Travelling with Bruce Live Show! Big News We Are Going On A Group Cruise! Harmony of the Seas!

live we’re going live we’re going live
live we’re live hey everybody how you doing
it’s Bruce here traveling with Bruce frantically getting ready for the live
show at eight how’s everyone doing tonight welcome one welcome all I’m glad
to have you here today lots to talk about big news and I can’t wait to spill
the beans on what is happening fantastic that you’re here welcome one and all to
the channel traveling with Bruce from beautiful Kristin British Columbia it’s
not pretty up today it’s kind of yucky out here today what can I say it is what
it is but you know fall is in the air and winter’s coming and uh anyway there
it is welcome you guys to those of you are here already I’m seeing people
signing in right now fantastic let me double check on my big-ass iPad and see
if I can get people I find the show here and see how I can make this work one
momento 427 here now and climby fantastic welcome everybody to t WB live
Monday October the 7th 2019 I’m so glad you’re all here with me tonight thank
you for being here and joining me today for the big announcement looking forward
to letting you in on what’s going on it’s gonna see that everyone is coming
in properly 37 38 of you a year now linking in bit by bit fantastic what can
I tell ya 34470 subscribers are now part of this family unbelievable they keep
coming from around the world I’m so humbled by all of that thank you all of
you out there who are joining the twb family each and every day if you’ve
never been here before we love talking about cruise ships cruise ship vacations
going on holidays anything else going on in the cruise ship world if you have any
questions about going on a cruise let me know if I can’t answer the question live
one of my viewers might be able to answer it while I’m pondering the answer
or I haven’t even read the question yet and we’ll see if we can get you squared
away if you’re a first-timer you never been here before please say hi to
me tell me where in the world are you where are you watching me from I love to
find out where my viewers are around the world to hop in and say hi to Bruce at t
WB and tell me what’s your high temperature today have you still got
summer where you are because it isn’t summer here anymore we’re in the mid 40s
and it’s yucky sorry to say a couple hours away from here it’s snowing
already yuck and it’s only early October it’s an early start to the winter season
people are signing in already and saying hi I see Frederick kasparek is here just
coming back our Disney Fantasy Cruise it was incredible fantastic Frederick
I’m not surprised to hear this I hear good things what Disney all the time
Vicki Hart I did Disney Cruise 30 years ago says Vicki this is our second cruise
mouse to med right on to the Mediterranean how many days till
Frederick where did you go holidays was your cruise and where did you go uh who
else is here Tina Tina haunt is here hi Tina
hi Bruce she says and all it’s been a while still on the mend after getting
foot run over by in the Costco I had to cancel for cruises oh my gosh Tina that
is not fair you gotta you gotta ring Construction boots when you go to Costco
to make sure you don’t get run over unbelievable that’s crazy
Kelly Houston is here hi Kelly saying oh no Tina uh Vicky is saying for cruises
canceled I can barely go on one she said and the Tina’s saying I’m still off work
unbelievable Joseph people bring I bugs I don’t know what that means
Vicky heart saying stay on the discount stores uh let’s see uh Tina says I have
four booked for next year I might have to cancel those two geez Tina I hope
you’re gonna get better soon and I hope you don’t have to do that little keep
praying for you there let’s see here she said it could have been worse I’m so
happy was just my foot and nothing else pins and rods she’s saying hold the
ankle and they had to fuse my toes unbelievable yeah that just sounds
terrible Tina I’m so glad okay otherwise thank goodness sounds
serious who else is here let’s go here sorry if people are talking to each
other a lot of folks talking about this let me catch up with messages while I
get the chance I see 62 of you here now getting ready to announce the big news
here cannot wait to talk to you guys about what is going on Robert
LeBlanc is in the house hey y’all having trouble connecting tonight can see chat
but that’s it Robert I don’t know maybe you want to refresh I’m not sure what’s
going on and I am here I don’t know if he’s live with me or not who else we got
masters game is good eating Bruce and the twv family Brittney luck with us
here hi Bruce and everybody welcome you guys Wes Morrison is here from New
Braunfels Texas welcome Wes to the show glad you’ve made it Peter mantener is
here maybe Bruce moved further west Avicii to Pacific time
tell him everything hide everybody adventures with Duncan saying hi to
everybody Linda Lou hi gang welcome all hi Linda Lou welcome from Reno a James
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Donnell is in the house from Ireland welcome from Dublin Donnell nice to have
you here buddy Troy H is in the house as well saying hi
Bruce welcome Troy any newbies out there and let me know Mary Evans is here hi
Mary Mary welcome who else oh my god MMJ medic is here
Carla G is here welcome Brenda Franklin is here welcome Brenda Mike Smith is
here welcome buddy you’re up I’m here Mike I am alive and well welcome to the
show uh Karen Sutherland is in the house hi Bruce I’m Karen from Sandusky Ohio
mid 60s here today welcome from beautiful send us key Karen glad to have
you here uh Michael Kahuna’s here hi Bruce or Michele Cahoon sorry hotter
than hell here in central Alabama I wish I could say the same it’s cool as a
cucumber up here in Creston we’re getting into the 30s now in the evenings
and we’re about to hit freezing temperatures next week they tell us
they’re warning us watch out for that Megan frost is here I’m Meghan welcome
to the show Linda Lou in Reno 74 and sunny I can’t stand it Cristobal is here
welcome Cristobal Cardona are you in from San Juan today let me know
Britney luck but let’s all give Bruce a thumbs up yes please do give me thumbs
up so I love those Manuel cake daddy Pruitt hi Bruce we enjoyed a cool day at
the Texas State Fair in Dallas today 40 days until the carnival dream right on
buddy enjoy that that’ll be a great cruise have a great time Carla g56 in
Ohio Allen Carter from Calgary Alberta where you are supposed to get snow then
you’re not getting snow you might get snow there’s warnings about snow Allen
just stay indoors stay warm stay safe buddy nice of you to join me again today
welcome back to the show Kendrick Seeley is here hi Bruce a long time no see
still here in it’s still beautiful your channel is doing great thank you
Kendrick so much for your kind words welcome back
Frederick we’re supposed to go Eastern but they change our Chinnery to Western
Caribbean Jamaica Cozumel Castaway Cay to avoid the storm situations yes sir
they will do that keep you safe and in calm waters Gary Hoffmann hello Bruce
just got back from harmony the seas great trip 70s and rain in st. Augustine
Florida today in a yeren st. Augustine welcome Gary from beautiful st.
Augustine Florida I know people really good people in st.
Augustine Florida there are a lot of super nice people in st. Augustine
Florida personal experience I know for a fact are on sale house Hybris ron how
you doing buddy Kathy Hennessy welcome hi Bruce and TW family Joseph hula is
here say something about the renovation on the Freedom of the Seas say something
with the renovation of the Freedom of the Seas um I did a video last week I
think it was about the Voyager of the Seas of being renovated right now in
Singapore I don’t know if the Freedom of the Seas has been renovated or is going
to be renovated but I have someone coming on the show later on this
telecast that might know something about that might not uh we’ll see anyone know
about the Freedom of the Seas has it been renovated or not let me know Steve
is that bish lers here hi Bruce from villages in Florida welcome Steve to the
show from beautiful Florida sherry awesome sunsets travel sherry welcome to
the show dear and glad to have you here from st. Louis Raven is in the house
hi sorry I haven’t been on for a while been busy working hope you’ve been okay
we had an emergency on the ship I’m working on pirates boarded the ship it
was terrible all held hostage until security well what are you talking about
you gotta be kidding me Raymond what ship is this or is this a hightail what
is that all about I haven’t heard a thing about this who else is here Linda
Lou hi Shari Norman towns and norm is in the house Hybris welcome norm Kathy
Hennessy welcome home sylvan for us I hope your
cruise was wonderful MMJ medic glad you’re ok Raymont denise Lyerly hydrous
this is my second time turned tuning in I’m from North Carolina high today was
79 I love cruising my next one will be on the Mariner of the Seas I’m excited
you should be excited the Mariner is refurbished and you should have a
good time I think you’re gonna go to Cocoa gay if I’m not mistaken let me
know if I’m wrong Seraphina hi I’m excited to be back
Raymond is saying no passengers were on board though thankfully when this
happened to him Donna uh10 cord oh hi they’re from New Jersey
leaving in 11 days on the Norwegian for 14 day cruise out of New York is that
the breakaway the getaway which one you are and let us know the Sun the gym
which crews are you taking Vivian Clark Nicholson is in the house from the UK
hey hey everybody I couldn’t miss this I couldn’t miss this show Bruce has been
talking about this show all week about a big announcement and all he’s doing is
reading messages from everybody what a guy welcome villian I’m glad you’re here
r-randy Harbor Huibers irani let me quickly finish through these and let’s
get on with the announcement thankfully getting cold front coming dropping us
1070 says Michele Cahoon who else is here 44 degrees in Buffalo says
Frederick man was 99 in the Caribbean it’s now 44 in Buffalo welcome back to
Buffalo but the bills are 4 and 1 so it’s not that bad it’s not that bad uh
whoo my crystal ball yes I’m in Puerto Rico it’s 85 degrees fantastic Brittany
is saying freezing temperatures not ready quite 450 yet something considered
to be freezing sir she’s concerned Brandi Harbor from Ann Arbor Michigan
but in North Port Missouri now temps and 50s but it was sunny today sailing on
the Queen Mary – very nice fantastic Denise is here 15 in London in the UK 59
for you Americans out there fantastic then he’s welcome to the show d mails
greetings Bruce from Maryland welcome from Maryland emails – lovely to have
you back UH one month and ten days until the Saturday no sees a Steve Mishler
Cindy white hair hello from Utah welcome Cindy from beautiful Utah who else have
we got here right Harrison Hebert is i ryan i you know and masters game saying
hi to all who i have missed let’s see here that a Donnell is asking
I’m tempted to save on the airfares only bringing a 10 kilo cabin bag with
me can it be done has anyone got here got by for a week with so little stuff
while you’re a guy so that helps because you don’t need 25 outfits a day to you
know to change in don’t L unless you know you like your clothes horse but but
say you know two pair of shoes pair of flip-flops gone cheese a bathing suit
bathroom stuff it’s gonna be close you might have to just experiment at home
with your suitcase and your waist scale and see if you can work it out otherwise
you know we’re about four layers of clothing on the plane with with you know
carry-on bag and then once you get on the plane go into the bathroom take the
three layers back off again and you know try to squeeze it into the bag and I
don’t know I’m just I’m I’m winging it buddy I don’t know how to beat that do
it oh my gosh uh let’s see here mm J medic would you like to see the
outside damage to the ship that was damaged in the Panama Canal I’ll send
them to you it was doc next to us in Cozumel please do that would be great
send it to my facebook group page and also send them to my personal email
should be down below in the description down here Bruce Harmon at I
would love to see that I love to posted on the video coming up as an update that
would be fantastic okay who else is here and then let’s get
on to this news I got big news it’s time to reveal Ivan Issa yes we’ll be going
to beautiful Coco key uh and Randy talking about oh yeah we got that
message already never mind who else all I got here que rug is here hi from Lex
in Kentucky viele five hi Bruce hi you guys marry al Mayer hello from a Detroit
welcome from beautiful Detroit Jim Evans hi there Westerville Ohio home of the
next presidential debate welcome Jim Evans uh and I’ve caught all of you guys
right here then denise is saying that heard the new disney Skyliner at Walt
Walt Disney World crashed the other night people are stuck
with it with no air horn and people became ill from the heat in the gondolas
I heard that there was an issue I hadn’t heard any too details I don’t
know if that’s true or not but I had heard that there were people stuck for a
few hours up there uh MJ’s gonna send me the photos thank you
drum roll for the big nuisance Cristobal Debbie Manuel hi everybody and welcome
Debbie and welcome everyone else all right here it is time to reveal the big
news and then I’m gonna bring a special guest into the show scuse me I’m pleased
to say and I’m pleased to report to all of you out there twb fans and followers
we got us a group Kris we finally have twb group cruz to
announce we will be on the harmony of the Seas on December the 6th in 14
months that’s in 2020 so it gives you plenty of time to join me and Jennifer
Jennifer and I will be on the harmony of the Seas from December the 6th to
December the 13th taking a an Eastern Caribbean cruise we will leave Port
Canaveral on the 6th of December we will be on the 7th we will be in Coke ok for
the day looking forward to that a lot the brand new of each Club will be open
by then for sure there will be a sea day on the 8th of
December on the 9th of December we’ll be in st. Thomas on the 10th in st. Kitts
on the 11th a sea day the 12th is a sea day and on the 13th we returned back to
Port Canaveral and I welcome all of you to consider joining us for this cruise
we put a block of cabins together through amber and travel the good folks
at amber travel have assisted me in many ways we’ve got a block of cabins put
together we have inside rooms we have ocean views and we have several balcony
class rooms available for the screws and we have also with amber ins help we have
set up a link to the cruise if you’d like to get information about the the
group cruise go here to this link right here you can go to join Bruce and Jen on
the tlb family group cruise the address is right there and what you’ll find is
all the detail about the cruise a video that I’ve made above the
and there is also a link there that you can link to make a reservation if you’d
like to join us evarin travel will respond to all people
who are hitting that link filling out the information form you’ll get a call
you’ll talk to them in person they will take care of your reservation for you
they will help guide you with your cabin your cabin location the deck plans any
questions you have deposits and and when payments are due and and all that the
good news is that the payments the deposits right now are fully refundable
if you make a deposit now we have got all kinds of plans in the cooking right
now that we’re cooking up where we’re looking to put together some short
excursions and some on ship activities well we have 14 months to put it all
together and we’re excited so we’ve got the ship it’s the harming the Seas we
got the date it’s December the sixth 2020 we know it’s a one-week gross it’s
out of Port Canaveral Bruce and Jen will be on board if you want to see what Jen
looks like in person this is your chance to check her out and you tell me if she
looks like Jennifer Aniston I think she looks exactly like Jennifer Aniston well
that’s just me talking um that is the big news of the day and I want to bring
in a special guest to this broadcast I have Caitlyn here from Amber and travel
she’s joining us live this would be the first time you get to meet her in person
and I’m thrilled that she is able to join us let me pop up the screen right
here and link her into the show and everyone say hello to Caitlyn there she is
how you doing Caitlyn I’m well thank you good you can hear me okay you’ve been
hearing me talk already obviously everybody fantastic we have 85 88 people
here right now and the numbers will go up now because the screen looks so much
better with instead of just me on it the ratings are I’m sure to go sky high
I see Jeffrey we’re saying hi to me at Cathy Hennessy is saying hooray now I
need a roommate speaking of a roommate folks if you’re
looking to come onto this cruise and you’re a solo traveler fill in the form
on that site that I gave you that link I gave you and let the the gals at ambra
know that you’re a solo traveler and you’re looking for a travel companion we
will attempt to link you up with others because we will have a number of people
as solos coming I’m sure and we’ll do our best to see if we can pair you up so
that way you can enjoy the double occupancy rate instead of paying a
premium price as a solo traveler let’s see who else have we got coming through
here oh nice is giving me diction lessons
which of course I need all the time Kozue Mel Coco key never ever okay there
you go I never get it right I call one Coco key
cake cook okay princess key princes K ago I never get it right I always get it
wrong but they do know what I’m trying to say but it’s not easy
um Caitlyn is there anything I have not said that I should have said about this
group cruise already know but to be fair we’re a Caribbean cause of cook okay
there you go they do call it cook okay there yeah there ya have it correct it
should be key it should not be changed see see see I can’t win III do it one
way and well you know some folks have their ways you know it’s got to be this
way or nothing what can I say uh let’s see here
Brittany is saying I’m gonna have to figure out on my way to get on that
cruise anyone wants to be generous book me there you go and then Cindy is saying
I wish I could go I’m booked on the Oasis in August uh Kathy is saying the
Christmas cruise Gary Hoffman we already booked that cruise on army the Seas for
November 6th 2020 right on not surprising it’s a very popular ship
Jeffrey we’re saying hi masters game hi Caitlyn and what else we got here any
more messages I’m trying to keep up with everybody everyone’s saying hi and
everybody and saying hi to Caitlyn of course
um and here we go a ROPS Levin is saying uh sorry I’m late
talked to my dad and stepmom they may be interested and the family trip will be
in February 2021 so they might be coming on this cruise and then doing a family
trip later fantastic Linda Lewis saying hi Caitlyn Mary Evans bummer
I am booked on the NCL October 25 2020 square me too I hope you do this again
Susan car stop stop matter hi from Erie Pennsylvania welcome dear and Linda Lou
Wow what a beautiful lady how nice is that
that’s awful nice of you Linda Lou I was saying that I was mentioning to the
folks on the first show on the on the sponsor membership show we were talking
about Coco key and one of the things that came up is the fact that Coco K has available on the beach and by the pool
cabanas and Kaitlyn has personal experience with respect to the Cabana on
coke okay would you mind letting the folks know what the Cabana was like it
took okay sure I have a very unprofessional video on my Facebook page
if you want to see I am NOT a videographer at all I don’t like being
on camera not me at all but to the cabanas and we had a Cabana at the water
park they include a cabana guy or gal that takes care of all of your needs if
you need a drink or food or anything they actually bring everything to you
which is great so they give you a little menu to order off of and and they go and
get you stuff it has a safe so you can actually lock up any of your personal
belongings or valuables leave everything there you get couches and lounge chairs
and a cooler for drinks to keep them cold and my favorite part which is very
silly they have an outlet oh it sounds like a silly thing but
I think it’s pretty awesome that each Cabana has mallet and they have Wi-Fi
don’t they yeah if you use the Royal Caribbean boom if you sign up for that
it actually works on the private island as well right on so you can you can talk
talk to your friends on Facebook or Sam you know send pictures of you yeah very
fast and you’re landing in Kok okay you can tell them live how great it is send
them photos and selfies and drive them nuts back on now the drink package does
that also apply on coke okay on the island yes another question I have is if
you don’t have a drink package and you want to order an alcoholic beverage or a
beverage you have to pay for what do you need to bring with you to be able to
charge it to your room what are you bringing with you well you always have
to bring your CPAP cards so that’s the card that gets you into your room and
that’s the card you charge for on board but you also charge the things on the
island as well okay right on so that’s that’s how that works so you know folks
if you don’t have a drink baggage but you want to buy a you know soda or
something that you have to pay for extra just charge it to your account and enjoy
there’s a lot of food on board the I love like on the island itself that’s
included in your in your fare right you can go to a number of eateries yeah so
lunch is included they have snacks and all sorts of stuff throughout the day
that you can grab there are some specialty things that you can buy on the
island like they have specialty wings and a couple of other things like that
of course they have those options all the time but there’s plenty to choose
from that’s already included right okay very good very good
I’m just checking my messages again double checking and make sure I’m up to
speed here let’s see here Kim Clark I from Indianapolis welcome Brittney that
cruise will be an amazing birthday present week-long birthday party Linda
Lou does the ship have solo cabins Linda moon wants to know it does they’re not
group rates so solo cabins cannot be held at a group level so they would have
to be the prevailing rate which may be non-refundable deposit rate depending on
the rate that you pick they’re a very limited number of solo cabins available
so just be aware of that if you are interested in the solo cabin let us know
right away and we’ll get you pricing sometimes the group rate is really not a
huge difference for my solo cabin so we can price the differences and let you
know and you can choose right on and the Linda lue can contact you through that
form as well in the box for other information just type in there I’m
interested would be interested in a solo cabin and then you guys can get back to
her and take care of her and give her quotations and whatever she needs to
know yes right okay good Debbie Manuel Linda Lou saying no they
do not but they’re taking lists of solo travelers and going to connect them with
others denise is a true those cabanas are roughly fourteen hundred dollars no
it’s not true there’s truth but not truth there is a $1,400 Cabana available
are there I believe 20 floating cabanas available for that kind of price can
handle up to eight people so any of you guys want to get together and split the
cost you’ll get it for about a hundred and twenty something a person but the
smaller cabanas beside the pools and at the beach are not that expensive yeah
they’re expensive though so you know you may you may want to look at the pricing
on that you can certainly even I certainly contact Caitlin for that as
you can go through that with you why don’t know to mention is that they will
actually change in price so you’ll notice when you go on to their cruise
planner that it’ll be a price when you log in at first if you’re thinking about
anything on the cruise planner I always suggest go ahead and book it right away
if you can do it because you do have to pay for it upfront then watch the prices
the prices always change unfortunately they have
sails all the time and they change based on demand so if they’re seeing
something’s not sold then they’re going to start dropping the price so you can
return what you’ve already purchased on cruise planner and then purchase it
again at the better rate that’s something to definitely keep an eye on
we watched Kari and I carry also works for amber travel we are on the Harmony
actually for Thanksgiving this coming to Thanksgiving and we both booked beach
cabanas and we watched the price soar from five something all the way up to
$1,200 really Wow unbelievable yeah it’s a lot of supply and demand so there’s a
lot of places on the island where you can hang out you’ll be in the shade
you’ll be able to get umbrellas with the loungers that those are no charge so you
know don’t worry that because you can’t get a Cabana you’re going to be exposed
to the sunshine all day long there’s a lot of places to hang on the island
where you can be protected from direct sunlight as well and there’s no extra
charge for that at all um Kaitlyn I guess what I’m gonna ask you to do it
you don’t mind it but run through how this works for people who are interested
in going on this cruise they go to the site that we’re putting up here on the
screen they click on that they click on the form what do they see what is the
logistic how does that work yeah so scroll all the way to the bottom all
read the details first then we explain the different categories that we have
available within the group they are not every category that’s on the ship
because we can only hurt hold certain categories for groups so if you’re
looking for sweet a solo Cabot and certain other cabins that don’t have a
lot within that category we can’t hold those so just kind of keep that in the
back of your head we can get them for you they just won’t be at the group rate
so you’re gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom fill out that form with a
link that then it comes into an inbox that
it’s monitored by myself and Kari and Laura and one of the three of us within
24 hours will get back to you with any questions we have so if we can’t make
the reservation because you have some questions then we’ll get back with you
whether it’s a phone or email however you prefer and then the next step is
once we can make that cabin reservation we’ll make the cabin reservation for you
we’ll send you the confirmation for from Royal Caribbean it’s actually from our
overview not from us we’ll send that to you you’ll be able to review it make
sure it’s accurate you’ll have a link in there to pay your deposit and then at
that time will apply the deposit we’ll send you another confirmation showing
that your deposit has been paid and then you’re set to go you can make payments
at any time so after you’ve made your deposit payment of $500 per cabin you
can make payments at any time using that same link that we used for the deposit
at any time we just ask that you limit it to once a week and try not to send us
five dollars all the time we actually have to manually process each one of
those that come in so we don’t pack between payments but just try to do it
you know once we not every day except may accept I was going to ask also
timing any deposits that are made now are fully refundable and how long do
those every one have to get final payment in and or how long will they
have for a full refund what is the cutoff date for altar so we have we are
lucky because you’re in your group you get a none you get a refundable deposit
rate versus if you’re going to the consumer site and pricing things out
they automatically defaulted to their non-refundable deposit rate you can
actually get a refundable deposit rate through the consumer site it’s just a
lot more than so we have a reduced rate that’s even
lower than their non-refundable rate but our rate is refundable its refundable up
until your final payment which is going to be due to us no later than August
31st of 2020 right on right up in your deposit time and August 31st to make any
payment okay very good and the one other thing too to mention
to all of you out there amber and travel and twb we have we’ve teamed up and
linked up to offer a raffle and here’s the announcement for any of you out
there who are going to go on this cruise and if you can commit to going on this
cruise and filling out the form and getting your cabin reserved and making
your deposit all those folks who have done that by next week Monday are
automatically entered into a raffle and the raffle that we’re going to or the
price we’re going to offer for the raffle is everyone the winner of the
raffle will get a what bottle of wine in the cabin and will get a $25 additional
cabin credit on top of the $50 cabin credit and everyone’s getting it as it
is and twb is going to throw in two twb t-shirts your choice of logo from the
red bubble site will make the drawing next Monday on next Monday show to the
winner of the raffle and you’ll just let me know which of the which shirt you
want and what sizes you want and we’ll have them arranged to by red bubble to
get to you and amber and travel is taking care of the bottle of wine and
the $25 cab and credit so thank you amber and for that
so there’s your incentive to book right away to get into that deal thank you any
of you have any questions about this cruise or about booking or anything
about how this works let me know if you have any questions for for Kaitlyn about
anything about the how a travel agents handle cruises let us know this is your
chance to get info from the source while we have her for a
few more minutes but not many more we’re running out of time someone has to put
some kids to bed tonight apparently and has to go soon hey Caitlin for being
here let me just see any other messages I
have missed here there’s the question I saw about the sweets from Ron Ron says
are there any sweets available at the group rate and I did mention that before
and fortunately none of the cruise lines allow us to hold sweets at the group
rates right right but if you want if you have an enquiring about a sweet get a
hold of amber and travel for sure and they will go over with you the pricing
that they can get you for those sweets as opposed to what you’re going to see
on the website so a good idea to to contact amber and about that we have
that 904 number that’s also available or you can just fill out the form Ron just
fill out the form that you have that link we have down there and put in the
box I’d like to talk to someone about a suite and then they’ll contact you about
that for sure okay let’s see the Tyler show what Bruce is when is your next
cruise well this one is my first group cruise coming up but I’ve got another
cruise that I’m cooking up and I’ll get into that at another time but it’s not a
group cruise let’s see here excuse me are there soul cabins that
have a balcony is a question are there solo belt balcony cabins available so
Carrie actually it’s on as well and she’s feeding me information because
she’s uh I can’t pull up information while I’m on here but she’s a nine ocean
view Studios left and one interior so there’s no studio balcony to go okay
there’s no studio balconies all right there’s a there’s a good answer thank
you Carrie for the caper for helping us let’s see here what are the price ranges
for this cruise that will be that is in our lake isn’t it that information
right there on the website yeah or the website you can see it all from the
inside room the ocean views the various balconies there are at least four or
five balcony cabin classifications we have they’re all different prices so you
can get a balcony from quite a different range of pricing the pricing you’ll see
on the link the website includes the port charges and fees but does not
include the tipping I think is the gratuities are extra aren’t they they
are I have the option there if you’d like to admin at the time of booking you
can do that even adding on the gratuities is still going to end up
being less than the published rate which is pretty incredible there you go
fantastic that’s one of the reasons we picked this cruise folks we wanted the
cruise I wanted to book a cruise that was a you know affordable but gave us a
really good value for the money I wanted to be on a relatively new ship I wanted
to go one to definitely if it’s gonna be a real Caribbean I want to go to a Koko
K and this this ship just fit the bill this cruise just locked it all in and
then Kaitlyn was able to let me in on the pricing and we we identified this
specific week’s crew the specific cruise December 6 to 13 it fit right in and is
cheaper on a group rate so this is fantastic you all have 14 months to
salivate over their screws and to take back all those empties you’ve been
saving up for your next growth this is the excuse to do it get those empties
back don’t give them the Boy Scouts save it for cruise I’m your pal I’m
trying to help any way to save the money um who else is here this is such
exciting news as Linda Lou Debbie Manuel I’m excited she’s already booked in
Crystal Walker home assist thanks Kari cruises December 6 20 20 carry and Linda
Lou how much is a balcony go to the website find it right there with a
bottle of wine in the cabin what if you cannot drink is there something else Kat
Rose wants to know waning you don’t drink alcohol you you let us know I’m
all woman oh yeah we’ll figure something out gap
not to worry at all as Susan our hi all I’m arriving late
welcome Susan RS Cristobal full capacity of this ship what is the full capacity
of this ship is it fifty five hundred six thousand it’s over six thousand yeah
I mean carry pull it up real quick what’s the capacity carry carry to work Kat Rosa damn I wish I could afford this
it’s a December 6 is my birthday Kat Kat you’ve got 14 months to tell every
relative you know what you want for your birthday and they’ve got 14 months to
save it up for you and there you go friends and and everybody else have been
possible virginia 75° says Susan our welcome Susan are we’re talking about a
group cruise for the Twp family we’re going on a group Cruise December 2020 in
14 months from now and the link is on the screen right now you can just go to
that link and check out all the details would love to have you come by we are
going to have some fun for sure Brittany is this camp I’m in the same
boat Carey stated occupancy 5,200 with double occupancy triple and quads can
increase that so it can go over 6,000 for sure if there’s a lot of triple and
quadruple this time of year though 6th of December I don’t anticipate us being
drowning in children if school is on school will be off about a week and a
half ten well ten twelve days after school starts to get let out that’s when
the kids are on cruise ships this is that one week after Thanksgiving and
before Christmas time where we slot in there and I suspect a lot of us it’ll be
adults not too many younger kids so I think
we’re going to be fine let’s see any last comments here Billy
fair and very truck driver here I just got stopped and tuned in group cruise
where is it going and bears it coming out of and sarafina how does a group
cruise work okay Caitlin how does a group cruise work you want to answer
that generic question well it’s funny I actually have not under the group page
here but I my website so it really doesn’t mean
much to the person booking it if you want to do the activities that the group
is doing you can do them choose to just join and waves Bruce when you see him
you can do that too and just take advantage of the group rates that’s
completely up to you so what we will do is we will have a Facebook group for
everybody that’s booked into Bruce’s group we’ll post all sorts of things
leading up to the to the cruise information about the ship answer
questions we’re going to have some Bruce is cooking up some exciting activities
on board and then we’re also going to have some group excursions well I’m
gonna be posting those there so again you can join the group you can
participate as much or as little as you want to booking the group rate can be
done by anybody I can actually have somebody that doesn’t even know Bruce
choose to book the group rate although it’s doubtful anybody would would
necessarily do that but they can and then they don’t have to join any of the
group things we do have a dinner time we’re going to let people know when
they’re booking 5:00 p.m. is the dinner time that the group is picking however
you will have the choice to switch to 8:00 p.m. or my time dining my time
dining allows you to pick your dining time go whenever you want between
certain hours however on these ships I always
recommend having a reservation anyway you can also specialty dining and things
like that so it’s really a group cruise is just as much or as little as you want
to participate nobody else will know that you’re on the group unless you tell
them wait that’s right that’s right and the the thinking that we have Jen and I
we do want to do a get-together on board the ship we’ll probably arrange will
have several get-togethers offered to all of you on the sea days
we’re cooking up a few activities for C days for twv members and on cocoa K we
may we may be in an area we may not you know if you guys want to some of you
guys want to be on the water slides and the zip lines you’re on your own cocoa a
is there for you to enjoy on the other hand if you’re like me you’re gonna want
to just veg out somewhere that is available as well st. kitts and and and
the st. Thomas will will we’ll see what we can put together there with some kind
of a short excursion for twb group members again it’s up to you to join us
or not and like I say the cruise will be available to all of you in whatever
capacity you really want to be involved with it if you want to be actively
involved with a group great if you just want to say hi to us what on the first
day and then say goodbye to us on the last thing that’s cool too
but I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun onboard the ship it’s a big big ship
I think a number of us will be wearing twe shirts on board the ship to identify
each other but others may not want to do that it’s all good with me there’s no
obligation to be involved you can take advantage of the group rate and and hang
out on your own if you like but I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun and this
next of several months 14 months in particular on the Facebook group page
for this actual trip this actual group there’ll be those of us who are booked
on that cruise we’ll be talking to each other and all the updates will be
announced on the group site and of course I will do updates obviously on
the TW be traveling with Bruce Facebook group page which I invite any and all of
you to join any time you want just ask to join I’m the administrator of the
site a legian and they’ll be updates posted there as well and of course every
Monday night at 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock I’m live and I will be updating you
folks on how things are going with regards to how many cabins are still
available what what cabins might still be available what’s sold out right now
and keep you all posted on that so quite exciting Caitlyn is there
anything else we have not talked about that we should talk about before you go
I’m not sure I don’t think so I think we cover just about anything everything but
just if you have any questions email us all three of us will be processing all
of the requests starting tomorrow morning so if you submitted something
tonight we’re all going to bed we will start processing them tomorrow in the
order that they were received so I know we’ve already gotten a number of them in
so yeah it’s exciting Carl Petersson can a brand travel arrange airfare as well
oh that’s a good question um yes and no so we can we can do it through the
cruise line though we do not booked domestic air stand alone so unless it’s
through the cruise line we will not do that however I will say that we often
will find the best schedules the best options for you and just send them to
you and say hey here’s what I found that would probably work best for this will
tell you what time is the earliest you can depart on on the day that you get
back into port and will tell you what’s what what flights to booked all right
and what about hotels we can put that together a package for you we actually
work with a company that does a whole package they’ll include the transfer
from Orlando Airport to the hotel then hotel to the port then back when you get
off the ship its from the ship back to the airport again so yeah don’t put
together that whole little package for you and it’s actually pretty affordable
to write on and you can also help people if they want to combine a longer
vacation if they want to go to Disney World or Universal before the cruise or
after the cruise you can arrange all of that where they have you can I
specialize in Orlando holidays so anybody out there if you want to go to a
Disney World for three nights or three days and a couple
days and universal after the cruise is over
yeah these folks that Amber and can help you put together any kind of a
get-together a family get-together you name it including the group cruise you
betcha and it doesn’t have to be family to go
to Disney ever I don’t love Disney – yeah we have as Bruce knows we have
Laura who’s with my team and she actually lives in Orlando and can see
the fireworks from her house every night in Magic Kingdom she goes to the parks
multiple times a week so she is up to date on exactly what’s going on at
Disney Carrie and I have been to Universal numerous times I live in
Florida so we know how to put together all of those packages and it doesn’t
cost you anything extra to go through us to do that so if you were to hook it on
your own versus booking it through us you get tons and tons of extra tips we
make your Fastpass reservations your dining reservations we put together an
entire itinerary of ride to ride to ride for Disney to make sure you’re not
hitting the crowds and doing the right order so you’re not running from one end
of the park to the other end of the park so we do all of that for you as well so
yeah we can put together at all and then we’ll make it seamless so that we have
you know you fly into the airport you get to the parks then we get you a
transfer to the ship where we do the whole thing right on being beautiful and
I’ll mention one last thing before amber and before Kaitlin has to go I’ve held
her a lot long enough last thing I’ll mention to any and all of you out there
if you’re planning a vacation anywhere whether it’s through a group cruise
through this channel or you just want to go on a holiday especially if you’re
thinking of a holiday to Orlando but also you’re thinking about a holiday to
Europe give the folks at ambra knock contact call use the 900 number that we
put together you can get all this information from the Facebook group page
I have you can see it down below in the description of this video you’ll see the
contact information exclusively for TWD members to call
Cambron they will help you with entire packages including European vacations as
well and anywhere else in the world you want to go so if you’re thinking of any
kind of a trip whether it’s a trip for them coming up next summer or it’s a
family get-together or it’s a a wedding you’re thinking of planning if you think
it’s putting together a destination wedding
Ameren travel is who you want to contact and talk to them about that it may or
may not include a cruise it doesn’t matter so for all of your travel needs I
just want to put that out there to you folks these people can take good care of
you and you’re not dealing with robots you’re dealing with human beings and
there’s one right there so there you go um Kaitlyn thank you so much for
spending as much time as you have with us tonight I think went very well
I think everyone got a lot of information out of this if any of you
folks have any other questions for Kaitlyn or me or any thing about this
cruise just join the Facebook group page and post it there the folks at am Lauren
travel are keeping an eye on the group of Facebook page we have and can also
get back to you with any questions you have there as well I will be posting the
group cruise on the Facebook group page later tonight and anyone has questions
about that group cruise just post them there and we’ll get back to you with the
answer you need Thank You Kaitlyn so much for being here thank you all right
have a pleasant evening get a good rest and hopefully you’ll be busy all day
tomorrow I’ll keep you posted yep I’m looking forward to it all right
have a good one Kaitlyn thank you good night goodbye alright guys there you go
I tell you I cannot thank her enough I’ve had quite a number of chats with
her in the last week or two now about the relationship that we were going to
have with this channel and and with her agency and I I can’t be more pleased
with the service and like I said if you get a chance to go to this link that you
see right here you’ll see all the information about the the group crew
and you can get all the information you need from from them regarding cabins
that we have or cabins we don’t have if you are looking at something special for
yourself no problem at all and like I said if it’s Epcot or if it’s a you know
Universal or just a hotel reservation before or after the cruise as well they
can help you with all of that stuff and again this is what I don’t do I’m not a
travel agent I love talking about cruise ships and cruise ship holidays and
cruise ship news as you know and I leave all of this work to the professionals
and amber and travel looks like they’re gonna be able to take care of you so
thank you all of you who have already started to contact them like I said if
you’re if you’re sending in a request for information
it’s a first-come first-served deal they will respond tomorrow to all of the
requests coming in in the order that they’ve received them and they’ll take
good care of you like I said any information you need about what kind of
cabin is available what kind of balcony should you take an inside balcony
looking over Central Park or should you take a balcony looking over the ocean
what about the front of the ship the middle of the ship the back of the ship
they can handle it all and they’ve been on the ship themselves they know it and
so you’re gonna get advice from someone who’s been there and I couldn’t I
couldn’t I couldn’t ask for more so fantastic all of you thank you for being
here tonight um I want to get ready for some trivia pretty soon if any of you
have any questions about the grills or anything you want me to answer about let
me know I’d be happy to try to answer any questions uh and what else we got
here Nina Frank is saying Bruce finally has a group cruise happening it only
took you three and a half years to put the put it together well it’s not three
and a half years the channel has been on the air for twenty six months now and it
I started considering putting a group cruise together about oh but a but a
year into it I guess so a year in the bit but yeah it’s been a while
I’ve been picky um I was not ready for a group crew
a year ago two years ago certainly not anywhere near ready but with 34 thousand
followers plus and worldwide audience you know we’re now ready we’re now ready
to start this we are talking 14 months out you have a you have plenty of time
if you’re interested in doing this cruise to scrape up your deposit which
is $250 a person $500 for a cabin and you’ve got 14 months to to put it all
together next year August is when that last payment is due so I wanted to give
you lots of time I wanted to get the best deal and the right circumstance and
right at January I think we’ve done that we’ve got the right ship I think I think
this is worth the worth a shot and I think Coco Kane will be a lot of fun I
think I’m hearing very good reports about coke okay now that they’ve made
these changes 250 million dollars of changes unbelievable I’m quite looking
forward to so hopefully you’ll join us and we’ll have some fun with that that
would be terrific uh anything else going on here
I hope the cruise will be success is master’s game just tuned in where are
the details on this group cruise jane-anne travels it’s on the screen
right there jnn you can see it on the screen right now there’s a web address
there to amber and travel comm slash traveling with Bruce just click on copy
that and head over there and all the info is there I’ve uploaded a video
about the cruise as well a lot of footage of the ship fantastic Deniz that
then is some interior rooms have a window that faced the inside wall so you
won’t feel like you’re on the ship on the sea but a shopping mall sounds
wonderful like I say they’ve got a lot of
different cabins and and there’s all kinds of choices but limited number of
cabins available even 14 months out there we were able to get a block of
rooms but not as many as I thought we would get and it’ll be easy to see how
many reservations come through in the next week or so
and we’ll kind of go from there I’ll try to keep you guys posted on how many
rooms are available as we go forward here but hopefully they’ll be sold out
fairly quickly and and then we move on I am very much looking forward to this
first cruise hopefully first of many and I think a lot of fun alright there it is
are you ready for some trivia uh how about that we’ve got 79 folks still here
thank you for being with me guys and staying here with me I would love to
love to welcome you all to the show the channel and let’s put some trivia up and
see what’s going on let’s go from there all right so let me fire up my big-ass
iPad here and get the trivia questions set up for tonight’s show and let’s see
what we can do with these ah here we go the first one here if you’re in the USA
you’re gonna get a kick out of this I hope you get a kick out of this here’s
your first question of the night can you tell me what the slogans are for for all
of the the US states for the license plates on your car your license plate on
the car has a slogan for your states can you tell me what your slogans are for
your states in the USA there’s 50 of them and let’s see what we can do let me
just go back here there we are right there I’m gonna be working off my iphone
here making sure it’s good yes it’s good thank you
so we’ll fire away if you know any of the sunshine so here we go Bob fan
Sunshine State is Florida bruised yes sir I think you are correct and just
keep them coming guys and we’ll we’ll go through them all here we go fantastic yeah Sunshine State Florida
there it goes who else we got here In God We Trust
says Kelly Houston In God We Trust is a slogan let’s see I think that’s on the
money I don’t know if that’s an estate license plate the Empire State Master’s
game is saying yeah that’s New York the Empire State very good that’s why they
call it the Empire State Building how about that you learn something new every
day don’t you a battle born for Nevada the Nevada battle born
let’s see what I see on this quiz and the answers here Nevada let’s see here
Nevada Nevada Nevada no Nevada is not the battleborn no North Carolina first
in flight North Carolina yep first in flight North Carolina the the Wright
brothers right Empire State for New York Bob and Mike
Bush Kentucky bluegrass Kentucky bluegrass
let’s find Kentucky it’s Bluegrass State I’ll take it that’s good enough Kentucky
state Bluegrass State de first state first state for Delaware Delaware on the
license plate the first state is correct yes sir thank you well done
the sportsman’s paradise Brittany Lockwood there’s one called the
sportsman’s paradise let’s find it sportsman’s paradise Louisiana and
Louisiana Purchase also very good very good
Brittany Michael Cannon Sunshine State Florida we have it Mike Bush Georgia
Peach Georgia Peach that would probably be the Peach State yup Peach State
Georgia right on we got it first in flight Denise thank you sir Seraphina
live free or die for new hampshire uh live free or die is correct for new
hampshire well done the Golden State Britney Lockwood California the Golden
State California here I come let’s see the back where I started from
California why can’t I find California it should be easy to find Aaron as the
Golden State thank you correct of course Garden State for New Jersey is
Garden State for New Jersey Thank You Brittany Garden State says Linda Lou as
well Evergreen State BC is saying there’s a state that uses the expression
ever green state and we are looking at Washington the state of Washington
Evergreen State thank you Sunshine State Billy fairness Lorna Bob
Mann crossroads Indiana Indiana crossroads looking for Indiana on this
quiz the crossroads of America amber waves of grain is the slogan on the
license plates for Indiana how about that ah let’s see here Keystone State
the Keystone State Diana Bush let me take a look for the Keystone State yes
Pennsylvania you’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania and Keystone State
fantastic Garden State was New Jersey we’ve done what do we got here
New Jersey Garden State fantastic first in flight New Jersey Garden State base
state makes its Massachusetts the Bay State for Massachusetts and we have
known and we have a different expression for the license plate on Massachusetts
not Bay State Vermont live free Vermont nope that’s it there’s another one I’ve
got another one for Vermont live free or die someone says F for Vermont nope not
that one either no um North Carolina says entities
Virginia Virginia is for lovers Virginia is for lovers I don’t have that for a
license plate I don’t have that for a license plate I don’t have it for West
Virginia either Bruce a de is a first state of Ohio Buckeye State Ohio is the
buck I state but not on the license plate there’s a different expression on
the license plate for Ohio let’s see a New York we have Empire State silica
Pennsylvania we’ve got Keystone Colorado mile-high Colorado mile-high state but
not on the license plate there’s a different expression on the license
plate for Colorado Missouri Gateway to the West
Missouri Gateway to the West but that’s not on the license plate there’s another
expression of life but Minnesota land of 10,000 lakes Minnesota
yes 10,000 lakes and explore we’ve got Minnesota the 50th state Brittany is
saying the 50th state ahh let me see here I’m looking for the 50th
state I know what state you’re talking about I’m just looking to see if that’s
the expression air it is ah that’s not what they call it anymore there’s
another word for this Illinois Land of Lincoln Illinois Land of Lincoln correct
Illinois Land of Lincoln is the expression on the license plates of
Illinois Green Mountain State in Vermont Green Mountain State is correct for
Vermont thank you Seraphina Linda Lou silver state for Nevada Nevada is silver
State and Nevada Nevada looking for Nevada and it’s the Silver State there
it is found it thank you very much Linda Lou Aloha State for Hawaii yes that is
correct Aloha State is what they say in the
license plates for a white caddy Hennessy I said Ben to my information
excited to think this can happen wonderful Cappy way to go you’re also in
for that raffle as well crystal ball card on a Tennessee the Volunteer State
Tennessee the Volunteer State yes thank you very much crystal ball well done
Mike Bush South Carolina Palmetto State in South Carolina Palmetto State nope
I’ve got three different expressions none of them
Palmetto they might have changed and honest Mike but not this one okay Peter
Montour we got first in flight Jeff Sumi evergreen state Washington that is
correct Nebraska Cornhuskers is what Bob fantasy
yes ‘no bass has the Cornhusker state and the beef
state the beef state well-done buffin wisconsin cheese the cheese State for
Wisconsin looking for Wisconsin here America’s Dairyland close enough
Wisconsin America’s Dairyland all right masters game the Lone Star State Texas
yes sir the Lone Star State Thank You masters
game cat Rose the Nutmeg State Nutmeg State uh what state are we are we
referring to when we say the Nutmeg State um I don’t see one he’s throwing
nutmeg so I’m not sure if that’s gonna work Oklahoma sooner state Oklahoma
Sooners home of the Sooners Oklahoma not showing that on the license plate on
this quiz Brittany roll tide for Alabama roll tide for Alabama nope that’s not
what I have here not what I have here Texas Lone Star Thank You Barbara we’ve
got up beat her mother Green Mountain State Vermont
Green Mountain State Vermont I have Green Mountain State correct thank you a
chip zoom a last frontier for Alaska the last frontier and North to the future is
what they have on Alaska license plates two of them thank you Jeff must have
changed Massachusetts as cat Rose Mike Bush New Mexico copper state New Mexico
I’ve got a new one there’s another one it’s not this one anymore
West Virginia almost heaven nope that’s not what I have here uh Aloha State
front why Thank You Cristobal Missouri the Show Me State
Missouri the Show Me State yes indeed that is correct the Show Me
State that’s right show me the group cruise Bruce ah Denise Aloha State Kat
Rose a live free or die is known as New Hampshire we got it
Aloha stay for Hawaii Thank You Billy Bob man my ohio plate doesn’t have any
motto laughs I love my Ohio play than anything
on it Rose Utah is the B state but I have
another one there’s another one than this I South Dakota sunflower state
South Dakota sunflower state nope haven’t got that on this quiz hmm used
to be pretty Connecticut mhm Show Me State Michigan land of lakes
Michigan land of lakes looking for Michigan Great Lakes splendor is what it
is I’ll give you that one Great Lakes splendor is Michigan uh WI Wisconsin New
Mexico is land of enchantment New Mexico is land of enchantment
you are correct there it is right there we got it thank you for land of
enchantment that is buff and well then Brittany
Lockwood I don’t know any more state slogans I’ve got one here this state
says 1607 the 2007 400th anniversary what state is that greatest show on
earth what state is that discover Ocean State
what is that the wheat State Midway USA what is that state called Constitution
state what is that state the hospitality State what’s that one colorful
what’s that state um the iodine state smiling faces and beautiful places three
slogans what is that state called let’s see what
we got here what does Delaware Rhode Island have not
a clue cannot be Barbara Arizona Grand Canyon State for Arizona ah yes that is
correct thank you very well done Barbara Bob and Virginia Virginia the
1607 2007 is Virginia from PR Island of Enchantment PR Island of enchantment uh
well that’s Puerto Rico but it’s not a state is it so Puerto Rico probably has
that for its slogan which is great Kansas dweet State a fan is saying
Kansas that is correct the wheat state and
Midway USA is Kansas Maryland the Ocean State Maryland the ocean state nope that
is not correct on this one uh hold on I’ll triple check though I got a checks
on them no it’s not not from Maryland Brittany Lockwood Pennsylvania
Bruce Pennsylvania did not list Vince Cellini yet why why eyes for lovers wise
for lovers and remedy for that here Oceana insignia opinion I’m not doing
that at the moment John boon trivia the Constitution state is Connecticut yes
our Constitution state is Connecticut Kate Rose Thank You Kath Rose West
Virginia wild and wonderful West Virginia it’s actually known as the
Mountain State how about that um looking for some more here how about Peace
Garden State discover the spirit how about the corn State what’s that one how
about the natural state how about birthplace of aviation this is
interesting because first flight we’ve done already but birthplace of aviation
that’s an interesting one let’s the Ohio land of President’s rule
Island Ocean State Rhode Island is discovered and Ocean
State thank you that is correct for Barbara Thank You Barbara for that
one uh Idaho the iodine state Idaho uh the iodine state nope iodine state
smiley faces beautiful places South Carolina believe it or not colorful is
Colorado the hospitality state is Mississippi greatest oh my goodness I
misread this one this one is called greatest snow on earth greatest snow on
earth anyone know that one I have a state here with no logo
whatsoever no slogan Wyoming not a slogan at all how about this state stars
fell on blank the Heart of Dixie what’s the name of that state anybody no
birthplace of aviation Mike Bush thank you
that is Ohio thank you birthplace of aviation Iowa the corn stay thank you
that is correct Thank You crystal ball Ohio birthplace
of a vision Thank You Barbara Pennsylvania for Constitution state no
it’s Connecticut snow is Utah that’s right snow state the greatest
snow on earth Utah Tom Andrew small wonder Peter monitor Alabama stars fell
on Alabama the Heart of Dixie correct Nebraska corn steak Nebraska corn state
and we are sorry did corn stay already that was Iowa believe it or not vacation
land Maine vacation land is Maine that is correct vacation life I’m looking for
famous potatoes winter wonderland what state is that famous potatoes that’s a
dead giveaway Pacific Wonderland which state would that be and drive carefully
what’s the name of that state the natural state anybody know Native
America anybody know great faces great places what state is that treasure state
what is that let’s see if we have some more here Hart
of Dixie Alabama Idaho Virginia’s for lovers I love all the teeth of you
family thank you Tom Henry Bob fan Oregon the Pacific State Pacific
Wonderland is Oregon Thank You Idaho for potatoes yeah Idaho for between a famous
potato specific winter wonderland is Idaho Michael Ken and famous potatoes
Idaho buff and Native America Oklahoma yep Native America that is correct
Brittany Lockwood North Dakota for a piece Garden State discover the spirit
that is right Idaho potatoes hello Tom Henry says
Cathy Cristobal Nevada treasure state Nevada treasure State we’ve already done
the betta it’s not here anymore anymore I’m looking for the natural
state it’s great faces great places the treasure
state the spirit of America and drive carefully anybody know those states for
license plates logos and we’re done I’ll give you a couple more seconds here
sportsman’s paradise Louisiana is the guest we’ve done Louisiana I think
already and thank you for that everybody just frightened of trying to find
Louisiana can’t see it I’ve already scraped it off can’t find it
we’re here yeah that was a mistake meant to say Iowa Nina Frank Las Vegas all
right the natural State Arkansas the natural state is Arkansas great faces
great places South Dakota treasure state Montana the spirit of America
Massachusetts and drive carefully Maryland is the state for drive
carefully we are done on the license plate slogans in the United States of
America some great slogans there thank you everybody for that alright let’s do
another one let’s move on to another quiz here see what we can come up with
you’re here we go all righty here we go we’ve got one right here let me set up
this this marker right now uh can you tell me uh the Starbucks flavors of the
frappuccinos the Frappuccino flavors at Starbucks anybody know what they are all
the flavors of frappuccinos there are 14 Frappuccino flavors at Starbucks do you
know any of them folks fire away and let’s see what happens
thank you for being here today thank you for all of your support of TWU be
somebody ordered up a couple of t-shirts today on not on on the red bubble store
thank you forever whatever that was and today was 20% off the entire site on red
bubble on blue on red bow if anybody goes to the other it was a blue bubble
site you know my site at a store you buy anything on there it’s 20% off anything
you want just for today only if anybody wants to do something last minute
Cristobal is saying Bruce vanilla vanilla available there’s cafe vanilla
and there’s vanilla bean so I’m gonna give you two two for the price of one on
the Frappuccino flavors Nina Frank is saying mocha there’s a
mocha flavor you betcha for a fret Frappuccino you are correct
salted caramel is the guests salted caramel I only have caramel only but I’m
sure it’s salted and sure it’s fine um that was a good question Bruce a soda no
Britney a chocolate chocolate for a Frappuccino
there’s several and I need you to be more specific than just chocolate um
what do we got here now I don’t do Starbucks this muffin Britney
mocha chip mocha chip don’t have a mocha chip double chocolate chip double yes
double chocolate chip is definitely available Troy H thank you you got that
one chocolate mocha is being guest and I got white chocolate mocha I’ll take that
thank you for crystal ball um and then Bob sorry who’s here who’s here who’s
here John Welker caramel Frappuccino Troy hm we got
caramel we’re good there vanilla bean we got Billy I’m think it’s North Dakota
with the president’s face is correct Mike Bush mocha Iowa weed state only
ordered a short bold I’m clueless Barbara tea green tea green tea mocha
mocha a Frappuccino green tea uh no I don’t think so no yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah it is it’s called Taz Taz Oh green tea hmm Taz all green tea oh my caramel
rippin crunch care about everything like that I can’t afford store because I want
to go to cruise though well that Master’s game well then don’t
go to Starbucks twice a week and save up for a cruise there you go oh my god
Barbara Sabol pumpkin spice pumpkin spice I don’t see one that might be
seasonally available I guess you should try and do a link deal with which state
wish site Bruce there you go a Barbara say
jabba chip Jeff yeah there’s a Java chip a Frappuccino flavor yeah there’s mocha
and in Bruce you are making me way more thirsty than I am
strawberries and cream for a Frappuccino yes there’s a strawberries and cream
Frappuccino flavor at Starbucks incredible Barbara well done I’m still
looking for one two three four five more one of them is a chocolate version that
I’m somewhat I’m gonna have someone guess if someone can guess it
Denise Billy South Dakota has the Mount Rushmore presidential carvings there you
go I’m still looking for a few more frappuccinos any more guesses for
frappuccino um let’s see here there’s a couple that have the word cream in it I
don’t know if that helps interview out there yep if you go go to much the
cervix you will never go to a Cruz’s Cristobal but if you have a lot of money
you can go on a cruise and go to Starbucks on the grill because you can
do that on Royal Caribbean you can do it you can do as Starbucks on the Royal
Caribbean cruise ship so those folks have too much money you can do that
Billy well if I was half right at least I was into the codis right on Nina
almond is there almond flavor Bruce no no almond chocolate mint anyone anyone
for chocolate mint I don’t see one available though Nell he should also do
an affiliate link with Target and Walmart not just Amazon I might just do
that Denise I might just do that uh give me time uh let’s see here
banana cream Frappuccino banana cream Frappuccino um no I don’t have any
banana cream and caramel ribbon crunch I don’t show it in CL has Starbucks there
we go and gonna have to give these up I think you guys are in CL two on the
Bliss encore joy Tom Henry says they got Starbucks alright I got cinnamon Dolce I
have coffee flavored starbucks Frappuccino I I’m lost on this one
espresso Frappuccino who knew Tazo chai cream and white chocolate cream
unbelievable all these variant flavors of frappuccinos available at Starbucks
unbelievable all right one more trivia one more
and then we’re gonna call it a night I’m gonna try strawberries and cream
tomorrow Barbara that sounds delicious sound those are done it uh fantastic
alright one more and then we’ll pack it in thank you for joining me tonight by
the way before I say my good nights uh and thank you for sticking up for the
big announcement and patiently waiting for me to do it I’m really excited about
the group cruise I hope a bunch of you can join Jennifer and I for this save
your pennies take back your empties do whatever it
takes love to have you come by and and be with us for the week I I’m really
excited about this harmony the seas should be pretty good go to that link
that I’ve put up that you’ll also find links down below to to the to the to the
Ameren site and you can get all the information there as well I will
certainly load this up on the Facebook group page if those of you want to join
me on Facebook you can ask to join the group page on Facebook I’ll let you in
alright one last quiz for the night all right here we go this one is its music
so good luck with this one but if you know even a little you should know a
bunch of these answers there are nine answers to this question only nine name
the artists that have had at least ten or more number-one hits on the Billboard
charts in their careers we’re talking pop basically we’re talking pop music
the artists that have had 10 or more number-one hits on the Billboard charts
in their entire careers there are nine answers with 10 or more number-one hits
let’s see we got it we got Linda Lou coming in with Michael Jackson he had 13
very good we’ve got Mike Bush with Elvis Presley Elvis
um I know Elvis had had to have had 10 or more for some reason this quiz
doesn’t show I don’t know why it might be in the last 30 40 years
forgive me if I’m wrong on that but I’m gonna give you Elvis Frank Sinatra does
not have ten or more I don’t think he ever did a buff and the Beatles yeah
number 120 number one hits the Beatles were number one Michael Jackson from
Denise Debbie Manuel
Carrie oh yeah number 218 number-one hits for Mariah Tom had Elvis Britney
had Elvis Mike Bush Michael Jackson masters gay Mariah Carey a Troy H
Beyonce Beyonce is not in the top nine Jackson five no B didn’t have 10 or more
Michael Jackson Madonna yeah she had 12 Madonna Celine Dion no not number ones
Diana Ross no but what group did she sing with that’s a hint for you Neil
Diamond a couple guests for Neil Diamond nope not showing Shakira not showing ten
or more uh Neil Diamond Boston Rolling Stones Jackson five Mariah Carey nope we
still need five more Diana Ross Linda Lou you got it The Supremes correct
they had 12 number-one hits looking for four more people everyone’s coming in
with The Supremes like crazy Bruce the boss never had a number one hit Bruce
the boss had number twos and below but never a number one believe it or not as
beloved as he is uh Denise Cher nope Cher’s not in the top ten or more no
we’ve got what all four of these artists are single artists individual artists
not groups the four I’m looking for just another hint for all of you have a great
night Billy furnace I’m going back to check the link for EM
broom Brent cruises ambras it’s not M Brent its Ambrym a a.m. be REM Ian or it
would have just checked for the link down below you’ll find it there crystal
ball Marvin Gaye no Lionel Richie no Demi Barry Manilow no Bob that’s not
very mellow either it’s individual so you’re in the right area keep coming
Donna Summer no Elton John no believe it or not
Whitney Houston yes eleven number-one hits for Whitney Phil Collins no Marie
Osmond no McDonough we did ten Asian temptations no Frankie Valli no we have
two women and one man left to go to females one male left
to guess Witney Lionel Billy Joel no no and no two girls and one guy of Billy
Joel last guest anymore guest says um the one gal has only one name in her
name the other two artists used their first and last names two gals and one
guy for ten or more all time number one hits Aretha Franklin no Billy beware the
amber travel autocorrects two ambien travel dead Demi Manuel Janet Jackson
yes Janet had ten her brother had 13 number ones Madonna Rihanna yes Rihanna
is the single word artist 13 number one hits leaves me one guy one guy he had a
number one hit in the 60s in the 70s in the 80s for sure he had number ones in
each decade maybe the 90s maybe he’s been performing for over 50 years he’s
still performing he is unbelievably a musical genius place the keyboard and
sings and has had hits from the 60s the 70s 80s not Neil Sedaka not Adele we
need one honest two words in his name masters game nailed it right there
Stevie Wonder yes Stevie Wonder 10 number-one hits and I betcha
20 more after that in the top 40 at least if not 30 more unbelievable
artists that did it right there those are the answers the Beatles number one
Mariah Carey Michael Jackson Rihanna Madonna The Supremes Whitney Houston
Janet Jackson Stevie Wonder those were your top artists for top ten hits and
there you are thank you everybody for being here
tonight and hanging out with me for both shows if you were here for both shows if
you’re not a sus sponsor remember consider becoming one would love to have
you join that that group of people as well thank you all of you who have been
here and who who’ve been with me tonight along with
the trivia questions I appreciate it you have any questions about the group
cruise let me know I’m gonna be posting a face book of a link shortly to it and
I’ll be loading up a video tonight and tomorrow regarding the cruise as well so
lots of information lots of excitement it’s been a big day here just
unbelievable I want to thank all of you for coming around and being with me
tonight and and enjoying it I hope you enjoyed the show and I’m gonna say my
good night stay safe stay warm stay healthy and if you’re warm out there
stay cool thank you everybody Debbie male such a great day Bruce
thanks to the announcement off to research what I’m gonna be doing on the
ship I look forward to all of you look forward to talking about this cruise
going forward now for the next fourteen months or less I want to get on this
ship as soon as possible and I want to thank all of you for for being with me
tonight I really really appreciate it Linda Lou thank you for the special show
masters games goodnight TW family goodnight trivia as usual don’t l thank
you don’t al for all that try eight thanks pers for another great life show
have a good night thank you Bob Ben and Linda Lou Brittney Lockwood Cristobal
Barbara masters game Troy H Linda Lou Deniz I’m looking back at all the names
that I’ve seen your tonight thank you everyone for being here we’ll see you
next Monday night for the next live show unless I pop one up at a moment’s notice
you’ll never know and keep an eye on my channel for new upcoming videos okay
guys that’s it for the night I’ve done like dinner I got to relax
thanks everybody Susan our Thank You Denise remember key key or K key k
remember that don’t forget it alright guys have a good night
we’ll see you later take care bye for now

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