Tribulation to Great Tribulation (From Socialism to Communism)

welcome Eagles to trad cat night your one-stop website for all of the day's latest church apostasy and in time news this is your number one ranked traditional Catholic outlet specializing in the real Third Secret of fátima trad cat night is featured all over the alternative media circuit and has the most listened to and most influential podcast radio show available within the catholic world TRADD cat night's guest this is second to none search trad cat night across any major social media outlet for daily information and visit trad cat night org the fastest-growing in times community available in the market so what's it going to be Eagles fear or faith flight or fright join me as we head deep into the darkest night welcome my good friends to another edition of TRADD cat night breaking news right here in the track cat and that YouTube channel folks today is June the 25th 2019 a very very busy day here at rad cat night going non-stop virtually the whole day but making some really great media appearances over the past 72 hours first time guests on Ritchie Allen the other day quite provocative quite stimulating I must say with some of the questions proposed not only by Ritchie himself but also his guest audience and then today earlier today with Kevin Baker just to name a few of the media appearances and as a result of really reaching out we haven't seen a dramatic spike in memberships to track at night so it's good to see a lot of people at least checking out our perspective as traditional Catholics aka just real Catholics in these times and for those who are not privy to trad cat night folks listen I basically cover at all as I've been saying of these media appearances I truly leaving no stone left unturned I call a spade a spade this is something that I believe is that we have to do in the media no matter where you are if we are to gain the people's confidence that we will be able to speak fairly across the board about whomever we are talking about and listen when I've been wrong in times past I've called out my own BS and and given new information you have to perhaps tweak your timeline or tweak some of the things that you are saying but for those who aren't privy this is going to be the only website you need truly with the upcoming tribulation and it could be as early as next year I'm truly not trying to sell you on that point as a matter of fact that that's going to tie into what I'm talking about today for the promotional piece but with 25 to 50 posts coming to you on a regular basis this is all you're really going to need sporadic at night according to feed spot is the number one ranked Catholic Channel top 15 Christian Channel and I have a special guest podcast list that runs hundreds deep always trying to bring on new guests we've got new guests coming on this week one of which is justice Knight the up-and-coming YouTube persona if you will we've got gerald Celente coming on the program anti-communist expert Trevor Loudon coming on the program for you Catholics dr. rachel brown joins me tomorrow Paul stark from the movie the Vatican deception Peter McCarthy from a creepy little book covering all types of conspiratorial topics who's also a traditional Catholic I also have Sally agarose joining the program he is quite a funny individual we have quite similar senses of humor and I try to recirculate his great memes that he's posting it on Twitter so we're a Catholic website that focus in on the apostasy in the church becoming one world religion the coming false prophet an antichrist again I have a whole pot podcast series on both of those individuals separate from everything else that I've done we talking about the Third Secret of fátima Zionism Islam of various endtime subjects days a lot news health GMOs prepper survivalism geopolitics economics geoengineering Illuminati Freemasonry mainstream media brainwashing aka fake news agenda 2030 nonsense satanic UN New World Order Planet X FEMA camps mark of the beast UFO alien agenda which ties in with the Antichrist Project Blue Beam HAARP scale our weaponry weather Wars chemtrails vaccines global depopulation and so much more folks again with a renewal rate of about 99 percent you're going to want to at least check us out the numbers speak for itself people rejoin up the next month again for $10 a month it works out to be two dollars and 50 cents a week's less than a half a cup of coffee a day 37 cents a day even those who are making minimum wage can make that happen and what else I want to talk about there's numerous resource pages here at track at night for you to access my own articles and analysis will only be seen there and again with the church going underground it's a way to interact with other Christians from around the world as a matter of fact I time-to-time and I'm going to make this opposed to your soon on track at night I try to bring some of my followers onto my podcast we're gonna be doing our next round Table Talk series in July I'll be bringing on a group of females to talk for one session and then we'll do another session with the gentlemen so a good way for you to have your voice heard as to what you're seeing going on in the church as to what you're seeing going on in the world but I did recently put out an article just yesterday tribulation a Great Tribulation from socialism to communism and we have to keep in mind what Vladimir Lenin says concerning communism he says the goal of socialism is communism perhaps right there don't have to go much further than that folks and we know how seductive socialism is in this hour where everyone's trying to be funneled like rats along the one-world socialist system eventually it will tie in with the digital economy probably cryptocurrency we all know the microchip aspect most people don't realize that the mark of the beast at least in its purest form when we're talking about it coming from a Catholic perspective as a reference to the counterfeit baptism coming yes if you thought the Novus Ordo sacraments were bad enough in the in the very least they are doubtful I know state of a contest will argue they're valid either way you've got to avoid Novus Ordo sacraments but in any case you know I think I'm truly one of the only Catholics breaking this next decade down quite specifically because I spent so much time going through the news on a daily basis and with my expertise beating in prophecy and reading the headlines today and identifying who the Antichrist is what their agendas are we can more or less have a loose timeline again it's not infallible by any certain means but in any case everyone should be seeing that we're being more and more indoctrinated by so socialist ideology on a daily basis which the Catholic Church has infallibly condemned this is not one of those oops I'm a socialist this is like okay if I'm a socialist I cease to be a Catholic that's how it is pure the infallible ordinary Magisterium says so not Eric hope after Pope after Pope after Pope after Pope have repeated this condemnation so whether it's anti Pope Francis out in the Vatican or Bernie Sanders aka Colonel Sanders there are many more seeing socialism sadly as the only solution to today's socio-economic crisis that we find ourselves in and so I break this down I've got several videos incorporated into this article I try to pump out about four to five articles a week so you know so I'm hoping that you do come over and join us today I know we're gonna have more cuz Kevin Kevin Baker is going to get his link up later today and I know there's going to be a lot more people coming over to the website later on this evening so please do join us at track at night dot org again there's so many resource pages up top I'm now doing video interviews as well just yesterday we had our prolific podcast with Xavier around Isabelle cheeser burrow we talked more Marie Julie Jenny prophecy the three days of darkness Planet X all the things that the Blessed Virgin Mary has been saying in relation to what we need to do to make it through these times you're not going to want to miss that talk it's about two hours and 15 minutes again that's in video interview format so you get to see my lovely face as well as Xavier and as well as Isabel folks hope you all have a very blessed rest of your evening continue to keep me in prayer as I will for you until next time stay safe god bless let's keep our Eagles Wingspread faith and hope Ave Maria you

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