True Freedom – Swedenborg Minute

What is freedom? Some would say that total
freedom is being able to do anything I want. Seems fair at the beginning, but wait a minute,
look at this: “I want.” This is ceding total control to this mechanism of what I “want.”
But what is this “want”? We don’t even always want what we want. People will do something,
and then later say oh no, I didn’t want to do that. But they did it, because back then,
they did want to do it. The wants are at war! There’s things people want and wish they didn’t
want. People completely sabotage their own lives by going with what they think they want.
Is this “want” even our friend at all? Seems like a pretty shady character. Swedenborg
wrote that doing whatever you want isn’t being free, because you’re completely under the
control of your cravings. True freedom is at first, a lot of work. By taming our cravings,
resisting our negative tendencies, and having what’s loving, true and universal take precedence,
we can begin the process of overhauling ourselves, and fostering the growth of desires for what’s
compassionate for everyone and what’s truly healthy for ourselves. Once those become what
we want, we can follow them in true freedom.

20 thoughts on “True Freedom – Swedenborg Minute

  • Good one, Curtis. This video needs to be shown to students of marketing and advertizing to make them think, since the FIRST thing marketing and advertizing does is manipulate you into WANTING whatever it is they are marketing or advertizing, regardless if you want it or need it. We think we are free but we are actually being programmed and controlled by the various media around us. 

  • Hi there!! Thank you for posting!  I'm a bit confused by your videos.  You're a young, vibrant, engaging, studdly man that has some sick video editing skills.  So….. why the heck are you following the belief system and reiterating the perspective of swedenborg?  I mean, really?  Do we not have the internet now?  Are everyone's perspectives not freely available to you?  Why in the world would you perpetuate this man's viewpoint when we now know of so many others that dissect the matters at hand contemporarily?  This is quite perplexing.  Despite the biblical and scientific falicies within his work, I think the guy was alright!  I love how he expressed his opinion in face of those who didn't want to hear it!  Wish more people were as outspoken about their beliefs as he was his.  However, I dislike the swendenborg's foundation video "who was swedenborg" and some of yours because I feel as though you present this man's opinion as fact.  This makes me feel very uncomfortable because I know darn well that it isn't fact at all.  Are you a decendent of this guy or something?  Trying to figure it out.  You're old enough to have lived in a world without internet, but young enough to realize its power, so I'm wondering….. what the heck are you doing?  why swedenborg? (i really hope the foundation is paying you… if not, jump on that because you are gold to them).  Also, if you are interested in current (even within the past 200years would be more current than your man here) scientist/philosophers ideas on ego and the power of the want, please feel free to comment back with inquiries!  Thank you for your post and the time you spent reading and responding to this one!  : )

  • This made me think of my job. I work in a restaurant in a casino. There are security cameras everywhere watching everything everyone is doing. This may sound a little nerve wracking but because I don't have any desire to steal or cheat or do anything wrong, it is a very free feeling and makes me feel more safe than anything.

  • Great video! I see this concept of freedom all the time around me, an example being in my job working with teenagers, where we have set rules and consequences in place for the teens' safety. The teens that break the rules constantly are often under closer watch by us adults, and thus get busted for breaking more rules. But the ones that break the rules less, we end up trusting more and maybe even let some small things slide, and thus they have more freedom. Same set of rules, different abilities based on how they act.

  • Thanks, Curtis — excellent, as usual! True Freedom involves "fostering the growth of desires for what's compassionate for everyone and for what's truly healthy for ourselves." Conquering our divergent mind, and tuning into and maturing our original mind.

  • man, I was so wrong, but so right at the same time, I don't even know what is really important, I want to tell you that I am sorry for rushing things up; look at the following videos if you want to : abraham hicks on youtube search; I also want to say that I don't know the whole truth and will never be able to do that, but I APPRECIATE this and that (including you and me and and everything else); I also wanted to rush changing the things into good (people mostly); but that is stealing somebody's Freedom(what I got was going to a hospital similar to an imaginary prison, but I appreciate that too, that was also the moment I was released from my imaginary prison); we can only change and control directly only parts of our body directly(like breathing for example, I suggest you don't forget how to truly breathe); I also strongly suggest you continue on the path you previously found in the Swedenborg EXPERIENCE. I also want you to know you are truly appreciated and loved more than you can even imagine. Please continue discovering, and digging things up, even if they may not contain the whole truth, and keep posting on your channel if you need to and want to. Thank you (again, I know) !

  • Makes perfect sense, and the true way to achieve freedom is by manifesting the spirit of God inside of you, or to become 'like' God. So basically, through God comes true freedom, which is to be free from the desires of this world and to submit to God. Then that is true freedom.

  • A friend told me :- wanting don't want and getting getting can't get.  God always give us what we need, but  not what we want..

  • I just watched several of your videos and I really like them. It's pretty foundational in Buddhism to view desire as a problem, it's actually the second noble truth. In the Dhammapada somewhere it says we should "consume our desires joyfully". It's very useful to hear a spiritual law expressed from a fresh point of view, so thanks again, your work is very helpful. One of these days I'm going to have to break down and make a donation to the Swedenborg Foundation 🙂

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