Trekking the Freedom Trail in the Pyrenees Mountains

The Freedom Trail is a beautiful path in the
Pyrenees Mountains that has breathtaking views and a very rich history. It was used by many brave allied airmen and
Jewish refugees during the Second World War and is
known to be one of the toughest of several routes into Spain from Nazi-occupied
France. After meeting other members of the group we
visited a museum dedicated to the route to learn more about what we had in store. We then began our journey. Early on in the trek we stopped at a memorial
to pay our respects to Louis Barrau, a 19 year old mountain guide who was betrayed by
some members of his local community and subsequently shot by the Germans. Our sleeping arrangements ranged from tents
surrounded by cows to mountain refuges in the mits of incredible scenery. Overall the trek was challenging but the atmosphere
amongst the group very friendly and I’d thoroughly recommend it. We ended our trek with a celebration evening. A team effort, it’s got to be a team effort. TEAM means together everyone achieves more!

8 thoughts on “Trekking the Freedom Trail in the Pyrenees Mountains

  • Excellent video…fantastic journey into the past and of course these great mountains. Maaan the guy was close to whacking his head on that rock. Easily done if your mind meanders elsewhere. The party looked as though they all had fun. Wonderful trail. ATB Mark.

  • I am having a trip to France next month and I am planning to make a trip like this one but don't know from where to start, Is there some website where I can meet people and arrange a trip like this?

  • It's a great trail. Did it a two years ago the other way around to you. I think we were luckier with the weather. Fantastic video, brought back memories. Keep on walking!

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