Trolley ride helps find food and freedom

worked really hard. It’s just a great team effort all around.”BRAD–A TEAM FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO WON THE COLLEGE DIVISION WHILE THE HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION WAS WON BY STUDENTS FROM A HIGH SCHOOL IN GERMANY. 3 3 SHELLEY– A TROLLEY RIDE BREAKS BARRIERS FOR PEOPLE IN PEOPLE AT GARFIELD COMMONS HOPPED ON A TROLLEY FOR A THREE-MILE TRIP TO THE GROCERY STORE TODAY.IT’S A NEW WAY TO CONNECT LOW-INCOME NEIGHBORHOODS AND A BASIC HUMAN NEED… AND IT FOR SOME IT’S LIFE CHANGING.(KELLEY COURES)”I’d had a dream about people riding the TED trolley with grocery bags.”A DREAM COME TRUE FOR DOZENS IN EVANSVILLE. A ROUND TRIP TICKET ON THE TED TROLLEY OFFERS FOOD AND FREEDOM.(SILAS MATCHEM)”We know the promise zone is a food desert.”THE PROMIZE ZONE AIMS TO BOOST THE INNER CITY — FOCUSING HEALTH, HOUSING, JOBS, AND MORE.ONE THING CONNECTS THEM ALL…(SILAS MATCHEM)”Transportation is a barrier, so in order for individuals to get where they need, there has to be some transportation.”SOMETHING MANY PEOPLE IN ECHO HOUSING CAN’T RELY ON… UNTIL TODAY. (BARBARA TILLETT)”I’m just getting a few things for today.”CITY LEADERS SAY A BI-WEEKLY TRIP TO THE STORE WON’T TAKE CARE OF EVERY NEED. (BARBARA TILLETT)”Their prices are good!”BUT IT WILL ALLEVIATE PRESSURE IN A CRITICAL AREA.(BARBARA TILLETT) “I’m a single mom and you’ve making my banana bread.”SHE HOPES TO SEE RIDES TO MORE PLACES.(BARBARA TILLETT)”I rely on someone to take me where I need to go, and sometimes he’s not available and I just have to wait.” PROMISE ZONE IS HOPEFUL MORE WILL COME.(KELLEY COURES)”I think we roll this out to other areas, other neighborhoods.”THESE PEOPLE SAY THERE’S A DESPERATE NEED FOR SHOPPING WHERE THEY LIVE. (VICKI MYERS)”The closest MYERS)”It’s hard to get on the bus with a basket, because sometimes people don’t want to help you — but yeah, for the most part, this is awesome.”AT LEAST NOW, SOME OF THE INNER CITY’S MOST VULNERABLE HAVE ANOTHER WAY TO BREAK BARRIERS. (VICKI MYERS)”There is a great need for it, especially around in the Garfield Common area.”STUART– THE PROMISE

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