Tremco – A Great Home for Entrepreneurs

We do bring in not just technology or
products or even market potential through the acquisition, we’re also
bringing in talent- people that are entrepreneurs by nature. Then of
course we want to engage them and develop that relationship and often
that’s just hello who are you and have you considered some different strategic
options? We have to provide an offer that the entrepreneur owners think is worthy
of their company what they’ve built over the years
and vice versa. Our people have to see that there’s a good fit. When you’re a
small to medium-sized business and to get to the next level look at the
perfect fit in the marketplace and who we could partner with to take us ahead.
And we actually felt that Tremco is the best fit of any company out there for us
so it was a no brainer as far as fit went. I think for both the Tremco
and for Sealex. The thing that makes us unique and what makes us appealing to
a lot of owners is that we still have a very entrepreneurial feel. They get to
continue to run their business and see it grow and see it continue and have
their employees come to work the next day and find that not that much has
changed and in fact a little better off With our global network you are now
being provided with a global network to to sell as well as additional capital to
you know build out a plant or add machinery capacity. Formats for bringing
all our companies together in order to it’s know one another share information,
share resources and really promote the growth of each other and I think that’s
really taken off in the past 10,15 years We’ve got good at that. You have a
kind of a mutual buy in right at the beginning of the partnership together
and which really helps to kick off the business and take it to the next level. So
there’s a lot of pride in that legacy and what we bring them what they bring.
They bring their skillsets, their passion and that’s as important as
valuation and technology If they’re going to sell to a
company I think that it’s important to them to know that the company that is
going to acquire them still values that same spirit that they brought to work
every day and that they’ll still be able to explore and to do creative things and
I think that’s a big part of what we’re trying to communicate when we’re meeting
with these companies

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