Trailer Park Boys Freedom 35 Beer Launch

[Bubbles] Hey what’s going on everybody, are
you drinking in line? Here I’ll sign your beer. [Fan] Holy fuck! [Bubbles] Ricky and Julian fucked up, they’re
not here, they’re on a fuckin’ airplane I am fuckin’ right on the liquor [Bubbles] How are you?
[Fan] Good, tired, been here since 4:30 this morning. [Bubbles] You guys wanna see a dick move? [Fan] Aw fuck! [Bubbles] Now you don’t know what one’s shaken
up and that’s what they call a dick move! [Bubbles] That’s where the boobs go, is it? [Fan] Worst case Ontario! [Fan] That’s fuckin DECENT! [Bubbles] Pretty good, isn’t it? [Fan] It says “FUCK OFF” [Bubbles] Deedle-deedle-dee [Bubbles] What’s going on? [Fan] My bird’s been going like this ever
since this morning! [Bubbles] You guys are baked, aren’t ya? [Bubbles singing] I’m a little bit country
and a little bit fuckin baked. [Bubbles] Are you one of the gigglers? [Fan] Yes I am! [Bubbles] That’s cuz you’re baked out of your
mind. [Bubbles] You look like a fur trader! Jaques Cartier! This is fantastic. [Fan] I’m from Laske Ontario. [Bubbles] Where? [Fan] Laske Ontario. [Bubbles] Where’s that? [Fan] Somewhere up north. [Bubbles] Say wha? [Fan] Sniff. [Fan] and then say “aw fuck,” ok? [Bubbles] I can’t even fuckin understand what
you’re sayin [Bubbles] Aw fuck! [Bubbles] He smacked me on the arse, this
guy did! [Fan] Kinda cute
(laughter) [Bubbles] Yeah, he’s got a nice set of tits on him. [Fan] Thank you so much! (Rush – “Closer to the Heart”) [Fan] Way to go brother! [Bubbles] Cheers! [Fan] Can you sign it right there? [Bubbles] Okay, I can sign that weird little
fuckin’ guitar! (Fans cheering) [Fan] Draw nice little kitties! [Bubbes] He’s got a full gold goatee there
now. [Bubbles] Hello, how are you doing? [Fan] Thank you so much guys, I love you guys.

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