeah I
saw that that clip of him and a young found young man who was giving him that
smoke hang on a second man let me be super chats and we’ll come back to the
homeless second duval 777 sISTAR can you please do that ti impersonation mister
please get these out my hand DS a mine that was from the show Punk’d
years ago Thank You Man for your donation Riz heed to God 9/4 says your
boss nigga I’m on area code 661 I hold on a second man let me just try and
clear some of this out give me a second Rizzy to God hold on a second stay right
there okay okay and that’s something different that’s another email y’all
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button thank you Frank DAP a Dunlap Thank You Man for your uh
your support yeah he says if y’all fuck wit star hit that like and the donate
donate button all caps Thank You Man salute salute hey Stacey Stacey says for
the second call Thank You Stacey Glore and I think maybe we should put Ronnie
do we have a a website or something that we can put at the top of the comments
for Stacey galore can you maybe text her and get something we can you know
promote her with money yeah sure yeah sure okay hang on a second I’ll be right
back let me just finish up with some of these cash apps okay I got that one
Gemini Gemini 209 all day a heterosexual slur is breeder shout-out to live chat
okay folks I read shoutouts but I don’t do shoutouts myself just so that were
clear but thank you Gemini 209 all day yeah once again she says a hetero sexual
slur is breeder okay thank you all right so much late on the check in
Lane says trainees are reading books to kids in pre-k they get their own
bathrooms next thing you know niggas gonna be robbing banks and killing and
tranny disguises okay I think they do that now Wayne but I think
oh gee Joe said star I know you don’t do conspiracy theories but I think mo facts
and Stacey glory might be the same in one that was those funny those funny
hey who’s annoying area code 661 good evening are you there 6 6 1 what’s going
on hey who’s this how you doing Ron its RZA
the God come on thanks man how are you pray yes sir what’s goin with you man earthquake
ma Friday night bill means yes sir come on yes sir I’m I’m Akali want to get
into some no just listen y’all so man I listen er every day and love y’all
constant Thank You me second in thank you
you want time in the conversation you were just checking in I appreciate the
support man earthquake okay I already got too much less with the Train did
that Malik Yoba so yeah I wrote myself I had a few choice words for him
no yeah well he got real quiet after that whole interview on the route man he
was doing some some workshop and then he went fucking uh he went silent
no yeah yeah but anyways I just call it checking I mess with cha Thank You Man
no fan salute yes sir have a good hung up have the weekend yes whoo okay
appreciate you may appreciate you okay he’s just checking in yeah man Friday
night roll something up smoke something okay that was him that was a busy to God
me make sure I got all the cash apps and super chats hey Ronnie do we even want
to get into this thing tonight or should we just come back to this Reza Islam
it’s really kind of layered here again this is the guy who I saw on oh no as
you said with a young Pharaoh and who else said the cannon was he on Swain
the morning let me Google that is what he was he’s making his rounds I’m not
sure I do know that he was on Nick Cannon because I know that young pharaoh
actually had made a video directly to Nick Cannon and he was like why would
you give this guy legitimacy you know if this is I’m really absolutely stunned
that everything has come yeah he was on sway in the morning I’m looking right
now he was on sways universe that’s the homie sway April the 27th 2019 yeah he’s
talking all that fly as a Nation of Islam stuff and then talking about the
Church of sign Scientology did you find the story do you want to just read a
little bit of it or should we come back to another day what do you think yeah
it’s it’s layered so I think we should probably come back to it okay hang on a
sec let me go back to a more cache abs been holding on at 305 okay hang on a
second where’s the homie priest hold on a second priest is that you 305 hey hey
what’s up King hey how are you man thank you for you for your donation
bless bless bless oh let me just give it a try let’s see oh so much stuff tonight
first off the information about the Ethiopian Ethiopian Prime Minister he
got that because he’s thinking he presented a dam a dam civil war in the
country in the actual regional war like stopping of course the Eritrea they did
the treaty with the II retreat which was formally a part of Ethiopia but you know
Mussolini captured that herded into an Italian car I’m not totally familiar
with what Lithia that the super chat came in earlier but so that’s what
you’re responding to yes no not just one of the point I was just trying to
correct that he was a prime minister to Dana did say he was an ambassador
okay but he is a prime minister but you all tainted with the wrong data a
woman the president ah yeah I did I do to you no no no hey guy and and he also
made a woman of the president of the country okay you know and he did a lot
of reconciliation for a lot of tribes here because Africa is heavily tribal so
anybody anything that could calm down tribal wars meets way too much bloodshed
OD to even a family so you did good there the other point is also on the
yeah on the LBT the homosexual agenda to transgender stuff it is still documented
and it’s still a law within the United States military as gender identity
disorder its gender identity disorder United States no the department defense
to have that even though they do have that you know when Clinton started at
armed what do you call it here you know you know allowing homosexuals to be come
out and pin and all that stuff the military still has it as a as a mental
disorder yeah I forget the name name at that devil was it Don’t Tell or Don’t
Ask Don’t Tell was that was a crowd yeah Don’t Ask Don’t Tell put that where
right there you know and you know the tragic thing is I mean I’m from the
slave plantation is Jamaica okay they tie this homosexual agenda to food and
medical and medical arm aid like say not even eight not even free stop sequences
if you’re a prime minister some poor ass Ireland and you bought some medical
shipment for vaccines you for your country whatever they will prevent that
from going to your country if you don’t say you’re not for that arm you know
three three Domo homosexuality being taught in the school okay
I hang on a second Ronnie are you there Ronnie is there any way you can check
holder Ronnie can you check on what the college’s said about the military
classification it’s running so their gender identity
disorder the say it again gender identity disorder it’s the United States
notary still has that on the books and it’s still and Ronnie check out an NPR
NPR had a very good I’ll reveal they had a very good reveal of reveals that
investigative arm program they had a very good documentary on how they took
that off the DSM and it was really about some psychotic some doctors and
psychiatrists that didn’t want their friends to lose their jobs because they
were gay it’s probably a bunch of lobbyists as well that’s what I said to
Dana they lobbied to get it taken out of the DSM exactly and and and and they and
the other point to with Dana I don’t so gonna hang on a second please I don’t
want to come at Danny she’s no longer on the line but but now hold on Dana I’m
just saying I’m just saying I’m saying in the general in general we have to
know this we have to not water ourselves down we’re not seeing from a cultural
perspective mo I’m straight um because when you just see yourself from out of
the ethnic cultural perspective there’s no way you could defend yourself
politically with these civil rights laws okay so you’ve got a you know effort for
lack of better words and for for for arm you know for like defeating your own
self or kicking yourself in the foot you got to stay tribal in certain ways
instead of thing the damages sent me a text saying it’s it’s called gender
dysphoria the danger said via text okay yeah Thank You Dana and but it is still
part of the military code of mental illness okay in the United States right
hang on a second you say you’re from Jamaica you born and raised there are
you just that’s a fat depends from and you raised here I’m born and raised I go
to every morning ray there came here in you know on the team
okay but I go I lived a living to make it back and forth lived in Africa as
well is Rihanna now claiming shoes she’s from Jamaica I saw that story adding a
chance to read it are they claiming her I don’t know where she from Barbados um
she’s from Barbados I don’t know if this sometimes you know the island see the
people know men do Thailand happen and you know babies are born all over the
island so I don’t know if her have any she has a parentage I saw a story that
said Rihanna’s now claiming Jamaican maybe was just in troll shit I don’t
know yeah I mean hang on a second please run run you want to say something was
running but yes so I have directly from the government website what the caller
is referring to and I’ll read it to you so persons with a history of gender
dysphoria a serious medical condition and who have undergone certain medical
treatment for gender dysphoria such as cross sex hormone therapy or sex
reassignment surgery or are unwilling or unable to meet the standards associated
with their biological sex could adversely impact unit readiness and
combat effectiveness for this reason such persons are presumptively
disqualified for service without a waiver okay Thank You Ronnie okay thank
you and that’s directly from a gov website I thank you the links are thank
you very much all right priests mama give me the last we’re we’re gonna shift
gears before I get out of here coming up on two hours priest you have the last
word service yeah they do yes whatever guys listen they’re on a tea with
collaborate with uni a Marcus Garvey’s movie because this is what we all came
on this relationship these people who always reparations
they want us to stay divided they won’t pay out I won’t I won’t get any money
because I’m not the Queen owes our people money in Jamaica but I supported
I support whatever type of reparations that Jews got it so we deserve
so all I’m saying is you need to collaborate collaborate with other
people of African descent that are looking for reparations once you say
isolated and fight by yourself you’re gonna lose they’re gonna pick you off
one by one you and I T why that’s a unity yes k I’m silly pardon me thank
you weak-ass respect thank you be a donation bless ya
one love Jah Rastafari hold on a second okay Danny sends in a soup – he said
Ronnie for president don’t get it fucked up our slot niggers on site Wow okay Danny also said to him he sent in
another soup Jay he says you mentioned part of the reason the previous show
numbers okay yeah listen man respect to everybody Danny I don’t wanna go in the
and that in that direction I thank everybody maybe listen I does this by
myself you know what I’m sayin man but thank you sir thank you thank you okay
yeah Danny say Ronnie for president don’t get it fucked up he said he’ll
slap niggers on sight for you uh Ronnie Danny Danny look like they see a big
strong guy I don’t know he just just sends a super jet coke thoughts at 3:00
a.m. says Peter is not for Janet Janet is for John Suzette is not for Paul
Suzette is for n where the bumbaclot them get that from question mark okay
I’ve heard that before thank you uh coke thoughts at 3:00 a.m. that’s a funny
name right coke thoughts at 3:00 a.m. that’s like some 80s you know maybe some
90s Jim okay Danny’s taking shots at I don’t like to take shots when people
are not on the line but Danny says how can you consider someone like Dana
intelligent question mark she leaves no room to learn anything new
okay we start with let’s not take shots of dinner I appreciate Dana yes Dana is
intelligent in my book and and and in case you don’t know I like females who
come on the show and who stand their ground I like smart women you know I
mean I don’t sit here in 12 all the goddamn time I’m not always trying to
push you know my beliefs or my agenda so Dan is appreciated man but thank you for
your donation hang on a sec black racist evening sir he says star are you paying
attention to the trial of the cop that smoked the mentally challenged kid in
Decatur I didn’t even know that was going on until today I’m not fully fully
up to speed I’ll keep it real with you I mean I’ve
been a little consumed with other things part of me if you can send me an email I
would appreciate that but thank you black racist all right Danny taking more
shots at Dana holy shit he says Dana’s going to okay I don’t wanna say what you
just said sir but lonely Aggie she can act up all she wants Danny thank you man
but Dana’s not on the line again I don’t like to do that when people not here in
big Ock peace he says to up east or RZA Islam was released it was a bullshit
case I was gonna email you but I don’t know if you seen it
a young Pharaoh okay he’s taking shots young Pharaoh
I don’t know young Pharaoh I like the fact that young Pharaoh goes those whore
in the paint I like to see younger people you know who do research and but
even if I don’t necessarily coincide with their thoughts or beliefs he puts
the work in he’s a boss I respected and he’s doing i what is that young pharaoh
was doing um is it he’s doing some boxing he’s doing the damn thing man
yeah I think it’s MMA that he does I don’t think it’s MMA hold on a second
look look in the live chat guys what type of
boxing is young Pharaoh doing he’s working now he’s getting in
shape is it more time I think it’s more time yeah yeah he’s serious with that
man saluted a young man but but thank you for your donation big arc and okay
if Reza Islam was released maybe we’ll just you know we’ll leave it alone for
now but thank you okay gem star says star how much do I have to
donate for you to do a trainee top upon me not to do a trendy topic for 45 days
trending topic my ass gemstone gemstone enamel yeah we were talking behind the
scenes early we said hey what’s going on in the media right Ronny was we couldn’t
find anything to really latch on to tonight and this right well this is a
trending topic and especially with regards to Governor Cuomo because he
made the joke about being transgender so people are up in arms about it he’s
issued a statement apologizing it is a big thing yeah yeah gemstar I thank you
for your support again I appreciate you but you know I go with the trending
topics you know and CNN Don Lemon and I was that person’s name who was up up on
the stage or who’s at the that name was a Buttercup Joe Biden no the black trans
press all that push the kid well thank you gem story
I appreciate your donation and what is this here cope thoughts of 3 a.m. says
they don’t want Jackie give them Paul instead no one know what the poem poem
between Patsy leg old M want de Botti from Fred ok thank you that was a little
hard to read and then we have a whole in a second how much time we got left
oh the homie hb2 em he said start ask Ronnie how long did it take for her to
forgive okay he’s talking about you boyfriend after she found the
transgender escorts number in his call log okay we have the game is rigged
taking a shot at you Ronnie boss hip robbie demolished Danny tonight
wine glasses on the chat troll babies if you agree okay thank you the game is
rigged okay boys heck yeah take a screenshot hold on a second yeah hold on
a second boss Walczak Robbie not Ronnie to answer hb2 ends question I’m still
mad about it I still haven’t gotten over it one more Super chat Bush kid says
white woman in st. Petersburg demanded black teen to get on his knees to pick
up a gum wrapper called him n-word said you stink it was not like earlier in the
week I saw that video like it was that Monday I was that last week was that
yeah st. Petersburg Florida Thank You bush kid yeah I saw that
okay okay Ronnie don’t forget to send me these the link for whatever Stacy Glor
wants us to put at the top of the comments I appreciate her being
available and also her super test tonight okay okay all right listen have
a good night I’m gonna sign off it’s getting late I’m gonna crash did I get
up early in the morning alright alright started thank you for having me and have
a great night thank you wanna take care alright boss trickle any on the check-in
who ha listen guys to me let me shut some of
this down I gotta get up early Thank You Stacey Laura again mr. flowers thank you
but I gotta shut it down I gotta get out of here I’ll get you on the next show I
promise ok ok now Ronnie sent me an email here okay poor me uh I’m say Cory
Rihanna is from Barbados fuck them dusty Jamaicans okay I saw
some story about either Rihanna’s now claiming Jamaica or they were asking is
she claiming Jamaica Jamaica claiming her okay thank you someone just sent me
an email I’ll get back to you guys all right hey
let me get to have y’all’s banner ready first and I will see you guys at some
point not tomorrow I need Saturday to myself but I will see
you Sunday I’m pretty sure and let me get Danis banner as well okay Dana here
we go my bad okay I’ll see you guys Sunday take care have a good good
weekend be safe you

86 thoughts on “Town Hall Meeting On LGBTQ Issues

  • Fact Haters don't really hate you. in Fact, they hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they wish to be.

  • Dana never stayed on point with Ronnie. She spun the scenario to fit her narrative instead of responding to the point Ronnie made. Dana gets an L on this one. She never addressed Ronnie's point. Ronnie with the W on this one.

  • A few dozen black """"""women"""""" murdered is supposed to be a national tragedy, as if there weren't thousands of niggas being murdered every year.

    Do they know murder is already illegal?
    Do they think a few extra years on a murder sentence is going to stop a murderer?
    Do they think a murder who would fuck them and then murder them wouldn't murder another man?

  • WOW, Good question, can you defend yourself against a transgender, I don't know, maybe that is the reason so many of them get themselves killed,,I certainly wouldn't want to be fooled into bed with a woman, thinking he is a MAN, and find out it's a woman,, WOW,,, awful,,, SO I understand why they kill them.. I know you are not suppose to take a life, but it's understandable,,,

    If transgender feel so strongly about who the are WHY? They don't tell the person who they really are, and let the person decide and make a decision if they want you in BED..

  • Ronnie trying to pretend that DV arrests are equitable and biological women don't receive special protections from law enforcement and the courts. Please

  • Yo! I fucking HATE DANA! This stupid bitch is PROOF college degrees can be bought. Shouting down your opposition in a debate does not make your argument anymore valid nor does it win an argument. I love Roni's logic, confidence, and poise . Big ups to her👍🏿

  • That's the difference, I have never even heard of a Mexican snitching because they know what comes with that these cowardly ass MF out here do all this BS and then can't do no time so they throw everybody else under the bus. In Mexico they will execute you and everybody you know if they even thinking you open your mouth and they do this to you in public in the middle of town square and then play soccer with your head the bvatos don't play that, but out here these so-called "gangsters' Don't do a goddamn thing, no morals no honor no principles straight ratchetness, if you go all out why the f*** is you gotall the way in why you cooperating with the man?over there if 12 get out of line if it's judge get out of line if politicians get out of line they get the same exact thing this is the problem with our f*** ass country we tolerate this tattletale B's… Not only do to get a timecard now they get millions of dollars are considered heroes for being a real life POS

  • Shatty got 15 his b** ass crying in the courtroomthese, boys got 5 life sentences ain't cop to s*** and still throwing it up. that's gangster you mf pussy. Fake repin, you claim to be about that shitt but then start crying like a little b****. I got 10 + ain't shed not one tear… You rat anywhere in South America are they going to be playing soccer with your head literally, do your homework, but in the US you get a 10 million-dollar reward and promote snitching like it's cool

  • 38:29 it’s so dumb but Star always makes me ctfu when he randomly trolls callers by asking them crazy shit like that 😂 #KeepItReal #SpeakYourTruth

  • “STRAIGHT SLURS” = “breeder” & “cissy” just look them up on for the full explanation/definition…might sound silly but I’ve heard both be used negatively by LGBT type people when they talk about straight people, I’ll admit they weren’t used with the same level of hatred/intensity as racist white people using the n-word towards a black person, but there was enough contempt behind it for it to be contextually categorized as a slur (i.e. no straight person WANTS to be called a breeder or cisgender & we definitely don’t call each other that shit; but they still call us that). I remember I heard y’all on the show talk about how you don’t like the label “cis” before & I agree so I would say “Cissy” is 100% the straight version of “tranny” which is allegedly not PC

  • That wavey caller sounded completely confused he had the worse conversational points ever #strawmanargument

  • Dana with the disinformation I love how she just groups every black person as the same 😂 she has no idea what she’s talking about.

  • Sweetheart depending on what state you are in that is a charge a men can't walk into the women's restroom, North Carolina is the only state I know of that you can do that… This whole concept is bonkers

  • Well there's no way you just said that dumb s**. A man f***** a man in the ass is not natural sir, and try reading the Bible and Quran, ain't no sex is one of the leading causes of AIDS you don't think that's bad for society sir?you don't think it's bad that my kid has to watch you kissing another man in public sir I mean sweetheart cupcake? so how would you like me to explain to my my child about how gay guys and females conceive children? this'l is comical where do they find people like this a???

  • CNN Fox all those major news networks is all fake news they lie they ass off and sadly most of Americans are so dumb they don't even see it. If you did your homework and fact check those people your head will explode Ojai Afterlife by deception after deception fake news just like Trump say

  • Dana with the INACCURATE DATA at 56:45. ADOS has a clear and concise spelled out agenda at Further, based on the wealth data here in America, black folks don’t have the means to pool their moneys together. That’s why they tend to latch on to other groups like LGBTQ. But we do vote in a block. We will now use that as currency and not just a free vote. ALSO, the LGBTQ+ community is primarily WHITE FOLKS. They always get what they want. Let’s stop shitting On black folks Dana. I want to cuss you out but don’t want to fall into your downward thinking narrative.

  • cnn fox all those major news outlets are all fake news and sadly mosy americans are to dumb to see it. fact check them you will see the truth… trump not lieing

  • wait aint no way you just said that dumb ass sh… a man f…. another man in the ass is not natural in any way sir try reading the bible or the quoran anal sex is proven to lead to hiv aids you dont think thats bad for society sir? you dont think its bad for my kid to see you kissing another man in public sir, i mean sweetheart, imean cupkake? how do you want me to explain 2 man having a child?? please explain? MODS STOP DELETING MY IMPORTANT COMENTS TRHEY VERY IMPORTANT

  • thats very very interesting i never ever seen to male dogs having inbtercourse, because a male dog sniffs another dogs butt dont make him gay. talking about its normal only a sick person would say that. where they find people like this at??? DONT DELETE


  • them latinos real gs….so called fake gs like shotty cry like b….. over a lil 15 years,,, they got 5 life sentences still throwing it up and aint shed 1 tear…. fake wankstas wana do crime and cant do no time that is the deffinition of a coward… i got 10 and aint shed 1 teear

  • shotty cried like a little girl over a lil 15 years like a little girl…the latinos got 5 life sentences still throwing it up and not shed 1 tear… THATS GANGSTA cawards wana act gangsta but when they see that judge they criin and begging for pc like a good lil b…..

  • Dana quotes facts from Umar Johnson, a total fraud‼️‼️‼️
    If he’s a Doctor 👨🏿‍⚕️ the Dana’s got data….
    Umar Johnson is himself, A MENTAL DISORDER ‼️‼️‼️

  • The fact of the matter is these LBGT folks have been here since the beginning of time and they will continue to be here. Every other group the Jews, Italians, Asains and now the LGBT overcame struggles and hate along with subjugation in America and have strengthened there stance pooled their money together and now they have congressman and elected officials ready to stand 10 toes down for their cause and rights!!! Black America needs to take a page out these other groups books instead of standing on the sideline criticizing folks instead of getting down to business.

    Also nobody knows where homosexuality really fits into the grand scheme of things. There are atleast 10 different species of animals that practice homosexual activity!!! It has to fit in somewhere if it’s here just like everything else on this earth. I think we don’t really understand as a people what makes a person gay or wanna impersonate the opposite sex so we refuse to even ask why are these people this way and we shun them. It’s way deeper than any of us can imagine!!!

  • Lol 😂😂. Nature has been running this machine for millions of yrs long before man step foot on this planet so with that being said don't be surprised when nature starts dropping a different kind of pollen from the Amazon to snip out all these LGBT. LMNOP'S to balance the species

  • 95% of alphabets were molested as children and now they are pushing these abnormalities to our children as if it were normal. Worst part is that they are trying to take the parents right to be parents by pushing laws that allow children to make decisions that the parents do not approve of.

  • Y’all notice how censorship is at an all time high on youtube and social media rn??? I mean d*mn, what CAN you say that isn’t considered offensive anymore???

  • Only problem i have with alphabet groups is forced perspective. It should not be society mandatory for me to see a man in a wig and skirt as an actual woman. That shit will never fly with me.

  • Heterosexual slur: BREEDER. I was called this by a gay chic at my job once. They have slurs for straight people…dont get it twisted. They use BREEDER to reduce us to animals #KLPC

  • U.N.i.T.Y. dhat ah unity ‼️‼️‼️
    Bumbaclaaaaaart throat deh pon fire 🔥 mon ‼️‼️‼️‼️
    Log on and step pon chi chi mon ‼️‼️‼️

  • That nigga crazy!!! It aint NATURAL!!! We wouldn't have a society…..if homosexuality was natural idiot!! THATS why he atheist…..he like that crazy talk

  • A person will always be the gender given by birth. Transgender operations basically are mutilations of the body. People are free to do that. When it comes to public toilets, if it was up to me they have to use the toilet of their birth gender. A man who does not have his penis anymore and has a fake vagina, can still be seated on a mans toilet and does not belong in a womens toilet.

  • Rizza was always on the Corey Holcomb show also. Great show STAR as always. U do not have a face for radio at all, so handsome 😍😍. Imma learn how to do this super chat..I need to comment on some of these topics 😜

  • Dana had a strong point there on this show. Currently a straight person does have more rights than a transgender. However, if a crime is deemed a hate crime the transgender person is more protected.

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